One Piece (Weekly Shonen)


Chapter 800

An Underling’s Vow

Luffy is offered alcohol as a symbol of his new leadership. Luffy tells them that he doesn’t like alcohol. He asks whether this will make him Captain Commander of the Grand Fleet. Bartolomeo confirms his question. While Luffy’s dismissal of becoming a “Big shot” pirate isn’t surprising, the fact that he wants to become “Pirate King” seems silly considering that would make him the leader of ALL pirates.


The response from the fleet when her reveals this is comical. More in line with his personality Luffy tells the fleet that whenever they need each other they simply need to call.  Bartolomeo realizes that Luffy’s “idea of a Pirate King isn’t an important person, but rather someone who is free“, and cries. They are surprisingly attacked by allies of Doflamingo seeking to capture Luffy for his bounty.


Fujitora drops the debris he was holding in the sky on them, giving Luffy a parting “gift”. The “Straw Hat Grand Fleet” is formed, as the seven captains pledge their allegiance to Luffy and drink sake. Luffy is angry that he didn’t get a slip of sake. Sai tells him “that that is how it should be since they selfishly pledged allegiance to him while Luffy would have no obligations toward them“. Luffy and the other celebrate as they flee Dressrosa.


My prediction for this chapter was accurate. I knew that Luffy wasn’t going to be open to being a leader of a large fleet Whitebeard style. However, I did predict that he would still become the defacto leader due to the fleet insistence on following him regardless of his apprehension. I’m excited for how this arc ended and what is to come in the future.




Weekly Shonen (7/30/15)


Special Chapter

Road to B

A new character Mikki begins to introduce his team. He introduces his team as “Team Konohamaru”. Konohamaru is of course the grandson of the third Hokage, he was the nephew of Asuma formerly a member of twelve guarding ninja’s. He introduces his teammates Sarada, Boruto he manages to comically evade introducing himself. Then we are shown the beginning a mission. The mission is actually a training exercise, in the tradition genin of previous generations requiring teamwork to get two bells from their sensei.


Mikki uses his stretching abilities to quickly grab the bells. Boruto comically says to Mikki that he technique is his father’s “Monkey D”, before Mikki interrupts him. Konohamaru uses replacement jutsu, and attacks with Rasengan. Boruto counters with “lemon juice”, then he uses Kagebushin no jutsu. He then uses transformation jutsu, Sexy Adult Foursome Jutsu. In the end Sarada has enough and uses her strength, taking both bells for herself.

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Chapter 637

Baby, Hold your hand

Mayuri notes that Kenpachi can still “move his eyes despite being paralyzed“, Mayuri admits that he “is impressed by this and resolves to improve the paralyzing power of Ashisogi Jizo“. Ikkaku angrily states that “Mayuri sent Kenpachi in against Pernida on purpose to get him out of the way“, and Yumichika claims that “Mayuri is always the same, Nemu states that she hopes so, to his confusion“. Mayuri tells Pernida that “Kenpachi’s sacrifice allowed him to deduce the nature of his powers” and “claims that noble victories are always preceded by noble sacrifices before telling Pernida that it should donate its body to his experiments to honor this sacrifice“.


However, Pernida rips through his cloak, revealing itself to be a “giant left hand with a dual-pupiled eye on the palm“. Mayuri identifies Pernida as “the left arm of the Soul King“. Pernida shatters the chains connecting its fingers tips and grows the rest of its arm. As Mayuri notes “that its Reiatsu is similar to that of Mimihagi“. Pernida releases more black nerves from its fingertips, Mayuri defends himself with a umbrella like shield with a face on it. He wonders why “the left arm of the Soul King would work for Yhwach“. Mayuri extremely happy to have found such a unique organism to study and research. Pernida begins to speak that it’s not the left arm of the soul king, but Pernida.



One Piece

Chapter 795


On Dressrosa, Issho rolls a one die, he states that “this means that he and the Marines will not go after Luffy or Law despite telling Sakazuki earlier that he would“. Maynard argues that “they had just found the two’s location and that if he would keep his word to Sakazuki then now would be the perfect time“. However, Issho tells Maynard that “it is shameful to argue after the dice has fallen“. At the Royal Palace, the Colosseum gladiators and other citizens rest. They wonder where “Lucy” is, wishing that they could thank him. Riku tells Rebecca that “the Straw Hat Pirates and Kyros were no longer in the palace, but Riku says that they were together and would most likely come back to the palace tomorrow“. Riku asks Rebecca if “she would be ready to become the princess if he returned to the throne, shocking her“.

01 (1)

The Sunny crew docks after escaping the Big Mom Pirates. Caesar Clown is upset that the Straw Hat crew for exploring the island and wants to stay on the ship, but Sanji threatens to uses his heart to get him off to leave the ship. Chopper tells Caesar to “hurry onto the island, as they could still save a little girl on the island“. Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke are confronted on the island by two pirates riding an animal. One of them named Sheepshead, asks “how they got on the island, when he is suddenly warned about the Eruption Rain coming“.

A mountain on the island erupts with water, causing a flood. Due to the fact that Brook and Momonosuke are devil fruit user, Nami is forced to save them. They are attacked by Sheepshead, who uses Sheep’s Horn: Soul Parado, turning his hands into sheep’s horns. Brook counters his attack, wondering “what sort of power Sheepshead has“. Sanji arrives using Diable Mouton Shot, kicks Sheepshead, quickly defeating him. The girl with Sheepshead tells her other crew mates that “Sheepshead has been defeated“. One of them says that they haven’t found the samurai yet, but the girl tells them “to report that the samurai is not here“.


At The Kid Pirates’ base, a massive collision occurs, the three pirate crews are unsure what happened. The pirates see a massive hole in the ground in the shape of a person with horns. Urouge greets the visitor, this person was searching for “a place to die after being defeated, captured, and tortured many times“. Urouge stated that “he would not stop him if that was what he truly wanted as the man jumped off the island onto the Kid Pirates’ base“. This man had “turned criminal, and despite many torturing and attempted executions, none of them were successful, and no one was capable of killing him, not even himself“. This man gets up, upset that he was still alive. This man is revealed to be Kaido, and he shouts out to Doflamingo in anger, saying that “he would start the greatest war the world would ever see“.



The Naruto special was surprising, but somewhat disappointing. I think that the ten part mini series that preceded this was enough to promote the final movie, this as completely unnecessary. The “introduction” of Mikki was interesting, overtly mentioning Monkey D. Luffy was probably the most interesting aspect of this chapter. Konohamaru becoming the leader of Boruto’s team made perfect sense. However, I would have liked to really see what his abilities were. I’m not sure if this special chapter was a one-shot or mini series, but it doesn’t appear to have any value to the actual story other than to be a reminder of the up coming movie.

The Left hand of the Soul King was a weird reveal. It is interesting why the left arm was working for Yhwach, but I assume we’ll discover why eventually. Mayuri maintains his usually disrespectful and logical behavior. Mayuri rarely get into danger when fighting an opponent, I wonder how he will handle  the full power of Pernida. One Piece handles its world building better than most manga. The world is so large that many of the major players in the series are still shrouded mystery. One of those characters was one of the Yonko, Kaido of the Beasts. He’s known as the “strongest creature in the world”. He is said to “constantly attempt suicide, even seeing it as a hobby”, because he cannot die. I can’t wait to see how powerful, he actually is.


Weekly Shonen (07/09/15)


One Piece

Chapter 793

The Tiger and the Dog

The citizens of Dressrosa are surprise to see a Marine Admiral bowing to King Riku. King Riku asks Fujitora to “raise his head“, he asks if this is what Fujitora wanted. Fujitora says that he wanted to leave the fight to the Strawhats.  Kyros salutes the Tontatta warriors, saying that “their mission is completed“. He disbands the army, before telling them “to go to the palace to help the king out“. Meanwhile, at the Red Line in the Holy Land of Mariejos, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki Akainu learns that the Gorousei distributed the false news about Doflamingo “leaving the Shichibukai“. The Gorousei are insulted by Sakazuki , who calls the Gorousei “the World Noble’s puppets“. They blame Sakazuki for Kuzan joining Blackbeard, but Sakazuki replies that Kuzan left the Marines and his behavior is “not his concern“. A Marine bursts into the room to report that “Straw Hat Luffy and Law have defeated Doflamingo“.

The news of Doflamingo’s defeat begins to spread, many are upset that their deals with Doflamingo will no longer be full filled. Meanwhile, Jewelry Bonney reads a newspaper while eating stolen pizza, while being in praised of Luffy and Law. On a sky island, Urouge is visited by Capone Bege comments on the news, saying “his friends are doing well”, and orders his men to “retrieve Caesar Clown“, as “Big Mom’s flag is seen behind him“. Kid says that since “Doflamingo is tied to Kaido, the Luffy and Law alliance must be after him“. Killer states that their target is Red Hair Shanks. On another island, X Drake tells his “crew that his father was killed by Doflamingo“, but he no longer holds a grudge. However, his comrades are more concerned about the news, and they tell Kaido that “Doflamingo has been defeated“.


Meanwhile back on Dressrosa, Sakazuki and Fujitora argue. Sakazuki angrily tells Fujitora that “he should know what it means for him to admit fault, and that he should have reported it before taking action“. Fujitora says “if he had done so, it might have been covered up“. Smoker tells Admiral Fujitora “what happened to him in Alabasta, and that if it hadn’t been for the Straw Hat Pirates, Alabasta would have become like Dressrosa, a country ruled by pirates“. The Marines stole the credit for what happened, Smoker wishes “he had been able to take action against them“.  Sakazuki bans Fujitora from any of the Marine’s bases unless Fujitora manages to “bring back the heads of Luffy and Law“. He responds that he is “fine by that punishment”, surprising Sakazuki.

