Weekly Shonen (07/24/16)

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Chapter 683

The Dark side of two worlds ends

Yhwach destroys part of Sokyoku Hill, he questions why Ichigo didn’t have Orihime heal him. Renji attacks him and activates his Bankai, Sou Zabimaru. Yhwach quickly severs his arm and destroys his Bankai. Aizen appears, attacking with Kyoka Suigetsu intervening. Yhwach teases him for fighting for the “losers.” Aizen uses Hado #99, Goryutenmetsu. A large dragon destroys the ground surrounding them, he them rushes forward. 

07 (4)

Yhwach points out that Aizen sword is cracked, then sends him flying backward with an energy blast. Ichigo appears behind him and Yhwach blows his arm off and single handily stops his Zanpakuto. He notes that even Aizen was ineffective. He shatters Tensa Zangetsu and blows a hole into Ichigo’s chest. However, it appear that this was an illusion and Aizen made it appear that he was Ichigo. 

14 (5)

Aizen is interested in this development, considering the fact that Yhwach was so certain that he wasn’t susceptible to the effects of Suigetsu. Ichigo impales Yhwach from behind and uses a powerful, Getsuga Tensho. This chapter was all about Aizen, fans have been anticipating an Aizen, Yhwach clash. Unlike most of the Shinigami, I believed that Aizen would be a challenge for Yhwach. This fight is already more interesting than Ichigo initial fight with Yhwach.


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My Hero Academia

Chapter 100

Special Moves

Class 1-A are excited about getting to create their own special moves. Cementoss explains that the Gamma Gym was created by him and he can use his Quirk to alter the gym to fit the needs of the students. Shouta explains the need for special moves. He explains that the “Hero License Exam,” is designed to test the “aptitudes” in “intel gathering, judgement, mobility, leadership and communication.” However, fighting ability is the most important. 

08 (4)

Midnight gives an example of a special move, like Kamui Woods, Lacquered Chains Prison. Shouta decides that during the summer break the students will spent developing there Quirks and special moves. He suggests that they update their costumes to accommodate their new abilities. Cementoss prepares the gym and Ectoplasm clones himself to spar against the students. Izuku is confused, he’s unsure what his special ability should be. 

101 (1)

He decides that he will focus on his costume, instead of his special move. He thinks that he could upgrade his costume to protect his arms. Tenya and Ochako head to the development studio. Ochako wants to improve her ability to help her with her floating ability so that she could be more effective in hand to hand combat. Meanwhile, decided that she wants to minimize the effect of his, Recipro Burst. An explosion from the development studio sends Izuku flying. Mei Hatsume is responsible. She lands on top of him, surprising Izuku.


I’ll be interested to see what special moves the students come up with. It appears that Izuku will always have difficulty with his Quirk. I still believe that Katsuki will become a bad guy or anti-hero eventually. I also happy to see new costumes because the old ones weren’t that good. 

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One Piece

Chapter 833

Vinsmoke Judge

In the Germa Kingdom, several Germa 66 agents are excited to see Sanji and Jajji fight. Yonji tells an engineer that he “told Sanji off and he attacked him leaving a dent in his head.”The engineer uses his “press machine,” to fix Yonji’s face. The Germa 66 agents are surprised by Sanji’s strength. Sanji kicks at Jajji, who blocks the attack. Jajji uses his lightning spear to attack Sanji. He states that the only reason he return was to protect his crew.

08 (5)

Jajji tells him that reneging on their pact with Big Mom, will cause her to seek vengeance. Sanji recalls his troubled childhood. He remembers the abuse he received at the hands of his brothers and his father indifference to it. In the present Jajji attacks Sanji with his spear. Sanji blocks it with his, Busoshoku Haki. This surprises Jajji and the Germa 66. Jajji leaps up and Sanji counters with Diable Jambe. 

13 (6)

Jajji blocks and grabs Sanji. He slams him to the ground and kicks Sanji with his electrified foot. He uses his shoe blaster against Sanji. Sanji uses Diable Jambe again, as Jajji commands his men to create a wall to block it. Sanji hesitates and Jajji takes advantage of the situation, piercing his agents body sending Sanji flying backward. Reiju aids Sanji, healing his wounds. Jajji tells him that the Germa 66 would give up their lives for him. 

