One Piece Chapter 1018: It’s currently 16,000 vs 9,000

Page One reading to Ulti on the Cover of One Piece Chapter 1018
Page One reading to Ulti on the Cover of One Piece Chapter 1018

In One Piece Chapter 1018, “Jinbe vs Who’s who,” the former Warlord and former member of CP9 agent go head to head. Once again CP-0 (Cipher Pol Aigis Zero) assesses the state of battle between the Alliance and the Beast Pirates. With Tama’s orders, 300 headliners have switched sides. While the other headliners give chase, Tama, Nami, and Usopp are rescued by Speed, Gazelleman, and Daifugo.

This turn of events feels like justice for the abuse the Beasts Pirates inflicted on the civilians of Wano. Also, Kaido’s obsession with power forced him to use SMILE and now it’s backfired on his forces. In the last chapter, Who’s Who revealed his past as a Cipher Pol agent, who lost the Gum-Gum Fruit. Members of CP-0 seem conflicted on whether they want him to die or not. One argues “even if it is him, any confidential information he has should be outdated.” Regardless, they not sure he’s survive facing Jinbe.

Jinbe is handling Who’s Who so far

Who’s Sun God Nika

Who’s Who uses the Rokushiki fighting style reminds me of the Enies Lobby arc. He claims that his talent is comparable to Rob Lucci and considering his devil fruit, “Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger,” that similarity extends to his devil fruit. His Fang Pistol is strong enough to pierce through Jinbe’s Armament Haki and the floor below. It’s exciting to see Jinbe finally let loose. I’ve been waiting to see him fight a more complete battle and he’s not disappointing. During this fight, Who’s Who asks Jinbe about the ancient figure “Sun God Nika.” According to him, Nika was a “legendary warrior” armed with a sword and spear. He assumes Jinbe’s old crew, the “Sun Pirates” are somehow connected. Jinbe is offended by this narrow-minded assumption and makes Who’s Who pay for it when he hits him with Ultimate Technique: Fishman Karate Gargoyle Tile Fist.

Oda wouldn’t mention a new character without it mattering. I suspect that Who’s Who story is inaccurate, but not completely untrue. Who’s Who is gonna need more than the abilities he’s shown so far if he’s going to have a chance against Jinbe. The world government is always terrible but there’s something about punishing the failure of Who’s Who with jail time that sees extreme even for them. Unless there’s more to the story, firing him would have been harsh enough. This is a government that until recently, actively courted and turned a blind eye to the criminal behavior of pirates like Black Beard. So why would Shank’s stealing the Gum-Gum fruit result in such a punitive punishment? Hopefully, we’ll get some clarity on that and who Sun God Nika is.


One Piece Manga Chapter 977 Review: The Strawhat’s Unite

The Strawhat's celebrate Jinbei's return in Chapter 977 of One Piece
The Strawhat’s celebrate Jinbei’s return

In manga chapter 977 of One Piece, Jinbei rejoins the crew. Jinbei carried wounded members of the Sun Pirates and they had a goodbye party. The Straw Hats drink sake in celebration. Shishilian the lion mink plans on commanding the minks. Hyogoro the flower will lead the samurai. Law goes over the plan. There’s only one main entrance into Onigashima. However, with the secret passage at the back, the alliance will divide in two. They hope to attack Kiado while he’s still drunk. Luffy and Kid will make a diversion and act as bait.

Meanwhile, the Nine Red Scabbards will use a submarine to avoid the whirlpools. Then Law will use his devil fruit ability. Elsewhere, Luffy and the Straw hat’s move on ahead. Denjiro forgot to warn them about the guards at the Torii Gate. Luffy, Jinbei, Zoro, Robin, Brooke, Sanji, and Franky defeat them with ease. Zoro grabs some alcohol and the Straw Hat’s celebrate Jinbei’s return. With the defeat of the guardians, the boats can breach Onigashima.

Kaido’s alliances drink and eat

Law presents the plan

As Luffy announces their plans to take down Kaido, Orochi, and Big Mom, Kid interrupts. He proclaims that his crew won’t allow the Straw hat’s to “take Kiado’s head.” Inside Onigashima, Kaido and the others eat and drink. Kiado mentions his “son” as the Flying Six arrive. This arc is still in the build up phase. However, we’re getting closer to the battle. With all the players in place this are getting interesting. I hope we finally get to see Jinbei in full action. So far he’s been a side character, showing his strength in small intervals. Now that he’s officially a member of the Straw Hat’s by getting closure with Sun Pirates, I think he’s going to get his moment.

Law was smart to use Kid and Luffy as distractions. They clearly can’t follow any complicated or simple plans. I’m curious what the Flying Six look like and what their Devil Fruits are. So far most of the Beast Pirates, Headliners have SMILE’s abilities, not real devil fruit ones. This arc keeps building the anticipation and I think it will live up to it.

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