Bleach (Weekly Shonen)

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Chapter 643

Baby, Hold Your Hand 6

Nemu “destroys” one of the hands of Pernida, but it’s quickly for naught as Pernida recovers. Pernida uses his nerves to infiltrate Nemu’s body and destroys her completely. Mayuri shows some sign of emotion as Nemu is killed. Szayelaporro Granz appears to mock Mayuri for showing emotion. It’s unclear (at least to me) whether Granz was “real” or symbolic. My confusion is whether he actually is taking to Mayuri or Mayuri is losing his mind.

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Regardless, Mayuri crudely allows Pernida to “lap up” what was left of Nemu. However, he keeps her cerebrum. Pernida attacks with it’s nerves but Mayuri blocks with his Reiatsu. Mayuri implies that Pernida will die as a result of his consumption of Nemu. Pernida begins to expand, as Mayuri explains “how he replaced Nemu’s regenerative cells with cells that multiply at high speeds and reveals they are controlled by the brain alone before revealing that the clone will die from excess regeneration as the clone’s tissue is grossly expanded“.  


The death of Nemu wasn’t a surprise, but the quickness of it was. To be honest, I don’t really care about Nemu so I’m not at all of sad that she’s dead. Also, Mayuri will just create another version later. The battle between Pernida and Mayuri has been interesting. Like all of Mayuri’s battle’s it’s not just about power over power, but intelligence with planning. This fight seems like it will end in Mayuri’s favor, but it was fun while it lasted. 



Weekly Shonen (09/10/15)


Chapter 642

Baby, Hold Your Hand 5 [Eyes Are Open]

We get the dreaded (backstory because I’m going die), regarding Nemu. Akon explains the history and failure of previous versions of Nemu. He said that the Nemuri Project kept failing until the fourth, then the fifth one reached the embryo stage allowing Mayuri to become captain, by modifying his Zanpakuto and achieving Bankai.


The sixth version of Nemu died at the age of 2. Akon reveals that Mayuri was “happy” when she survived. Meanwhile, in the present Nemu leaps of the ground, she recalls a conversation with Akon. She asked him “why Mayuri did not call her by her real name“, Akon claims that “he did not know before theorizing that Mayuri was embarrassed because he believed the Nemuri Project was not the dream of a waking Shinigami. Akon went on to explain that Nemu was to grow and learn every day, which would embarrass Mayuri should she learn of it herself“.


Nemu blasts through one of the Pernida clones, leaving it in pieces. She rescues Mayuri in the process, much to his dismay. Mayuri wonders and demands to know where “all this power came from“. Nemu says that “she manually increased the power of her body in exchange for speeding up its decomposition and that this is part of her mission to protect him“. Mayuri seems to have a problem with Nemu fighting for him. Nemu shoots “6% of her soul” into Pernida using Gikon Jurinju.


Let’s be honest here, Nemu has been given the kiss of death with that flashback. While, I’m interested in seeing Nemu’s powers and hopefully Bankai, I don’t care if she dies. However, I think Mayuri will (in his on sick way), and respond with rage. That said her backstory was interesting. I had assumed based on what Mayuri said in previous chapters that ALL the previous Nemu’s made it to adulthood, and this version was just the latest. However, it appears that the Nemu we have seen in the series is the same one we see currently. Hopefully, she puts up a good fight.


Weekly Shonen (09/03/15)

One Piece

Chapter 799

Parent and Child


Is Luffy the next Whitebeard? Many fans of One Piece have speculated who will be the next to join the Strawhat Crew. Some speculated that Rebecca would be the one, I thought Bartolomeo would be the one. Apparently, some 5,000 pirates from the Colosseum are hoping to join under the “Strawhat banner”. I couldn’t hold in my excitement at the potential of this occurrence.06-07

However, I don’t think Luffy will accept their offer to be his subordinates. It feels against his nature to be the leader of such a large group. While Luffy is the clear leader of the Strawhat Crew and is treated as such, he doesn’t lead quite the same way others seem to. Furthermore, I don’t think Oda could write all of those characters into the series simultaneously. I’m going to guess that if Luffy does allow them to join, they will go their separate ways and arrive when needed.