One of the underrated aspects of the One Piece series is the political aspect. Fujitora’s conflict with Sakazuki was interesting, and I wonder if he’ll remain with the marines. I love seeing the powerful effect Luffy and his crew have on the larger world. The World of One Piece is so vast. There are a lot of questions that haven’t been answered. For example why Killer ants to kill Shanks. Whether, Kaido is a giant and why Big Mom is retrieving Caesar Clown. The BIGGEST reveal is that Kuzan has joined Blackbeard. I’m excited for the next arc and more of the story being explained.





Chapter 634

Friend 4

Haschwalth’s sends Bazz-B flying backwards with an attack. He coughs up blood as Haschwalth states “Yhwach gains nothing from them fighting“. However, Bazz-B says “he came here to kill Yhwach“, and activates Burner Finger 4. Haschwalth calls Bazz-B by his full name, Bazzard Black, then Bazz-B cuts through a pillar before “telling him to get back here“. Haschwalth informs Bazz-B in a flashback that “he will not fight him because clashes between Sternritter are punished with the death penalty“. As Haschwalth walks away, Hubert notes that “it must be annoying to be pestered by a new recruit before offering to teach Bazz-B a lesson“.


When Hubert claims Yhwach will not know, Haschwalth points out that he is watching. Bazz-B says that Haschwalth had “already become captain of the Sternritter by the time he entered and that he would never accept his challenge to battle“. Haschwalth severs Bazz-B’s right arm, and Bazz-B uses his Burning Full Fingers. However, Haschwalth dodges and slashes him. Dying, Bazz-B grabs Haschwalth and notes “that he lost before admitting he thought this would be more shameful“. Haschwalth walks away, Bazz-B falls to the ground, recalling their previous meeting. Too be honest I’m not that interested in this “fight” any longer, and I glad it appears to be over. I predicted that Bazz-B would get destroyed easily, but I kinda feel bad for him. We did get some back story on Haschwalth and I guess that was valuable information. Hopefully, we’ll get back to Grimmjow in the net chapter.



Weekly Shonen (7/2/15)


Chapter 633

Friend 3

Yhwach tells Jugram Haschwalth that he’s his “other half”. Haschwalth says that he doesn’t understand, “what he is?” Yhwach says that he “doesn’t need to understand” and that he will “stay at his side and become an integral member of the sternritter. Haschwalth looks for Bazz-B, however Bazz is clearly jealous. He begins staring into with intense hatred, he doesn’t understand why he was chosen. Haschwalth explains “how he has no skill with his Quincy abilities before stating that Bazz-B would be a better choice“, shocking Bazz-B. However, Yhwach claims that “this is as he has foreseen before revealing that Haschwalth shares his power-granting abilities“.

Yhwach states “that a Quincy who shares his powers is born every 200 years“. Yhwach states that “unlike the other Quincy, he cannot absorb the reishi around you and make it your own power“. Yhwach asks Bazz-B if “he really believed this was by his own power”. Yhwach reveals that “Haschwalth is the one who turned Bazz-B from a worthless Quincy to a prodigy before telling Haschwalth that he needs him with him“. Jealous and humiliated Bazz-B becomes enraged, stands up and fires a Heilig Pfeil at Yhwach, Haschwalth catches it. We return to the present, where Haschwalth catches Bazz-B’s Heilig Pfeil before slashing him with his sword. I’m little surprised that apparently Bazz-B is only this good due to being exposed to Haschwalth. That said it makes sense that he would be insulted and enraged, when he was told. Personally, I think Haschwalth protecting Yhwach was a little premature. However, Bazz-B made it easier with his jealousy. There’s still more to this story, since the clear animosity between Yhwach, Haschwalth and Bazz-B should have made it difficult for trust to be established between them.

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One Piece

Chapter 792

Kneeling Down

One piece is clearly in the “clean up phase”, of this arc and I don’t expect a whole lot to occur for the next few chapter. Sabo defeats Jesus Burgess, but finally kills him after Burgess mockingly disrespects Ace. The Marines arrest Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates, Maynard tells the world what happened in Dressrosa. The citizens of Dressrosa beg former King Riku, to return to his former position. Issho and the Marines bow down to “repent” for their alliance with Doflamingo, which is revealed to the entire world.

09106 (1) 08 (1)



Chapter 700+10

Projected into these eyes

Sarada’s punch sends many enemies flying, shocking her mother. Naruto and his clones look the Shin’s in the eye’s scaring them, by showing them Kurama within his body. Chocho compliments Sarada’s strength, she asks “her father about his feelings for her mother”. Sasuke response that because they have Sarada, they are connected. The Shin’s clones are brought to “the Konoha Orphanage”, where Kabuto tells them to consider him their new father. Chocho realizes her father Choji can lose a lot of weight, and she asks him to start training her the day after. Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada have a nice family dinner, however Sasuke leaves the next day.

He pokes Sarada on the forehead as a goodbye, but doesn’t show Sakura any affection. Boruto thanks Sarada “for giving the lunchbox to his father“, she responds that “she should be the one to say that and tells him her wish to become Hokage“. Meanwhile, Karin tells Suigetsu she “wasn’t the one who gave birth to Sarada, but the one who delivered her“. She scolds him for being a moron and tells him that he tested the DNA of “the umbilical cord that connected Sarada and Sakura“. Finally, we see the photo that Sarada wanted of herself with her father and mother. Apparently, this will be IT for Naruto, along with the movie to follow. I wish it wasn’t. I don’t know what happens in the movie, but I’m interested in this generation and want to see more of them. This chapter made me realize that. The chapter also quickly and neatly ended the arc. I like how they explained Sarada’s parentage, and how they handled the Shin’s. Interestingly they (the Shin’s) are basically, the replacements for the Uchiha clan. I wonder how they will be treated in Konoha.

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Weekly Shonen (06/25/15)

One Piece

Chapter 791


Doflamingo hits the ground like a comet, battered and broken. Law quickly switches Luffy with a rock as he descends toward the ground. The citizens of Dressrosa notice that “no one’s in the sky”. Uncertain of what happened, they ask Gatz to confirm. The bird cage begins to disappear, much to everyone’s excitement. The citizens remember their pain and trauma at the hands of Doflamingo and his family. They rejoice as Gatz finally announces the “winner”, Lucy. This chapter was the closing of a long arc, it’s not surprising that featured no action or revelations. Regardless it was a satisfying arc and I can’t wait to see the aftermath.

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Chapter 632

Friend 2

Bazz-B remembers that “while he and Haschwalth were training in the forest for 5 years, he was fine, but Haschwalth did not seem to have the abilities of a Quincy, unable to even collect Reishi“. He Recalls a “myth”, regarding how he heard of a “Quincy being born every 10 years that was “incomplete”. However, Haschwalth mastered his “swordsmanship and bowmanship to compensate for his lack of Quincy skills”, Bazz-B claimed that “he could not abandon him”. Eventually, a soldier named Hubert comes into a nearby village to announce “the formation and recruitment of the Sternritter for the purpose of invading Soul Society”.

Bazz-B and Haschwalth attempted to sign up. Hubert to tell him “the examination is in a few days and that he has work to do”. However, Bazz-B challenges him to battle, Hubert accepts his challenge. Yhwach arrives and “pins everyone to the ground with his Reiatsu”. Yhwach notes that “he needs a right-hand man”, Bazz-B attempts to get his attention, Yhwach selects Haschwalth, whom “he calls his other half”. We know that both Haschwalth and Bazz-B eventually join Yhwach’s army, what we don’t know is why they decided to follow him instead of kill him. I’m predicting that Haschwalth “abandons” Bazz-B, betraying him or by becoming Yhwach’s right hand Bazz-B becomes jealous and grows to hate him.

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Chapter 700+9

I will protect you

Shin uses several dozen blades to create an arm, as he prepares to fight against Sakura. Susanoo takes flight in search for Sakura, Naruto uses his Sage technique to find her location. Sarada tries to focus on more important things than her parentage. Meanwhile, Sakura and Shin face off, Sasuke interrupts as he cuts off Shins arm. Sasuke uses Susanoo to crush Shin, then he removes several blades from Sakura. They have a lovely moment, Naruto comments that Sasuke at full power is “beast”. Sasuke tells Shin that he has broken his bones and he can no longer move. Shin attempts to “sacrifice”, all remaining Shins to escape. However, the remaining Shin’s betray him. It is revealed that there are many more Shin clones that vary in appearance. Naruto use a mass of shadow clones to face the numerous clones.

Sasuke uses his Susanoo to punch the largest clone, Shin attempts to use the confusion to his advantage. He uses the mini ten tails to try and teleport himself along with Sakura, Sarada and Chocho. Sasuke calls to Sarada, as she kills the ten tails with one punch. As the remaining clones attack from behind them, Naruto suggests a retreat. Sarada aims to protect her mother, activates her Sharingan then uses her massive strength to send the Shin clones flying. Who’s Sarada mother, Karin or Sakura? This chapter poked holes in the reveal from the last chapter. How’s is it possible for her to have that strength and not be Sakura’s daughter. Anyway, Shins “death” was a little surprising but then not really. He was, as another Shin told him, old and useless. Sarada really impressed me, she first appeared to be weak compared to her father, but now she possesses both the Sharingan and Sakura type strength. That makes her the most interesting character introduced from the new generation.

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Weekly Shonen (6/18/15)


Chapter 700+8

The Real Thing


Naruto seems surprised that Sarada awakened the Sharingan. He is reminded of Sasuke, but Sarada says that she “doesn’t care to resemble that kind of man at all“. Naruto asks her “what she was planning“, she tearfully tells Naruto that she plans on “going to continue this journey on her own“, and that she doesn’t “plan on returning to Konoha“. Naruto grabs her, telling her that “he’s not sure that it has nothing to do with him“. Sarada says that she disagrees, Naruto say’s that as Hokage he treats all the “entire village as his family“. Sarada doesn’t seem to accept his view on family. She questions her “family”, with her father being absent and not sharing “blood” with “her mother”. Naruto reflects on his childhood and tells Sarada that “bonds aren’t merely made up of just time and blood”. He says that there’s a more powerful bond, Love.

