One Piece Chapter 955: Recap & Review


The One Piece series has always featured swords. However, the series rarely elaborate on swords as a form of fighting. Having largely focused on devil fruits and haki, swords have been left out. Zoro has been the most important swordsmen in the series. Through him we have the most exposure to swords and how they are used in combat. One Piece has classified swords by their qualities. The three classifications are, Meito, Kokuto and Yoto. The Meito (Famed Blade) class is a sword that has gained such fame that it can be recognized by sight. Kokuto (Black Blade) are swords that are blacked colored. Finally, the Yoto (Mystic Blade) class, carries a curse that causes misfortune to its wielder.

The blades classed Meito are also ranked by “grade.” The grades are Grade swords, Skillful grade, Great grade and Supreme grade. There are an undetermined number of Grade Swords as they’re the lowest grade. There are 50 Skillful Grade Swords, 21 Great Grade Swords and 12 Supreme Grade Swords. In chapter 955, titled Enma, Zoro is given his second of two Great Grade Swords. Enma is a Meito that use to belong to Kozuki Oden, it’s also the only weapon said to have harmed Kiado. A masterpiece from the legendary swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo, it is describe as being able to “cut through to the bottom of hell.” Tenguyama Hitetsu believes that if Zoro can make Enma a black blade, it’s rank would increase.

Enma is difficult to wield. Enma is able to draw out the wielders Busoshoku Haki on it’s own, it can result in the force of a strike being greater than intended. It was stated that if Zoro was a lesser swordsmen he would have been turned into a “dry husk.” Zoro is able to force his haki back from the blade. The Wano Country Arc seems to be a turning point in regards to focusing more on swords and the power. The chapter largely focuses on the preparations for the upcoming battle. A handful of days are left until the raid, Robin reveals that the Beast Pirates have 20,000 men and Orochi has 10,000. The Alliance only has 4,000. Clearly, they’re at a numerical disadvantage. However, I think that they have better “quality” of warriors. With Luffy mastering the new Haki and Zoro able to master Enma It think that they will be fine.


One Piece Chapter 934 Review – Hyogoro of the Flower

The Big Mom Pirates debate what to do. Perospero notes that Big Mom must still be alive because of her Vivre card. They assume that Kaido and his crew has taken her captive. Smoothie states that it’s unlikely to be true for their mother. In the Kuri Wastelands, Big Mom heads to Udon on a “crocoturtle that she tamed with two punches.” Big Mom seems to have lost just her memories of who she is, but not her power and her willingness to use it. Still hungry, Big Mom asks were Udon is located.

Nami, Robin, Brook, Shinobu, and Kanjuro discuss the events at Orochi’s palace. Robin says that she is “ashamed,” to have gained so little information. She then rattles off a large lists of information she did uncovered. Most importantly, Brook reveals that he found a poneglyph in the basement of the palace. However, He wasn’t able to write it down. Robin concludes that the poneglyph is at Kaido’s headquarters in Onigashuma.

Meanwhile, Sanji, Usopp, Franky, and Law are in the Flower Capital, the citizens mourn the death of Komurasaki’s. The Smart Den Den Mushi, the “smartsnail” is introduced. We learn that Kid has escaped from Udon’s prison. At the prison, Luffy is harassed by Gaoler Alpacaman who grossly spits on Luffy as he speaks. It’s unlikely that Kid escaped, as he didn’t remove his seastone handcuffs. Grandpa Hyo is assaulted by the guards, he refuse to give up his kibi dango.

Hyo reveals himself to be Hyogoro of the Flower. Luffy’s actions reminded him of ” the old days when noble men lived in Wano,” and he is now “willing to die with this fulfillment.” When Luffy sees him being attacked, he predictably charges at the guards. As he does so, Queen arrives, commenting on the noise. My first though regarding Queen’s arrival was that he and Big Mom are going to fight. We haven’t witness Big Mom fight in a full battle. I think this could be an opportunity for us to see what she’s capable of. It appears that the Strawhat’s are going to meet at the bathhouse.

I’m a little tired of the Strawhat’s being separated. I look forward to seeing them together again. This is the second so can impenetrable prison that Luffy has found himself trapped in. He will likely escape in the same way that he did in Impel Down, by inspiring the other prisoners to riot. This would probably lead to him having more support than he would normally. Also, apparently Page One wasn’t difficult for Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 933 Review – A Samurai’s Mercy

As Lord Orochi demands that Komurasaki beg for her life, we learn that his devil fruit is called the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi. She refuses to beg, resulting in Orochi becoming further enraged and rampaging. His eight head beg to attack people almost at random. Eventually, he captures Komurasaki in one of his mouths. Robin tries to flee with Toko, as the still laughing girl asks her to ave Komurasaki. Meanwhile, the ninja’s continue to pursue her.

Brook rescues her, by using his soul to appear as a ghost. It’s at this point you realize that most of the citizen or certainly the ninja are ignorant of the devil fruit abilities. It was made clear at the beginning of the Wano arc, that Wano Country is isolated from the rest of the world and have no affiliation with World Government. The consequence of this is a lack of knowledge of the rest of the world. When Brook uses his soul ability the ninja’s assume that he’s a mythological ghost called Gashadokuro. When Robin uses her Gigantesco Mano ability the ninja wonders if she’s a ghost as well.

In the ceiling, Shinobu tells Nami that they need to back up Robin and Brook. They are confronted by a ninja named Hanzo. He seems to remember her as a more beautiful, kunoichi dubbed the “man killer.” He thinks he made a mistake as she has gained a lot of weight. Insulted, she uses Ninja Art: Ball Crusher, then Ninja Art: Paralysis. She then knocks the ceiling down knocking out some of Lord Orochi’s heads. Meanwhile, during all the chaos, Kyoshiro “kills” Komurasaki. I don’t believe that she dead. It seems more likely that her “death” was staged.

Lord Orochi is upset that Kyoshiro would kill her. He claims that it “was a samurai’s mercy.” He then notices the hidden message from the Kozuki Family. Orochi takes his attention from Komurasaki to Toko. However, Nami uses Zeus to unleash a devastating thunder attack. We don’t see the result of this, as we head to the beach to find Tsuru feeding Big Mom. Still without her memory, Big Mom is grateful for their kindness. Chopper is concerned that Big Mom will regain her memory at any point. He tells her that there’s a lot of shiruko in Udon.

Chopper is clever here. Sending Big Mom to go to Udon prison could at least be the distraction needed to free Luffy and if she regains her memory all the better. If Udon is so hard to escape from someone with Big Mom’s power could can help. How much manipulation Chopper needs to engage with to get Big Mom to help remains to be seen, but she still seems to be obsessed with food. The chapter ends with us being told that the ” decisive battle against the Beasts Pirates will occur in nine days.” Now what does this mean in terms of time. Is it nine days in real time or in the One Piece universe? It seems like it makes more since that it’s in the One Piece universe. Regardless, I’m excited to see this battle. I’m hoping it could rival the war with the Whitebeard Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 922 Review: Beasts Pirates General: Kaido

Luffy takes off to confront Kaido. Having seen that Okobore Town is under direct threat Luffy heads there. Law reveals that he, Luffy and Zoro have been exposed. However, he claims that “this shouldn’t effect the plan.” He plans to join Luffy against Kaido. Meanwhile, at Bakura Town the civilians flee as Kiado begins his assault. 

Kiado is revealed to be drunk, resulting in Jack fearing his rampage. Hawkins informs Kiado that “Luffy and Law are at the ruins of Oden Castle.” Even though this is true, Hawkins tells Jack that he lied to ” Kaido in order to stop his rampage and also to try eliminating a suspicious light there that has led to rumors about the Kozuki Family’s return.” 

Kiado immediately attacks Oden Castle, as the Strawhat and allies flee. He uses a massive attack that destroy’s Oden Castle. It’s not clear that the Strawhat’s got away in time. Regardless, the people of Kuri watch as Luffy jumps above Kiado and uses Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun on the unsuspecting Kiado. Too much didn’t happen in this chapter, but the initial attack from Luffy on Kiado was shocking. 

Most of us probably thought that it would take longer for Luffy to encounter him. Considering, Kiado’s drunken state and the fact that he didn’t seem to notice Luffy, I think he will be knocked unconsciousness, but remain won’t be harmed. This will save the village by ending Kiado’s rampage. Finally, I think there’s zero chance that the Strawhat’s and their allies are harmed. I think the Kunoichi would have help them disappear before the attack.

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Weekly Shonen (7/2/15)


Chapter 633

Friend 3

Yhwach tells Jugram Haschwalth that he’s his “other half”. Haschwalth says that he doesn’t understand, “what he is?” Yhwach says that he “doesn’t need to understand” and that he will “stay at his side and become an integral member of the sternritter. Haschwalth looks for Bazz-B, however Bazz is clearly jealous. He begins staring into with intense hatred, he doesn’t understand why he was chosen. Haschwalth explains “how he has no skill with his Quincy abilities before stating that Bazz-B would be a better choice“, shocking Bazz-B. However, Yhwach claims that “this is as he has foreseen before revealing that Haschwalth shares his power-granting abilities“.

Yhwach states “that a Quincy who shares his powers is born every 200 years“. Yhwach states that “unlike the other Quincy, he cannot absorb the reishi around you and make it your own power“. Yhwach asks Bazz-B if “he really believed this was by his own power”. Yhwach reveals that “Haschwalth is the one who turned Bazz-B from a worthless Quincy to a prodigy before telling Haschwalth that he needs him with him“. Jealous and humiliated Bazz-B becomes enraged, stands up and fires a Heilig Pfeil at Yhwach, Haschwalth catches it. We return to the present, where Haschwalth catches Bazz-B’s Heilig Pfeil before slashing him with his sword. I’m little surprised that apparently Bazz-B is only this good due to being exposed to Haschwalth. That said it makes sense that he would be insulted and enraged, when he was told. Personally, I think Haschwalth protecting Yhwach was a little premature. However, Bazz-B made it easier with his jealousy. There’s still more to this story, since the clear animosity between Yhwach, Haschwalth and Bazz-B should have made it difficult for trust to be established between them.