16 (6)

Jajji explains that the alliance with Big Mom, is a guarantee of  their conquest of the North Blue. He reveals that he doesn’t want to lose his most “precious sons,” and he rather sacrifice Sanji. While distracted, Sanji is trapped by Reiju. She places a “World Noble,” collar on his wrists to prevent him from escaping. This chapter of One Piece was well done. I was shocked to see that Sanji has learned Haki. His relationship with his family seemed obviously due to childhood abuse. I wonder if Sanji will sacrifice his hands for his freedom. I don’t think Luffy will allow it. 



Weekly Shonen (07/11/16)



Chapter 003 – The Chuunin exam begins

“I will walk a different path from my Papa and become the Hokage.” – Sarada

As mentioned in previous post the Boruto series is starting with a retelling of the Boruto movie. The art style either got better or I have become accustom to it. Regardless, I didn’t dislike the art as much. I really liked the son of Gaara, Shiki. He seemed to be the perfect combination of his uncle, Kankuro and his father. He can use the Puppet Technique and Iron sand. However, his siblings are stylistically afterthoughts. While they are considered to be great talents, especially Yodo, they seem to be simplistically designed compared to Shiki. 


  • Shiki is confident in his teams abilities
  • We see Metal Lee train and he’s a lot like his father
  • Sasuke teaches Boruto, “Shurikenjutsu.”
  • Sai and Shikamaru are Chuunin exam administers
  • Boruto “cheats” with Kote during the exam


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Chapter 681 – The End two world

“We’d come to repay our debt to him” – Ginjo

Yhwach enters the portal leaving, Ichigo in “despair.” The fight was a major disappointment. I don’t know what the point of restoring Ichigo’s Bankai. Yhwach will simply destroy it again right? Of course this is Bleach and we know that Ichigo will become strong enough, simply because he can. I did find Haschwalth reaction to Yhwach “betraying” him. I think he has accepted his fate but may still want Yhwach to lose. I was surprised that Tsukishima and Ginjo returned. I hope Ichigo’s next encounter with Yhwach goes better.


  • Yhwach shatters Renji’s Shikai
  • Haschwalth offer’s to transfer Uryu’s wounds to himself
  • Together with Orihime, Tsukishima restore Ichigo’s Bankai

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Weekly Shonen (06/05/16)



Chapter 002 – Training Begins

Sasuke contemplates taking on Boruto as a disciple. He challenges Boruto to perform the Rasengan. Confident, Boruto see’s no challenge in this. Sasuke flashes back to a conflict he has with 2 Otsutsuki clan members. The following morning Boruto awakens Konohamaru, he ask’s him to teach him the Rasengan.

03 (3)

He agree’s to teach him. Boruto instantly takes a dislike to the training, but he does learn the Rasengan. The size of his Rasengan is disproportionately small compared to normal. This infuriates him and he throws the Rasengan and leaves. Sarada tells her father that he’s being too strict. He tells her he intends on training Boruto.

05 (3)

Boruto runs into Katasuke, and tells him the situation he’s having. Katasuke offers him the Kote as a solution. Boruto uses the Kote to generate a normal Rasengan. Sasuke isn’t fooled, but doesn’t let Boruto know it. Over a bond fire Boruto asks Sasuke what Naruto’s “weakness” was. Sasuke tells him that Naruto is “full of weaknesses,” but he managed to overcome them.

27 (1)

Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto meet and discuss their intention to participate in the chuunin exam. Meanwhile, Kinshiki and Momoshiki defeat Killer B and absorb his chakra. They detect Kurama within Naruto and decided to attack him next. This series so far is just a retelling of the Boruto movie. If you saw the movies this series so far is probably a disappointment.


At this rate we won’t get new content until 5 or 6 chapters. That means months, considering the fact that this series is released on a monthly basis. In addition to that the art is still not good enough for me. I will continue with the series however, I have high hopes for the series.


