Shenmue 3’s new game trailer

Shenmue 3 is due to be released on August 27th this year. Slated for the PC and PS4, the series first appeared on the Dreamcast in 2000. The sequel was released the following year and was always intended to be a trilogy. Shenmue was created, produced, and directed by Yu Suzuki. The series featured open world elements before open world became so popular. It also was responsible for the introduction of the “quick time events.” The story follows Ryo Hazuki, a teenage martial artist who’s father is murdered.

Shenmue I & II – PlayStation 4

The original Shenmue once was the “most expensive video game ever developed,” and despite the cult following and critical acclaim it was a commercial failure. After having a successful crowdfunding campaign, becoming the “fastest-funded and the highest-funded video game project in Kickstarter history, earning $6.3 million.” Shenmue 3 began production. During the MAGIC 2019, Yu Suzuki presented the trailer.

The trailer shows several characters in the next game, particularity Ryo. While, I excited for this game, it doesn’t look great graphically. Ryo and the other characters are not that realistic and their moment seems rather wooden. However, the series is known for it’s detail, with Suzuki claiming that there’s over 400 NPC’s in the game. Suzuki claims that the shops in the game will be more in-depth. I’ll admit that sometimes the details in this series was tedious, but if they sacrifice some graphic for the detail I’m fine with that.

Sources: VG247, Eurogamer, ANN


30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 14 – Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper

I don’t really use gaming wallpapers like I use to, I tend to focus on anime. The most recent wallpaper I have found was of Bayonetta. I love her, I thinks shes a really cool character and her design is great.

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 13 – A game you’ve played more than five times

Resident Evil 4

Over my 20 + years of playing video games I have played many games more then five times. I’m assuming we are talking about main stories in single player. However, fighting games and racing games are designed to be played over and over again. Once again I’m going to use a game from the past decade. A lot games are primed to be played again. Hack and Slash games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry have ratings for each stage played. This encourages players to replay the stages and games multiple times. I usually like to replay stages as I go but that ends up taking forever. That said I have only played these games about 3 or 4 times each (I haven’t played the new DMC yet).

I basically play ALL Pokemon games more than once. Of course the Mass Effect series is literally design to be replayed. The story arcs, choices and character creation make this series necessary to be replayed. Personally, I always have a male Shepard, a female Shepard and then go for at least a third run. However, the game that I have probably played the most is Resident Evil 4. I played it at least 5-7 on the GameCube, then when it was re-release TWICE, once on the PS2 and the Wii. I played it on each console and multiple times on the Wii (it had motion controls added). I’m surprise how much I loved this game as I was lukewarm on the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 4 is well worth a replay or 10.

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 12 – A game everyone should play

Well there are a lot games that can be suggested for this challenge, however, you can only pick on right. Since the list of games I would recommend, I decided to narrow the games I considered to worthy of recommendation. First the game should have received a perfect score from Famitsu, GameSpot and IGN. Famitsu uses four reviewers to score a game from 0-10. Due to the larger number of reviewers I think it’s the standard. However, it seems to have a bias in favor of Japanese developers, so I will use GameSpot and IGN to back the score up. Finally, I will focus on games in the last decade.

Anyway, the game I choose isn’t surprising and many have played it (11.68 Million). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that is considered the best designed game of 2017 and one of the best ever. I have always loved Zelda games, but this one is the best, I’ve played. Personally, I have had difficulties finishing open-world games. The non-linear play allows the gamer to have an unprecedented level of freedom. Players can approach a problem in many different ways.

The game uses a “chemistry engine” that is described as ” the physical properties of most objects and governs how they interact with the player and one another.” For example, ” players may take advantage of the game’s dynamic weather by throwing metal objects at enemies during thunderstorms to attract a lightning strike.” This can backfire on the player as well as I found myself begin struck by lightning while wearing metal during a storm.

The addition of hunting, gathering fruit and the ability to cook them is a mini game in and of itself. The puzzles remain clever and rewarding. The story is imagining and the boss battles fun and challenging. Breath of the Wild is viewed as a “masterpiece,” I think everyone should experience it.

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 11 – Gaming system of choice

I’m not really sure what this challenge is asking here. All time favorite console? Favorite current console? I’ll just choice all time favorite.

