Weekly Shonen Jump (February 8th 2022) – MHA prepares for war, Law and Kid battle Big Mom, and Yuta faces a giant Cockroach

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My Hero Academia Chapter 342

“The Extreme Quiet Before The Storm”

The heroes prepare for war in My Hero Academia Chapter 342
The heroes prepare for war in My Hero Academia Chapter 342

All For One’s spies mention their new orders, “fan the flames of discourse amongst the general public.” Their hope is to force Deku out of U.A. At the Heights Alliance, All Might, Naomasa Tsukauchi, and Nezu inform them that they’ve prepared for the upcoming “second war.” The following morning, Nezu tells the civilians that “Tomura will make his big move in 4 days.” Class 1-A thanks the civilians and leave. One For All’s spies are excited to see Deku leave, assuming that their mission is now “guaranteed to succeed.”

Class 1-A arrive at a new fortress built by Cementoss, Power Loader, and Ectoplasm, called “Troy.” The students head to their dorm rooms. Ochaco and Deku finally have a heart to heart after all the chaos. After thanking her, Deku and Ochaco discuss her encounter with Himiko Toga. Ochaco is confused by her conversation with the vampiric villain. Ochaco can’t forgive Toga for he actions but still sees that she’s human. Deku has a similar issue with Tomura. My Hero Academia is closing loose ends and setting up the last conflicts.

One Piece Chapter 1039

Top Billing

Law ends Big Mom’s era

Momonosuke continues to try to pull Onigashima away from the Flower Capital as he hears a voice calling to him. Elsewhere, Yamato and Kazenbo fight continues. This chapter is mostly the fight between Big Mom, Law, and Kid. The two Captains bicker but manage well against Big Mom. Kid’s Punk Corna Dio attack breaks Big Mom’s right arm and a few ribs. The Yonko uses her Soru Soru no Mi abilities to heal her arm. Despite the damage they’ve inflicted, Law and Kid are reaching their ends. Law tells Kid that “the next round’s going to be the last one.”

Big Mom uses new moves called Maser Saber and Misery against Law and Kid. Misery is a homie that resembles a giant woman made out of fire and lightning. She can fly and uses her massive size to crush Big Mom’s enemies. Kid assigns a “south pole” to Big Mom and “north pole,” to a wall forcing the two to collide. After dropping a tower on her, Law stabs Big Mom through the chest with his sword and makes it so long that it pierces through the island and hits Wano’s surface. She sends Misery to attack Law, but Kid uses his Damned Punk attack to fire an massive energy blast at Big Mom. As her head burns, Law declares her “era is over.”

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 174

Sendai Colony, Part 1

Yuta Okkotsu battles a swarm of cockroaches

In the Sendai Colony, Yuta Okkotsu kills Dhruv Lakdawalla, a powerful Shikigami user. He had a stand off with, Ryu Ishigori, Takako Uro, and the cockroach spirit, Kurourushi. With Dhruv dead, Takako assumes Kurourushi will “make it’s move.” Yuta was protecting a number of civilians from Dhruv. Suddenly he hears a buzzing sound and tells the civilians to “hurry.” A swarm of cockroaches kill several people before Yuta is able to deflect them. According to Yuta, each cockroach haws “cursed energy” and are “reinforced.”

The swarm pursues the fleeing civilians but Yuta has Rika block the swarms path. He then eliminates all of the roaches with an attack. Kurourushi finally appears. Without Dhruv, the cockroach spirit is free to attack. Kurourushi has an “endless appetite,” with Yuta preventing it from eating, it now has focuses on him. Yuta contemplates which new rules are needed to prevent players like Dhruv and Kurourushi from leaving the barrier. He believes that a “means of communication,” and a “way to travel between colonies,” are needed to gain more control. I’m excited for the upcoming battles with Yuta. He’s long been a hyped character and I wanna see what new skills he’s learned since Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 0.