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Chapter  676 – Horn of Salvation

Orhime notices Ichigo’s new form. She remembers his form from his fight with Ulquiorra. She calls to him and he responds with a smile. He reassures her that he’s still the same. Yhwach notices that Ichigo has combined the power’s of a Quincy and Hollow. However, he must maintain balance or lose control.

10-11 (2)

Ichigo destroys the top of the palace. Yhwach call’s his power “magnificent.” He successfully block’s Ichigo’s attacks. Ichigo responds by using Gran Rey Cero, cutting Yhwach. This chapter read quickly. Visually, I don’t like Ichigo’s new form. I feel’s lazy and the one horn seems strange. His abilities however are cool and I will be interested in seeing more of them. This fight is far from over, but I like the way it started.

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One Piece

Chapter 828 – 1 and 2

Luffy and the others learn that Purin is one of Big Mom’s daughters and that she’s engaged to marry Sanji. Purin is surprised to learn that Luffy and the others are Sanji’s crew-mates. She warns them that “they will be killed if Big Mom discovers their presence.” Purin reveals some details of the Charlotte Family. She says “the Charlotte Family is compromised of 129 people (Big Mom, her 43 husbands, 39 daughters and 46 sons), and that Big Mom’s children have all been raised to understand that she will arrange their marriages to grow the strength of her crew.

02 (4)

Chopper ask Purin “if she had met Sanji yet. Purin is flustered by the question and blushes, responding that she had met him once.” Pedro suggests “binding and gagging” Purin so she won’t reveal that they are in Totland. Purin shows a map to Sanji, she tells the Strawhat’s that she doesn’t wish to get in Sanji’s way. They are stunned to hear that “Sanji turned down a woman.” Luffy even beings to cry. She arranges to bring Sanji to the Strawhats. However, she warns them that “Big Mom will never willingly let Sanji go.”

09 (1)

The Strawhat’s return to Thousand Sunny. Pekoms disappears and leaves a warning telling them to “turn back.” Luffy doesn’t care and he tells everyone that they “will continue ahead.” On Broccoli Island, Germa 66, ends a war in a manner of a few hours. They retrieve their payment for defeating they enemies of the victorious side. The Vinsmokes learn that “Sanji has already arrived on Whole Cake Island.” The elder Vinsmoke says that “he can’t wait to see Sanji again, but is called out as a liar by the other. They promise to arrive on Whole Cake Island on the day before the wedding.

15 (2)

The Germa 66 are clearly ruthless. I think this will infuriate Luffy at some point. Big Mom family is interesting, and I hope we get to see some of her powers more in-depth. I think Purin may join the Strawhat’s as Sanji’s wife or she will die saving him. Regardless, Sanji will likely have to face-off against his siblings.

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Weekly Shonen (4/16/16)


One Piece 

Chapter 823

A World Abuzz

The world of One Piece is “abuzz,” due to the meeting of royalties from over 50 different countries. The plan is to discuss global affairs and the future of the world. They will all be meeting at Reverie, a council that the world government created. We see the Nefertari Family, along with Toto, Vivi, KohzaHina and Chaka.


At Loguetown, we are introduced to Stelly, the new “king of Goa Kingdom,” and his wife Sally Nantuckanet. In Kano Country it is reported that “Chinjao and Sai have not yet returned but the war is over.Rebecca asks Viola if “she can go to Reverie.Elizabello IIcall’s Riku Dold III, also plans on attending the meeting. Finally, ShirahoshiManboshi, and Neptune also plan on heading to Reverie.


Meanwhile, Luffy tries to give sailing orders to the crew and they are recovering from the drop off of Zou. Carrot sneaks onto the the Strawhat’s ship. She embraces the Straw Hats, and Pedro suggests that they should return back. Carrot says “Wanda will be angry at her and begs them to let her come along.” They seem to accept that Carrot is coming with them. Pedro reads a newspaper headline stating that “the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army was discovered in a state of ruin.


The One Piece universe keeps expanding and getting more interesting. We never get to see the World Government at work. It will be interesting to see what they talk about. Also, how will the World Government deal with the pro Luffy royals. Finally, I figured they would have the Blackbeard pirates and Revolutionary Army fight out of site. However, we’ll probably get some sense of what happened and who survived.




