Weekly Shonen (02/18/16)



Chapter 663

God of Thunder 4

Askin is stunned by Yoruichi’s appearance, and asks for an answer regarding the transformation. It’s called Shunkou Raijuu Senkei (Thunder Beast Battle Form), she then engages Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki (Flash God Black Cat Warrior Princess). Urahara answers on her behalf, due to her inability to comprehend language. Yoruichi strikes Askin with devastating attacks. His immunity is no longer effective.

02 (11)

Urahara explains that her “mood,” that determines her reiatsu. He also notes that Askin immunity ability is too slow to adapt to her reiatsu’s change, since it changes at the rate of “48 times per seconds.” Urahara calms Yoruichi with a cat toy, while the effects of the poison finally kicks in again. Urahara goes to confirm Askin’s demise, only for Askin to activate his Quincy: Vollstandig.

10 (6)

Yoruichi’s was just epic in this chapter. However, the predictability of this chapter was disappointing. Obviously, Askin wasn’t going to be defeated without transforming. I assumed Yoruichi would use Bankai, but it seems that she is in no condition to do so. I will say that it seems to be waste that Askin needed Yoruichi and Urahara to defeat him. However, if Urahara uses Bankai I’ll be fine with it.

17 (7)


Weekly Shonen (03/27/15)

One Piece

Chapter 781

Long Cherished Desire

The Birdcage begins to shrink, causing the citizens of Dressrosa to panic. On the palace roof, Doflamingo tells Luffy “that he plans to end his game by withdrawing the Birdcage“, saying that “it would close and kill everyone on the island in about an hour“. The Marines fail to stop the Birdcage from shrinking. Viola confirms the “death” of Law. Doflamingo begins to taunt Luffy, stating that “just like Law and Bellamy, the pirate’s friends would all die before he dies himself“. Luffy attacks Doflamingo, saying that if “he beats the Shichibukai up then the problem will be over“. However, Law uses his Chambles and switches with Luffy.

luffyLaw says that “Doflamingo is going to be the one to die“, and Luffy cheers him one as he uses Gamma Knife and stabs Doflamingo. Trebol asks Law “how he could have used Chambles without having activated a Room“. Law reveals that “he had created a Room too big for them to notice”, he used Chambles to switch himself with a body of one of Doflamingo’s soldiers. He also revealed that he was the one whispering to Luffy, telling him about his plan. Doflamingo grabs Law’s face, but Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp knocking Doflamingo to the ground.

004-005002Luffy attempts to fight Doflamingo, but Law stops him. He says that “Doflamingo is his to finish”. He uses another Room, he tells Doflamingo “that that his attack destroyed all of his internal organs, despite there being no external wound“. Trebol attempts to intervene, but is kicked aside by Luffy. Law reflects that “Corazon could never pull the trigger, but even though it will make him just like Doflamingo, he will“. He states that “Doflamingo should have been the one to die thirteen years ago”. Doflamingo says Corazon “was nothing but a burden“, Law uses Counter Shock on him. Doflamingo stands up, revealing that “he is using his Devil Fruit to perform first aid to repair his organs, although he admits that he is not healed“. Doflamingo prepares to stomp on Law, but Luffy effortlessly stops the attack, as the two prepare to fight.

009gtI’m glad Law survived (with the clever use of his devil fruit ability, and a little deception). He was the one whispering to Luffy and together they use a plan in which Law get the drop on Doflamingo. Originally, I though Trebol was going to be a problem. Clearly, he seems to at least be too weak to trouble Luffy. Law appeared to have “defeated” Doflamingo, but lets be honest that never was going to happen. Doflamingo’s devil fruit can basically do everything, now they “heal”, sort of. I’ll be fine with this, only if Doflamingo is at least seriously injured. The fight has been tease for so long I’m a little afraid of what will happen on the next chapter. However, it appears that the next chapter will official be the start of Doflamingo vs Luffy.



Chapter 621

The Dark Curtain

Ukitake collapses as Mimihagi is absorbed by Yhwach, Urahara notes this. The “beam of darkness” that Yhwach shot at Seireitei’s Shakonmaku. This results in a   cloak of darkness covering Seireitei. Meanwhile, In the Soul King Palace, Lille notices shows concern Yhwach, as he begins to turn into many one-eyed creatures.

darHaschwalth appears and tells them “not worry because this is merely the manifestation of the Soul King’s powers, which have been freed from the seals placed on them by the Shinigami and which now have an enemy only in the Shinigami“. The creatures head toward the Seireitei. Soi-Feng states “it must be the Quincies“, she points that the  hole within the Shakonmaku is a likely enemy target.