A similar thing happened with Whitebeards crew. They would disperse and travel separately, returning when calling for them like when Ace was going to be executed. That said if Luffy does what I’m predicting, they will all probably still follow him. If anyone deserves a fleet it’s Luffy. During this arc, Luffy has transcended his reputation as just a notorious pirate. He has become more influential, from Fujitora, the civilians of Dressrosa, to the colosseum gladiators. Next week, One piece will be on hiatus, I just can’t wait to see what chapter 800 will bring.




Chapter 641

Baby, Hold your hand 4 – When I am sleeping


Something happened in this chapter that has changed my view of this fight. I’m starting to feel concern for Mayuri. As ridiculous as Pernida appearance is, he’s turning out to be a worthy opponent of Mayuri. All the preparation that Mayuri has become known for has failed him. His newly structured Bankai wasn’t as effective as he predicted.


I’m predicting that Nemu finally steps up to save Mayuri. Mayuri usually relegates her to assistant status during his fights. However, this time I don’t think he can afford to do so. If this is the seventh model of Nemu, I would imagine that she is stronger than the previous versions. While her dedication to Mayuri appears to be unquestionable, she is showing some signs of independence.

13 (1)

Pernida evolving as he absorbs through his nerves is making him into a formidable opponent. How will Mayuri and Nemu solve this? Mayuri forms of attack haven’t worked. Could Nemu finally use her own Zanpakuto? She doesn’t seem to carry it with her at all, but I would love to see her Zanpakuto. At this point, I don’t see Mayuri surviving without help. The question is will he accept it, or will his ego result in his demise.

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Weekly Shonen (8/20/2015)

One Piece

Chapter 797


Zoro tells Luffy that “they were short on time”, he says that Luffy should hurry up. Meanwhile, at the Military tent, Bastille is discussing with his troops about the pirates and contacts the east unit. However, this unit was defeated by the Colosseum gladiators. Bastille sends Marines to eastern port. Cavendish, Sai, Baby 5, Hajrudin, Blue Gilly and Suleiman back up the Straw Hats, Bartolomeo and Bellamy attempt to stop the Marines.


Meanwhile, Luffy screams in search for Rebecca, he alerts the Marines to his presence and they chase him. Rebecca thanks Luffy, but he asks her “if she is okay with Kyros leaving her forever“. Rebecca remembers the letter she was given by her father. She asks Luffy if he “believes that Kyros thinks of her as a burden, but he replies that he doesn’t know and only wanted to ask Rebecca if she was okay with it“. Rebecca reveals that “she was never okay with it” and she leaves with Luffy.


The civilians see Luffy as now “just another Pirate”. The civilians panic as they believe that Luffy is “an evil pirate who kidnapped the princess for a ransom“. Gatz is surprised but does hate Luffy. Vice Admiral Maynard says “that was what happens when you shelter pirates“. The snipers try to shoot him, but they fall due to Haoshoku Haki being used. Luffy tells Rebecca  that “he will leave her on the back side of the hill while leading the troops away, noting that she will be on her own after that and reminding her that if she is caught, she will be taken back to the palace“.


The citizens of Dressrosa feel betrayed by Luffy and swearing to “never trust pirates again“. Meanwhile, Rebecca arrives at Kyros home and she tells him to “stop lying, and Kyros reminds her that he is a murderer“. She claims that “she does not care for her royal status as her family and happiness are much more important“. She proudly claims “she is the child of Kyros and nobody else, wanting to fulfill her promise“. Rebecca hugs Kyros, who begins to cry tears. Rebecca has decided that they should “live together”. Viola tells her father that “Rebecca is leaving“. Riku responds by laughing saying that Rebecca “is a lot like Scarlett“. The Straw Hats reach the east port, as Luffy heads toward them, Bartolomeo sees Fujitora coming towards them.