Chapter 670

The Perfect Crimson

In this chapter Kenpachi’s is too powerful for his own good, and basically defeats himself. Kenpachi succeeds in splitting Gerard in two, but that is useless, as Gerard finally use his Quincy: Vollstandig, Aschetonig. He restores himself and his appearance changes slightly. 


Gerard’s power increases dramatically, and so does his ego. He crushes Kenpachi and focuses on Hitsugaya. Byakuya tells Hitsugaya to release his Bankai, assuming the once his final flower is melted his Bankai will end. However, surprisingly Hitsugaya’s Bankai “mature’s” after the final flower melts. 


At this point the, “i found a new Bankai technique,” is getting predictable and old. I’m not really surprised that this happens and I think it is necessary, but still. I use to love Hitsugaya, but he became one note and keep getting thrashed, after instantly going into Bankai. However, he was always considered a “genius,” and his Bankai wasn’t consider complete. Anyway, he does look cool as a new “mature” Hitsugaya, hopefully his techniques match his new look.



Weekly Shonen (02/25/16)

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Fairy Tail

Chapter 474

In the moment of complete silence

Natsu rests, as Warren updates the Fairy Tail members of the events of the battle field. He says that “Zeref’s main forces in the west,” haven’t moved. In the north they are deadlocked and the arrival of Gajeel and his squad would tip the scale in Fairy Tail’s favor. Meanwhile, the East wizards have been defeated and two of the three remaining Spriggan are heading towards Fairy Tail. Erza’s squad in the south, has manage to defeat one of the 12 Spriggan.

071 (1)

The Fairy Tail members begin to think that they have a chance. Makarov warns the guild that they are still in dire danger. Mavis takes time to reflect and ponders what can be done to defeat Zeref. Meanwhile, we return to the battle field. Gray, Lyon and Juvia are meet with Meredy, who announces that Crime Sorciere has arrived. Kagura and Erza are joined by Jellal, as they defeat the “Four Heraldry Knights of the Neinhart Squad.”

12 (2)

The Sky Sisters battle Dimaria Yesta. She claims that she can “cut them down in what would be an instant from their perspective and clicks her teeth, causing all movement in her environs to cease.” She reveals the name of her magic, “Time-Sealing Magic: Age Seal.” This magic “allows her to stop time, rendering all caught defenseless.” She chooses Wendy as her first victim. However, Wendy and Sherria manage to move successfully and land a combined attack on Dimaria. They reveal that they “received a telepathic message.” Ultear appears, joining the battle and “vows to punish the Valkyrie in the name of Crime Sorciere.

201 (1)


One Piece

Chapter 817

Raizou of the Mist

We are giving confirmation that Captain Jack is still alive. We quickly head to the Zou, Claw City. Kinemon apologizes and reveals his tattoo that represents the crest of the Kouzuki family. The Strawhat crew are shocked at the reaction of the Minks. However, Nekomamsuhi and Inuarashi begin to bicker. They anger Momonosuke tells them to stop and that his father would be very disappointed in them. 

015 (2)

They apologize and it is revealed that Momonosuke is the son of the “Oden, the Daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country.” They also decided to have a truce, much to the surprise of everyone. Everyone and the Strawhat’s head to meet Raizou, as Luffy and Chopper are clearly excited to meet a ninja. Raizou is larger than anticipated and is chained to a poneglyph. Nico Robin asks to read the poneglyph, as Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp ask Raizou if he was a ninja. 


They beg him to show them some jutsu or throw some shuriken’s. Raizou tells them to tone down their excitement. Franky, comically explains that “all men are obsessed with ninja’s”. Even Law and Zoro get in on the fun. Raizou finally shows off his ninja abilities, using Ninja Art: Smoke Release jutsu. He then uses Ninja Art Clone jutsu and then Flower Shuriken’s. He impresses the Strawhat so much that they call him their “GOD.”


I got the impression that Oda was trolling Naruto, but that might just be me. Anyway, I loved the reaction to Raizou. The Strawhat’s were their usual silly selves. However, this chapter did have several important moments. First we get confirmation that Captain Jack is still alive. I wonder if he will return to Zou to get Raizou? Furthermore, Nico Robin has finally found another poneglyph. Who know’s what it will reveal?

