Weekly Shonen (08/01/13)

This week wont feature Bleach however One piece and Naruto were great.

One piece : Chapter 716

Don Qinjiao

The 716th chapter of One Piece converged on the tournament featuring Luffy as the thinly veiled “Lucy”. Kelly Funk reveals that he consumed the “Jake Jake no Mi” devil fruit. Personally I find his ability to be a bit gross (at least in theory). However, he’s clearly just cannon fodder so it makes sense that a good ability wasn’t wasted on him. Sai, pissed at his own brother Boo’s defeat vows vengeance and K.O.’s the now merged Funk brothers. One of the downsides or upsides of One Piece is the volume of characters. Many seem powerful in their own right but often they are tossed aside with little resistance. The fact that they aren’t characters we really care about seems like they were unnecessary characters to begin with. The only value of so many powerful characters is that we get a greater since of Luffy’s power in comparison. This chapter closed with Luffy and Chinjao hurling haku fist at each other to the surprise of the crowd. It’s entirely possible that Chinjao is just another member of the cannon fodder club but I hoping it’s more epic than that. So what do you think? Does Chinjao stand a chance against Luffy? Were you weird-ed out by the “Jake Jake no Mi”? Does One Piece have too many characters?

Image from Mangapanda

Naruto : Chapter 641

The Main Attraction

The latest chapter of Naruto saw team work form Tobirama and Minato and (surprisingly) Naruto and Sasuke. Opens with Naruto, Sasuke and Minato in danger of being obliterated. Tobirama the orginator of the ” Flying Thunder God Technique” uses it to return Obito’s Orb to him before it explodes. Madara and Hashirama clash in epic fashion as the ” Allied Shinobi Forces” look on. Feeling insecure about their lack of ability Shikamaru gives them all a up lifting pep talk. I going on a limb and say that Shikamaru and the rest are going to help Hashirama in some way. The team work of “Tobinato” and “Naruke” (I’m think going to call them that for now on) was impressive, although I think Tobinato was the superior team. Both teams together manage to finally land a hit. Obito won’t die from their technique but I hope there’s at least some damage. Finally, this chapter managed to somehow included everyone currently on the battlefield seamlessly. So did you like the team work? What do you think Madara’s plan is? Will Shikamaru manage to come up with one of his brilliant plans? Will the third be helpful? And what do you think of my team names (Tobinato and Naruke)? Do you trust Sasuke now?

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