Chapter 639

Baby, Hold your hand 2

Mayuri admits that “it has been a while since he operated on his arm“, Pernida asks him “if he is nervous“. Pernida’s severed finger becomes another hand, it leaps toward Mayuri, who blasts it away. Mayuri notes that “it will be hard to take pieces of Pernida back if it keeps reproducing itself“, Pernida rips of its middle finger, which becomes another hand. Mayuri remembers reading “that the right arm of the Soul King is responsible for “stopping” and the left arm is responsible for “advancing. Mayuri states that “he never thought he would be able to prove this knowledge“.


Mayuri activates his Bankai, Yumichika rushes to remove Kenpachi from the way of Mayuri’s Bankai to avoid the poisoned. Mayuri basically states that he will not be using poison. He claims that “he now has enough information to give birth” to “it“. He reveals a new Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo: Makai Fukuin Shotai. He then explains that this is a “modified version of his Bankai that can give birth to other Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo“.


Mayuri has his Bankai “give birth” to Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo with visible veins across its body. Mayuri says that this is a version “with nerves on the surface of its body“. Pernida uses it nerves on Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo, but Mayuri explains that “the nerves are divided into 70000 layers, which will peel off if taken control of“. The new Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo devours Pernida and the other two hands. Meanwhile, Nemu watches from a distance.



The current arc in One Piece is coming to a nice close. I don’t know what the consequences of Luffy helping Rebecca will be, but it’s unfortunate that Luffy good will that he established with the citizens was lost. However, I guess it was a decision that Luffy made for a good reason. I don’t think that Luffy will be fighting against Fujitora. I do think that some of the Colosseum Gladiators, maybe even Bartolomeo will be killed or captured.

Mayuri fight with Pernida takes it to another level. Mayuri has always had a weird, if not grotesque Bankai. The original Bankai Ashisogi Jizo , a baby head on a Caterpillar body, was kinda gross. His new Bankai is both grotesque and cool. Mayuri has always been a weird, Mad scientist type his Bankai has always been an extension of this. I though the design of the Bankai was cool though. However, I don’t think that Pernida is dead yet. I wonder what will happen next?


Weekly Shonen (8/7/15)

One Piece

Chapter 796

Solider-san’s Decision

We return to Dressrosa after three days, as Sengoku, the marine HQ inspector and Tsuru the great Staff Vice-Admiral of Marine HQ arrive. Sengoku tells Issho that he “heard about his prostrate apology and his spat with Sakazuki“. He says that he’s glad “he’s not a Fleet Admiral anymore“. Tsuru asks why “Issho isn’t pursuing Law and  the Strawhat Crew“. Issho asks if he should “make an enemy out of the pirate that save this country” or “Should I let him remain to this country, a hero“?. He reveals his die, causing Sengoku to start laughing, claiming that “this isn’t a game“. Issho says Luffy has been save twice by the die. Then he gives the die to Tsuru, saying that if “she rolled anything but a one, they would go after Luffy and Law“.


Mansherry comes to the Marines, asking for a donation. Tsuru and most of the Marines think that she is “adorable“, resulting in Maujii’s anger. Mansherry says that dwarves are “only supposed to show themselves to the Royal Family, she wanted to come and heal everyone’s wounds“. Gatz announces to the citizens of Dressrosa that “Riku would return to the throne after a decade”. Elizabello II sits with Riku in the Palace and reflects “how the citizens wanted wealth and power but now they just want peace“. Inside the palace, Rebecca puts on a pretty dress, an attendant says that “she heard that Scarlett married the prince of a faraway country and so it was necessary for her to fake her death“.

Meanwhile, Kin’emon and Kanjuro ride Kanjuro’s birds, talking about King Riku. They see one of the Marines selling one of Mansherry’s flower medicine. Sengoku watches Mansherry create the flowers in a tent, by sucking people’s blood. He asks if Mansherry “could take some from him next”. Meanwhile, Zoro tells Luffy about the rumors, but Luffy reacts with a “mix of anger, sadness, rushing, hunger, and sleepiness while eating meat, annoying Zoro“. Luffy attempts to shout the truth about Rebecca’s dad, but Usopp tells him “to go back to sleep“. Kyros reveals that “he was the one who started the rumor, due to few knowing who Rebecca’s father was“. He says that “he was not the kind of person to be in the Royal Family and that the citizens knew that“.