020 (1)

04 (7)



Chapter 664

The Gift

Askin goes into another long winded explanation into his new Vollstandig abilities. Basically, his Vollstandig, Hasshain, “can adapt to changes in an element’s properties.” Therefore, “no matter now many changes an element goes through, he would be immune to it as long as it has the same base.” Askin also sets up a “Bereich Border,” preventing Kisuke from escaping. Kisuke questions Askin’s loyalty.

05 (6)


Askin response that “he had a lot of loyalty, but Yhwach also interests him.” He claims that he is just curious to see what Yhwach will create. Askin asks Kisuke “if he too would not be curious to see Yhwach’s creation.” Kisuke responds by attacking Askin, but he dodges and compliments Kisuke’s “ability to move that fast in the Gift Bereich.”

16 (2)

Kisuke tells Askin that “he had no interest in seeing this new world, although Mayuri Kurotsuchi may share Askin’s vision. However, Kisuke notes that Mayuri would still have no interest in seeing this world, because as true scientists they would want to create new worlds themselves.”  Askin likes his answer and uses Gift Ring, he throws it and it disappears. It pierces Kisuke’s eye and his eye explodes. Askin says that “Gift Ring is used for opponents too strong for The Deathdealing to work on, and it puts the ability into one focal point and instantly destroys it.” Kisuke sense he’s in danger activates his Bankai: Kannon Biraki Benihime Aratame.

13 (4)

We finally are going to get to see Kisuke’s Bankai. Hopefully, It will live up to the hype. Despite my hating on Askin it is clear from this chapter that he is clearly a powerful foe. Kisuke is one of everyone’s favorite Bleach characters. I’m just hoping we won’t be disappointed.

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Weekly Shonen (01/28/16)


One Piece 

Chapter 814

Let’s go see Master Nekomamushi

Luffy is unsurprisingly shocked. Brooke and the others explains the situation with Sanji. They wonder about his family and what their involvement is. Zoro is less concerned about Sanji and more concerned with Kaidou. He also is upset with Sanji for “bring another Youkon”, into their lives. Luffy suggest that they “ask Sanji” themselves. He suggests that they visit Big Mom.


The Straw hats concluded that they could ask Peko. The head to the Whale Forest to see Nekomamushi and Pekomamushi. Chopper heads to help Nekomamushi and Luffy talks to Pekom. Nekomamushi is chastised by Chopper for his behavior. Nekomamushi didn’t obey Choppers rule to prevent himself from re-injuring himself. He injurers himself and end up back in a hospital bed. Pekom explains that Big Mom and Sanji’s father organized the married.


We find out some surprising news regarding Sanji’s family. The Vinsmoke are a family of Assassins. I think it’s interesting that for so many chapter we haven’t actually gone into the background of Sanji. I don’t think Pekom can be trusted, yet. Would he be leading the Strawhats into a trap or would he actually betray Big Mom?

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Chapter 660

The Visible Answer 

Jugram Haschwalth challenges Ishida to “prove” that he is loyal by killing Ichigo and the others. Haschwalth tells Ishida that he can already see how he responds. Ishida attacks Ichigo and he dodges. Ishida collapses the ground underneath, Ichigo and the others. Ichigo asks Ishida why he joined the Quinces. Ishida shows him a “Sun Key and he “explains that it will allow Ichigo and his friends to get down to the Sun Gate connected to the Human World.


He says that he intends to “stay behind and destroy Wahrwelt.” Ishida explains that “the chips he has scattered will activate and obliterate the city.” Ichigo asks him “why he has to do this alone, prompting Ishida to reveal that only his Reiatsu can activate them because they were handed down to him by Soken Ishida.” I think that no one can really be surprise that Ishida “betrayed”, the Quinces. 

13 (1)

However, the fact that Ishida couldn’t predict that Haschwalth would “see” his plans, seems uncharacteristic. He usually is a step ahead, and I’m going to assume that he does actually has a plan to counter Haschwalth sight. I think that the narrative will shift to one of the early fights, before returning to this one. Overall, the chapter just started explaining the plan Ishida has and I’m interested.

