Space Dandy – Episode 11

I’m Never Remembering You, Baby

Dr. Gel is deep with thought as he contemplates “Pyonium”. Admiral Perry calls only to find that Dr. Gel is distracted. He decides that Bea will be responsible for his assault on planet Lagado. He reason for attack planet Lagado is simple, according to Admiral Perry they keep ” persistently pressuring” him to return a overdue library book.

Space Dandy EP 11

At the “alien registration center”, Dandy and his crew arrive with a red box. They believe it contains a rare alien, but claim that if it’s open you would forget its content. Scarlet question how Dandy manage to capture it if everyone who open the box forgets. He comically responds “Obviously, I’ve forgotten how”.

Space Dandy 11.1

Scarlet attempts to open the box and when Dandy tries to stop her she drops it. When the box opens the alarms go off, then the entire environment turns yellow. Within the box is the library book that Admiral Perry check out “Secrets of the Cosmos for Dummies.”, it is revealed that Dandy and his crew stole it.

Space Dandy 11.2

Within the book Dandy finds a complimentary ticket to Lagado. Dr. Gel’s flee under the command of Bea attack the Aloha Oe, Dandy responds by attacking in return. However, before the Flee can return fire the Aloha Oe is transported to the planets surface. QT explains that planet Lagado is also know as the “Great Library Planet”.


Dandy and his crew are told that they book and ticket are named the “Great Librarian Alethia”, and ” Deputy Librarian Idea”. They are book type aliens, the use the brains of other to think. The can erase and rewrite memories, the book (who is female) wanted to see the  world outside. The book used Dr. Gel to figure out the secrets of the cosmos, then stole the knowledge and erased everyone’s memory.


I find Admiral Perry over the top abuse of power, in response to a overdue library book was hilarious. The visual style of this episode was also very pleasing, it almost felt like a soft black charcoal was used. I found the style to be the antithesis to whats common for Space Dandy, due to the fact that very little color was displayed.I think the “book type” alien was a very creative species, but their design was a little too literal.

Space Dandy – Episode 10

There’s Always Tomorrow, Baby

Dandy and his crew are being lazy as usual, when their ship Aloha Oe becomes damaged. They decided to head for Meow home planet, much to his dismay. Meow finds his home planet to be rather ordinary, he has siblings, a mother and father. He finds his home planet to be boring.

Space Dandy EP 10.0

At night the “Pyonium energy” that resulted from the battle between the Gogol and Jaicro Empires strikes Meow family home’s calendar.The next day they find out the part that’s need to repair the ship will take a day to arrive, leaving Dandy and his crew stranded. Meow gets drunk at a bar and learns his father boast about his space exploration.

Space Dandy EP 10.1

The next morning it becomes clear that the “Pyonium energy” had a time loop effect. The narrator explains that it took 88 loops for QT to notice that the days seem to be repeating. However, they fail to understand the time loop until the 108th day. They conclude that they must now “have superpowers”, the narrator breaks the four wall to inform them of the truth.

Space Dandy EP 10.2

Dandy steals the space car of Meow friends, but it blows up (presumably killing them). Meow remembers that he though his father was cool, reliving the same day over and over make him appreciate his home planet more. The try and fail to remove the date off the calendar.

Space Dandy EP 10.4

They try everything to destroy the calendar, using a chiseler, several guns and chainsaw. Meow’s father finally figures out a way to remove the page using his machine. Afterward, Meow feels apprehension about leaving but his father encourages him to leave.


I really like this episode, even thought the “time loop” has been used over and over it never seems to get old. The time loop made the episode feel a little short, but that seems to be an appropriate result. I thought the relationship between Meow and his family was relate-able, though not really original. Hopefully, Dandy, QT will get some back story and we’ll meet their families.

Space Dandy – Episode 09

Plants Are Living Things, Too, Baby

Space Dandy EP 9.0Our lovable crew (Dandy, Meow and QT) continue on their quest to find rare, unidentified aliens. The head to a planet called “Planta”, home of sentient Plants and allegedly the unidentified alien “Code D”. QT beams Meow and Dandy to the surface of Planta, although not without problems. Dandy is quickly “eaten” by a plant like creature.