12 (1)

Luffy yells at Kyros, but he says that “he sent Rebecca a letter explaining everything and that he dealt with Riku about it too“. Luffy doesn’t buy it, Kyros gets a call from Leo and Bartolomeo. Bartolomeo fanboys over the Straw Hats, he reveals that “Sengoku and Tsuru have arrived“. The Straw Hats are shocked, the die gets rolled, and a six side comes up. Issho orders his men to “capture the Straw Hats, Law, and all the criminals being housed at the Royal Palace“. The Straw Hats, the samurai, and Law prepare to flee, but they do not have a ship. Bartolomeo tells everyone “to follow him to the harbor, as allies from the Colosseum are waiting at points along the route, and there would be a ship there“.

The Straw Hats get ready to leave, as the Marines rush toward Kyros’ house. Bellamy reveals that “he can stand due to Mansherry’s healing and asks Law why he didn’t kill him, and Law replies that Luffy said he was a friend“. The Straw Hats, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Law, Bellamy, and Bartolomeo then run out. However, Luffy tells everyone to go a head, because “he had something to do and promising to catch up with everyone later“. Rebecca hears that Luffy and the others are escaping, and says that she wishes she could “thank Lucy”.  Issho says that Luffy’s “luck may have run out, and that he will use all his might”.




Chapter 638

Seething Malice is the height of Comedy

Mayuri asks Pernida, “what it just said” and it needs to “stop mumbling and speak up“. Pernida says “Left… Arm…, Name… Wrong… Name… Pernidas…“, then restates its name Parnkgjas Pernida once more. Mayuri claims that he “will name it because naming rights belong to him“, sense he was the one who found it. Pernida claims it “does not understand“, before saying that “enemies are saying bad words, about Quincy“. Pernida says that this is “unforgivable“, then it sends its nerves into the ground.


Mayuri is excited, as he notes that Pernida “can control inanimate objects as well“. Mayuri dodges Pernida’s attack, Mayuri then grabs onto a building with Jabarakaina, but Pernida uses his nerves to take over parts of the building pushing Mayuri off. Mayuri is crushed him between “two giant hands made of stone”. Mayuri escapes by having his “luminescent armor explode“, he falls to the ground as Pernida’s nerves attempt to capture Mayuri through the ground, Mayuri presses something on button on the back of his shoes, causing him to levitate on Reishi.

Mayuri reveals this is “the Quincy movement technique, Hirenkyaku, before admitting that this is only the name that Uryu Ishida and Soken Ishida use for it“. Mayuri blows off Pernida’s pinky finger with an explosive, causing Pernida to scream. Mayuri uses preservation fluid on the finger. However, Mayuri is successfully attacked by the nerves, from the pinky of Pernida., Mayuri’s arms explodes, he quickly stitches it back together while “rearranging its anatomical structure before claiming that Pernida cannot take control of him so easily“.



After the Kaido reveal, this chapter was always going to pale in comparison. However, this chapter was interesting. I don’t think Luffy and the others are going to get captured. That said it’s the arrival of Tsuru and Sengoku has upped the stakes. While Luffy seems to be recovering he clearly isn’t ready for a fight. I would like to see Fujitora fighting against Zoro, but I think someone will sacrifice themselves to save the the rest.

Mayuri facing of against Pernida has continued to get more interesting. Mayuri’s confidence and intelligence makes his battles very interesting. He never seems to be at a lost for what he’s suppose to do, and he always seems to figure out how to win. Unlike most Captains he is constantly modifying himself and his bankai. I still think Pernida is ridiculous in its appearance, but I’ll get over it. However, now that Mayuri is pissed, things are probably over for Pernidas.

Weekly Shonen (7/23/15)


Chapter 636

Sensitive Monster

Kenpachi notices the strange form of Pernida and comments “what the hell is that”? Mayuri states that “it appears to be some type of metamorphosis that isn’t suitable for battle”. Ikkaku notes that “there doesn’t seem to be an opening for them to attack”, Yumichika claims that if they were to screw up they would pay for it” and Nemu agrees. Kenpachi arm becomes mangled by The Compulsory, he tears his arm off to protect the rest of his body.