17 (2)



Weekly Shonen (1/21/16)


One Piece

Chapter 813

The Tea Party Invitation

Chopper and Nami are stunned at the news of Sanji’s impending nuptials. Sanji wonders why he is being asked to marry now. I appears that Sanji’s family is very well off and organized a sort of arranged marriage. It is revealed that Sanji is expected to marry one of Big Mama’s daughters. Bege suggests that by marrying, the Strawhat crew will be underlings of Big Mama. Sanji dismisses this, as Luffy would never allow it.


Sanji writes a note to the Strawhats, revealing that he won’t be returning. He saves Brooke, Nami, and Chopper from Bege’s castle. Nekomamushi appears behind Bege, he realizes that he’s outmatched and flee’s. Despite what the letter state, Brooke is given the impression that Sanji won’t be returning.


We get a lot more information regarding Sanji’s family background. I think Sanji will be rescued, as it appears that the Zou arc will end soon. Will the “Big Mom” arc be next, hopefully. If I’m correct then we’ll get more information regarding Big Mom, her powers, and her crew. It would be interesting to see Luffy, face off against a Youkon.





Chapter 659

There Will be Frost

We are teased with the arrival of Hitsugaya. He introduces himself and Gerard does the same. True to his usual form Hitsugaya dodges, and instantly uses his Bankai, Daiguren Hyourinmaru. From this point we switch to Uryu, who remembers his father conducting an autopsy on his mother. This revolting event causes Ishida to change his mind about becoming a doctor.


Meanwhile, in the present Haschwalth confronts Ishida. He seems to imply that Ishida is a traitor. He says that he found many little “chips”, Ishida planted all over Wahrwelt. Haschwalth challenges Ishida to prove, “he’s not a traitor” and draws his sword. Ishida moves backward to evade Haschwalth’s attack. He ends up coming face to face with Ichigo. 


I think that Kubo is doing something interesting. In previous fights (Mayuri verses Pernida), he focused on one fight to it’s completion. Now he’s seems to have decided to jump from fight to fight. Doing so he’s setting up several fight simultaneously. I think he will focus on one fight once he establishes the initial contact. I always found the fact that Hitsugaya always favors his Bankai strange. He’s similar to Byakuya in this manner. However, I think he might be better suited to try to fight with his Shikai first.


Weekly Shonen (11/05/15)

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 006

Malice to know the truth

Shinra faces off against a mysterious man who claims to have knowledge of his mother and brothers death. At first Shinra believes he may be a trap in the tournament. However, he quickly dismisses the assumption. He demands that no harm comes to the brigade members. The man activates his power as he threatens to “kill” them. Shinra responds by attacking him.

02The man is unharmed by Shinra’s assault, he tells him that if he can “entertain” him he’ll tell him about the fire. Meanwhile, outside we see a new member of the second Brigade. This new member admits that he is actually “afraid” of fire, and that is why he joined the Brigade. His hands light on fire and in a panic he releases a barrage of missile like fire. He destroys the floor of the building, resulting in Mika falling on to of Arthur.


Elsewhere, Shinra and the mysterious man continues to fight. Shinra is surprised by the man’s use of “sand”. The sand explodes and the man dominated Shinra in combat. As he is about to “kill” Shinra, the eerie smile Shinra has appeared on his face. This causes the man to conclude that the “fight” was “better than expected”. He rewards Shinra by telling him, that his brother is still alive.


I not too familiar with these characters yet. Some I’m not really invested in the revelation that Shinra’s brother is still alive. This chapter did introduce some intrigue. How does the mystery man’s sand explode? Is it really gunpowder? Why is the new recruit afraid of his own fire powers? Is Shinra’s mother still alive? Why is his brother? I’m excited to see what the answer are.





One Piece

Chapter 806

At the Belly Fortress

Zou erupts with water, Robin warns Law and the Strawhat crew the they are in danger and they should gain higher ground. Kanjuro and Kinemon use a cat to climb the leg of Zou. They panic as the water comes rushing toward them and the cat begins to melt. Meanwhile, in the whale forest Wanda tells Luffy that the “eruption” is the elephant Zunisha bathes itself in water twice a day.



