Fairy Tail

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Chapter 461

For whose sake is that perfume?

Evergreen asks Ichiya, “were in magnolia the whole time”? He responds that he was in Magnolia for a week. He explains that he was “completing Christina’s maintenance and refueling”. They thank him, he then stands on the head of the defeated robot. Freed quickly springs into action, telling Ichiya to “watch out”. The head explodes but he is saved by the Thunder God Tribe, who use their bodies to shield him from the damage.



Gray and the others react to the explosion. Ichiya is grateful and begins to cry. Meanwhile, in the south of Fiore¬†waters off Hargeon we see a fleet of ships. Dimaria asks the real Wahl to stop his insane laughter. Wahl concedes that “this battle has exceeded his calculations”. He reveals to Dimaria that Brandish has been captured. She finds this information to be comical. He doesn’t think that letting a “small-time guild make fools of us”.



He created a Hyper Long Range Anti-Matter Magic Cannon and aims directly for Fairy Tail headquarters. Warren senses the magic coming from Wahl, they begin to panic and evacuate. Ichiya arrives and uses Christina as a shield. He contacts other guilds and calls them to help protect their continent. All the Mages prepare to join Fairy Tail in battle. I’m excited to see this upcoming battle and who comes to face off against the Alvarez Empire. Wahl seems to be a very formidable¬†opponent. However, I’m sure Fairy Tail will be victorious.