Space Dandy EP 9.1

A large plant like creature that resembles a science in a lab coat attempts to try an experiment on Dandy. Using his convenient translator he converses with the plant and learns that his name is Dr. H and his daughter 033H.  The world of Planta has been separated into 18 different states of a republic. In the northern hemisphere live the “Vegims”, they’re intelligent and use tiny microbes for small tasks.

Space Dandy EP 9.2

At the south hemisphere (where Meow landed), are the “Movies (pronounced Moe – Vees)” are simpler. Dandy along with 033H travel around the planet and are chased by “Federal Microbes”. Dr. H tells about Code D and how it effects the plants, he tells Dandy that a Human might be unaffected by it. He travels across the planet where he and Dr. H are stopped by a larger plant claiming that it’s against the law.

Space Dandy EP 9.3

Meow who has been fattened up by the Movies, assuming they are great host. Dandy and Dr.H are arrested then freed by a plant named Nene, the entire plant appear to be singing, as Meow is about to be eaten. 033H begins to grow in size after being exposed to “Code D”. Dandy attempts to remove “Code D” resulting in a chain reaction, devolving all the plants back to their original forms.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It lacked its usually humor and sexiness but that’s not a bad thing. I found the colorful visual of this episode to be very appealing, and the designs of the plants to be well done. Space Dandy as a series is starting to show the “heart” of a series that was seemingly shallow. The last few episodes have shown a more in depth view into Dandy as a character and the overall show, I hope this continues.

Space Dandy – Episode 08

The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby

Dr. Gel locates Dandy, he warps to the location after having a comical exchange with Admiral Perry but is fired. Meanwhile, Dandy and his crew are on a deserted planet filled with trash. Dandy finds a dog, he instantly identify’s as a female claiming to have the ability to “always spot a bitch”.

Space Dandy EP 8.1

The dog seems afraid of Dandy, and he attempts to help by emulating animals. He begins to “cry” which manages to work. Dandy picks up the dog think it must be an alien. At this point we are introduced to twin brothers laying in the dogs fur. Dandy plays fetch with the dog, both Meow and QT think its an alien. Meow is able to speak with the dog.

Space Dandy EP 8.2

With the help of his communicator Dandy speaks to the dog, he names her PUP. Pup claims to be hated by most humans, but she’s happy to have met Dandy she promptly dies. While Meow is crying the twins leap from Pup on to him. Dandy builds a rocket coffin for Pup and sends her body off to space.

Space Dandy EP 8.3

The microscopic twins leap off Meow, who along with QT give chance. The twins manage to get to Dandy, one of them reaches his hair only to be killed by a combination of gel and a comb. The remaining twin takes over QT and aims to get revenge. Meow accidentally steps on him, dooming the planet to “collapse on itself and form a black hole”. Dandy and his crew manage to escape but Dr.Gel and his crew are not so lucky.

Space Dandy EP 8.5


This episode featured a clear contrast in tone. Starting off with the humorous exchange between Dr.Gel and Bea, we pivot to the rather somber experience with the sad death of the Pup. Then we deal with the comical situation between the twins and Dandy’s crew.

Of course this results in the accidental killing of the twins then we end with more comedy between Dandy, QT and Meow at the end. Overall, I like this episode although it was a little dark. However, a more in depth look at the twins might have made their death more depressing. Then again the death of the Pup might have overshadowed their death.

Space Dandy Episode 05

A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby

Dandy is on the hunt for an alien when he discovers a “kid”. This child is a “Gentooan”, who posses the ability to “transfer others’ minds into puppets”. Dandy is quickly attacked and transferred into a space penguin. He manages to “defeat” and capture the Gentooan while in this state.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 1

The Gentooan’s powers only last for a short time. When Dandy returns he finds his space ship impounded, and has to public transportation. Dandy and the Gentooan (Adelie)strike a deal, if he takes her to a specific location she will willingly go to the registration center.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 2

When they get to the location Adelie finds out that her grandfather has moved. Dandy searches all night a finds her grandfather, she mistakenly assumes he lied to her and uses her powers on him. She begins to cry and is attacked and captured by hunters. Dandy in the penguin puppet rescues Adelie, her grandfather then arrives.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 3

This episode didn’t feature a lot of action, exploration or humor ( Dandy fighting as a penguin was funny though). I did like the change of pace and the softer, less selfish side of Dandy.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 4