Mayuri commends him for doing so. Mayuri says that he would advise Kenpachi in keeping his distance, before ordering Nemu to stop Kenpachi’s bleeding. Kenpachi begins attacking Pernida against Mayuri’s orders, Pernida uses his powers on both of Kenpachi’s legs. Mayuri uses his Zanpakuto to stab Kenpachi through the chest with Ashisogi Jizo. He takes note of the results of his actions. He realizes that the paralysis is causing Kenpachi’s bones to break. Mayuri then uses uses Fear Factor 4 (Kyoudoyon), causing the baby face on his blade to begin opening its eyes and scream.

04Nemu warns Ikkaku and Yumichika to “cover their ears because they will be paralyzed in 4 seconds”. Mayuri states that Kenpachi’s strength “may still come in handy”. He explains that Pernida is “using its nerves to infiltrate its enemies’ bodies and control their movements”. He states that this does not surprising to him “because he knows of Blut”. Pernida extends several shadow like tentacles at Mayuri, who easily defends against them. Mayuri wonders “what drugs he will test on it”, Pernida begins to pant and wheeze heavily while its cloak begins to tear.


Kenpachi and Mayuri “teaming up”, to take on Pernida has me excited. These are to of the most powerful characters in the series, but their fighting styles could be more different. It’s unsurprising that Mayuri’s fighting style was more fitting to fight against the mysterious Pernida. Mayuri’s analytical abilities are always fun to watch as is his thinly veiled insults. Kenpachi took a great deal of abuse from both Pernida and Mayuri, but I trust that he’ll be fine. That said Pernida is not dead and is going to transform in the next chapter, to what I am curious. Just as I’m curious about how Kenpachi and Mayuri will handle him/it.



Weekly Shonen (6/4/15)


Chapter 629

Gate of the Sun

Yhwach explains why he will be calling his new castle Wahrwelt (New world Castle), Haschwalth states that “he will ensure all the intruders are killed so Yhwach does not have to see them“. Meanwhile, Shunsui and Urahara comment on the appearance of Wahrwelt, they say that its “gaudy” and designed to be intimidatingAs they begin to head towards the castle Urahara notices Mayuri is missing. Mayuri leaves a doorway, noting “that it will be easier for him to move on his own with Nemu“. He is surprised when Kenpachi appears behind him, he explains that he had “missed the first entrance” and “is glad that Mayuri opened the door again“. Kenpachi notes that “he might cut Mayuri by accident“. Mayuri responds that going their separate ways “means that he doesn’t have to concern himself with inept, incorrigible simpletons as they dig their own graves”.



Kenpachi response was “just who these simpletons“, Mayuri says (with his usual thinly veil insult), “if you use that brain of your you’ll figure it out“. Ichigo’s group moves toward the castle, Ichigo comments on “how odd it is that they cannot form footholds with Reishi“. Sado suggest that “they move in groups after having lost the element of surprise”, Grimmjow says that “more people will only make their movements easier to spot“. As Ichigo notes that someone has arrived, Askin decries his luck “for getting Ichigo’s group”, he is attacked by Grimmjow. Meanwhile, Bazz-B ,Liltotto and Giselle notes that “the Gate of the Sun is still standing” before saying that “they will put an end to both Yhwach and Haschwalth“.

08 01 (3)


One Piece

Chapter 789


The civilians of Dressrosa continue pushing the Birdcage, the Royal Plateau begins getting “carved up”. King Riku and Tank Lepanto assist in the pushing and Riku “commends everyone for helping save Dressrosa“. Rebecca tells Viola “to stop attacking Doflamingo“. Viola uses a “roundhouse kick” on Doflamingo, but he blocks it and states “that he would not hesitate to kill Viola despite her once being a Donquixote Pirate“. Doflamingo takes over Viola and Rebecca, using her to attempt to kill Viola. They implore Doflamingo to stop, he mocks them in return. The Birdcage, has continued to shrink limiting were they can move. The Colosseum gladiators continue pushing on Bartolomeo’s barrier, and Kyros wonders “where Rebecca is“.