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One Piece

Chapter 792

Kneeling Down

One piece is clearly in the “clean up phase”, of this arc and I don’t expect a whole lot to occur for the next few chapter. Sabo defeats Jesus Burgess, but finally kills him after Burgess mockingly disrespects Ace. The Marines arrest Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates, Maynard tells the world what happened in Dressrosa. The citizens of Dressrosa beg former King Riku, to return to his former position. Issho and the Marines bow down to “repent” for their alliance with Doflamingo, which is revealed to the entire world.

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Chapter 700+10

Projected into these eyes

Sarada’s punch sends many enemies flying, shocking her mother. Naruto and his clones look the Shin’s in the eye’s scaring them, by showing them Kurama within his body. Chocho compliments Sarada’s strength, she asks “her father about his feelings for her mother”. Sasuke response that because they have Sarada, they are connected. The Shin’s clones are brought to “the Konoha Orphanage”, where Kabuto tells them to consider him their new father. Chocho realizes her father Choji can lose a lot of weight, and she asks him to start training her the day after. Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada have a nice family dinner, however Sasuke leaves the next day.

He pokes Sarada on the forehead as a goodbye, but doesn’t show Sakura any affection. Boruto thanks Sarada “for giving the lunchbox to his father“, she responds that “she should be the one to say that and tells him her wish to become Hokage“. Meanwhile, Karin tells Suigetsu she “wasn’t the one who gave birth to Sarada, but the one who delivered her“. She scolds him for being a moron and tells him that he tested the DNA of “the umbilical cord that connected Sarada and Sakura“. Finally, we see the photo that Sarada wanted of herself with her father and mother. Apparently, this will be IT for Naruto, along with the movie to follow. I wish it wasn’t. I don’t know what happens in the movie, but I’m interested in this generation and want to see more of them. This chapter made me realize that. The chapter also quickly and neatly ended the arc. I like how they explained Sarada’s parentage, and how they handled the Shin’s. Interestingly they (the Shin’s) are basically, the replacements for the Uchiha clan. I wonder how they will be treated in Konoha.

08 (2) 11 19

Weekly Shonen (6/4/15)


Chapter 629

Gate of the Sun

Yhwach explains why he will be calling his new castle Wahrwelt (New world Castle), Haschwalth states that “he will ensure all the intruders are killed so Yhwach does not have to see them“. Meanwhile, Shunsui and Urahara comment on the appearance of Wahrwelt, they say that its “gaudy” and designed to be intimidatingAs they begin to head towards the castle Urahara notices Mayuri is missing. Mayuri leaves a doorway, noting “that it will be easier for him to move on his own with Nemu“. He is surprised when Kenpachi appears behind him, he explains that he had “missed the first entrance” and “is glad that Mayuri opened the door again“. Kenpachi notes that “he might cut Mayuri by accident“. Mayuri responds that going their separate ways “means that he doesn’t have to concern himself with inept, incorrigible simpletons as they dig their own graves”.



Kenpachi response was “just who these simpletons“, Mayuri says (with his usual thinly veil insult), “if you use that brain of your you’ll figure it out“. Ichigo’s group moves toward the castle, Ichigo comments on “how odd it is that they cannot form footholds with Reishi“. Sado suggest that “they move in groups after having lost the element of surprise”, Grimmjow says that “more people will only make their movements easier to spot“. As Ichigo notes that someone has arrived, Askin decries his luck “for getting Ichigo’s group”, he is attacked by Grimmjow. Meanwhile, Bazz-B ,Liltotto and Giselle notes that “the Gate of the Sun is still standing” before saying that “they will put an end to both Yhwach and Haschwalth“.

08 01 (3)


One Piece

Chapter 789


The civilians of Dressrosa continue pushing the Birdcage, the Royal Plateau begins getting “carved up”. King Riku and Tank Lepanto assist in the pushing and Riku “commends everyone for helping save Dressrosa“. Rebecca tells Viola “to stop attacking Doflamingo“. Viola uses a “roundhouse kick” on Doflamingo, but he blocks it and states “that he would not hesitate to kill Viola despite her once being a Donquixote Pirate“. Doflamingo takes over Viola and Rebecca, using her to attempt to kill Viola. They implore Doflamingo to stop, he mocks them in return. The Birdcage, has continued to shrink limiting were they can move. The Colosseum gladiators continue pushing on Bartolomeo’s barrier, and Kyros wonders “where Rebecca is“.

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Gatz uses a Den Den Mushi and broadcasts his voice across all of “Dressrosa”. Gatz reminds everyone of “the star of that day’s Corrida Colosseum tournament“. Cavendish finally realizes that Law is gone. Gatz reminds Dressrosa of the accomplishments of “Lucy”. Rebecca begs for Lucy help, Gatz also reveals that Lucy is Monkey D. Luffy. He recalls the takeover of Dressrosa ten years ago by the Donquixote Pirates. He tells everyone that, “Luffy has promised to knock out Doflamingo in one blow“. The citizens cheer in response and Gatz taunts Doflamingo, he calls him “a false king and telling him that Dressrosa would be his execution ground“. Gatz then says that “it will only be ten seconds before Luffy comes back“.

12 04

Meanwhile, as the effects of the Teardelions wear off, Hajrudin, Dagama and Ideo begin to pass out. Mansherry begins to cry regretting “giving them false hope“, but Kabure tells her that “she has saved many lives with her powers“. Doflamingo stabs Gatz using a “sheet of string“. Gatz falls as a result of his attack, Rebecca reaches Viola, who tells “her crying niece that she would not hate her for this and that she did nothing wrong“. Law uses his powers to “switch” Luffy with Viola, he breaks her sword with his forehead. Doflamingo screams out Luffy’s name.




Chapter 700+6

Unevolving Species

Uchiha Shin uses his Sharigan to guide the weapons towards Sasuke. Sasuke deflects them with his sword, he stabs at Shin. Shin grabs the sword letting his son gain an advantage to get a attack that was successful. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to switches places with Shin, he uses Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu. The elder shin uses his son to take the majority of the damage from the attack. Shin comments on the ability of Sasuke’s eyes, he finally names himself as Uchiha Shin. Sarada comments that “he had the same name as his son“. Sasuke tells Naruto to “take care of the children“, Sasuke attempts to attack, but Shin “manipulates his sword to attack Naruto“.

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Naruto claims that he will be fine, he’s shocked that Shin’s ability worked against Sasuke’s sword. He deactivates his cloak releasing the weapons. Shin uses them to attack Sarada, Sasuke shield’s his daughter with his body, he ends up being paralyzed by them. Shin claims that a “species which doesn’t evolve will inevitably be destroyed“, before attacking Sasuke. Sakura arrives striking him with her strength and saving them. Sakura apologizes to Sarada, but Sasuke says “he’s the one who should be apologizing“. The Jubii like creature uses the space time jutsu to teleports the two Shins along with Sakura to their base. The elder Shin asks Sakura to transplant his injured son’s liver to repair the damage she caused.

12 (1) 08 (1)

Weekly Shonen (5/28/15)


One Piece

Chapter 788

How I fight

We start this chapter, 3 minutes before the bird cage reaches the central district. The citizens begin to panic as the speed of the contraction of the cage increases. The Colosseum gladiators aim to that out Doflamingo, along with the cage. Doflamingo tells them to “bring him Straw-hat“. Gatz concludes that it is likely that there will be many casualties, but he will not “hand Luffy over”, until he recovers. Gatz looks surprised as Law arrives, telling Gatz that he will take care of Luffy. Meanwhile, at the southeast part of town (Sebio), Bartolomeo uses his barrier to help the gladiators push against the cage. Robin and Leo join in to aid, Mansherry releases “Teardelions” (fruits created from her tears). They are able to heal instantly, as they float through the air landing on the citizens. However, the healing effect is limited and the healed will return to their original injured state. Mansherry flies through the sky on the back of Kabu, spreading her tears further.


Hack and Usopp appear in front of the citizens. He tells all the citizens “who still have strength left to go to the eastern and western streets to help push the Birdcage“. He tells them to “believe in his friends“. Rebecca is searching for Doflamingo, she see Viola standing in front of him. She warns Rebecca to “not get any ideas“, Doflamingo asks her what is she here for. Viola decides that she will face off against Doflamingo, stating that “one of them are going to die today“. Franky and the dwarves continue to push against the cage, Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro use their haki embedded swords. Zoro states that “the Birdcage is probably slowing down“, he hears someone walking behind them. Issho arrives to help, stating that “he will help them“. Marines aid in the efforts and so do the citizens. Suddenly, the Birdcage stops, it quickly begins moving again. However, everyone has gained hope as Rebecca calls for Viola, with Luffy still needing one minute.




Chapter 700+5

The World to Come

Sasuke attacks Sarada, teary eyed and frightened she yells “Dad”. Stunned Sasuke realizes that it was his daughter. Naruto arrives chastising Sarada for leaving on her own. Sasuke yells at Naruto for “bring children with him“. Chocho thinks that Sasuke must be her father, due to his looks and attitude. Sarada tells Sasuke that she has something to ask him. She asks him if Sakura is her “real mom”. Shizune fills Sakura in on the situation, telling her that she needs to head to the  mountain pass. Sasuke asks her “what happened”, she appears angered at this question. She says that Sasuke is “never around”, and it would “kill him to spent time with her and her mother“.  She asks “what he has been doing this entire time”, he tells her it “doesn’t concern her”. Sarada runs out, Naruto, flashes back to a meeting between the Kages.


Sasuke reveals his concern regarding Kaguya and the White Zetsu. He says that he investigated any traces or remnants of Kaguya. He says that he found that a “ninja gave birth to the white zetsu”. He says that this could mean a potential threat greater than Kaguya. The Kages decides that they shouldn’t alert the general public yet, because its just conjecture. Sasuke decides to go at it alone and conduct a secret mission. Naruto asks Sarada to listen to him, he tells her that Sasuke is a “ninja, greater than any other”. Meanwhile, Shin’s father reveals his face as they head to the revival of the Akatsuki. Shin appears behind Naruto and Sarada, attacking. Naruto counters the attack, Shin’s father rushes forward, but Sasuke blocks his way.




