Fairy Tail

Chapter 464

Natsu vs Zeref

Natsu and Zeref faceoff against each other. The soldiers are surprised to hear that their majesty is named Zeref. Lord Invel tells them that in “Ishgar they refer to him as Zeref.” Zeref asks his soldiers to leave the battlefield and Natsu tells Happy to “fly away.” Happy flies off telling Natsu to “give em hell.”


Natsu reveals his arm shocking Zeref with its magic power. Natsu says “let’s do this”, and he strikes Zeref. Zeref uses his dark magic which Natsu incinerates with his new magic. Natsu then punches Zeref in the stomach and then delivers a series of strikes. Zeref asks him where he got the power. Natsu tells him that he “inherited this power from Ingeel.” 


Natsu tells Zeref this power is a “one-time deal only” and “once he uses it, it won’t regenerate.” Natsu enters Blaze Dragon Beast Mode. He sets the surrounding area a blaze. Natsu says he’s “ending this right now.” Zeref thinks that “his wish has been granted”, and he thank’s Ingeel, Natsu, Anna, Layla, and Mavis. This was mostly just the early stage of the fight. However, I’m excited the battle. I’m a little concerned that Natsu might be using all his power too early. There’s no way Zeref is defeated he may not even be harmed. Overall, this fight has started off well.