01 15

Gatz uses a Den Den Mushi and broadcasts his voice across all of “Dressrosa”. Gatz reminds everyone of “the star of that day’s Corrida Colosseum tournament“. Cavendish finally realizes that Law is gone. Gatz reminds Dressrosa of the accomplishments of “Lucy”. Rebecca begs for Lucy help, Gatz also reveals that Lucy is Monkey D. Luffy. He recalls the takeover of Dressrosa ten years ago by the Donquixote Pirates. He tells everyone that, “Luffy has promised to knock out Doflamingo in one blow“. The citizens cheer in response and Gatz taunts Doflamingo, he calls him “a false king and telling him that Dressrosa would be his execution ground“. Gatz then says that “it will only be ten seconds before Luffy comes back“.

12 04

Meanwhile, as the effects of the Teardelions wear off, Hajrudin, Dagama and Ideo begin to pass out. Mansherry begins to cry regretting “giving them false hope“, but Kabure tells her that “she has saved many lives with her powers“. Doflamingo stabs Gatz using a “sheet of string“. Gatz falls as a result of his attack, Rebecca reaches Viola, who tells “her crying niece that she would not hate her for this and that she did nothing wrong“. Law uses his powers to “switch” Luffy with Viola, he breaks her sword with his forehead. Doflamingo screams out Luffy’s name.




Chapter 700+6

Unevolving Species

Uchiha Shin uses his Sharigan to guide the weapons towards Sasuke. Sasuke deflects them with his sword, he stabs at Shin. Shin grabs the sword letting his son gain an advantage to get a attack that was successful. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to switches places with Shin, he uses Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu. The elder shin uses his son to take the majority of the damage from the attack. Shin comments on the ability of Sasuke’s eyes, he finally names himself as Uchiha Shin. Sarada comments that “he had the same name as his son“. Sasuke tells Naruto to “take care of the children“, Sasuke attempts to attack, but Shin “manipulates his sword to attack Naruto“.

01 (1) 02


Naruto claims that he will be fine, he’s shocked that Shin’s ability worked against Sasuke’s sword. He deactivates his cloak releasing the weapons. Shin uses them to attack Sarada, Sasuke shield’s his daughter with his body, he ends up being paralyzed by them. Shin claims that a “species which doesn’t evolve will inevitably be destroyed“, before attacking Sasuke. Sakura arrives striking him with her strength and saving them. Sakura apologizes to Sarada, but Sasuke says “he’s the one who should be apologizing“. The Jubii like creature uses the space time jutsu to teleports the two Shins along with Sakura to their base. The elder Shin asks Sakura to transplant his injured son’s liver to repair the damage she caused.

12 (1) 08 (1)

Weekly Shonen (08/20/14)

One Piece

Chapter 757

Trump Card

01We begin at the Royal Plateau on level 3, where Bartolomeo uses his barriers to block Gladius’s attacks. He also uses his barrier ability to create stairs to the forth level. Cavendish stay’s behind to fend off the giant Nutcrackers. Bartolomeo reveals the limits of his powers. He states that the surface area is limited, and he used it all on the stairs. Nico Robin also aids in the battle.

She announces that she will not let Gladius lay a hand on Luffy, She uses her “Gigantesco Mano“. Meanwhile, we shift to Sabo and Fujitora. Fujitora uses his “Gravitation: Fierce Tiger“, a horizontal gravitational attack. Fujitora states that he wants to make Sabo “get serious”. Finally, we head to the cliffhanger from the previous chapter. Diamante taunts Rebecca for running away, he attacks her and lands a hit.

10-11He continues to taunt her in regards to killing her mother. She screams for “Solider-San” to save her. Kyros arrives just in time to save, claiming that he wouldn’t allow Diamante to kill two of his family members. Kyros say’s that Rebecca will never have to fight again. Luffy and Law arrive and Lucy gives Law the key finally freeing him. Luffy and Law aim to take out Doflamingo.