Chapter 628

New World Orders

Shiji is shocked that they are in Wandenreich City, not the royal palace. Urahara confirms that the location is indeed the royal palace based on the coordinates. Shunsui, clarifies stating that “the royal palace as we know it got destroyed“. Shunsui then confirms that Yhwach has reached a new level of power. Sui-Feng points out how “the streets seem to go around something and how there is nothing above them“. Sui-Feng states “the palace has fallen and Yhwach has everything in his hands“. Yoruichi explains that because they were in the Garganta, they were spared the effects of Yhwach’s power. Yoruichi sense’s her brother, to the surprise of Ichigo and his friends.


Yushiro attempts to leave to go meet Yoruichi, only he fails to create footholds and falls. Renji catches him and Byakuya notes that “they will likely find it hard to create footholds out of Reishi here because the Reishi concentration is much higher than it was before“. He suggests that it was “likely altered to favor the Quincies“. When Byakuya states “that the Soul King is likely dead“, Shunsui acknowledges the reishi of Ichigo and the others. He also notes that “they merely need to defeat Yhwach and find another Soul King“. He tells the Gotei 13 to “move out”, before they move a new tower emerges. Yhwach is informed of the arrival of Ichigo, the others and the Gotei 13. Yhwach seems to ignore this information, as he calls his new castle Wahrwelt.

17 (1)



I think this weeks chapters were light on serious action, but a three stories progressed nicely. Mansherry’s teardelions could have been broken, at least they added a flaw in this ability. One problem with this power is that it appears to be indiscriminate. What would happen if Doflamingo gets touched by one of these “delions”. He would be heal of course (if only temporarily), but so could Law and Luffy. That situation is possible, but unlikely. Fujitora aiding everyone and the marines was surprising, however they wouldn’t survive without helping so everyone wins. Viola stepping up to fight Doflamingo was surprising, but she only needs to hold him off for a minute so her strength doesn’t need to be high.

In Naruto it is revealed that there may be a greater villain than Kaguya. I hated her, so I’m hoping that the next villain isn’t like her. Sasuke’s treatment of his daughter was better than I thought. He was still a little dismissive of her and her feelings, but I was okay with that. Shin and his father did become more interesting. How did he get so many sharingan’s? Does he use the same technique as Danzo? I don’t see Naruto and Sasuke being troubled by Shin and his father, but I don’t think they are going to try to win. Hopefully, we get some fighting that’s a little drawn out. That said I highly doubt it. Finally, Sakura I personally like her, but is she going to help or just get owned? I hope not, but we’ll see.

So, Yushiro is Yoruichi’s brother not her sister. Let’s be honest he looks like a girl, but that’s manga right? The exchange between Yoruichi was comical and generally enjoyable. This chapter was mostly explanation of what Yhwach did to the former Royal Palace. I found the explanation to be acceptable. I wonder what the consequences of the new world, will be in battle. The Shinigami Ichigo and his friends are at a disadvantage due to Yhwach’s alteration of the Royal Palace. This seems fair considering that the Sternritter are out numbered. Finally, where’s Aizen?

Weekly Shonen (05/08/15)

One Piece

Chapter 785

Even if your legs break

Monkey D. Luffy strikes Doflamingo with a punch, he shocks the citizens with his power. They cheer him on, Cavendish reacts saying “what a transformation”, and is impressed by Luffy’s strength. Law is relieved that Luffy had an “ace up his sleeve”, but he states that “Luffy is overusing his Haki”. Jesus Burgess watches from a far, while being followed by Koala, wondering whether he should “follow or wait”.


Viola communicates with her father, updating him on the fight between witness Doflamingo and Luffy. At the SMILE Factory, Franky and the dwarves evacuate. The Birdcage having reached them, Franky realize that the Factory is made of sea stone. Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro arrive riding on one of “Kanjuro’s sparrows”. Zoro tells Franky that “they are going to try to stop the Birdcage and buy everyone some time”. The dwarves are impressed, and Franky considers Zoro’s plan and appears to suddenly gets an idea.

02gvhghMeanwhile, Luffy feels the need to hasten his attack, before “gear fourth just might hit its time limit”. He uses “Gomu Gomu no Double Culverin“, Doflamingo use his ability “Off-White Thread” to counter. Doflamingo goes on to reveal that there’s another “Devil Fruit” ability called “Awakening”. He explains that “in rare occasions, one’s abilities “awaken” and begin to affect not just their own body, but their surroundings”. The buildings around Luffy begin to turn into strings, shocking Luffy.

153434We go forward 20 minutes, the birdcage continues to shrink. An old woman trips and falls, telling her granddaughter “she has reached her limit and couldn’t run anymore”. She tells her “to leave without her, but her granddaughter refuses”. A man screams for “someone to give him a hand”. Everyone begins to panic, then the former King of Dressrosa, Riku speaks to them through a Den Den Mushi.

16-17fKing Riku states that “today’s shocking events have not been a dream, and that for ten years they have suffered under Doflamingo’s rule“. He tells the citizens that “all the Donquixote Pirates have been defeated save for Doflamingo himself, and Luffy is battling him right now“. He reminds the citizens that whether “Luffy wins or loses, the battle will be over in a matter of minutes, and begs his former subjects to keep running and survive, since they still have hope“. Riku’s words cause the old woman to get up and run as fast as she can, along with several other hopeful citizens. Luffy say’s that he has “run out of time”, and he uses “Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka“.




Chapter 700+2

The Boy with the Sharingan . . .

Sasuke is attacked by a mysterious boy, with the sharingan. The boy disappears in a storm of leaves, as Sasuke asks “who he was“. Meanwhile, Sarada is still looking at the photo of her father an his former team. She reveals to Shizune “that she knows that there is no record of her birth in Konoha“. Shizune becomes evasive, which further complicates the situation.

02ereWe join Chocho, as she eats with her parents. She criticizes her father for “showing a bad example for her“. She asks her mother if what she said was, “code for fat“. She tells her mother sarcastically, that “it must be nice showing all that compassion and understanding from her ivory tower“. Sarada interrupts their meal, she and Chocho move to another table. Chocho explains “that she doubts her parents are her real parents“.

03yuyThey are interrupted by Mitsuki, who interjects that they are suffering from “tragic heroine syndrome“. He explains that it’s a “condition that is said to afflict young girls of a certain age who lack a certain self-awareness as they try to establish their sense of self…“. Sarada runs off, she decides to simply “find her father herself or ask the Seventh Hokage”. Naruto receives a message from Sasuke, via his eagle. He reads Sasuke’s message and contacts Kakashi to inform him on what he has discovered.

12sKakashi believes that the mysterious boy must be an Oorochimaru experiment. Naruto goes to meets with Sasuke, leaving a shadow clone in his place. Sarada aims to follow Naruto, surprisingly Chocho arrives stating that she “bet’s my real dad is a total hottie”.




Chapter 625

Living Jaguar

Grimmjow returns, claiming that “it’s been fuckin forever…Kurosaki”. He leaps out of the Garganta, asking Ichigo “how many years has it been”. He takes note of the fact that Ichigo’s “scars have healed”. He draws his sword, Grimmjow claims he “can’t go and die . . . not until he guts him”. Ichigo picks up Zangetsu, but Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Nel) interrupts them.

02vbvbShe leaps over Grimmjow and rushes to Ichigo. She explains that “Urahara made her an armband that allows her to transform into her adult form at will”. Nelliel reminds Grimmjow that she was ranked higher than him in Aizen’s army. Grimmjow, however points out that the numbers “don’t mean dick”. However, a voice tells them to enter a black box.

jasRiruka Dokugamine, is the voice, and Yukio Hans Vorarlberna, who points out that “the box is one of his abilities“. Everyone enters, Yoruichi explains everything explaining “that the Soul Society and the Human World are connected by the Dangai“, before revealing “that there are pockets known as the Valley of Screams where escaped souls gather“. Yoruichi explains how these “have been used as storage spaces before revealing that Urahara sought out Riruka and Yukio for their unique abilities in order to create a space that could move between realms and space, which will allow them to sneak into the palace for a surprise attack“.

12gfgIn the palace, the elite Sternritters wait for Yhwach to absorb the Soul King and increase his power. Yhwach appears to have completed his transformation standing next to two empty halves of “the Soul King’s cocoon”. The week off was worth the wait. First, the conclusion of the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo appears to be coming in the next chapter. For some reason I don’t feel 100% confident that the fight is over. Luffy is running out of gas and I wonder how he would win if the fight with Doflamingo isn’t completed.

17kjgfI don’t know how long the promotion manga for the final Naruto movie will be, but I’m interested in the characters that have introduced. I’ve already mentioned Chocho, but Sarada is becoming more so. The storyline between Sarada and her “mother”, but I’m interested in the story around her. Shinzune’s reaction to her question was strange, and hinted at something more. Grimmjow is one of my favorite characters, his rude attitude is enjoyable.

Urahara seems to always have a plan, and to be honest maybe that’s problematic. Why, because none of the characters ever really struggle. Ichigo either reaches new powerful, heights or Urahara comes up with a perfectly tailored plan. Regardless, none of that is likely to change at this point in the series. I wonder what it means that the Soul King has been absorbed. Obviously, Yhwach is stronger, but does he become the new “linchpin”? Furthermore, it appears that the Ichigo’s side of the war outnumbers Yhwach’s,Yoruichi, Urahara, Ichigo’s friends, Aizen and the other sternritters. I’m not complaining, just wondering how the fights will match up.

Weekly Shonen (4/3/15)

001yuyuOne Piece

Chapters 782

The Charisma of Evil

Luffy and Doflamingo begin their battle using Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. They both manage to land hits on one another, injuring each other. However, Trebol interferes using his Beta Beta no Mi (mucus powers), holding Luffy in place so that Doflamingo can finish Law off. Trebol flashes back to how he, Vergo, Diamante, and Pica “encouraged a young Doflamingo to become the Pirate King and eliminated everything that opposed him“. Trebol plans on setting his mucus on fire, but Law calls “him Doflamingo’s puppet”. An angry Trebol attacks Law, ignoring Doflamingo’s warning. Law uses his Room and slashes Trebol upwards using Sterben. Trebol is now without his mucus to protect him. He decides to set himself on fire hoping to take Law with him.