All time favorite console (SNES)

My gaming began in the “fourth” generation or the “16 bit” generation. The SNES is my all time favorite gaming console. Part of the reason for this is that it was my first gaming console, so I’m probably a little nostalgic. Anyway, the SNES was the second console from Nintendo. It would become the best selling console of the era, with almost 50 million sold. The SNES controller introduced many elements into the gaming industry.
Of course the MOST important aspect of a gaming console is the games. The SNES had a large library of games that covered a large array of genres. Many of those games are among the most highly regarded games of all time.

With games like, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country (1-3), Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Killer Instinct, Star Fox, Mortal Kombat 2, Mega Man X and NBA Jam you see how I spent countless hours playing the SNES. While, gaming consoles have far superior tech. now and many games have surpassed the quality of SNES games the console will always be a trailblazer in gaming.

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 10 – Best Gameplay

I’m not entirely certain what is meant by “gameplay.” Genre? According to Wikipedia, gameplay, ” is a term used to define the way players interact with a certain video or computer game.” It’s still not clear. Does that mean the literal controls? They console? All of the above? Regardless, I’m going to choose genre. Based on my gaming library the best gameplay is Third Person Shooters.

TPS are defined as ” a genre of 3D action games in which the player character is visible on-screen, and the gameplay consists primarily of shooting.” This genre features games like, Fornite, Gears of War , Mass Effect , Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid. The third person perspective is just superior to me. To be honest, I use to hate first person shooters. Being able to see your avatar in the environment, is simpler and more enjoyable.

I found that my depth perception was off when playing FPS. Much of this has been fixed with better game designing. TPS allow game developers to easier include, shooting, with platforming, puzzle solving and driving. You get the most balanced games that actually include some gameplay from other genre’s.

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 8 – Best Soundtrack

My instinct was to suggest that I don’t really care about video game soundtracks, but that wouldn’t be true. The soundtrack in the game of course is in the background. You might not notice because your so focused on playing but good ones are hard too ignore. Some video games create soundtracks that are just hit songs from any era, think Grand Theft Auto. Finally, a single song obviously doesn’t count.

For me the game that had the best soundtrack is Jet Grind Radio. The game was the first to use the now common “cel-shaded” visuals. Published by Sega on the Dreamcast in 2000, you controlled a member of a gang rollerblading and spraying graffiti. Your goal is to defeat the CEO of Rokkaku, Goji Rokkaku who plans to conquer the world with The Devil’s Contract ” a vinyl record which reportedly has the power to summon demons.” Anyway, the includes original and licensed songs.

The songs are varied in genre, from J-pop, hip hop, funk and trip hop. The series exposed me too different types of music I would normal not listen to. At this point in my life I NEVER listened to music from other countries, the soundtrack is well put together. Every entry feels like it belongs and they’re upbeat and catchy too. Unfortunately, Sega feels the need to continue to make Sonic games and haven’t made a sequel to this game. Until they come to their sense, I could still listen to the great soundtrack.

Jet Set Radio SEGA Original Tracks

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 6 – Most annoying character

Navi (The Legend of Zelda)

Navi is the a fairy who’s the navigator in the 1998 video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In game she is told by the Great Deku Tree to assist Link in his quest against Ganondorf. Navi in terms of gameplay acts as a guide that points things out in the environment and aids the player in learning the controls in game. She gives hints on how to defeat enemies and is used to lock on.

This is when she becomes annoying. Navi constantly interrupt’s the player with a “Hey!” or “Listen!” This is mostly limited to the begin the of game, but is so consistent that it makes the game feel like a chore sometimes. She’s also not very helpful, telling the player information that’s often redundant. However, even Navi couldn’t ruin on of the greatest games of all time.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D [Nintendo 3DS]

30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 5 – Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

I love the Assassin Creed series and they often possess interesting characters especially the main protagonists. While I prefer to experience the ancient Greek world of Odyssey and I liked Alexios, I have chosen, Ezio. First his name is cool. Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Italian nobility, he wasn’t a spoiled brat. He quickly becomes on of the best assassins ever. He not bad looking either. Ezio shows growth as the game progresses. He was designed as an open minded man, that’s not afraid to have some fun.