Sarada remembers her childhood, in her memory we see Sakura taking care of her, while she asks her mother where her father is. She decides that she wants to “save her mother”, we she returns to her father outside he yells at her and Naruto for taking too long. Naruto, says that “they need to save Sakura”, Oorochimaru says that she “may already be dead”. Sasuke states that “his wife isn’t that soft”, and “she may have already taken care of everything”. Sasuke activates his Rinnegan and Sharingan, stating that he’ll take them to her location. Meanwhile, Shin tells Sakura that “his main objective is to bring extinction to the gene’s of those who stand in his way. He asks her “which category does she fall into“, Sakura responds the “because Sasuke was investigating who Shin was and what he was after”, and “that was the only reason that he’s still able to talk. She indicates with her fists that she is ready to fight.


One Piece

Chapter 790

Heaven and Earth

008 003 007

The civilians of Dressrosa, along with Zoro, Usopp, and Violet cheer at Luffy (Lucy’s) return. Doflamingo says that Luffy’s return was “rather flamboyant“, and that he “bet that his haki barely returned“. He questions whether Luffy can even stand. Doflamingo attacks Luffy, then Rebecca, only to have Law switch her with a rock. Doflamingo uses EVER WHITE, turning the entire section of the city into threads. He traps Luffy in the threads, and uses THOUSAND ARROWS then FLAP THREAD. Luffy fails to use ARMAMENT HAKI, Doflamingo mocks Luffy who claimed that his Haki would return. This causes confusion and concern from the civilians, Luffy calls Doflamingo a “Jerk”. Doflamingo beings to control Luffy’s body, Luffy remembers his training with Rayleigh. Luffy yells that “he’s sick and tired of Doflamingo’s shit”, Doflamingo calls Luffy predictable when he uses, GEAR FOURTH.

Luffy tears through the threads and ascends midair, Doflamingo chastises Luffy’s fighting tactic. He says that he will show him a “true one hit K.O.”. He says that he “can’t stand the sight of anyone above him“. Luffy shouts that he’s “sick of Doflamingo’s behavior“. Doflamingo responds that “everyone was born beneath him and they are destined to be ruled by another“. He uses his technique SPIDERS WEB, Luffy counters with GOMU GOMU NO KING KONG GUN. His attack is devastating seeming defeating Doflamingo once and for all.




Chapter 631


12 (1) 17 13

Bazz-B remembers meeting with a young Haschwalth. Haschwalth notes that he cannot even form a Heilig Bogen like Bazz-B can yet, prompting Bazz-B to claim “no one else can do it because he is a genius, which is why Haschwalth should not feel bad”. Haschwalth asks Bazz-B to “stop calling him Jugo before revealing that he lives with his uncle”. Haschwalth explains that “he needs to catch at least one rabbit”, but Bazz-B throws the rabbit he killed at Haschwalth. Bazz-B tells Haschwalth that “he will teach him whatever he wants to know and that they will be the strongest Quincies around”. Bazz-B creates a hole in a wall of Wahrwelt, Haschwalth attempts to move the battle to another location so not to damage the castle. Bazz-B uses Burner Finger 3 to turn much of the surrounding area into lava.

We see further into the past as Bazz-B watches the village he lived in get burned down by Yhwach. Bazz-B tells Haschwalth that “they will kill Yhwach“. Haschwalth questions whether “he has to come with him“, Bazz-B notes that Yhwach also “burned down his forest before telling him to live with his uncle if he is okay with this“. Haschwalth tells Bazz-B that “his uncle died in the fire as well“. Bazz-B and Haschwalth train for five years in order to kill Yhwach. Yhwach tells Zeidritz that he plans to “create a new army and points out that they have already conquered all the surrounding countries”. Yhwach states that “they have not yet conquered Soul Society, for which they will need a new army: the Sternritter”.

I find it interesting that Bazz-B and Haschwalth wanted to kill Yhwach after he conquered their lands. I wonder how they both came to support him by joining the Sternritters. I appears at first glance that Haschwalth was the more weak willed of the two and probably was the first recruited. However, it’s entirely possible that they joined to get closer to Yhwach only to find that he was too powerful to defeat. In the Naruto chapter we see Naruto unsurprisingly, and correctly in my opinion talk Sarada out of abandoning Konoha and her family. I think Sarada response to her biology was appropriate, especially considering her age. Not much else happened in this chapter, save the set up of the potential fight between Sakura and Shin. I did find the confidence between Sakura and Sasuke toward each other to be touching. Finally, we have the conclusion of Luffy vs Doflamingo. There’s not a whole lot that surprised me about it’s conclusion just more Luffy epicness and one final devastating blow.

Weekly Shonen (6/4/15)


Chapter 629

Gate of the Sun

Yhwach explains why he will be calling his new castle Wahrwelt (New world Castle), Haschwalth states that “he will ensure all the intruders are killed so Yhwach does not have to see them“. Meanwhile, Shunsui and Urahara comment on the appearance of Wahrwelt, they say that its “gaudy” and designed to be intimidatingAs they begin to head towards the castle Urahara notices Mayuri is missing. Mayuri leaves a doorway, noting “that it will be easier for him to move on his own with Nemu“. He is surprised when Kenpachi appears behind him, he explains that he had “missed the first entrance” and “is glad that Mayuri opened the door again“. Kenpachi notes that “he might cut Mayuri by accident“. Mayuri responds that going their separate ways “means that he doesn’t have to concern himself with inept, incorrigible simpletons as they dig their own graves”.



Kenpachi response was “just who these simpletons“, Mayuri says (with his usual thinly veil insult), “if you use that brain of your you’ll figure it out“. Ichigo’s group moves toward the castle, Ichigo comments on “how odd it is that they cannot form footholds with Reishi“. Sado suggest that “they move in groups after having lost the element of surprise”, Grimmjow says that “more people will only make their movements easier to spot“. As Ichigo notes that someone has arrived, Askin decries his luck “for getting Ichigo’s group”, he is attacked by Grimmjow. Meanwhile, Bazz-B ,Liltotto and Giselle notes that “the Gate of the Sun is still standing” before saying that “they will put an end to both Yhwach and Haschwalth“.

08 01 (3)


One Piece

Chapter 789


The civilians of Dressrosa continue pushing the Birdcage, the Royal Plateau begins getting “carved up”. King Riku and Tank Lepanto assist in the pushing and Riku “commends everyone for helping save Dressrosa“. Rebecca tells Viola “to stop attacking Doflamingo“. Viola uses a “roundhouse kick” on Doflamingo, but he blocks it and states “that he would not hesitate to kill Viola despite her once being a Donquixote Pirate“. Doflamingo takes over Viola and Rebecca, using her to attempt to kill Viola. They implore Doflamingo to stop, he mocks them in return. The Birdcage, has continued to shrink limiting were they can move. The Colosseum gladiators continue pushing on Bartolomeo’s barrier, and Kyros wonders “where Rebecca is“.

01 15

Gatz uses a Den Den Mushi and broadcasts his voice across all of “Dressrosa”. Gatz reminds everyone of “the star of that day’s Corrida Colosseum tournament“. Cavendish finally realizes that Law is gone. Gatz reminds Dressrosa of the accomplishments of “Lucy”. Rebecca begs for Lucy help, Gatz also reveals that Lucy is Monkey D. Luffy. He recalls the takeover of Dressrosa ten years ago by the Donquixote Pirates. He tells everyone that, “Luffy has promised to knock out Doflamingo in one blow“. The citizens cheer in response and Gatz taunts Doflamingo, he calls him “a false king and telling him that Dressrosa would be his execution ground“. Gatz then says that “it will only be ten seconds before Luffy comes back“.

12 04

Meanwhile, as the effects of the Teardelions wear off, Hajrudin, Dagama and Ideo begin to pass out. Mansherry begins to cry regretting “giving them false hope“, but Kabure tells her that “she has saved many lives with her powers“. Doflamingo stabs Gatz using a “sheet of string“. Gatz falls as a result of his attack, Rebecca reaches Viola, who tells “her crying niece that she would not hate her for this and that she did nothing wrong“. Law uses his powers to “switch” Luffy with Viola, he breaks her sword with his forehead. Doflamingo screams out Luffy’s name.




Chapter 700+6

Unevolving Species

Uchiha Shin uses his Sharigan to guide the weapons towards Sasuke. Sasuke deflects them with his sword, he stabs at Shin. Shin grabs the sword letting his son gain an advantage to get a attack that was successful. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to switches places with Shin, he uses Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu. The elder shin uses his son to take the majority of the damage from the attack. Shin comments on the ability of Sasuke’s eyes, he finally names himself as Uchiha Shin. Sarada comments that “he had the same name as his son“. Sasuke tells Naruto to “take care of the children“, Sasuke attempts to attack, but Shin “manipulates his sword to attack Naruto“.

01 (1) 02


Naruto claims that he will be fine, he’s shocked that Shin’s ability worked against Sasuke’s sword. He deactivates his cloak releasing the weapons. Shin uses them to attack Sarada, Sasuke shield’s his daughter with his body, he ends up being paralyzed by them. Shin claims that a “species which doesn’t evolve will inevitably be destroyed“, before attacking Sasuke. Sakura arrives striking him with her strength and saving them. Sakura apologizes to Sarada, but Sasuke says “he’s the one who should be apologizing“. The Jubii like creature uses the space time jutsu to teleports the two Shins along with Sakura to their base. The elder Shin asks Sakura to transplant his injured son’s liver to repair the damage she caused.