Chapter 622

The Agony

All the Shinigami react as Aizen is revealed. Rukia and the others are shocked when Shunsui admits that he released him. They question his decision, based on Aizen’s past behavior. Shunsui states “they must fight evil with evil before noting the Gotei 13 is not evil“. Shunsui informs Aizen that he will not release him completely, he must fight from his chair. While confined to his chair, Aizen casts Hado #90. Kurohitsugi. He destroys the remaining one eye creatures, the other comment that he appears stronger than before. Byakuya tells Shunsui “that he has offended their pride by releasing Aizen, but Shunsui tells him to save his issues with it until later“. Aizen begins using his Reiatsu, creating a “pathway to the palace for the other Shinigami”.

17ghghfThese chapters were very simple, and barely progressed the stories forward. The fight between Luffy and Doflamingo, is just beginning so far they seem about even. We will not get to they real in-depth fight between them until, Trebol and Law are dealt with. Hopefully, the next chapter will resolve this. The reveal that Aizen will remain strapped to that invincible chair seems silly. His motive for helping is still unclear, and I highly doubt that he’ll remain in that chair. Obviously, all these questions will be answered later, this chapter failed to do that.



Weekly Shonen (3/6/15)

One Piece

Chapter 779

The Last Fight

Zoro flashes back to his training with Mihawk, who told him “that having chips on the blades of his sword is an affront to his honor” and “he should use Busoshoku Haki to prevent it“. Everyone reacts to Pica’s defeat, and the SMILE Factory is destroyed by the Dwarves. Kyros releases that they must leave Doflamingo’s defeat Luffy and Law.

002,When it is noted that Doflamingo’s “main forces only have three members left“, Viola corrects them telling them that there is “only two left now because another battle has just been decided“. Luffy defeats Bellamy with one hit. Luffy stands over a K.O’d Bellamy and recalls their fight. Bellamy hoped that his decision to attack Luffy, would get “Doflamingo to remember him“.

Luffy stated that “Doflamingo only wanted Bellamy to be pitted against him and die from the beginning, which Bellamy admitted was likely correct before claiming it is his dying wish to fulfill this“. Bellamy told Luffy to “just stand there and die if he did not want to fight back before leaping toward him“. Luffy punches Bellamy with a “Busoshoku Haki-hardened Gear Second punch“. He loudly screams Doflamingo’s name, who notes that Luffy is in for a “rude awakening“, when he sees Law’s “lifeless corpse“.

016-017Finally, we are getting to the main attraction, Luffy verses Doflamingo. Is Law dead? I doubt it? However, I think that if he was killed by Doflamingo that would enrage Luffy to the point where he would definitely, beat the hell out of Doflamingo. Other than this set up, most of what occurred was cleaning up. When Luffy is pissed he is almost impossible to defeat, I can’t wait till the net chapter (coming in two weeks).




Chapter 618

The Dark Arm

Aizen asks Shunsui “What’s wrong“, suggesting that he should use the other two keys. Shunsui unlocks Aizen’s left eye and ankles, and asks him “how it feels“. Aizen states that Shunsui “has not changed“. Shunsui asks Aizen “if he wants to leave“, Aizen says “he never asked Shunsui to free him“. Aizen notices that Shunsui has “more keys” within his body. Shunsui says that the key to “Muken has been buried in is heart“.

iiiiAizen notes that the “Central 46 predicted that he might kill Shunsui for the keys and that he would be trapped within Muken forever if he did“. Shunsui asks Aizen to sit in a chair, so he could take him to Seireitei. An attendant attempts to bind Aizen, and has his hands destroyed. Aizen asks him “if he wishes for him to lend his powers to Soul Society“. Shunsui says they “simply in a situation where the advantages and disadvantages are similar for them“.

06iYhwach try’s to destroy the Soul King, again but Ichigo stops him.Yoruichi places a  barrier around the Soul King and Mimihagi. Meanwhile, Yhwach asks Ichigo “why he is getting in his way despite being the one who cut the Soul King in half and notes Ichigo’s Quincy blood cannot forgive the Soul King’s existence“. Ichigo says “he came here to protect all of three realms“. He uses “Getsuga Tensho” on Yhwach, he knows that Yhwach blood flows through his body. He states “this does not mean Yhwach gets his way”. Yhwach responds it “dependents on his own eyes”.

17hThis chapter was underwhelming, even though the conversation between Shunsui and Aizen was interesting. I still don’t understand why Aizen would change his mind in regards to destroying the Soul King. Why did he turn Yhwach down? What was their conversation like? As for Ichigo verses Yhwach, I expect this to be a long draw out fight and we’ll likely see the others (Gotei 13 and Elite Sternritter) complete their fight first.

Weekly Shonen (1/30/15)

One Piece

Chapter 775

To Lucy Anne, with Love

Because when I wear these clothes, I can get you to smile for me

Mansherry, calls to Leo asking him to give her a “piggyback ride”, because her legs hurt. Leo responds by suggesting that the princesses selfish side had emerged. He asks her to heal her legs and basically walk by herself. Mansherry is offended and decides that she won’t be running. Leo gives her the piggyback ride for the sake of time. Defeated Jora reveals that Doflamingo wanted to use Chiyu Chiyu no Mi ultimate ability to restore the SMILE factory.

006Meanwhile, at the SMILE factory Franky and Senor Pink battle. Franky hits Senor Pink with “Strong Hammer”, Pink counters as he uses “Meow Meow Suplex”. The crowd notices that they are both “at their limits”. Apparently, Senor Pink has taken hits from “Strong Hammer” over 30 times. Franky proclaims that due to his “Strong Style” he will not be dodging any attack Senor Pink delivers. Senor Pink decides to use his ultimate attack, Baby Buster. He grabs Franky and “swims”, up the tower and slams him into the ground.

012Franky emerges hurt, but he quickly launches “Franky Iron Boxing”. Senor Pink remembers one love, Lucy Ann and his dead son Gimlet as he is defeated. Senor Pink began wearing his son’s old bonnet as tribute. Franky notices Pink tears and tells him to share the story of Lucy Anne over drinks some day. One Piece is steadily progressing as Doflamingo’s family are being defeated one by one. I though Senor Pink’s back story was sad and touching and managed to humanized him.




Chapter 613

The Ordinary Peace

 “A small insect like him has no need to have such a destiny

Ichibei claims that the “mere humans” cannot defeat Yhwach with their abilities, but that they shouldn’t fear because “that is all there is to the so called peace”. Meanwhile, at the Seireitei Jushiro Ukitake reveals that he has successfully completed three rounds of treatment. Shinji is confused and suggests that Jushiro didn’t need medical attention. He reveals that he helped heal everyone except Kenpachi.

031However, Kenpachi is able to move and asks where Yachiru Kusajishi is. He is informed that his men are searching for her. Kenpachi attempts to leave, but is stopped by Reishi. Kenpachi moves toward Urahara but is intercepted by Nanao. She tells him that “his men will be able to search faster than he can”. Surprisingly, he agrees and backs off. Urahara gives everyone sphere’s to hold. He instructs them to stand within the circle and charge the spheres with their spiritual power.

ghgHe opens the ceiling, ask Ichigo finally arrives in the Soul Palace. Yhwach turns around and proclaims to Ichigo that “a small insect like him has no need to have such a destiny, he tells Ichigo that he should be thankful that he will be crushed by his hands”, as he prepares for battle. This chapter set up the battle between Yhwach and Ichigo nicely. With the Royal guard defeated, it will be interesting to see who pair off to face the Elite Sternritter, along with Haschwalth and Uryu.



Weekly Shonen (1/23/15)

One piece

Chapter 774

Leo, Warrior Chief of the Tontatta tribe

“I refuse to provided aid for you bad people”

Nico Robin arrives to save Rebecca from Diamante, freeing Kyros from having to protect her. Kyros is happy for her arrival, as he prepares to face off against Diamante. Bartolomeo notices several soldiers removing an unconscious Gladius from the battlefield. He allows them to leave, stating that Gladius will be unconscious for days.

01Meanwhile, Leo and his friends are battling to save Princess Mansherry. Violet informs them that Princess Mansherry is “currently being forced to heal the defeated Donquixote Executives” by Jora. Mansherry has the ability to heal due to her “Chiyu Chiyu no Mi” devil fruit ability. Mansherry refuses to do so, claiming that she no longer help the bad people.

02-03Jora attempts to force her to heal them, Mansherry begins to cry. Her tears to the surprise of everyone manages to heal a solider. Jora states “it was close but showers the officers with her tears stating round 2 now begins”. Kabu arrives using “Bettle Upper” on the unconscious officers, sending them flying away from the falling tears. Leo tells Jora she “can spend more time with them than ever and uses “Haute Couture: Patchwork” on her.Mansherry calls him a prince and blushes when he catches her.




Chapter 612


“Forgive me . . . you cannot win against Yhwach”

Yhwach, having slaughtered the soul kings guards, stabs the Soul King through the chest. Meanwhile, we return to the Seireitei where the remaining Captains and Vice Captains gather together at the new structure that Urahara created. Urahara states that the 7th Division will not be in attendance, the “3rd and 9th Division Captains will move together with the 12th Division”. Captain Kurotsuchi will arrive later.

03He say’s that “Captain of the 11th Division, Vice Captain of the 9th, Madarame and Ayasegawa will get emergency treatment and Zaraki is in critical wounded”. Also “Captain of the 1st Division has gone to Room 46, they also haven’t received any information from the 10th Division”. Urahara says that he plans on breaking into the Soul Kings palace”, with all the Captains and their collective spirital powers. We return to Ichibei as he states that “humans cannot defeat Yhwach”.