Like all Assassins, he possessed superhuman acrobatic abilities, free-running, stealth, a master of armed and unarmed combat. Ezio managed to unite the Codex, become a mentor of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins, saves the cities of Florence, Venice AND Rome from the Templar’s. He also aided in spreading the ideals of independence and free will throughout Italy. Finally, he becomes the teacher of the Chinese Assassin Shao Jun. He’s considered to be the important assassin in the series.

30 Day Video Game Challenge Return

In 2015 I started the 30 Day Video Game Challenge. I only got to day 4 the last time, however, I will be continuing the challenge from day 5 starting tomorrow. These challenges are always fun and I find they get a lot of engagement from viewers. Here’s the list (I changed #4 to Favorite Female character):

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Pokemon Sword and Shield announced for the Nintendo Switch

Like many fans of the Pokemon series I was waiting to see what the next generation of Pokemon games would look like. When the Switch was revealed to be both a home console and a handheld one, it was easy to predict that the next Pokemon game would be on the Switch. Unlike, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee, this game will be the “real” Pokemon RPG’s.

Each Pokemon region is inspired by a real place, this time it’s seems to be Great Britain. The brand new region is called Galar. The three new starter Pokemon were revealed: the Grass-type chimp Grookey, the Fire-type rabbit Scorbunny, and the Water-type lizard Sobble. As always random encounters are back, as are Gym’s (Pokemon Sun and Moon changed that format). The trailer didn’t confirm whether character customization, but I’m hoping.

So far their doesn’t seem to be anything new to the series yet, but details on possible new elements could emerge later. With the introduction of every new generation, we tend to get a lot of new Pokemon. Anyway, I can’t wait. Pokemon Sword & Shield will be released later this year.

Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer

Dragon Ball Super: Broly becomes the 3rd all-time Anime movie in U.S.

According to Box Office Mojo, Dragon Ball Super: Broly has earned an estimated $3.6 million over the weekend. Collectively it has grossed over $28 million in the U.S. and Canada. This now puts Dragon Ball Super: Broly third behind Pokemon: The first Movie and Pokemon 2000- The Movie. The combined domestic and foreign total is more than $98 million. The previous Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F grossed over $8 million at the U.S. box office.

Dragon Ball Project Z game teaser trailer

Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed a trailer for the upcoming action RPG. The trailer reveals that the game will be released for the PS4, XBox One and Stream in 2019.

Source: ANN

Nintendo Changes Metroid Prime 4 Game Development studios to Retro Studios

Nintendo announced that they have “restarted development” of Metroid Prime 4 slated for the Nintendo Switch. Retro’s Studios is a subsidiary of Nintendo American, they developed the highly successful Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country series. Nintendo’s senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi announced the change in a video:

Nintendo claimed that ” The current development status of the game is very challenged and we have made a very difficult decision as a development team.” Metroid Prime was announced back in June 2017, but not many details were released. Takahashi has stated that “It will be a long road until the next time we will be able to update you on the development progress and development time will be extensive.”

Sources: Kotaku

U.S. Gaming sales hit $43B in 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2

Massive software sales from hits like, Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Marvels Spiderman, God of War and Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Video game revenues reached a new high in the U.S. with $43.4 billion according to ESA and the NPD Group. Hardware sales increased significantly from 2017 to 2018. Hardware was up 15 percent, grossing $7.5 billion.

The Nintendo Switch surpassed the PS4 as the “best-selling console, both in units sold and dollars.” Super Smash Bros. Ultimate became the “best selling game in December.” Sony announced that the PS4 has sold over 91 million units since 2013. Meanwhile, Nintendo had a strong holiday season, seeing the Switch sell 22 million worldwide, with over 8.7 million sold in the U.S. making it ” the fastest-selling console of the current generation.”

The gaming industry has become the “top money-driving entertainment industry in the U.S., as well as globally.” Digital revenue reached $109.8 Billion in 2018. Most of the numbers are attributed to Epic’s Fornite, that made ” $2.4 billion last year.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Bioware’s Anthem Free-Roaming gameplay highlights

Anthem is an online multiplayer action RPG being develop Bioware and being published by EA. Combining third-person shooter and action RPG elements, in an open world setting that can be shared with three other players. To play the role of a Freelancer that wear “customizable exosuits” called Javelins. There are four classes, Ranger, Storm, Interceptor and Colossus.