12 (1) 08 (1)

Weekly Shonen (5/28/15)


One Piece

Chapter 788

How I fight

We start this chapter, 3 minutes before the bird cage reaches the central district. The citizens begin to panic as the speed of the contraction of the cage increases. The Colosseum gladiators aim to that out Doflamingo, along with the cage. Doflamingo tells them to “bring him Straw-hat“. Gatz concludes that it is likely that there will be many casualties, but he will not “hand Luffy over”, until he recovers. Gatz looks surprised as Law arrives, telling Gatz that he will take care of Luffy. Meanwhile, at the southeast part of town (Sebio), Bartolomeo uses his barrier to help the gladiators push against the cage. Robin and Leo join in to aid, Mansherry releases “Teardelions” (fruits created from her tears). They are able to heal instantly, as they float through the air landing on the citizens. However, the healing effect is limited and the healed will return to their original injured state. Mansherry flies through the sky on the back of Kabu, spreading her tears further.


Hack and Usopp appear in front of the citizens. He tells all the citizens “who still have strength left to go to the eastern and western streets to help push the Birdcage“. He tells them to “believe in his friends“. Rebecca is searching for Doflamingo, she see Viola standing in front of him. She warns Rebecca to “not get any ideas“, Doflamingo asks her what is she here for. Viola decides that she will face off against Doflamingo, stating that “one of them are going to die today“. Franky and the dwarves continue to push against the cage, Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro use their haki embedded swords. Zoro states that “the Birdcage is probably slowing down“, he hears someone walking behind them. Issho arrives to help, stating that “he will help them“. Marines aid in the efforts and so do the citizens. Suddenly, the Birdcage stops, it quickly begins moving again. However, everyone has gained hope as Rebecca calls for Viola, with Luffy still needing one minute.




Chapter 700+5

The World to Come

Sasuke attacks Sarada, teary eyed and frightened she yells “Dad”. Stunned Sasuke realizes that it was his daughter. Naruto arrives chastising Sarada for leaving on her own. Sasuke yells at Naruto for “bring children with him“. Chocho thinks that Sasuke must be her father, due to his looks and attitude. Sarada tells Sasuke that she has something to ask him. She asks him if Sakura is her “real mom”. Shizune fills Sakura in on the situation, telling her that she needs to head to the  mountain pass. Sasuke asks her “what happened”, she appears angered at this question. She says that Sasuke is “never around”, and it would “kill him to spent time with her and her mother“.  She asks “what he has been doing this entire time”, he tells her it “doesn’t concern her”. Sarada runs out, Naruto, flashes back to a meeting between the Kages.


Sasuke reveals his concern regarding Kaguya and the White Zetsu. He says that he investigated any traces or remnants of Kaguya. He says that he found that a “ninja gave birth to the white zetsu”. He says that this could mean a potential threat greater than Kaguya. The Kages decides that they shouldn’t alert the general public yet, because its just conjecture. Sasuke decides to go at it alone and conduct a secret mission. Naruto asks Sarada to listen to him, he tells her that Sasuke is a “ninja, greater than any other”. Meanwhile, Shin’s father reveals his face as they head to the revival of the Akatsuki. Shin appears behind Naruto and Sarada, attacking. Naruto counters the attack, Shin’s father rushes forward, but Sasuke blocks his way.




Chapter 628

New World Orders

Shiji is shocked that they are in Wandenreich City, not the royal palace. Urahara confirms that the location is indeed the royal palace based on the coordinates. Shunsui, clarifies stating that “the royal palace as we know it got destroyed“. Shunsui then confirms that Yhwach has reached a new level of power. Sui-Feng points out how “the streets seem to go around something and how there is nothing above them“. Sui-Feng states “the palace has fallen and Yhwach has everything in his hands“. Yoruichi explains that because they were in the Garganta, they were spared the effects of Yhwach’s power. Yoruichi sense’s her brother, to the surprise of Ichigo and his friends.


Yushiro attempts to leave to go meet Yoruichi, only he fails to create footholds and falls. Renji catches him and Byakuya notes that “they will likely find it hard to create footholds out of Reishi here because the Reishi concentration is much higher than it was before“. He suggests that it was “likely altered to favor the Quincies“. When Byakuya states “that the Soul King is likely dead“, Shunsui acknowledges the reishi of Ichigo and the others. He also notes that “they merely need to defeat Yhwach and find another Soul King“. He tells the Gotei 13 to “move out”, before they move a new tower emerges. Yhwach is informed of the arrival of Ichigo, the others and the Gotei 13. Yhwach seems to ignore this information, as he calls his new castle Wahrwelt.

17 (1)



I think this weeks chapters were light on serious action, but a three stories progressed nicely. Mansherry’s teardelions could have been broken, at least they added a flaw in this ability. One problem with this power is that it appears to be indiscriminate. What would happen if Doflamingo gets touched by one of these “delions”. He would be heal of course (if only temporarily), but so could Law and Luffy. That situation is possible, but unlikely. Fujitora aiding everyone and the marines was surprising, however they wouldn’t survive without helping so everyone wins. Viola stepping up to fight Doflamingo was surprising, but she only needs to hold him off for a minute so her strength doesn’t need to be high.

In Naruto it is revealed that there may be a greater villain than Kaguya. I hated her, so I’m hoping that the next villain isn’t like her. Sasuke’s treatment of his daughter was better than I thought. He was still a little dismissive of her and her feelings, but I was okay with that. Shin and his father did become more interesting. How did he get so many sharingan’s? Does he use the same technique as Danzo? I don’t see Naruto and Sasuke being troubled by Shin and his father, but I don’t think they are going to try to win. Hopefully, we get some fighting that’s a little drawn out. That said I highly doubt it. Finally, Sakura I personally like her, but is she going to help or just get owned? I hope not, but we’ll see.

So, Yushiro is Yoruichi’s brother not her sister. Let’s be honest he looks like a girl, but that’s manga right? The exchange between Yoruichi was comical and generally enjoyable. This chapter was mostly explanation of what Yhwach did to the former Royal Palace. I found the explanation to be acceptable. I wonder what the consequences of the new world, will be in battle. The Shinigami Ichigo and his friends are at a disadvantage due to Yhwach’s alteration of the Royal Palace. This seems fair considering that the Sternritter are out numbered. Finally, where’s Aizen?

Weekly Shonen (5/22/15)


Chapter 627

The Creation

Ichigo and his friends prepare to face off against Yhwach. Yukio surprises everyone when he tells them “that he does not intend to leave the box when they arrive“. Ganju is outraged, he points out “that everything will disappear if they lose, but Ichigo merely tells him to stop before agreeing that Yukio should stay here“. Ichigo tells Riruka to “stay here as well because her powers will only make the battle more dangerous”. Ichigo thanks her for “keeping the Valley of Screams“, she stays even though she is reluctantly to do so. Ganju notes the Ichigo “has matured“.

Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, the buildings in Wandenreich city begin to crumble. The Shinigami are surprised whats happening, Shinji Hirako expresses anger that the Quincies always seem to change the situation before they can act. Urahara notes that the gate is completed to the . Yoruichi informs the rest of her group that they have arrived. Urahara announces the completion of the doorway, as Ichigo looks through the Garganta to see the Wandenreich city. The landscape of Wandenreich has changed, but Yoruichi sees the stake marking the palace remained. She realizes that, Yhwach has changed the palace.

06 12 1110



Chapter 700+4

Chance Encounter 2

Chocho is happy to see that Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, has arrived to rescue them from Shin Uchiha. Shin activates his Mangekyo Sharingan and attacks Naruto with a kusarigama, Naruto blocks this attack with chakra arms. Kurama tells Naruto that its, “about damn time, he let loose“. Naruto attacks Shin, but he dodges to Naruto’s praise. Shin retreats, using dimensional transportation. Naruto tell’s the girls to continue traveling with him as it’s safer. Sarada denies Chocho’s assumption “she was the target”. Sarada gives Naruto the lunch box that Boruto gave her.

During lunch, Naruto tells Sarada about her father in stories that are “skewed” in his favor. Naruto tells her that Sasuke was his rival, she feels comfortable with Naruto. They approach a temple to meet Sasuke, Chocho collapses due to exhaustion and decides to get some rest. Sarada lies to Naruto, telling him she needs to use the restroom. She awakens her Sharingan and enters the temple excited to meet her father. However, Sasuke  doesn’t remember her ad draws his sword at her, asking if “she’s affiliated with Shin“.



One Piece

Chapter 787

Four Minutes Away

Sabo kicks Jesus Burgess in the back who declares that “he will be the one watching Luffy’s back“. Burgess realizes that Sabo and Lucy are one and the same. Burgess begins to attack Sabo, claiming that he will take the “Mera Mera no Mi” from him. Gatz carries Luffy to safety. The gladiators facing Doflamingo are easily defeated, he calls for Luffy to “show himself“.

The citizens continue fleeing as the cage shrinks, Zoro and Franky attempt to destroy the birdcage. The gladiators who fought against  Donquixote family are healed by Mansherry. Doflamingo, speeds up the Birdcage resulting in “only three minutes” being left even though  Luffy still needs four minutes to recover.


Weekly Shonen (5/16/15)


Chapter 700+3

Chance meeting 1

Naruto asks Shikamaru to apologize to Boruto on his behalf. As Naruto leaves, Boruto arrives with Mitsuki, bring Naruto his lunch. Sarada offers to “help” bring the food to Naruto. After some hesitation, Boruto finally relents handing the lunch to Sarada. She leaves with Chocho, they were being watched by a tiny figure with a single Sharingan eye (that looks a lot like the ten tails).