Weekly Shonen (10/16/14)

One Piece

Chapter 764

White Monster

04jhjhLaw is surprised to find that Corazon didn’t tell his brother he could speak. Corazon has the ability to create a “wall of silence”with the “Nagi Nagi no Mi”, preventing sound from entering and exiting. He warns Law that Doflamingo “is a monster” and that it’s his responsibility to keep his “bother’s madness at bay”. He say’s that his brother is not human. He warns Law not to be like “his brother”.

11llkjHe tells Law about the “will of D”, and the fear that exists of it. He says that “D” is a name that has been “secretly been inheriting throughout the years”. He says that there’s a “land” where they refer to the “family of D” as “God’s Natural Enemy”. Law run to tell on Corazon, but has a change of heart a he feels he owes him for not telling on him. As the marines attack Doflamingo and the family he realizes that Corazon has “kidnapped” Law.

20lCorazon calls Admiral Sengoku to inform him of the situation, after the call a recruit name “Vergo” asks to be transferred to “G-5”. Corazon and Law “travel” to hospitals hoping they would help. They panic and refused to treat Law. Corazon to attack the staff for hurting Law.The next morning, they received a call and Corazon answers it, and its Doflamingo.



Chapter 696

Naruto and Sasuke (3)

11hhjhjhNaruto is still confused over the fact that Sasuke wants to kill him. Sasuke states that the five villages only came together to battle a common enemy. He believes that once the realize that they no longer have a common enemy they will return to fighting one another. Sasuke plans on becoming the enemy they need to stay “together”, but he will operate everything from the shadows.

16-17hSasuke begins to steal chakra from the tailed beasts into his Susanoo. His Susanoo changes form, Naruto uses “Kage Buushin no jutsu” creating “three shadow clones of his Tailed Beast Mode”. Sasuke uses a “bow and arrow”, as Naruto fuses two of the clones. Naruto tells to himself that “he always wanted to beat Sasuke in the past, but not the Sasuke that exists now” as he and Sasuke attack each other.

08-09hI’m a little concerned how this fight’s going to end considering there’s only a few chapters remaining. However, this fight has too much talking and not enough fighting. I fear another “Talk no jutsu” is likely. Whatever the outcome I hope the end is satisfying.




Chapter 601

Verge of Vermillion

01Nimaiya proclaims “the real battle begins here”. Gerard attacks him, and Nimaiya to lean back and avoid his slash. Gerard commends Nimaiya’s dodges and easily cuts him down “with a single attack”. This is obviously surprising to everyone.Lille claims that “could not be defeated by such an attack”. He aims his sniper and fires several “Heilig Pfeil” at Nimaiya, who easily cuts them in half deflecting them.

05kiNimaiya slashes Lille appearing to kill him and he cuts off Lille’s left hand in the process. He then stabs Pernida through the head, then cuts Askin “appearing” to kill him easily. Nimaiya explains his Zanpakuto to Askin. Askin survived his death  with his “The Deathdealing” ability and explains how “he always feels close to death”.

11hhhCan Nimaiya really kill the “elite” sternritters this easily? I will say while it will be a little bit disappointing it will be somewhat refreshing. Characters are rarely kill with “One” hit, would Kubo do that? I don’t know if the other are officially dead or not but I think at least Nimaiya will have his hands full with the “immortal” Askin.



Weekly Shonen (10/9/14)

One Piece

Chapter 763

Declaration of humanity


In this chapter we get more back story on Doflamingo and Law. Doflamingo awakens from a nightmare featuring himself and his family as they are hanging from a building by a vengeful mob. The mob is unsure of whether they should kill them or “make them suffer“. Individual people reveal the tragedies that the World Nobles inflicted on them and their families. World Nobles have demanded  a tax that has rendered them impoverished.

We then flashback 33 years in the past to Mariejois. Doflamingo’s father “Donquixote Homing” leaves the life of a World Noble taking his wife and two children with him. The other World Nobles were angered by Homing’s desire to leave. The Donquixotes head to a “World Government non-member nation“. They  are given “a mansion and a small fortune“.

15rtrDoflamingo, is slow to understand the that things are not the way they use to be. He immediately asks to “get some slaves“. When other citizens “won’t bow down to him” Doflamingo becomes enraged. Doflamingo’s behavior alerts the public to his families heritage, and they burn down the Donquixote mansion in response. Homing pleads with the World Nobles to give his family shelter. They flat out refuse to help unsurprisingly, claiming that he’s nothing but a “filthy human“.

Doflamingo for “the first time is hungry“, soon his mother dies and his father pleads for his children to be spared. Meanwhile, Law gets caught and is made a member of the Doflamingo family. Doflamingo tells Law about “a Devil Fruit that can cure his illness“. He offers to train Law to become his right hand man in “10 years”. Corazon lies to cover for Law saying  an “enemy” attacked him.

lawLaw spends the next few years joining the crew as they commit act of piracy. Law finally reveals his full name, “Trafalgar D. Water Law“. Corazon grabs Law and speaks for the first time, “telling him to get away from Doflamingo“. One of the interesting and confusing aspects about One Piece is the use of “D” in one’s name. I clearly need to research it a bit more but I do find it odd that it has such significance.

Especially considering the fact that theoretically anyone can name themselves or children with the “D” initial. I am aware of the fact that the mystery surrounding the “Will of D” is part of One Piece’s story but, it seems odd that no one appears to fake the “Will of D“. Anyway, the story continues to get interesting, thought I can’t wait to see why Doflamingo to kill his brother.




Chapter 600


05ghkjhjgjSenjumaru “appears” dead as she falls to the ground resulting in a pool of blood. Lying there “with a hole in her head“, Gerard criticizes Lille ruining the path of Yhwach. Lille has Pernida remove her body, he crumple it into a ball. Gerard mentions that the “Zero squad” is failing to meet expectations. Lille uses his sniper rifle to “destroy” the cities that surrounded the Soul King Palace.

Lille turns to Yhwach and is stunned to find the surrounding area have turned into fabric. The real Senjumaru reveals “this was a fake palace created for their arrival and that the real palace is being protected by Ichibei Hyosube, who has drawn a barrier over it that keeps it hidden”.

01pppLille takes aim attempting to shoot the real palace, a he does “large trees shoot up around the group and form a cage” as Kirio Hikifune explains “how she can create trees that absorb Reishi and block Reishi attacks“. Oetsu Nimaiya appears and draws his Zanpakuto before proclaiming “the battle of zero squad officially starts now“.

I expected that Senjumaru wasn’t dead, but she wasn’t even touched. It appears that the zero squad is as powerful as advertised and they plan on fighting together with in the cage. I getting excited at their possible abilities. Though the back and forth of the battle is just getting started, I’m already intrigued.





Chapter 695

Naruto and Sasuke

002It so bitter sweet that this chapter is the beginning of the last five chapters of Naruto ending at chapter 700. So lets enjoy it while it lasts. This chapter was mostly a battle chapter (the way it should be). Sasuke launches a “Fire release – Great Fireball Technique” at Naruto. Naruto respond by activating his “Six Paths Sage Technique” then uses a “chakra arm to deflect it“. Sasuke appears behind him and attacks with a Chidori.

Sasuke activates his Susanoo and shoots three arrows, which Naruto counters with three “Truth-Seeking Balls“. Sasuke uses his “Perfect Susanoo” and attacks as Naruto counters with his “Kurama avatar“. As they clash, they flashback to their youth. Sasuke claims that “Naruto will die if he continues to fight at his current pace, but Naruto refuses to let Sasuke kill him and chides Sasuke for trying to do everything alone once again“.

010-11Sasuke uses “Chidori” with his Susanoo, and Naruto forms a “Tailed Beast Ball” fused with “Senjutsu” to counter. Naruto notes that “he will never abandoned Sasuke” as their attacks combine creating a massive explosion. Sasuke states that he “truly understands Naruto’s actions and has reciprocal respect for them“.

I’m a little sad Naruto is ending but have much hope for one final battle. I think its safe to say Sasuke won’t die, but four chapters seems inefficient for this important battle. Hopefully, we can avoid a bout of “Talk no Jutsu“. The battle so far isn’t anything new in terms of techniques. I don’t know what I’m expecting from this fight. However, it should at least be entertaining and I don’t think that’s too much to hope for.


Weekly Shonen (10/04/14)

One Piece

Chapter 762

The White City

ngbnbnbnbnWe flashback to the past with the Donquixote Pirates dining together. They discuss  Law’s beaten by the hands of Corazon. Machvise and Jora then point out Law’s illness, “the Amber Lead Syndrome“. Doflamingo slams his hand down stating that  Amber Lead Syndrome is a “poisoning” and not a disease that could be spread. Doflamingo asks Law “what he hates so much“, and Law replies “that he does not believe anything“, swearing to take “revenge” on Corazon for throwing him out the window.

Baby 5 asks Gladius about the “White City“. He tells her about Flevance, “all the citizens were wealthy and the city was so beautiful it seemed like out of a fairy tale“. The source of all this wealth was “Amber Lead“, it was highly valued resulting in a “bottomless money source“. Gladius and Lao G state that for “100 years, the World Government and the king of Flevance knew the truth about amber lead nearly a century before it was even mined: it was poisonous to handle“. They kept this a secret to maintain their source of wealth fortune from the amber lead. The poison was “slow acting”, with “each generation that was born with Amber Lead Poisoning had shorter lifespans than the previous generation”.

02-031As a result of a “generation gap” in poisoning symptoms, everyone came down with illness simultaneously. People began dying very quickly, and were quarantined by neighboring countries. The World Government saved the royal family, abandoning the civilians. Many of the civilians were shot out of fear if they attempted to seek help from neighboring countries. Flevance eventually ended up going to war with the neighboring countries. The children were evacuated, but Law refused to leave his sister Lamy.