The “rain” is really just “seawater” and the cities have “filtration devices” that carries water into aqueducts. Carrot notes that fish usually gets sucked up in the water. This means they often don’t go without food. Bepo tells Luffy to inform Law of their whereabouts. Carrot tells Luffy while she bites his ear that Bepo is a native but also a pirate so he’s being watched and can’t leave.


Meanwhile, in the Claw city Usopp is panicked by the sharks found in the flood water. Franky and Robin deduce what Wanda already confirmed about the elephant and it’s behavior. Usopp searches for the others, he locates Luffy as Carrot bites him and panics. Wanda remembers what Jack did while in search of someone. She explains to Luffy that Jack was responsible for an attack on four ships escorting Doflamingo. He was presumed dead and has seemingly survived.


Law uses Shambles and teleports the rest of the Strawhat crew ahead of Luffy and Wanda. The head to the fortress and enter. Chopper wakes up Nami ecstatic that Luffy and the others have arrived. She appears to be sleeping on a large sheep like Mink. Luffy and the other Strawhats are meet with cheers, much to their surprise. Wanda explains that the Minks aren’t “human-hating”, they actually just see humans as “hairless monkey mink’s”. Nami runs towards Luffy and beings to reveal what happened to Sanji.


This chapter was well done. The story progressed nicely and I’m glad that we didn’t have twenty chapters to get the Straw hat crew back together. The character of Jack is an interesting character and it’s unclear when he was “killed”. Not to mention who he’s searching for. I think there’s no chance that Sanji is dead. While Nami was tearful, she wasn’t before she hugged Luffy and neither was Chopper who is very emotional. Overall, another great chapter can’t wait till the next chapter.

17 (1)

03 (1)


Chapter 650

The Theatre Suicide Scene 4

Lille transforms into a more grotesque, but I think better-looking form. Shunsui notes that he didn’t image that Lille would have survived his throat being cut. He seems to resign himself to his defeat. Lille appears to enjoy the “despair” he sees Shunsui. He says that “weapons cannot kill” him, that “he’s immortal” and “he’s invincible”. He believes himself to be “God’s instrument of divine privilege”.

06 (1)

He attacks with an arm he manifests and attacks with a devastating beam of light “Sabaki no Koumyou” toward Shunsui. Lille notices that Shunsui still managed to dodge his attack. Shunsui calls to Sakuranosuke and tells her they may need to escape. She responds that Lille is immune to the Karematsu Shinjuu and they are left without any options. Shunsui appears to fall asleep as someone call for him to “wake up”.

09 (1)

Nanao appears telling Shunsui “not to speak”. She tells him to “bring out her Zanpakutou”, and that there is “no time to hesitate”. She tells him to “forget the promise he made to her mother”. Lille appears behind Nanao and attacks. Both Nanao and Shunsui escapes again, as Lille claims that his “eyes are drying out” and closes them. Shunsui is surprised to hear that Nanao knew about her mother. Shunsui agrees to “give back her Zanpakutou”, Kyoukotsu.

17 (2)

This fight between Shunsui keeps getting more and more exciting. I knew that Shunsui wasn’t going to die, but I’m surprised to the degree that he can still move. Since the second Zanpakutou wasn’t his how could he use it. Does Nanao have a Bankai? Clearly we’ll get some answer next chapter. At least the transformation of Lille into a Dragon with an owl head was better than his previous form. However, that should tell you how bad that form looked.

02 (1)

Weekly Shonen (10/22/15)


One Piece

Chapter 804

Adventure in the Country on the back of an Elephant

Raizou the ninja falls from the sky, knocking Kinemon and Kanjuro off of Ryuunosuke. They quickly announce that they are fine. Ryuunosuke seemed incapable of turning around to retrieve them so the Strawhat crew continue forward. Ryuunosuke struggles to climb the elephant but manages to succeed. It is praised for a valiant effort and appears pleased as it disappears.