Shin Uchiha is ordered to capture Sarada, Sarada and Chocho pursue Naruto to deliver his lunch. Naruto notices he’s being followed. Sarada and Chocho are attacked by Shin. Sarada remarks on his Sharingan, stating that “her mother had told her that aside from Sasuke, they were the last of the Uchiha”. Shin gains the upper hand overwhelming the girls. However, Naruto arrives saving the both of them.




Chapter 626

The Holy Newborn

Yoruichi explains “how they can move into the palace because she put a nail down while the barrier around the Soul King was collapsing“. Sado asks about the powers of Pernida Parnkgjas. Yoruichi states “she only knows it managed to break her arm and cautions them to not go near it“. Orihime notes “they probably should have asked Ichibe Hyosube about the abilities of the Quincy he and the other Royal Guard faced“. Riruka tells her “to shut up because there is no point in getting depressed over something that happened so long ago“.


Ichigo asks Grimmjow why he joined, he says that he’s not on their side. He goes on to say “there will be no place left to fight Ichigo if Yhwach destroys Hueco Mundo”. In the palace, Haschwalth notes that “Yhwach has absorbed every part of the Soul King and that a new world awaits them from now on“. Yhwach turns around to reveal that he now has several eyes, scaring the sternritter. When Askin retreats, Haschwalth stops him, Yhwach admits that “he never expected to have this much power“. He destroys the upper half of the palace. Haschwalth states that “the world will likely no longer exist without him“. Yhwach calls Haschwalth as “his firstborn“, Yhwach says “they will build a country of their own“, as he destroys the city below.



One Piece

Chapter 786


The citizens of Dressrosa begin to cheer for Luffy, they assume that he has defeated Doflamingo. Viola, Hack, and Usopp reach the streets, Viola then sees what is going on, she’s unsure that Doflamingo has been defeated. However, Law wonders why the Birdcage is still in effect. Luffy attempts to deliver the final blow to Doflamingo, but his Gear Fourth ends and Luffy deflates.Jesus Burgess announces his plan to “kill Luffy and steal the Gomu Gomu no Mi“.


Cavendish and Koala notices Burgess, Koala contacts Sabo via Den Den Mushi. The citizens realize that Doflamingo is still conscious, they try to escape but the Birdcage has shrunken too much. Doflamingo grins witnessing Luffy, tired on the ground. Gatz (from the Corrida Colosseum) appears and he asks Luffy “if there was any way he could help“. Luffy tells Gatz that “he needs ten minutes, since he loses the use of his Haki for ten minutes after using Gear Fourth“.Luffy says that if “he can avoid Doflamingo for ten minutes, he will be able to recover his Haki and deal a final attack“.


Doflamingo lands on the street, Luffy say’s tells Gatz that “Doflamingo’s reign will come to an end if he is given ten minutes“. The Colosseum gladiators (who originally went after Luffy’s bounty instead of helping him fight the Donquixote Pirates), they tell Luffy that “they will put their faith in Luffy as long as he does not think less of them if they die“. Gatz, commands half of the fighters to protect Luffy, while the others battle against Doflamingo. Burgess arrives, and attacks Luffy and Gatz, but Sabo arrives saving them.


I’m excited to see if Naruto has learned any new techniques. However, I wouldn’t be surprise to see Naruto uses the rasengan on Shin. The Who are the secret Uchiha theme is getting a little stale. I really can’t bring myself to care. I’m glad to see that Sarada isn’t completely useless in a fight, but I’m disappointed in her skill level as it appears to be. The fact that she hasn’t learned the Sharingan yet, seems to confirm this. Yhwach’s grotesque’s appearance is a bit unsettling.

This is clearly a set up chapter, as nothing but questions where brought to our attention. I’m going to assume that with his new found power, Yhwach will foresee that Ichigo and the others were coming. As for One Piece, this chapter was the best this week. The waiting for ten minutes seems a little like a cheat, but I’m interested in seeing if it works. Doflamingo isn’t unharmed so the Gladiators should have some chance to delay him. I would like to see the depth of Sabo’s powers, against Burgess but I doubt we’ll get to see that.




Weekly Shonen (04/23/15)

002-003nOne Piece

Chapter 784

Gear Fourth

The citizens of Dressrosa, begin to flee as the cage begins to close in on them. The buildings begin to be dragged by the strings of the cage. Baby 5 and the Colosseum gladiators take notice of the shrinking “Birdcage”. Sai tells the gladiators “to get the fallen gladiators back on their feet“. While Viola, Hack, and Usopp climb down from the King’s Plateau, she notices how the birdcage shifts towards Doflamingo. Viola then releases that the King’s Plateau, will also get caught in the birdcage.

Zoro runs off to “stop the Birdcage“, shocking Kin’emon and Kanjuro. The dwarves managed to stitch Law’s arm back on, hoping that it will heal correctly. Cavendish then tells Law that “when he was in the Underground Trading Port, he had realized that if Luffy and Law managed to defeat Doflamingo, the effects would be felt all over the world and the two of them would become the center of the storm“, and Law replies that “that’s what they are after“.

010-011Meanwhile, on the rooftop of the palace, Luffy activates Four Gear. He then uses “Muscle Balloon”, then covers his arm in Busoshoku Haki and blows into it. His muscle begins to inflated and causing his arm to grow. Luffy body increases in size, Doflamingo notes that Luffy has “put on a little weight“. Luffy activates Gear Fourth Bound Man, Doflamingo mocks Luffy’s new look. He comments that Luffy “is getting desperate“. Luffy replies that “for two years he was fighting wild beast while  training on Rusukaina, this form was necessary to subdue the beasts on it into submission“.

Doflamingo states “that he is still confused“, as Luffy’s fist sinks into his body. Luffy strikes Doflamingo, with a massive force that sends Doflamingo flying through the streets of Dressrosa. Doflamingo sees Luffy flying down towards him, Luffy quickly reappears next to Doflamingo as he “dropkicks”, him with Gomu Gomu no Rhino. The citizens are shocked at Luffy’s power. Doflamingo flies through several buildings. Luffy quickly arrives and attacks with Gomu Gomu no Culverin Cannon.

012-013However, Doflamingo manages to dodge this attack, and counters with Athlete Thread. This kick is completely useless as he can’t damage Luffy’s rubber body. Luffy deflects Doflamingo, managing to land a punch in the face of Doflamingo. This is what I’ve been waiting for. This EPIC chapter got me so excited. Doflamingo is finally getting what he deserved, a beat-down at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy.  Gear Fourth is on a whole new level, I just can’t wait till the next chapter (in two weeks). ODA. KEEP. IT. UP. JUST EPIC.



Chapter 700+1

Uchiha Sarada

This chapter begins with Shino Aburame explaining to his class that “the time has finally come, the week of the academy’s graduation exam”. The majority of the class voice their views on the tests, Shikadai Nara feels the test is”annoying“. Cho Cho Akimichi comments that “she’ll be all for the test if she could shed a few pounds“. Inojin Yamanaka, doesn’t like the “cavalier” attitudes of his teammates. Sarada Uchiha is apprehensive about the test and the concept of becoming a ninja at all.

Sarada Uchiha walks home with Chocho Akimichi, she is revealed to be jealous over all her classmates training with their fathers. Inojin Yamanaka gets drawing lessons from his father Sai. Meanwhile, Boruto Uzumaki plays “hide-and-seek” with a clone of his father the “Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki”. Shikadai Nara and his father Shikamaru Nara arrive, and Shikamaru lectures Boruto about his father job . Sarada regrets “never having seen her own father Sasuke Uchiha her whole life“.

011212At home, Sarada questions her mother Sakura Haruno on if her father “needed glasses like her“. Sakura can’t seem to remember, Sarada questions her parents’ marriage, stating that their relationship. She says that their marriage is “not just a little weird, but abso-fucking-lutely, crazy weird“, causing Sakura to violently lash out. Sakura relaxes and apologies, but destroys their house and faints. Sarada drops her mother off with Shizune.

However, Sarada picks up the picture from the rubble of her home before, Sarada discovers that the picture is fake. She notices that Karin (who looks like her), causing Sarada to question her parents marriage and her own parentage. Meanwhile, Sasuke seems to be returning to Konoha. I’m not surprised that Kishimoto is using manga to publicize the final naruto movie. It’s unclear how many chapter’s there will be but I’ve enjoyed this chapter.

0813456789The two aspects of this chapter that stuck out for me is ChoCho and Sarada. Chocho’s humor and personality I find to be the most appealing. It might become grading over time, but so far she’s my favorite in the manga. Sasuke being an absentee father is completely understandable, he doesn’t seem to be the type to be doting. However, NEVER meeting your own daughter is a bit extreme. I though he turned a corner, but I guess he hasn’t. Sarada is an interesting character, her ignorance of the Uchiha clan and her “daddy issues” intrigued me.



Chapter 624

The Fang

Aizen recovers from the attack from NaNaNa, Shunsui asks “has the feeling already returned to your body“. Aizen responds that “if you are going to kill me, now is the time“. After noting that “NaNaNa’s attack only managed to keep Aizen down for five minutes“, Shunsui tells Aizen to “stay here until they have the doors prepared”,  prompting Aizen to note that “the ones who stopped him will be entering the palace before he can before stating Ichigo is a man who is very hard to forgive“.

06456789Meanwhile, Ichigo is awakened by Yoruichi. He wonders “why he is the only one who passed out“. He flashes back to when he manages to stop and crush Uryu’s Heilig Pfeil as Orihime catches him, when Kon emerges from Ichigo’s pocket causing Ichigo to fall unconscious.Yoruichi’s, arm is restored by Orihime, asks the group if they are “ready for their counter attack“. Ichigo wonders “how they will get up there“, Yoruichi tells someone to “come out”, prompting a Garganta to open revealing Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez inside.