Law’s father failed to convince the World Government to “tell the truth” about the illness being “non-contagious nature of Amber Lead Poisoning“. Law while visiting his sister hears gunfire outside. Law heads outside only to find “his parents, the nun, and all the children shot down” by an invading army . Law began cry as the army burns down the hospital with his sister inside. Senor Pink says “that after going through such an ordeal at the age of ten, it’s no wonder that Law’s personality is messed up“.

tfMeanwhile, Law locates Corazon and reveals a sword and says he has “no right to live since his parents and sister died“. Law stabs him in the back, Buffalo races to tell Doflamingo, who is currently sleeping. The back story of Law was touching and sad. It was surprising that Law now seems so well adjusted considering hi childhood. Considering the fact that Doflamingo said he killed his brother Corazon he can’t die now. I’m interested in seeing why Doflamingo kills his brother and how the “family” reacts.





Chapter 694

Naruto and Sasuke

5656565The chapter begins with Sasuke and Naruto atop the Valley of the End. Sasuke explains his version of “what the Hokage is and should be doing“. He alludes to Itachi and how he was cast out of Konoha for killing his clan. The village created a “framework” in ordered to keep peace and structure in the world. Itachi was used to maintain this framework. Itachi slipped into the darkness and become a traitor and a criminal to the rest of the world. He took all the hate and pain to keep the Fire Country and the leaf village safe. Due to this Sasuke considers Itachi to be, “the True Hokage“.

mihhSasuke states that the title is “more fitting for someone who is willing to accept grudges and hatred of everyone and bear them all“. He says he also “realized how strongly Itachi felt towards his country and village that he would go far to protect them“. He said “Itachi made a mistake by letting him live” because he “became decentralized and dispersed away from him“. He would instead “shoulder the burden of hatred all by himself“. He will rule the ninja world “by making all the decisions and judgments without care of what the people feel“. He will “focus the hatred of the people on himself and unify the villages by doing so“.

The “Sage of the Six Paths” remembers what Sasuke told him what his “idea of Hokage is“. Naruto tells Sasuke that “his plan wouldn’t work since the people wouldn’t allow that to happen“. Sasuke says it “doesn’t matter” as he’s the “only one with the power to take control“. Naruto flashes back to his conversation with Itachi, as he tells Naruto that “taking the burden of hate on your own is the reason why people like Madara turned out the way they did“. He also says “that you need friends, family, comrades to help shoulder everything because if you don’t you will surely fail“.

nbnbbnItachi tried to do everything by himself and that is why he failed in protecting the village. Naruto then tells Sasuke that “if he believes that’s what Itachi would have wanted he didn’t understand what his brother wanted“. Sasuke recalls Itachi’s words during their fight with Kabuto and that he said a similar thing to him. Naruto says that “Sasuke is just going to kill the Kages and the Tailed Beasts“, with Sasuke saying that he’s going to “sever the past“. Naruto says that he can’t get rid of Itachi’s memory like that but Sasuke says he can and that he has. Itachi is nothing but the past now. And that the only thing left to sever from the past is Naruto.

Naruto argues that “everything he learned is from his past and that when you mess up you move on and figure out what to do next, not wipe the past clean but learn from it“. The Sage informs Kakashi that “he will be leaving soon and that the only thing he can do is leave it up to Naruto and Sasuke and believe everything will turn out ok“. The Sage recalls the conversation he had with both of them, Sasuke says that to complete “his idea of Hokage he must kill Naruto because his is the closest thing to a friend he has ever had“. The chapter closes with Naruto and Sasuke charging at each other.

16The philosophy of Sasuke was somewhat confusing. I think I got most of what he was saying but I’m still confused. Naruto philosophy hasn’t changed. Unlike Sasuke Naruto has always been consistent with his views what being Hokage meant. Personally, I think Kishimoto put some theory together just so Sasuke has something to contrast himself with Naruto. Whatever, I guess that battle is the only thing that matters. I hoping that this is the fight that the battle between Kaguya and Naruto and Sasuke wasn’t.


Chapter 599

Too Early to Win too Late to know

b9Senjumaru states that “now that she think about it”, “we were on the topic of”. She says she “forgets to remove the needles after tailoring would be an incurable vice of mine” and she apologizes. She turns to Yhwach stating “that their blades should be able to reach him now”. He responds “is that what you truly believe” then he summons several Soldat from his shadow. Yhwach says that “if the likes of the soul king warrior’s are the adversaries, my Soldat are more than enough”.

He then summoning four elite Sternritter to take on Senjumaru, Sternritter Letter M – The Miracle Gerard Valkyrie, Sternritter Letter X /X-Alias Lille Barro, Sternritter Letter C – Compulsory Pernida Parnkgjas and Sternritter Letter D The Death Dealer Askin Nakk Le Vaar. Askin acknowledges that he was the “only one to be the only one who was promoted from below”. Gerard promising “to cut Askin down”if he gets in the way before attacking Senjumaru, who blocks with her needle. He easily destroys her needle an claims that her “delicate, feminine arms can’t halt my blade”.

06-07She calls for her “minions” in particular the “shield of the soul king”. Pernida attempts to “say” something and “crushes” the giant. Lille makes a comment about Senjumaru “entertaining the possibility that the royal palace would, perhaps fall”. He says that if “comprehension come slowly, reaction will also follow suit”, and that “the royal palace had already fallen, the moment his highness set foot in it”. He then takes out hi rifle and shoots Senjumaru in the head.

There’s no way that Senjumaru is dead, but thing aren’t looking good. While, I predicted that Yhwach would release more sternritters. I’m hoping that this is it for the sternritter reveal. Pernida seems like an interesting character and I wonder what his power really is and of course the others. I’m hoping that Senjumaru puts up a better fight and I can’t wait to see what her Bankai is like.


Weekly Shonen (09/11/14)


Chapter 692


iiiiiiiiiiiiThe former Hokage say their farewells as they disappear, The tailed beast announce with glee their new found freedom. Hachbi however, will remain with Killer Bee. Hagoromo mentions that “chakra from everyone of them has seeped into Naruto, you could say Naruto is their meeting place. Wherever there is something they want to discuss, they can all meet up within Naruto and use him“. Kurama is told that he will be the one “who manages it all. And thus is told that he’ll have to stay with Naruto“.

Hagoromo mentions that “all that is left is to dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi”, to which he mentions that Naruto who has all the Tailed Beasts chakra and Sasuke who has the Rinnegan can work together in order to release the jutsu“. Hagoromo mentions that “it’s not Sasuke’s time to answer the question“. Sasuke’s shockingly states “he’s going to execute the Five Kages “. He quickly manages to put all the tailed beasts under his control.

oiiuSasuke mentions that that his desire is no longer destruction, “his goal previously was revenge. Things are not different. Things that were destroyed can always be fixed and rebuilt, villages freed from the clutches and employ of darkness. He wants to reform the entire Shinobi world“. Sasuke wants from all of this is a Revolution. He uses “Chibaku Tensei” to trap all of the Tailed Beasts.

Sasuke he has “gotten used to his new abilities and Rinnegan.Naruto steps forwards to face Sasuke when he exhales”. He mentions that “this is false, the brothers’ feud will come to an end as he is willing to stop it now“! Well I was a naive sucker. While I always knew Sasuke and Naruto would fight, but I though it would be more of a Chuunin exam type setting with the winner becoming Hokage. One prediction I would make is that Sasuke is probably not going to die at the end. This was a very surprising end even though we always new that Sasuke was going to face off against Naruto. Let hope the fight is awesome.




One Piece

Chapter 760

The Same Bet

rttytytytySabo is chastised for making a spectacle of himself while fighting Marine Admiral Fujitora. Koala fears fighting an Marine Admiral “will attract unwanted attention” to the Revolutionaries, forcing them into war.The citizens release Usopp and the others at the Plateau. They with former King Riku to tell them what to do. He tells them to trust “Luffy to overthrow Doflamingo“, Admiral Fujitora strangely agrees with King Riku.

98jkjhTrebol can’t seem to reform himself after Law separates his body parts. Law attempts to attack him again, but Doflamingo stops the attack and incapacitates Law. Luffy tries to help in the fight, but Doflamingo handles him easily and binds him with his strings, leaving him to be hit by a controlled Bellamy. Doflamingo tells them that “he hates people looking down at him” and reveals how his father “made the family leave the life of luxury and how his mother died of illness because of their fallen status“.

Doflamingo hater for his father resulted in him murdering his father. He was unable to return to the privileged life of a “World Noble” as they rejected him. He then swore to “destroy the entire world ruled by them“. Doflamingo is clearly owning Law and Luffy in this fight. I’m sure the will turn the tide of battle at some point but thing aren’t looking good. Trebol seems to just be in the way, and I have a feeling Doflamingo is going to turn on him eventually. It’s disappointing that we didn’t get to see Sabo verses Admiral Fujitora but I was intrigued by his faith in Luffy. The fight is just beginning but it’s becoming exciting to see how Luffy will win this one.




Chapter 596

Rubb Dolls 3

ghgggfgfByakuya asks Rose and Kensei “what happened to them“, Hisagi attacks but is quickly defeated by Kensei. Kensei returns Byakuya’s Zanpakuto to him, as Mayuri arrives and notes that “the enemies have arrived on time once more“. He gleefully states that he now has “wonderful contributions to the Kurotsuchi: Corpse Properties research squad“.

Byakuya asks “what has Kurotsuchi done to Rose and Kensei“, Mayuri responds that he has “saved” them.Both Kensei and Rose collapse to the ground, Mayuri reveals that he “laced the blood of the resurrected Arrancar“. Mayuri theorizes how Giselle’s blood works concluding that the blood she uses to “zombify her victims takes longer to activate depending on how powerful the Reiatsu of the victim is, which is why the captain-level combatants have reddish skin“.

2sdt6thhghgMayuri reveals that he has blood of every member of the Gotei 13. This enables him to “replace someone’s blood by developing a medicine with one of the samples as a base“. Giselle doesn’t understand so he simplifies his explanation, that “her zombies become his zombies“. He has Rose stab he as he tells her “farewell“, Byakuya tells Mayuri that he should have just “mercifully killed them“.

Mayuri says that “protecting the Soul Society till one’s last breath is the goal of the Gotei 13“, Byakuya responds “that’s absurd“. Pepe uses his “love” ability on Kensei thinking he couldn’t resists, Kensei attacks him as Mayuri states that “his zombies don’t know the meaning of love“. Kensei knocks Pepe into a building as he curses those without love as Liltotto Lamperd stands above him.