This chapter progressed the story nicely and I’m glad that Law finally got free. I’m still disappointed by the fact that there has yet to be a full no holds barred battle. Maybe Oda is simple setting up a series of battles the he would routinely go through in depth. I’m looking forward to that possibility.





Chapter 689

I Love You

utuutySasuke, Naruto and Kakashi aim to combine their power to defeat Kaguya. Kakashi uses his “Kamui” with shuriken, they hit there mark. Kakashi notes that Obito eye’s were amplified due the power he received from the six paths of the sage. Naruto notes that he thinks that Kakashi’s attack is “cooler” then Sasuke’s. Kaguya emerges and uses “Gudoudama”.

Black Zetsu states that she combine’s all natures and it continues to grow indefinitely.Kakashi and the other conclude that they can’t out run it but must seal Kaguya. Kakashi give’s team seven a “final” mission. Kaguya proclaims that she is immortal and if Sasuke or Naruto dies they won’t be able to seal her. She quickly attacks, “piercing” Kakashi who allows the bone to slip through him. He uses “Kamui Raikiri” and pierces right through Kaguya, as Naruto and Sasuke attempt to seal her she pierces Naruto with her bone.

12Meanwhile, Black Zetsu (her other arm) opens a portal in front of “Sasuke”. Sasuke turns out to be the real Naruto and the other previously pierced Naruto is a clone. Kaguya is understandably confused and decides to move up only for Sakura to block her path and strikes her. The chapter ends with Sakura aiding , Sasuke and Naruto in establishing contact with Kaguya. The question will they finally seal her?

Sakura finally gets some shine and contributes to the “defeat” Kaguya. I loved this chapter it represented what was the best qualities of Naruto. This battle featured strategy, teamwork and cool attacks. Naruto as a series has gotten away from that instead opting for a “Naruto will save us (with a new rasengan)”. That said there’s no way Kaguya is defeated so easily considering that the Hokage haven’t even arrived.




Chapter 593

Marching Out the ZOMBIES 4

hThe chapter opens with Mayuri telling Hitsugaya that he has “a few drugs to test on him”. He asks him if he’s “willing to take some now”, and that it’s all “for the sake of the seireitei”. Hitsugaya mindlessly attacks Mayuri, he counters with a web shaped technique. Hitsugaya dodges and attacks again, Mayuri seems able to easily keep up with Hitsugaya’s barrage.

Mayuri notes the he altered “Ashisogi Jizou”, such that it forces incoming blades to to make contact at an angle of 60 degrees or higher. Basically, his sword forces his opponents into a position where they will be easy to parry. Hitsugaya’s knee explodes and he freezes it, then uses Bankai. He appears to clearly made contact with his Bankai, but Hitsugaya quickly returns to then beginning when Mayuri asks him if he could try “a few drugs ” on him.

08Hitsugaya notices this “deju vu”, and wonders “what’s going on”. However, each restart does seem to have slight variations this time Mayuri is frozen completely before crashing to the ground in pieces. The fight still resets, Hitsugaya becomes angered now that he notices the reset. Mayuri states that “his drugs are the kind that bestows the user with marvelous new experiences including more power, perceptions, better reflexes and even courage that exceeds human understanding”.

He’s giving Hitsugaya the ability “to see into the past”. He will be sent back into time every time a certain point is reached, this point is the moment when Hitsugaya kills Mayuri. He basically say’s that “if Hitsugaya doesn’t kill him, he will keep on living in the future”but, If he does kill him, his future stops.

10Mayuri mentions that the drug has a “small” side effect. Due to the fact that it effects short term memory the drug user can’t remember how many time they returned from the future. Hitsugaya can’t maintain his balance and collapses paralyzed. Mayuri asks “when” did he administer the drug, the answer “the past”.

I’m “fanboying” hard for Mayuri and this chapter shows why. While more intellectual like Urahara he is capable of using his mind to increase his success in battle. The paradoxical situation he created with his drug is brilliant, I can’t wait to see how this fight concludes. Interestingly, Hitsugaya seem to have some level of understanding, so he’s not completely mindless after all. I hope we get a clearer understanding of the level of mental ability he can actually accomplish.