16aiSoi-Feng uses her Bankai, Jakuho Raikoben, and aims toward the shroud of darkness above them. However, the creatures enter through the hole proving her thesis. Marechiyo, Hisagi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika activate their Shikai to destroy the creatures, Byakuya uses Senbonzakura, as he arrives with Rukia, and Renji. The creatures don’t stop coming, then they are suddenly crushed by Aizen’s Reiatsu. He tells them that they should “simply crush them with their Reiatsu like this“.

03kThis chapter didn’t feature much of anything to progress this story. Yhwach turning into small one eyed monsters seems to be a very weird. I’m going to assume that it’s only a temporary transformation. Maybe, I missed it but I didn’t realize that the Shinigami trapped the Soul King, or at least restrained him with seals. Aizen to the rescue, still can’t get use to that. I’m excited to see what he brings to this fight and how the other shinigami react.


Weekly Shonen (11/20/14)

One Piece

Chapter 768

The Trigger that Day

001Law and Doflamingo clash, with Law thinking to himself that “he’ll be free once he defeats Doflamingo”. He asks Doflamingo “what he thinks of Monkey D. Luffy” and “what he makes of D”. Law stabs at Doflamingo who catches the sword with haki. He asks tells him that “Luffy, a D. may have been sent there by fate’s will”. Law reveals that he is a D.

Meanwhile, Viola keeps watch of all the current battles and informs Usopp of the location of the fighters and who’s winning. The Colosseum combatants are failing in their fight against the Donquixote executives. Doflamingo, seems to be unimpressed with the lore of D.

008-009He dismisses it as being a “silly superstition”. Trevor warns Doflamingo that “he’s within the D power’s sphere of influence”. The warning was too late as Law uses “Injection Shot”. He pierces him stating that “he had accomplished what Corazon had failed by shooting Doflamingo”.

If I’m being honest I don’t care about any of the non Doflamingo fights. None of them are really interesting, so I wouldn’t mind if they complete them off page. I think that adding to the lore of “D”, is most interesting. Maybe in the next few chapters we’ll get more information about it.





Chapter 606

Divine Division

03Ichibei notes will kill Yhwach for being so disrespectful, and not listening to him. Ichibei says that he has no choice, but to make Yhwach “forfeit his life”. Elsewhere, Yushiro Shihoin ( the 23rd head of the Shihoin Clan ) searches for Yoruichi, while carrying a large wrapped object.

Urahara draws a line in the ground, as he does Hiyori Sarugaki arrives. She asks him “if he did not finish his preparations inside the building”. When Urahara states that he “has already sent Yoruichi up”. Hiyori demands to know why he sent her up before they got there. She accuses him of believing “it is okay for Yoruichi and Ichigo to die as long as they slow down the enemy”.dfYushiro interrupts them, and is saddened that Yoruichi is already gone. Urahara tells her “that whatever she brought will likely prove useful to them and begins walking inside”. We return to the “Soul King Palace”, Ichibei and Yhwach continue to fight. Yhwach tells Ichibei his demeanor has changed from very happy to more “ghastly” expression. Ichibei hits Yhwach with his brush, but he blocks it with his forearm. Ichibei to reveals his brush can “cut names” as Yhwach’s arm falls to his side.

Ichibei ability “cuts” Yhwach abilities in half, he “changes” the name of his arm to “Ar”. Ichibei sends him flying backward with a single slash. When Ichibei asks him “how he feels about being cut to pieces, Yhwach grins and demands to know if he looks like he is suffering as Reishi gathers around him”. This chapter was pretty good. I’m interested in what Ichibei power actually is, or more accurately how it works. There’s NO way he wins this fight, but I can’t imagine how Yhwach escapes this. I’m always excited when Yoruichi and Urahara are involved in the story line. I’m hoping that we get to see their respective Bankai’s.


My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles (84 – 80)

My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles (84 – 80)

84 – Chun Li vs Vega


The Combatants:

  1. Chun Li – she’s the first female player character in the street fighter series.
  2. Vega – assassin, shallow fighter with a claw on one hand and a mask.

Location: Street Fighter 2


The Battle:

Bison sends Vega to New York City to assassinate Chun-Li. He attacks her while she’s in her apartment. Their fight is bloody and violent. Chun Li picks up a couch and throws it at Vega’s head. She then uses her “Spin Bird Kick”, and stomps on his face. This forces Vega into a rage as he’s extremely shallow. He gains the advantage, but at one point in the fight Chun Li runs up the wall and knocks him to the ground. After that she take’s control over the fight, finishing him with her  “the Hyakuretsukyaku”. She knock’s him threw a wall, and passes out due to blood lost.