14rrrrMayuri worldview often clashes with others, his insistence that he saved Kensei and Rose as opposed to Byakuya stating that he show mercy by killing them. I guess you’ll fall on the side of Byakuya if you believe that a “life” of being a seemingly mindless puppet is preferable to death. Then again you could argue that they are “dead”, but far more useful as zombie instead of being maggot food. I will say I agree with Mayuri. It seems pretty clear that this fight is over and Liltotto is probably going to bite Pepe’s head off. Will she put up a better fight against Byakuya and Mayuri, short answer no.


Weekly Shonen (09/04/14)


Chapter 691


02-03Hagoromo congratulates Team 7 and the first Kage. Kakashi is commended for leading the team. Kakashi bids farewell to Obito as he returns to the “Pure World”  He takes the Sharingan with him as he goes. Madara, dies as he and Hashirama talk about their dreams. Madara states that “his died out” while Hashirama’s lives on and dies.

Hagoromo releases all of the Kage, as they return to the “Pure Land”, Naruto talks to his father on last time. Minato wishes Naruto a happy 17th birthday, he asks his father to deliver a message to his mother and Minato disappears. This episode was a little sad mostly because it reminds me of the fact that Naruto is ending.

I’ve been a fan for more than a decades at this point and that is a long time to spend doing anything. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series. I did feel for Naruto because while he still has friends his parents will remain deceased.While its not over yet I don’t anticipated any more action in this series. I’m curious to see how they determine who becomes Hokage, and whether they will show us what the future will be like.



One Piece

Chapter 759

Secret Plan

786866As Sugar falls unconsciousness once again her “toys” begin to return to their original states. There were eight people per toy, meanwhile Luffy notices Bellamy laying down at the feet of Doflamingo. Luffy demands that Doflamingo let’s him go, but he state’s that the “victor” will decided that.

Doflamingo taunts Bellamy and he enrages Luffy as a result. He launches a kick at Doflamingo who uses Bellamy as a shield. Luffy apologizes, Law tells him to calm down and focus on the fight. He tells Luffy to keep his cool. After Doflamingo and Law have an verbal exchange he attacks with “Black Knight”.

14-15Luffy attacks Doflamingo but he uses Bellamy controlled by Doflamingo’s devil fruit ability. Luffy refuses to fight against Bellamy as he considers him “his friend”. Luffy becomes angered again due to Doflamingo’s refusal to fight himself and attacks Law with his “Red Hawk” technique. However, Law uses his “Room: Shambles” technique to switch places with Doflamingo. Luffy finally lands a hit on the elusive Doflamingo.

The beginning to this fight is all ready interesting. Doflamingo’s cowardice is clear by is inability to fight face to face with Luffy. I don’t know what Luffy and Laws plan are but if they’re going to use their powers together like this the fight will be amazing. However, Trevor’s presence might make it harder to accomplish than they realize.




Chapter 595

Rubb- Dolls 2

088787878As Hisagi attacks Byakuya, Pepe talks poetic about how “love” is at the center of all conflict. Byakuya is having none of it, and isn’t impressed by his speech. He concludes that Pepe’s ability is simply to control people. He immobilizes Hisagi so that “he’s not a problem”.

He sets his sights on defeating Pepe, he uses his ability on Byakuya who dodges. Byakuya concludes that Pepe “cannot manipulate those who are heartless”. Pepe asks him “why he would block it with his Zanpakuto”. Pepe gains control of Byakuya’s sword who quickly tosses it aside.

loHisagi picks up his Byakuya’s Zanpakuto and uses it against Byakuya. Byakuya is hit with Pepe’s “Love Kiss”, but still is able to  defend himself. Pepe uses Vollstandig transforming into a mildly inappropriate cupid form, he uses his love rope. Pepe decides that he wants Byakuya to “die by his love”. He then regurgitates a bow in arrow, but before he can use his “ultimate technique” Rose and Kensei interfere.

The ending of the chapter was the most surprising aspect of this chapter obviously. Are Kensei and Rose dead? Are they just puppets/zombies that are still “technically” still alive? Are they helping or just getting in Pepe’s way? All these questions will most likely be answered in the next few chapters. The fact that Pepe’s “love” can control Zanpakuto’s. I’m probably not going to be the only to say this but, Pepe’s “cupid” look I’ll just say there’s too much in that diaper.


Weekly Shonen (08/06/14)

One Piece

Chapter 756

Level 4

017As they search for the captured princess Violet wonders why she has never heard of a princess. She uses her devil fruit powers to search for her. Kinemon arrives to meet Usopp, he notes that he finds it surprising the they have made it this far. He warns that “a truly fearsome contingent of characters are making their” way to their current location.

Kanjuro tells Usopp to worry as he has placed a net for them to climb. Usopp unsurprisingly shouts “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT FOR, IDIOT”. Violet locates Princess Mansherry. She tells Leo that Mansherry is located “behind the chapel in a small room”. As Robin, Rebecca and Bartolomeo fly over level 3 they are attacked by “Puncture Parlor”.

018Robin begins to fall, she uses her ” Deux Fleur” on Gladius. She tells Rebecca to “get to the flower fields” and that “she’ll be find”. Meanwhile, Violet notices that Sugar is awake. Sugar is enraged and vows to turn everything into toys starting with Usopp and the rest of the Straw-hat Crew.

We switch to Luffy and the others, their horse Farul head is crushed by the giant toy. Luffy uses his “Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol” and puts a hole in the toy. Cavendish angrily attacks the nutcrackers with “Beautiful Blade: Round Table”. However, the nutcrackers restores themselves. Robin, Bartolomeo and Gladius crash down onto a nutcracker. Law asks Robin for the key to the sandstone cuffs, but she says that they are with Rebecca.

CaptureGladius says that he will find Rebecca and kill her. Robin tells Luffy and the others to head to the fourth level and she will take care of Gladius. Rebecca arrives at the fourth level just below the palace. At first Rebecca is pleased to have arrived, but she is quickly horrified to find that her mothers killer is there, Diamante.


This was a standard chapter, nothing major occurred but the story progressed nicely. Violets powers prove to be very handy, searching the Kingdom without risking injury due to encountering enemies. The set ups in the chapter were Robin and Bartolomeo fighting Gladius and the Nutcrackers and Rebecca fighting Diamante. I think it’s safe to say that Rebecca doesn’t stand much of a chance against Diamante. I think she’ll hold her own until her father comes to her rescue.




Chapter 688

… Of the Sharingan

Nsruto1While in “limbo” Obito appears as he did when he was a child. In tears he asks Rin “to wait a little longer for him” as he goes to the other world. He says that Kakashi has become useless in this battle. Obito uses his Kamui to return to the “core” dimension. Obito enters then mind of Kakashi, where he tells Kakashi not to join him in death.

He tells Kakashi that he told Naruto to “become Hokage”, but the seventh one. He says that he thinks Kakashi should be the sixth. Obito reminds him that his name is feared and respected. The name is “Kakashi of the Sharingan“. Meanwhile, the arm of Kaguya featuring Black Zetsu is severed and pinned down. Kaguya pushes back Sasuke, Naruto shouts out “Let’s do it guys”.

034-035All nine Bijuu confirm there readiness as they lend their chakra to Naruto’s Rasengan Shuriken. He along with his eight other Shadow clones hurl the Rasengan’s at Kaguya. Kaguya attempt to transform and seems to be failing to do so. She attacks with fast moving chakra arms, one attacks Sakura who isn’t quick enough to dodge it.Sasuke attempt to use his Sharingan to save her but its Kakashi who uses his Susanoo to save her. He proclaims as everyone is shocked that he will protect them and the world.



Personally, I didn’t expect much from this chapter. That was shortsighted of me. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ve been begging Kishimoto to give Kakashi’s both of Obito’s eyes and he did. The manner in which he did this was a little questionable. They haven’t really explained in the Naruto series whether the “limbo” is real or symbolic.

Though if Obito can “leave” then I guessing its, both real (in a spiritual sense) and symbol of the relationship that existed between the newly departed and already deceased. Although Rin notes that chakra is the link between to worlds. Another part of this epic chapter was Naruto (all nine of them) using “Senpou Chou Bijuu Rasen Shuriken“. Finally, Kakashi’s Susanoo is simply epic looking.




Chapter 592

Marching out the Zombies 3

086-087Yumichika and Ikkaku are unsurprisingly shocked that Hitsugaya now being zombified. Yumichika attempts to use “Bakudou”, Ikkaku stops him. He is then hit with a wave of ice, trapping his leg in ice. Hitsugaya mindlessly attacks, stabbing Ikkaku through the chest. Yumichika blocks his sword but it does help, he is slashed across the chest.

Mayuri takes note that he is fighting just like when he was “alive”. Hitsugaya attacks him but Mayuri easily dodges. He deduces that Hitsugaya was transformed while he was still alive. Giselle confirms this, apparently a living fighter without their personality is better than someone brought back from the dead.

089Charlotte appears to face Hitsugaya and is slashed across the chest much like Yumichika. Mayuri blocks Hitsugaya’s next attack with a barrier, and punishes Charlotte by leaving him at “the verge of death”. Mayuri claims that he has several new drugs that he would like to try out on Hitsugaya, “for the good of the seireitei”.


Kubo wastes no time confirming that Hitsugaya is technically still “alive”. The quickness and brutality that he inflicts on his former comrades is a bit surprising. However, considering he is a mindless fighter maybe it shouldn’t be. The best person to face Hitsugaya is Mayuri. Not only is he the only one who can he reverse Giselle’s powers, he’s a bit of a sociopath and won’t care about fighting a comrade. I’m curious what Mayuri has in store for Hitsugaya it should be fun.




Weekly Shonen (07/30/14)


Chapter 591

Marching Out the Zombies 2

bkIkkaku and Yumichika notice that the zombies Mayuri reveal were former foes. Charlotte sees Yumichika and states that “he cannot believe i went and forgot that ugly, little miss droopy over there’s name”. Yumichika threatened to kill him again. The former Arrancar begin to bicker and Mayuri uses a device to set them a blaze, stating “no standing around making small talk”.