Let’s face it only ONE thing really interesting occurred in this chapter, the return of Grimmjow. Many fans of Bleach, have anticipated the return of of Grimmjow. His reveal is satisfying, but unsurprising. I’m excited about his appearance and hope that his obvious power increase is enough. With Aizen and now Grimmjow both returning to the series, Bleach continues to get more interesting.



Weekly Shonen (4/3/15)

001yuyuOne Piece

Chapters 782

The Charisma of Evil

Luffy and Doflamingo begin their battle using Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. They both manage to land hits on one another, injuring each other. However, Trebol interferes using his Beta Beta no Mi (mucus powers), holding Luffy in place so that Doflamingo can finish Law off. Trebol flashes back to how he, Vergo, Diamante, and Pica “encouraged a young Doflamingo to become the Pirate King and eliminated everything that opposed him“. Trebol plans on setting his mucus on fire, but Law calls “him Doflamingo’s puppet”. An angry Trebol attacks Law, ignoring Doflamingo’s warning. Law uses his Room and slashes Trebol upwards using Sterben. Trebol is now without his mucus to protect him. He decides to set himself on fire hoping to take Law with him.






Chapter 622

The Agony

All the Shinigami react as Aizen is revealed. Rukia and the others are shocked when Shunsui admits that he released him. They question his decision, based on Aizen’s past behavior. Shunsui states “they must fight evil with evil before noting the Gotei 13 is not evil“. Shunsui informs Aizen that he will not release him completely, he must fight from his chair. While confined to his chair, Aizen casts Hado #90. Kurohitsugi. He destroys the remaining one eye creatures, the other comment that he appears stronger than before. Byakuya tells Shunsui “that he has offended their pride by releasing Aizen, but Shunsui tells him to save his issues with it until later“. Aizen begins using his Reiatsu, creating a “pathway to the palace for the other Shinigami”.

17ghghfThese chapters were very simple, and barely progressed the stories forward. The fight between Luffy and Doflamingo, is just beginning so far they seem about even. We will not get to they real in-depth fight between them until, Trebol and Law are dealt with. Hopefully, the next chapter will resolve this. The reveal that Aizen will remain strapped to that invincible chair seems silly. His motive for helping is still unclear, and I highly doubt that he’ll remain in that chair. Obviously, all these questions will be answered later, this chapter failed to do that.



Weekly Shonen (03/27/15)

One Piece

Chapter 781

Long Cherished Desire

The Birdcage begins to shrink, causing the citizens of Dressrosa to panic. On the palace roof, Doflamingo tells Luffy “that he plans to end his game by withdrawing the Birdcage“, saying that “it would close and kill everyone on the island in about an hour“. The Marines fail to stop the Birdcage from shrinking. Viola confirms the “death” of Law. Doflamingo begins to taunt Luffy, stating that “just like Law and Bellamy, the pirate’s friends would all die before he dies himself“. Luffy attacks Doflamingo, saying that if “he beats the Shichibukai up then the problem will be over“. However, Law uses his Chambles and switches with Luffy.

luffyLaw says that “Doflamingo is going to be the one to die“, and Luffy cheers him one as he uses Gamma Knife and stabs Doflamingo. Trebol asks Law “how he could have used Chambles without having activated a Room“. Law reveals that “he had created a Room too big for them to notice”, he used Chambles to switch himself with a body of one of Doflamingo’s soldiers. He also revealed that he was the one whispering to Luffy, telling him about his plan. Doflamingo grabs Law’s face, but Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp knocking Doflamingo to the ground.

004-005002Luffy attempts to fight Doflamingo, but Law stops him. He says that “Doflamingo is his to finish”. He uses another Room, he tells Doflamingo “that that his attack destroyed all of his internal organs, despite there being no external wound“. Trebol attempts to intervene, but is kicked aside by Luffy. Law reflects that “Corazon could never pull the trigger, but even though it will make him just like Doflamingo, he will“. He states that “Doflamingo should have been the one to die thirteen years ago”. Doflamingo says Corazon “was nothing but a burden“, Law uses Counter Shock on him. Doflamingo stands up, revealing that “he is using his Devil Fruit to perform first aid to repair his organs, although he admits that he is not healed“. Doflamingo prepares to stomp on Law, but Luffy effortlessly stops the attack, as the two prepare to fight.

009gtI’m glad Law survived (with the clever use of his devil fruit ability, and a little deception). He was the one whispering to Luffy and together they use a plan in which Law get the drop on Doflamingo. Originally, I though Trebol was going to be a problem. Clearly, he seems to at least be too weak to trouble Luffy. Law appeared to have “defeated” Doflamingo, but lets be honest that never was going to happen. Doflamingo’s devil fruit can basically do everything, now they “heal”, sort of. I’ll be fine with this, only if Doflamingo is at least seriously injured. The fight has been tease for so long I’m a little afraid of what will happen on the next chapter. However, it appears that the next chapter will official be the start of Doflamingo vs Luffy.



Chapter 621

The Dark Curtain

Ukitake collapses as Mimihagi is absorbed by Yhwach, Urahara notes this. The “beam of darkness” that Yhwach shot at Seireitei’s Shakonmaku. This results in a   cloak of darkness covering Seireitei. Meanwhile, In the Soul King Palace, Lille notices shows concern Yhwach, as he begins to turn into many one-eyed creatures.

darHaschwalth appears and tells them “not worry because this is merely the manifestation of the Soul King’s powers, which have been freed from the seals placed on them by the Shinigami and which now have an enemy only in the Shinigami“. The creatures head toward the Seireitei. Soi-Feng states “it must be the Quincies“, she points that the  hole within the Shakonmaku is a likely enemy target.

16aiSoi-Feng uses her Bankai, Jakuho Raikoben, and aims toward the shroud of darkness above them. However, the creatures enter through the hole proving her thesis. Marechiyo, Hisagi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika activate their Shikai to destroy the creatures, Byakuya uses Senbonzakura, as he arrives with Rukia, and Renji. The creatures don’t stop coming, then they are suddenly crushed by Aizen’s Reiatsu. He tells them that they should “simply crush them with their Reiatsu like this“.

03kThis chapter didn’t feature much of anything to progress this story. Yhwach turning into small one eyed monsters seems to be a very weird. I’m going to assume that it’s only a temporary transformation. Maybe, I missed it but I didn’t realize that the Shinigami trapped the Soul King, or at least restrained him with seals. Aizen to the rescue, still can’t get use to that. I’m excited to see what he brings to this fight and how the other shinigami react.


Weekly Shonen (3/19/15)

One Piece

Chapter 780

The Heart Curse


We are shown how Law was killed a few minutes prior to Luffy defeating Bellamy. Trebol uses his Sticky Launcher, he pins Law to the roof telling him to give. Doflamingo say that “he should just take a nap“, that he was “in over his head” for facing off against Doflamingo and Trebol. Doflamingo tells him that “working for 13 years to depose of him, and his alliance with Luffy had been basically been completely worthless“.

bbbbbbbbbbbbDoflamingo offers Law a deal,”a chance to make the rest of Law’s short life meaningful by performing the Immortality Surgery on him“. In exchange, he will grant Law any wish. Law’s response is to insult Doflamingo by suggesting that he bring Corazon “back to life“, then “go lick the asshole of every last citizen of this poor country“. Law says that “Doflamingo’s life was the pitiful one, saying that the Straw Hats can cause miracles“, and flips him off. Doflamingo shoots Law eight times, he that “legacy of the Heart will end“.

04bnbnbMeanwhile, Luffy finally breaks through the palace roof. Luffy attacks with a Gear Third punch, that is blocked by Doflamingo’s Spider’s Web. Luffy jumps over the web, using Hawk Gatling on Doflamingo. Doflamingo uses the attack Break White, surrounding Luffy in a “mass of strings“. Luffy dodges slipping in Law’s blood. Doflamingo tells Luffy that “Law is dead“, surprising Luffy. The citizens of Dressrosa realize that “the Birdcage is shrinking“. Doflamingo says “that it is time for the game to end“. Luffy attempts to fight, but hears a faint voice telling him to “listen closely“.

11cccThe build up to this fight has been coming and long time. While it has just stated, I’m really excited to face Doflamingo and Trebol. Is Law really dead? Is he the voice heard? Seeing as Law hasn’t used his trump card Immortality Surgery, he could use it on himself, right? Will he wait for Luffy to be near death? Will Sabo arrive to on Trebol and even the fight? I obviously have nothing, but questions? However, I’m excited to see what the answers will be.




Chapter 620

Where do you stand


This final Bleach arc has been hit or miss, from the beginning. The last two chapters have been a miss. The progression has been minimal at best. Ichigo is being treated like he has no skill at all, being tossed around by Yhwach and Ishida. He seems to be mostly unharmed, but still. I’m not buying Ishida’s betrayal at all. His explanation was that he’s “a quincy”. Why did he work with Ichigo and the shinigami for so long if he’s so loyal to the quincies. Chances are he just looking for vengeance for his mother.

02bI said previously that Yhwach easily defeat of Mimihagi, was ridiculous. All the drama regarding Ukitake sacrifice, only for it to be basically a waste of time. Yhwach constant trumping of obstacles in his way is starting to get old. We get it he’s all powerful but, Ichigo is still going to defeat him. So by increasing his powers so drastically, Kubo will have to increase Ichigo’s powers even more than Yhwach, right?

10jjjjDespite my disappointment in the chapter and the inconsistent aspects of this arc, I’m still excited to see the outcome of the war. Clearly, Ichigo and his friends aren’t defeated. Will they face off against the Elite Sternritters or will the Shinigami finally arrive. I’m hoping that Ukitake’s sacrifice wasn’t wasted like it appears. However, these last few chapters have left me wanting more.