Everyone mourn’s Ryuunosuke, except Zoro and Law. Luffy’s marvels at the site of the towns. Zoro and the others notice that the entry gates have been smashed open. The landscape appears to have been destroyed by a large beast. Zoro is quickly attacked by a “Bunny Girl” named Carrot. Carrot attacks Zoro and manage’s to dodge his attack while in mid-air. 


Her fellow “mink’s women”, comes crashing out of the forest. She tells Carrot that the are needed in the “Whale forest”. Usopp realizes that she is wearing Nami’s clothing. This chapter was a nice introduction to the land of Zou. I liked the comedy that appeared in this chapter that is typical of series. The minkmen’s animal like appearance is curious. Are they like the fishmen? Are the devil fruit users? What happened to Nami? I’m getting excited for the future of this arc.






Chapter 648

The Theater Suicided Scene 2

Shunsui finally reveals his Bankai. However, first we get some conflict between Askin and Ichigo. Askin confirms that while he didn’t “kill” Grimmjow, he did defeat him somehow. Clearly, Askin needs to be defeated by someone that fights differently than Grimmjow or Ichigo. I have no idea who that person would be, but Grimmjow’s fighting style does seem to match Askin’s. Anyway, while they were talking the notice a change in the environment. This causes Ichigo to wonder what’s going on with Shunsui.



Meanwhile, Lille appearance changes but notes that the “skies have darkened“. Shunsui asks him to “tell him what the world around him looks like to him“. Lille states that “it has gotten a little darker“. Lille appears unafraid as he flies into the air, he proclaims “that a messenger of God feels no fear“. He breaks off part of the city as he attacks Shunsui. Lille decides that if he kills Shunsui then the effect of the Bankai will end. He is stunned that he has sustained wounds identical to Shunsui’s. Shunsui reveals that this is the first stage (Dan) is called “Hesitating sharing of the wound”. This stage has the effect of causing any wounds that are inflicted on the opponent to be shared and the opponent will be unable to die.



Shunsui quickly activates his second Dan “Bed of Shame”. This stage causes his opponent to be “stricken with an incurable disease”. He then reveals his third Dan, “Dangyo’s Abyss”. Shunsui and Lille are engulfed in a cube of water waiting for their reiatsu to expire. This chapter felt rushed. I could have done without the Askin update. However, we do get to see Shunsui’s Bankai and it is powerful. It appears to counter said power by being a double edge sword. Is this the limit of his Bankai? Are there more Dan’s? Will he die to kill Lille? Hopefully we’ll get an answer in the next few chapters.



Weekly Shonen (10/16/15)


Chapter 647

The Theater Suicide

This chapter was mostly written to step up the fight between Gerard Valkyrie and Renji. Most importantly we are finally going to see the elusive Bankai of Captain Commander Shunsui. We begin the chapter with Shunsui attempting to escape from the attacks of Lille. He jumps from building to building, admitting that “he did not think he could run so far with his injuries“. Shunsui leaps through a window to dodge another attack, only for Lille to teleport in front of him. Shunsui uses a blade of Kido, using Hado #78. Zangerin destroying the top of the building.


Meanwhile, Shinji and the others get close to reaching Wahrwelt. However, they are intercepted when Gerard Valkyrie crashes before them. He commends them for “making it this far“. Gerard tells them that in order to move forward they must defeat him. Renji uses Zabimaru to wrap around his arm. He proclaims that they should “argue” with him but give him the what he wants. Shinji and the others attempt to move along, however, Gerard uses his cape to block their path. He tells them that they must fight him together.


Shunsui is surprised that his kido had no effect on Lille. Over the course of his fight, Shunsui has managed to get far enough from the other shinigami. He apologizing to Nanao if she gets “caught up in this”. Shunsui finally activates his Bankai, Katen Kyokotsu: Kuromatsu Shinju. Many fans of Bleach have been waiting for the release of Shunsui’s Bankai and we’ll finally get it. I can’t shake the feeling that this fight between Shunsui and Lille was short. I guessing Kubo decided that because of the length of the Mayuri fight he couldn’t have two long fights back to back. This fight will likely conclude in the next two chapter’s. What I’m most interested in is what his Bankai actually does and judging from his demeanor it could cost him his life.