Slated to be released on February 22, 2019, on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Anthem is more focused on gameplay over narrative, which is what separates it from the “Mass Effect” series. Anthem is often compared to Activision’s “Destiny.” Anthem is an online only game, that will feature occasional “public events,” or “private events.” Unlike the Destiny series, Anthem is third person and he characters are more mobile wearing jet pacts. The jet packs are the main source of movement in the series.

The goal of the series is basically to take out monsters. According to EA, the story of Anthem starts as “The Gods set out to create the world in nine days, but stopped after three and disappeared. What they left behind is their tools — powerful artifacts that you, as a Freelancer, must keep from falling into the wrong hands.” However, for fans that love an engaging story simply head to Fort Tarsis. Here’s where players can interact with characters, receive missions and more.

EA will have a VIP demo from Jan.25 – 27, then a public beta out on February 1-3. Check out 8 mins of Freeplay Expeditions below:

Sources: IGN-YouTube, Business Insider

The five games I’m anticipating in 2019

Resident Evil 2 remake trailer

Resident Evil 2(PS4, XBOX ONE, PC – January 25)

I only started playing the Resident Evil series starting with Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the Dreamcast. I played RE0 and RE1 when they were remade for the GameCube, then RE4, RE5, RE6 and RE7:Biohazard. Basically the only main Resident Evil I didn’t play was RE2, which I’ve been told was one of, if not the best. This year will see the release of the remake of Resident Evil 2. It was remade from the ground up and will forgo the old camera angle, for the one made popular in RE4. However, it will keep the older focus on survival over action. While I enjoyed the more modern Resident Evil series, the since of urgency was gone with the new gameplay. RE2 promises to combine the best of both worlds.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4, XBOX ONE – January 29)

It has been over a decade since the Kingdom Hearts 2 and it’s finally arriving. The Disney and Square Enix’s collaboration RPG returns with Toy Story, Tangled, Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean will be featured. It should be noted that the Kingdom Heart series has had at least 10 games in-between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3. However, I only really care about the main series. KH3 will be the final chapter of the “Dark Seeker saga.” Sora returns with Goofy, King Mickey, Donald Duck, Riku. I found this series not to be just fun, but the inclusion of Disney characters triggers nostalgia overload. That combination makes KH3 one of the game to watch out for.

DMC5 gameplay

Devil May Cry 5 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC – March 8)

Ten years after DMC4 was released, the series returns with new characters and old. Taking on demonic enemies with giant swords, firearms and demonic transformations Devil May Cry 5 promises an action packed gaming experience. However, each character will have his own unique fighting style, promising a dynamic experience. To be honest I didn’t originally like the series but it grew one me. Assuming that it keeps most of it’s game elements, I can’t wait to try for S ranks in the future.

The Division 2 gameplay

The Division 2 (PS4, PC, XBOX ONE- March 15)

The Division is a third person online combat open world game crated by Ubisoft. The first one looked interesting, but not enough to purchase. The game will take place in Washington D.C. seven months after the original. A civil war has broken out and players will have to team up to complete missions. Your on the side of the survivors taken on a bands of marauders. The game is getting DLC’s every three months, building on the story and environments.

Shenmue 3 teaser trailer

Shenmue 3 (PS4, PC – August 27)

Shenmue 1 was a revolutionary series that change the video games series. It pioneered the large environments, options, detail and quick time events with an enthralling story. The first two series are often included in lists of the greatest games of all time. After a well funded Kick-starter campaign ($6.3 million) the final game comes after 18 years. I’ve been waiting for this game for years and I hope it meets my expectations.

E3 2018 Day 2: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft has been lagging in sales compared to the PS4 and soon the Switch. The largest part of the problem seems to be a lack of exclusive games. While not exclusive we did see the debut of a new Kingdom Heart 3 trailer featuring Frozen.

Square Enix announced that KH3 will be released January 2019 :

Halo Infinite was announced for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Personally, I stopped caring about Halo years ago but I would like to see fans of the series get another good entry. The teaser was brief and will be made by 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite:

Gear of War is another series that I stopped caring about. The gameplay that was at one point revolutionary became rather stale. The large brooding characters and large monsters are back. Along with Gears of War 5, Microsoft announced a mobile game as well a turn-based strategy game for PC.