Giselle enrages the Arrancar by suggesting that they couldn’t defeat her shinigami zombies. Mayuri quotes former Captain Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and concludes that all enemies of Soul Society must be destroyed. Meanwhile, the Arrancar quickly handle the shinigami and Luppi tells Dordoni that dodge the zombie blood was unnecessary.

jjkjkkkGiselle restores Bambietta to form, Charlotte appears behind her. He states that he feels the need to fight her because “she resembles him”. She sends Bambietta after him and he easily defeats her with a heart shaped Cero. Bambietta clearly being outmatched Giselle summons a zombified Toshiro Hitsugaya.


This chapter was straight forward, the silly, fun tone of the latest few chapters was consistent. I was predictable that the Arrancar would slaughter the zombie shinigami. What was surprising was the “Death” of Hitsugaya. Once upon a time Hitsugaya was my favorite shinigami, but that was years ago.

I’m surprise that Kubo did this bold move. That said I personally think its a way to open up a Captain slot for Rukia. I’m also not sure that the zombification of Hitsugaya is permanent. Another question is Matsumoto also “dead” as well?

One Piece

Chapter 755

Man’s World

opoKanjuro draws ladders to the ceiling of the scrapyard allowing the trapped citizens to escape. He draws the lines crooked making it difficult to climb but they are still grateful. Inside the SMILE factory the dwarves are defeating their oppressors. The open the to the queens sick room. The quickly find out that nothing is in the room but junk.

The other dwarves attempt to open the door to the SMILE factory from the inside. Franky is able to hear them with his super hearing. He tricks Senor Pink by saying that there’s a frail old lady in an alley nearby. Meanwhile, the dwarves attempt to turn the knob to open the door.

uiuiuiThey are stopped by factory boss Kyuiin, she uses a large vacuum to suck up the dwarves. Before she can finish Franky opens the doors rescuing them. Franky uses “Franky Southland Suplex” slamming Kyuiin into Senor Pink. Kyuiin appears hurt but she yell’s at Franky for hurting her, he respond by kissing her. She is confused and Franky and Senor Pink babble on about love.

After declaring that they are “heart breakers”, Franky and Pink use their “Nipple Light Special” and “Diaper Bomb” respectively. Elsewhere, Pica and Zoro continue their fight. Leo is informed of the princesses whereabouts and Rebecca and the other head over to where she is to save her.


To be honest I was underwhelmed by this chapter. I don’t really care about the dwarves or their princess. The fight between Franky and Senor Pink wasn’t that interesting. They didn’t show any of the Zoro, Pica fight. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Zoro’s fight and less of Franky’s (though I personally like Franky).



Chapter 687

I know you will

nj,jKakashi asks Obito why he sacrifice himself but wouldn’t allow he to do so. Obito says that “his strength is still needed”. Meanwhile, Kaguya begins to “crumble” and needs to get more chakra. Naruto attempts to “save” Obito, but Black Zetsu mocks Obito as “worthless scum”. While Zetsu verbally attacks Obito, Sasuke’s Sharingan powers are restored.

He attacks Kaguya, but she sends them into another dimension. Sasuke decides to be the diversion this time and tells Naruto to leave Obito to his death. Obito thanks Naruto for “waking” him up, and that he sees himself in him. Obito has a flashback of Rin (for the millionth time) as he crumbles he tells Naruto that he believes he will be Hokage. Black Zetsu continues to attack Obito even after death, angering Naruto, who attacks Kaguya.


This chapter was slow and I’ve been feeling that the last few chapters haven’t progressed very much. What ever Kubo is doing with Bleach, Kishimoto needs to follow. Now that Obito has finally died and Sasuke’s Sharingan has returned we can get back to the battle. I hoping Kakashi becomes useful ( even though I’m disappointed that Kishimoto let Obito died with his Sharingan). That said Kakashi still has his experience to fall back on and Sakura well I think her usefulness is unfortunately over.



Weekly Shonen (07/23/14)

One Piece

Chapter 754

Please to make your Acquaintance

 567Kinemon is ecstatic to finally have found Kanjuro, The Samurai of the Wano Kingdom. Kanjuro begins to draw an image of a bird on the wall, he utters the words “come forth” and the bird became real. It’s poorly drawn and doesn’t look like it can fly carrying both Kanjuro and Kinemon. The citizens beg Kanjuro to take them with him.

Meanwhile, the Colosseum army battles against Doflamingo’s family. Luffy, Cavendish, Kyros and Law manage to escape to the third level. Cavendish feels that “Doflamingo will stop at nothing to prevent that information from leaking”. He states that Doflamingo made an error by bringing “Every Single Super Human Weirdo on these seven seas”.

Luffy, Cavendish, Kyros and Law argue about who’s going to “take Doflamingo’s head”. They all claim that they have long grudges to settle with Luffy comically claiming he had a 30 year grudge (prior to his birth). The group runs into several large puppets. We switch to Pica verses Zoro, Pica uses “Pulpo Stone”. He dodges it while noticing Rebecca and the others. Pica also notices them an uses his statue to attack them. Zoro uses his “Santoryu 1080 pound cannon”, claiming that Pica “was never in his league to begin with”.


There not much to this chapter more of the same which isn’t bad. I’m still waiting for my big battle. Maybe next week.



Chapter 686

Those that remain and those that pass on

06_07Hagoromo informs the Hokage’s of the previous events, and how he managed to manifest himself in spirit form. Minato asks him “how he plans on performing” the jutsu he mentioned. Hagoromo say’s that he doesn’t have enough chakra to perform it and he needed the Hokage to listen because he was running out of time.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Kaguya continue to battle each other. Kaguya launches two bones at clones as they defend the “real” Naruto confirming Black Zetsu’s suspicions. Kakashi wonders what his purpose is in this fight. He goes on to question himself, and seems to consider himself a massive failure.

As Kakashi says he must be able to do something, Obito, Sakura and Sasuke arrive. Naruto becomes distracted by Sasuke’s arrival and Kaguya takes advantage grabbing him with her hair and stabs him with bones. Unsurprisingly, this Naruto is a clone, he cleverly used the black sphere’s to trick Kaguya.

As Naruto chats with Sasuke like his not in a life and death situation. Kaguya concludes that it’s time to use her chakra and she transforms the environment to a gravity dimension. Interestingly enough Kaguya is also effected by the gravity. She quickly launches bones toward Naruto and Sasuke, they barely dodge.

As Kaguya launches another pair of bones Obito and Kakashi aim to become shields for Naruto and Sasuke. While running towards them they are “grabbed” by Rin. Preparing to be impaled they both remember Rin but at the last moment Obito use Kamui to save Kakashi.


A lot more happened in this chapter than I expected. For some reason I’m not that interested in the jutsu Hagoromo is preparing, but I hope it’s cool. One thing that interests me was Kaguya’s use of bones. Now if anyone remembers Kimimaro was from the Kaguya clan, that used bones as weapons. Clearly, like the Byakugan she is the “mother” of many jutsu’s. I always though the her name might be related  I was right.

Another interesting aspect of this chapter was Kakashi’s doubting himself. I realize his lost of Sharingan hinders a lot of his power, but Kakashi was supposed to have been bad ass even as a child without the sharingan. All of a sudden he’s useless because he does have the sharingan, come on. He could use he intellect to come up with a good strategy, he apparently has over 1,000 jutsu that we almost never see. I don’t know what Kishimoto has planned for him, but I hope it’s better than this. P.S. it would be a waste if Obito dies and doesn’t give Kakashi BOTH of his eye’s.



Chapter 590

Marching Out the ZOMBIES

mayuGiselle tells Mayuri that she can’t see him, and could he identify himself. Mayuri response that “ignorance truly is bliss”, he  proclaims “When your opponent is of such the caliber as yours truly one can’t help but gleam with an incandescent light”. Both Ikkaku and Yumichika note that they are also bothered by the light but are able to reconcile Mayuri’s voice.

“Zombietta” gets in front of Giselle to shield and asks her for something. Giselle doesn’t seem to care and she slaps Zombietta, who apologizes out of fear of punishment. Mayuri mocks the conversation as being “sweet”, figuratively suggesting that it “brought a tear to his eye”. He turns down the light of his outfit. He calls everyone “peons” which appears to annoy Giselle.

Mayuri and Nemu dodge Zombietta’s projectiles which Mayuri notes as being “constant”. He tells Nemu to calculate her technique using the parameters of “three seconds”, Mayuri release several spherical shaped objects. These bombs are launched at Giselle and Zombietta, but exploded after three seconds.

Giselle wonders why they didn’t exploded right away. Mayuri insultingly states that he’ll “spoon feed” Giselle the information. He explains that the devices manipulate reishi, that “any reishi that comes into contact with it will have it’s flow interrupted for a set amount of time”. Basically, Zombietta’s ability is negate by his devices.

Gisele reveals her “stockpile” of Zombie Shinigami, Mayuri decries that he can’t “spill the blood” of members of the gotei 13 so he uses “Arrancar” to fight instead. The Arrancar appear to be Zombie’s themselves, they are Charlotte Chuhlhourne, Luppi Antenor, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio and Cirucci Sanderwicci.



I’ve been waiting all week for this chapter and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t know what happen, but Kubo is on another level. Mayuri is by far my favorite Bleach character. He doesn’t fight very often but when he does he’s usually takes his time with his opponent.

Another aspect of Mayuri that I find interesting is his intellect. He is also rather self absorbed ( and rightfully so) and tends to mock his opponents lack of intelligence at least in comparison to his own. He was in rare form in this chapter quickly mocking Giselle and showing that he was more intelligent by quickly nullifying Zombietta’s ability.

The reveal of the Arrancar was surprising, I know that Mayuri experimented on Arrancar back in the Arrancar arc but didn’t think he’d keep them alive. I’m sure they’re techniques have change or at least improved. Regardless this fight just go started and it’s already interesting.