Weekly Shonen (3/6/15)

One Piece

Chapter 779

The Last Fight

Zoro flashes back to his training with Mihawk, who told him “that having chips on the blades of his sword is an affront to his honor” and “he should use Busoshoku Haki to prevent it“. Everyone reacts to Pica’s defeat, and the SMILE Factory is destroyed by the Dwarves. Kyros releases that they must leave Doflamingo’s defeat Luffy and Law.

002,When it is noted that Doflamingo’s “main forces only have three members left“, Viola corrects them telling them that there is “only two left now because another battle has just been decided“. Luffy defeats Bellamy with one hit. Luffy stands over a K.O’d Bellamy and recalls their fight. Bellamy hoped that his decision to attack Luffy, would get “Doflamingo to remember him“.

Luffy stated that “Doflamingo only wanted Bellamy to be pitted against him and die from the beginning, which Bellamy admitted was likely correct before claiming it is his dying wish to fulfill this“. Bellamy told Luffy to “just stand there and die if he did not want to fight back before leaping toward him“. Luffy punches Bellamy with a “Busoshoku Haki-hardened Gear Second punch“. He loudly screams Doflamingo’s name, who notes that Luffy is in for a “rude awakening“, when he sees Law’s “lifeless corpse“.

016-017Finally, we are getting to the main attraction, Luffy verses Doflamingo. Is Law dead? I doubt it? However, I think that if he was killed by Doflamingo that would enrage Luffy to the point where he would definitely, beat the hell out of Doflamingo. Other than this set up, most of what occurred was cleaning up. When Luffy is pissed he is almost impossible to defeat, I can’t wait till the net chapter (coming in two weeks).




Chapter 618

The Dark Arm

Aizen asks Shunsui “What’s wrong“, suggesting that he should use the other two keys. Shunsui unlocks Aizen’s left eye and ankles, and asks him “how it feels“. Aizen states that Shunsui “has not changed“. Shunsui asks Aizen “if he wants to leave“, Aizen says “he never asked Shunsui to free him“. Aizen notices that Shunsui has “more keys” within his body. Shunsui says that the key to “Muken has been buried in is heart“.

iiiiAizen notes that the “Central 46 predicted that he might kill Shunsui for the keys and that he would be trapped within Muken forever if he did“. Shunsui asks Aizen to sit in a chair, so he could take him to Seireitei. An attendant attempts to bind Aizen, and has his hands destroyed. Aizen asks him “if he wishes for him to lend his powers to Soul Society“. Shunsui says they “simply in a situation where the advantages and disadvantages are similar for them“.

06iYhwach try’s to destroy the Soul King, again but Ichigo stops him.Yoruichi places a  barrier around the Soul King and Mimihagi. Meanwhile, Yhwach asks Ichigo “why he is getting in his way despite being the one who cut the Soul King in half and notes Ichigo’s Quincy blood cannot forgive the Soul King’s existence“. Ichigo says “he came here to protect all of three realms“. He uses “Getsuga Tensho” on Yhwach, he knows that Yhwach blood flows through his body. He states “this does not mean Yhwach gets his way”. Yhwach responds it “dependents on his own eyes”.

17hThis chapter was underwhelming, even though the conversation between Shunsui and Aizen was interesting. I still don’t understand why Aizen would change his mind in regards to destroying the Soul King. Why did he turn Yhwach down? What was their conversation like? As for Ichigo verses Yhwach, I expect this to be a long draw out fight and we’ll likely see the others (Gotei 13 and Elite Sternritter) complete their fight first.

Weekly Shonen (2/27/15)

One Piece

Tactics No. 5

Chapter 778

That there is nothing in this world that he cannot cut

As Pica heads toward the plateau to kill King Riku. Elizabello II readies his “King Punch”, but Zoro stops him. He asks Elizabello to “give him two minutes“, he asks  Orlumbus and asking him to “throw him“. Pica crushes some people who fires cannons at by him. King Riku reveals his location and begging Pica to stop. Riku orders “everyone to safety”.

10-11vbgOrlumbus throws Zoro with great force. He uses “Busoshoku Haki” and begins a technique, claiming “that there is nothing in this world that he cannot cut“. Pica tells Riku that “he is not fit to be king if he cannot defeat his enemies, and that he failed to protect his country because he loves peace too much“. Riku admits that “Pica is correct, but cries that he is proud of the fact that he has remained human and will not take another life in order to survive“.

12-13ghPica says that “good people like Riku are killed and forgotten by history“. Zoro cuts Pica “stone body” in half. Pica shifts himself throughout his body, but Zoro continues to cut his stone body into pieces. Pica finally reveals himself coated in Busoshoku Haki. He claims that Zoro “can never cut through him, but Zoro responds that all he needs is stronger Haki“. Elizabello uses his King Punch to blast away the debris left by Pica’s stone body.

14-nThis battle was underwhelming, but I’m fine with that. Zoro was basically playing with Pica the whole time, so I’m not surprised that he defeated him quickly. However, I can’t help but feel like the fight was rushed. Regardless, the next chapter should return to the battle between Luffy and Bellamy. I’m curious to see what happens.




Return of the God

Chapter 617

“still has two more keys”

Kamikake reaches from Ukitake, instantly stopping the shaking. Yhwach is shocked that he didn’t “see” this turn of events. He angrily demands to know “if the Soul King is beginning to feel sentiment toward Soul Society after protecting it for all this time“. Soi Feng asks Urahara “how long this will last”, she concludes that “the realms will only remain stable as long as Ukitake has a life force”. Urahara says he’s uncertain, because “he has never heard of Kamikake until now”. He say’s that “they need to find another way to stabilize Soul Society while Ukitake is substituting for the Soul King”.

004Shunsui asks Aizen if “he is unwilling to converse using his Reiatsu”. He reveals several keys to Aizen’s seal. He said that he was given permission “to use three of them”. Meanwhile, the doorways to the palace fail due to Ukitake’s Reiatsu being “stronger than that of the rest of the group”. Mayuri Kurotsuchi finally appears, he reveals a machine called a “Reiatsu amplifier”. The doorway seems to manifest correctly after that.

Shunsui inserts one key so Aizen can speak. Aizen is able to speak rather quickly, this shocks Shunsui. He notes that “he only removed the seal from Aizen’s mouth”, surprised that Aizen took off the rest. Aizen steps forward telling Shunsui that he “still has two more keys”.

008It’s weird that I’m excited to see Aizen, but I don’t know what he’s up to. First if it was that easy to break free of his seals why didn’t he do it sooner? Did he need at least one seal to be unlocked? Also, he originally wanted to destroy the soul King so why not join Yhwach? Will he be friend or foe? Will they finally show his Bankai? Has Yhwach seen his Shikai? I don’t know, but I really excited for the next chapter.



Weekly Shonen (1/30/15)

One Piece

Chapter 775

To Lucy Anne, with Love

Because when I wear these clothes, I can get you to smile for me

Mansherry, calls to Leo asking him to give her a “piggyback ride”, because her legs hurt. Leo responds by suggesting that the princesses selfish side had emerged. He asks her to heal her legs and basically walk by herself. Mansherry is offended and decides that she won’t be running. Leo gives her the piggyback ride for the sake of time. Defeated Jora reveals that Doflamingo wanted to use Chiyu Chiyu no Mi ultimate ability to restore the SMILE factory.

006Meanwhile, at the SMILE factory Franky and Senor Pink battle. Franky hits Senor Pink with “Strong Hammer”, Pink counters as he uses “Meow Meow Suplex”. The crowd notices that they are both “at their limits”. Apparently, Senor Pink has taken hits from “Strong Hammer” over 30 times. Franky proclaims that due to his “Strong Style” he will not be dodging any attack Senor Pink delivers. Senor Pink decides to use his ultimate attack, Baby Buster. He grabs Franky and “swims”, up the tower and slams him into the ground.

012Franky emerges hurt, but he quickly launches “Franky Iron Boxing”. Senor Pink remembers one love, Lucy Ann and his dead son Gimlet as he is defeated. Senor Pink began wearing his son’s old bonnet as tribute. Franky notices Pink tears and tells him to share the story of Lucy Anne over drinks some day. One Piece is steadily progressing as Doflamingo’s family are being defeated one by one. I though Senor Pink’s back story was sad and touching and managed to humanized him.




Chapter 613

The Ordinary Peace

 “A small insect like him has no need to have such a destiny

Ichibei claims that the “mere humans” cannot defeat Yhwach with their abilities, but that they shouldn’t fear because “that is all there is to the so called peace”. Meanwhile, at the Seireitei Jushiro Ukitake reveals that he has successfully completed three rounds of treatment. Shinji is confused and suggests that Jushiro didn’t need medical attention. He reveals that he helped heal everyone except Kenpachi.

031However, Kenpachi is able to move and asks where Yachiru Kusajishi is. He is informed that his men are searching for her. Kenpachi attempts to leave, but is stopped by Reishi. Kenpachi moves toward Urahara but is intercepted by Nanao. She tells him that “his men will be able to search faster than he can”. Surprisingly, he agrees and backs off. Urahara gives everyone sphere’s to hold. He instructs them to stand within the circle and charge the spheres with their spiritual power.

ghgHe opens the ceiling, ask Ichigo finally arrives in the Soul Palace. Yhwach turns around and proclaims to Ichigo that “a small insect like him has no need to have such a destiny, he tells Ichigo that he should be thankful that he will be crushed by his hands”, as he prepares for battle. This chapter set up the battle between Yhwach and Ichigo nicely. With the Royal guard defeated, it will be interesting to see who pair off to face the Elite Sternritter, along with Haschwalth and Uryu.



Weekly Shonen (11/27/14)

One Piece

Chapter 769

The Pirate Bellamy

ggghhLaw and Doflamingo continue their fight. Law uses his powers to throw part of a castle at Doflamingo. Doflamingo counters with “Spider’s Web“, Law appears behind him and attacks. Doflamingo blocks the attack, and tells him that if he wanted to kill him he should have “pitted him against Kaidou”. He says that Law’s death was “guaranteed”.