Gears of War 5:

Finally a game I’m excited about, Devil May Cry 5. It’s been a decade since DMC4 and apparently this is the “true” sequel. The trailer seem to introduce a new remodeled Nero, and of course Dante returns, regardless it looks epic.



E3 2018: EA is bring Star Wars back

E3 is back, starting with an EA conference. They revealed several new games in the Battlefield, FIFA, Madden series. They presented a new “Cloud-based game streaming service,” that will allow gamers to “stream games to their phone and attach their own controllers or play on a laptop.”

However, the news that piqued my interest was the new entries in the Star Wars universe. Personally, I don’t really care about Star Wars: Battlefront 2 but if you do there will be “brand new multiplayer sandbox mode,” as well as Clone Wars characters. The most potentially promising game announced was Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, a new single player game that is set between Star Wars Episode III and IV. Expected to be released in 2019, the game may see player play the role of the Sith. Star Wars games have been disappointing, I’m still waiting for a KOTOR remake, maybe this game will be good.

Check out more from E3 here: Fandom  and the Verge

Bioware’s new 2018 open-world RPG, Anthem

Anthem, is a new IP from Bioware/EA, slated to be released in 2018. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4, an open world RPG that is being compared to Destiny and Titanfall, with some Mass Effect elements. Anthem is a science fantasy game similar to Star Wars, meaning that technology and the surrounding environment isn’t using real science. You play as a Freelancer, an explorer of the large landscape. Up to four players can play together, you share in the exploits of missions. Freelancers can wear fully customizable exosuits called Javelins. So far two Javelin types were revealed the Ranger and the Colossus.

Bioware has made it clear that single player will also be a big component of the game. Anthem’s lead designer Corey Gaspur confirmed on twitter that, “single player experience is very important to the team.” EA has suggested that Anthem is a “10 year journey,” this is a similar strategy to that of Activision’s view of Destiny. EA’s executive VP Patrick Soderlund stated that “Anthem is a social game where you and your friends go on quests and journeys. It’s a game that we’ve been working on for almost four years now, and once we launch it next year I think it’ll be the start of a ten-year journey for us.”

The former script writer from Mass Effect and KOTOR is work on the story for the game, showing that EA/Bioware is serious about single player. Players will encounter “world-altering events called Shaper Storms.” These storms are similar to Destiny’s “public events,” they are “massive tempests crackling with lightning that wreak havoc on the environment as they intensify. Shaper Storms seem to warrant grouping up to prepare for an added challenge.” You will face off against marauders and beasts, you will have a home base or main hub called Fort Tarsus. Protected by a wall that segregates the civilians from the more dangerous outside environment, you’ll be free to go in any direction.

sources: Gamesradar , EA

Nintendo Labo combines cardboard with the Switch

Nintendo has always been an innovating company and the Switch continued this innovation. Today, Nintendo introduced a new way to play the Switch, combining “cardboard accessories,” with the Switch, players are able to play games with these “DIY creations.” Nintendo Labo, incorporates “augmented-reality game that turns cardboard models into fully functioning toys.” When you buy a Nintendo Labo you are given “25 sheets of thick, brown, branded cardboard, and a little cartridge.”

Following the on screen instruction on the Switch you can build several creations like, a 13 key piano, fishing pole or motorbike. You can customize these creations with markers, stickers or paint. By building the piano you can play as the “IR Motion Camera in the Right Joy-Con detects which keys are pressed and translates them into unique notes that are heard through the console.” Being cardboard Nintendo expects them to break and plans on replacing cardboard kits, however, you can “stick the cardboard Toy-Cons back together with glue or tape.”

Nintendo Labo will launch on April 20 this year and will have two kits called, the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit respectively. The “Variety Kit” will cost $69.99 and feature ” two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Motorbike and a Toy-Con Piano.” The “Robot Kit” will cost a little more at $79.99 and feature “you can build an interactive robot suit with a visor, backpack and straps for your hands and feet, which you can then wear to assume control of a giant in-game robot.” You can also purchase a $9.99 “customization Set that includes fun stencils, stickers and colored tape.” The cardboard toy-con are not from me but the technology is actually pretty cool and hope it’s another success from Nintendo.

For more info:

Sources: The Guardian, Polygon