83 – Aizen vs Yoruichi , Urahara and Isshin


The Combatants:

  1. Aizen – is the former captain of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13.
  2. Yoruichi – former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13
  3. Urahara – is the former captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13.
  4. Isshin – is the former captain of the 10th Division, father of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Location: Bleach Chapter (402 – 405)


The Battle:

Urahara arrives, and after some banter Aizen stabs Urahara without warning . Urahara’s uses a gigai and his body appears to burst. He reappears and uses “Bakudo #61. Rikujokoro”. Aizen asks Urahara “what he will do after constricting him”. Urahara then uses “Bakudo #63. Sajo Sabaku , “Bakudo #73. Kuyo Shibari then he uses “Hado #91. Senju Koten Taiho”. Aizen claims that the “Hogyoku” has “made him invincible”. Urahara puts “energy cuffs” on Aizen.Aizen appears in a new form, and Urahara takes out his Zanpakuto.

Urahara and Isshin uses chains to restrict Aizen, while Yoruichi  attacks from above. She uses her fists, and unleashes a barraged of hits on him. Aizen’s armor is only a little cracked, but proclaim that he will still be victorious. Aizen destroys most of Yoruichi’s armor. Yoruichi uses her “Shunko”and knocks Aizen to the ground. Urahara uses “Shibari, Benihime”, following that attack with “Hiasobi, Benihime, Juzutsunagi”. Isshin uses his “Getsuga Tensho” on Aizen. However, Aizen isn’t phased and defeats Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi.


82 – Temari vs Shikamaru


The Combatant:

  1. Temari – She is a jonin-level kunoichi of Sunagakure and a member of “three Sand Siblings”.
  2. Shikamaru – He is a chunin-level shinobi of Konohagakure’s, and a member of the Nara clan.

Location: Naruto Chapter (106 – 108)


The Battle:

This battle was relatively short, however it was clearly a surprise in its quality both to me and the crowd. Temari being eager to battle unlike Shikamaru who’s lazy and dismissive. He seems to be a bit of a misogynist, claiming that his only motivation is not to lose to “a girl”. As Temari attacks with her fan, he flees gaining cover into the trees.


Temari annoyed uses her “kamaitachi” , Shikamaru uses his “Shadow bind”. Temari is force to avoid his technique, and marks it’s length in the ground. Both Temari and Shikamaru show of their intellectual abilities, building strategies to defeat on another. Ultimately, Shikamaru wins this with his superior strategy surprising everyone.

81 – Luffy vs Lucci


The Combatants:

  1. Luffy – is the main protagonist of the One Piece anime and manga.
  2. Lucci – was the strongest member of the CP9.

Location: One Piece Chapter (418 – 422)


The Battle:

Luffy attempt to run past Lucci in order to get to Robin. Lucci fights back to prevent him from doing so. Franky runs into Luffy and Lucci, it appears that Luffy is losing. Luffy tells Franky to take the key’s and go save Robin. He tries to distract Lucci, so that Franky can get past him. Luffy fails to hurt Lucci, who uses his “Shigan”. Luffy uses his “Gear Second” ability and knocks Lucci out of the way. This allows Franky to succeed in getting past Lucci. Lucci then explains to Luffy that “his gear second ability is wearing his body away and shortening his life span by pumping blood into his legs, causing his blood-flow to speed up”.

Luffy doesn’t care as he’ll do anything to save his comrades. Lucci smashes a wall and it crumbles and water drowns everyone in the room.  Luffy runs out of his Gear 2, Lucci gains advantage over Luffy.  Luffy decides to use his “Gear 3” and explains that “Gear 3 is different from Gear 2 because instead of pumping blood through his body faster, he is blowing air through his bones, inflating them”. His are grows tremendously and he uses his “Gomu Gomu no Gigantic Pistol” knocking through the wall and toward the sea.


80 – Shuisui vs Starkk


The Combatants:

  1. Shunsui – is the captain of the 1st Division and Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.
  2. Starkk – The number one Espada in Aizen’s army.

Location: Bleach Manga Chapter (373 – 374)


The Battle:

As Starrk is about to kill Love and Rose, Kyoraku takes this opportunity stab him from the shadows. Kyoraku explains the ability of his Zanpakuto. He explains that his Zanpakutō “was not in the mood for that game”. He say’s his sword “doesn’t like playing with it because it jerks him around”. He fights using a “color-based game” that results in Kyoraku killing Starkk, by using the color black.