02lDoflamingo knocks Law into a building, ripping of his right arm in the process. He says he will forgive Law like he did his brother and father, with death. However, before Doflamingo can kill Law, Luffy arrives using his “Jet Gatling“. The clone falls to the ground after being defeated by Luffy. Luffy pleads with Doflamingo to stop Bellamy.

09ghghghBellamy uses his “Spring Hopper” and bounces around the room. Luffy tells him that “he’ll die if he keeps moving”. Bellamy states that “he’s not going to attack Doflamingo, despite the fact that he no longer admires him”. He asks Luffy for a fight, stating that it to be his last.





Chapter 607

The Master

06ghghgYhwach proclaims that “leader of the very squad that watches over the shinigami, fears my power such that he has to have it halved”. He says that he still has the ability to restore his power back. He say’s that “everything in this world exists for his taking”. Yhwach sends several beams of reishi at Ichibe. Ichibe closes his hands and stops the beams effortlessly.

07kkkkkkkIchibe says that he was trying to spare “Yhwach’s reputation”. Yhwach seems perplexed by Ichibe’s statement. Ichibe says that “if he crushed Yhwach while he was at full power, it would have tarnished the reputation of the quincy”. He charges at Yhwach, saying if your “dead your reputation is meaningless anyway”. He uses “Hyappo Rankan”, Yhwach counters with “Blut Vene Anhaben”.

13gggggggggIchibe follows up with “Urahado Sannodo Tetsufusatsu“, he breaks Yhwach’s barrier. Ichibe grabs Yhwach’s throat, but the “Blut Vene” attempts to erode and expand everything that comes into contact with Yhwach. Ichibe isn’t phased as he crushes Yhwach’s throat. Ichibe releases his Zanpakuto, Ichimonji.


Weekly Shonen (11/20/14)

One Piece

Chapter 768

The Trigger that Day

001Law and Doflamingo clash, with Law thinking to himself that “he’ll be free once he defeats Doflamingo”. He asks Doflamingo “what he thinks of Monkey D. Luffy” and “what he makes of D”. Law stabs at Doflamingo who catches the sword with haki. He asks tells him that “Luffy, a D. may have been sent there by fate’s will”. Law reveals that he is a D.

Meanwhile, Viola keeps watch of all the current battles and informs Usopp of the location of the fighters and who’s winning. The Colosseum combatants are failing in their fight against the Donquixote executives. Doflamingo, seems to be unimpressed with the lore of D.

008-009He dismisses it as being a “silly superstition”. Trevor warns Doflamingo that “he’s within the D power’s sphere of influence”. The warning was too late as Law uses “Injection Shot”. He pierces him stating that “he had accomplished what Corazon had failed by shooting Doflamingo”.

If I’m being honest I don’t care about any of the non Doflamingo fights. None of them are really interesting, so I wouldn’t mind if they complete them off page. I think that adding to the lore of “D”, is most interesting. Maybe in the next few chapters we’ll get more information about it.





Chapter 606

Divine Division

03Ichibei notes will kill Yhwach for being so disrespectful, and not listening to him. Ichibei says that he has no choice, but to make Yhwach “forfeit his life”. Elsewhere, Yushiro Shihoin ( the 23rd head of the Shihoin Clan ) searches for Yoruichi, while carrying a large wrapped object.

Urahara draws a line in the ground, as he does Hiyori Sarugaki arrives. She asks him “if he did not finish his preparations inside the building”. When Urahara states that he “has already sent Yoruichi up”. Hiyori demands to know why he sent her up before they got there. She accuses him of believing “it is okay for Yoruichi and Ichigo to die as long as they slow down the enemy”.dfYushiro interrupts them, and is saddened that Yoruichi is already gone. Urahara tells her “that whatever she brought will likely prove useful to them and begins walking inside”. We return to the “Soul King Palace”, Ichibei and Yhwach continue to fight. Yhwach tells Ichibei his demeanor has changed from very happy to more “ghastly” expression. Ichibei hits Yhwach with his brush, but he blocks it with his forearm. Ichibei to reveals his brush can “cut names” as Yhwach’s arm falls to his side.

Ichibei ability “cuts” Yhwach abilities in half, he “changes” the name of his arm to “Ar”. Ichibei sends him flying backward with a single slash. When Ichibei asks him “how he feels about being cut to pieces, Yhwach grins and demands to know if he looks like he is suffering as Reishi gathers around him”. This chapter was pretty good. I’m interested in what Ichibei power actually is, or more accurately how it works. There’s NO way he wins this fight, but I can’t imagine how Yhwach escapes this. I’m always excited when Yoruichi and Urahara are involved in the story line. I’m hoping that we get to see their respective Bankai’s.


Weekly Shonen (10/9/14)

One Piece

Chapter 763

Declaration of humanity


In this chapter we get more back story on Doflamingo and Law. Doflamingo awakens from a nightmare featuring himself and his family as they are hanging from a building by a vengeful mob. The mob is unsure of whether they should kill them or “make them suffer“. Individual people reveal the tragedies that the World Nobles inflicted on them and their families. World Nobles have demanded  a tax that has rendered them impoverished.

We then flashback 33 years in the past to Mariejois. Doflamingo’s father “Donquixote Homing” leaves the life of a World Noble taking his wife and two children with him. The other World Nobles were angered by Homing’s desire to leave. The Donquixotes head to a “World Government non-member nation“. They  are given “a mansion and a small fortune“.

15rtrDoflamingo, is slow to understand the that things are not the way they use to be. He immediately asks to “get some slaves“. When other citizens “won’t bow down to him” Doflamingo becomes enraged. Doflamingo’s behavior alerts the public to his families heritage, and they burn down the Donquixote mansion in response. Homing pleads with the World Nobles to give his family shelter. They flat out refuse to help unsurprisingly, claiming that he’s nothing but a “filthy human“.

Doflamingo for “the first time is hungry“, soon his mother dies and his father pleads for his children to be spared. Meanwhile, Law gets caught and is made a member of the Doflamingo family. Doflamingo tells Law about “a Devil Fruit that can cure his illness“. He offers to train Law to become his right hand man in “10 years”. Corazon lies to cover for Law saying  an “enemy” attacked him.

lawLaw spends the next few years joining the crew as they commit act of piracy. Law finally reveals his full name, “Trafalgar D. Water Law“. Corazon grabs Law and speaks for the first time, “telling him to get away from Doflamingo“. One of the interesting and confusing aspects about One Piece is the use of “D” in one’s name. I clearly need to research it a bit more but I do find it odd that it has such significance.

Especially considering the fact that theoretically anyone can name themselves or children with the “D” initial. I am aware of the fact that the mystery surrounding the “Will of D” is part of One Piece’s story but, it seems odd that no one appears to fake the “Will of D“. Anyway, the story continues to get interesting, thought I can’t wait to see why Doflamingo to kill his brother.




Chapter 600


05ghkjhjgjSenjumaru “appears” dead as she falls to the ground resulting in a pool of blood. Lying there “with a hole in her head“, Gerard criticizes Lille ruining the path of Yhwach. Lille has Pernida remove her body, he crumple it into a ball. Gerard mentions that the “Zero squad” is failing to meet expectations. Lille uses his sniper rifle to “destroy” the cities that surrounded the Soul King Palace.

Lille turns to Yhwach and is stunned to find the surrounding area have turned into fabric. The real Senjumaru reveals “this was a fake palace created for their arrival and that the real palace is being protected by Ichibei Hyosube, who has drawn a barrier over it that keeps it hidden”.

01pppLille takes aim attempting to shoot the real palace, a he does “large trees shoot up around the group and form a cage” as Kirio Hikifune explains “how she can create trees that absorb Reishi and block Reishi attacks“. Oetsu Nimaiya appears and draws his Zanpakuto before proclaiming “the battle of zero squad officially starts now“.

I expected that Senjumaru wasn’t dead, but she wasn’t even touched. It appears that the zero squad is as powerful as advertised and they plan on fighting together with in the cage. I getting excited at their possible abilities. Though the back and forth of the battle is just getting started, I’m already intrigued.





Chapter 695

Naruto and Sasuke

002It so bitter sweet that this chapter is the beginning of the last five chapters of Naruto ending at chapter 700. So lets enjoy it while it lasts. This chapter was mostly a battle chapter (the way it should be). Sasuke launches a “Fire release – Great Fireball Technique” at Naruto. Naruto respond by activating his “Six Paths Sage Technique” then uses a “chakra arm to deflect it“. Sasuke appears behind him and attacks with a Chidori.

Sasuke activates his Susanoo and shoots three arrows, which Naruto counters with three “Truth-Seeking Balls“. Sasuke uses his “Perfect Susanoo” and attacks as Naruto counters with his “Kurama avatar“. As they clash, they flashback to their youth. Sasuke claims that “Naruto will die if he continues to fight at his current pace, but Naruto refuses to let Sasuke kill him and chides Sasuke for trying to do everything alone once again“.

010-11Sasuke uses “Chidori” with his Susanoo, and Naruto forms a “Tailed Beast Ball” fused with “Senjutsu” to counter. Naruto notes that “he will never abandoned Sasuke” as their attacks combine creating a massive explosion. Sasuke states that he “truly understands Naruto’s actions and has reciprocal respect for them“.

I’m a little sad Naruto is ending but have much hope for one final battle. I think its safe to say Sasuke won’t die, but four chapters seems inefficient for this important battle. Hopefully, we can avoid a bout of “Talk no Jutsu“. The battle so far isn’t anything new in terms of techniques. I don’t know what I’m expecting from this fight. However, it should at least be entertaining and I don’t think that’s too much to hope for.