Banana Fish Episode 007 Review: The Rich Boy

The boys head to California, we are quickly introduced to Max’s family. He has a son named Micheal and a soon to be ex-wife, Jessica. She pulls a shotgun on him fearing that Max is trying to kidnap their son. She sees Shunichi and stops. She offers Ash and Eiji a modeling deal, but Max suggest that “She’ll make you open your legs and show your butt hole.” She chastises him for his hypocrisy, considering he did the same thing “making a living out of taking shots of girls cooches.” I turns out that it was the birthday of Micheal, Max leaves him with a baseball mitt.

Jessica is an interesting and dynamic character, she doesn’t put up with the bullshit even from Ash. I hope to see more of her in this series. They finally head to Dawson’s mansion, Ash is quickly on alert. The maid tells them that “master,” is being kidnapped, when Ash arrives in the backyard they three men shoot at him. They miss every shot, Ash shoots the guns out of their hands. Ash inability to trust anyone leads him to be suspicious of Yau-Si, as he tells Shorter, “he’s too quiet.”

Ash hacks into a computer and learns more about, Banana Fish. I’m surprised that Ash is such a computer expert considering that he’s never been depicted as being good a tech. It’s likely a result of the modernization of the series. Furthermore, Ash is too well versed in Chemistry. How does he know what “Inert Alkaloids,” are? Meanwhile, Shorter learns about Yau-Si Dawson, but is quickly betrayed to Lee Hua-Lung, the brother of Lee Wang-Lung.

Max tries to understand what they discovered. He concludes that the military is probably involved. Ash of course decides that he’s going to see this through regardless. Shorter is ordered by Lee to spy on Ash. He’s told that Yut Lung will be “giving him orders from now on.” Understandably, Shorter is distressed by this, he realizes that Yau-Si is Yut Lang. Ash has a conversation with Eiji in which he tells him to “go back to Japan.” Basically, that he’s a large liability. Eiji ask for time to think it over. Yut Lang takes notice of Ash and Eiji’s relationship, he orders Shorter to kidnap him.

He needs to capture Ash alive and plans to use Eiji as bait. Shorter pulls a knife on him but Yut uses his sister against him. Shorter seems devastated that the Lee Clan is as he puts it ” the same as the Golzine gang.” He begins to cry which surprises Yut. The racial dynamics in this show is difficult for me to decipher. I’m not Asian so I don’t know if the reverence for powerful families like the Lee’s are common or if its specific to Shorter’s family. Also, I’m not sure that the racial politics are current or is it adapted directly from the manga series. The one issue I have with this series is that modernizing parts of it has lead to confusion. Finally, Max’s family is in danger. I’m hoping that Jessica doesn’t become a typical damsel in distress. Another, great episode though.


Made in Abyss Episode 07 Review: Unmovable Sovereign

The truth of Riko’s birth

Ozen reveals a shocking truth, that the “Curse Warding Box” has the ability to “temporarily” revive the dead. The monster that Riko saw the previous episode was revived by the box, but was a lump of meat a few hours prior. She then reveals that Riko was born stillborn and revived using this relic. This obviously is surprising and ominous for Riko considering that anyone or thing brought back from the dead dies again. Ozen is overtly cruel towards Riko, suggesting that she was the equivalent to the meat she reanimated.

Reg verses Ozen

After Ozen torments Riko a little bit, Reg comes to her rescue. However, Ozen proves to have odd strength. She attacks him hoping that she will “dispose” of him before his memory returns. Reg is completely ineffective against her, and she slams him into the ground. When, Riko tries to stop her, she knocks her into a wall, causing her to bleed. Reg decides to use his cannon, but Ozen uses it against him. During the altercation Ozen arm is exposed and she tells Reg that she embedded something called “Thousand-Men Wedges,” and that she “inserted them at 120 points around her body,” resulting in her living for so long.

Just a test

Despite her assault on Reg and Riko, Ozen claims that she only was serious to test them. She was concern that they couldn’t survive in the Abyss, she decides that she will train them like she did Lyza. Ozen also tells them that the grave she found was empty, implying that Riko’s mother may still be alive. Ozen’s first test will be a survival test, challenging Reg and Riko to survive alone in the forest for 10 days. Ozen is an interesting character, she’s appears to be amoral. Her willingness to attack Riko and Reg does not bold well for her claim that she didn’t really mean it. I think you can assume from her treatment of assistant that it wasn’t all an act. However, her behavior is likely to have help her survive this long. This series keeps getting more interesting and darker, while I don’t like Ozen, her personality adds to the series.

Next Episode: Survival Training