One Piece: The Tamatebako saves the day

Whole Cake Chateau is saved

The Whole Cake Chateau begins to fall after the Tamatebako explodes, the citizens begin to panic as does. In the commotion the Strawhat pirates, Fire Tank pirates and the Vinsmoke family all flee. Big Mom also falls and Bege rejoices as he believes that the Big Mom pirates are finished. However, Streusen uses his ability to cut the top of the Chateau off, saving the citizens and Big Mom pirates.

Going their separate ways

Bege ejects the Strawhat’s from his body and tells them it’s time to prepare to go “their separate ways,” he returns the heart to Caesar. The strawhat’s prepare to escape and Bege warns them that it will take a “day’s journey to escape.” The strawhat’s prepare to take the Shark Submerge 3 back to the Thousand Sunny. The Big Mom pirates split into two groups, one to follow the Strawhat’s and the other to follow the Fire Tank pirates. However, Big Mom’s “eating disorder” kicks in, spelling doom for those nearby.

As I predicted the Tamatebako explosion was going to save the Strawhat’s and their allies, whether they escape still remains to be seen. However, Big Mom is about to go on a food rage which will surely make it easier. The real question is what happens when she does. When we were shown Big Mom as a child and she went into a food rage she appeared to eat all her friends. If this indeed did happen it is likely that she will attempt to eat her family. I wonder if she will or will her family be able to stop her? Maybe the end of Big Mom or the Big Mom pirates will be her doing?




One Piece: The Strawhat’s plan of escape

Judge and Germa 66 change of heart

Judge asks Sanji why he bothered saving them and he responds “that his father would be saddened to see him holding on to a childhood grudge and laughing at his blood relatives’ death.” Sanji tells Judge to forget that their father and son, Judge agrees. He promises that he will no longer come near Sanji or East Blue. The Germa 66 plan on fighting against the Big Mom pirates, and since they all can fly on their own will not need to remain within Bege to escape.

Bege’s plan

Bege surprises everyone with his concern for his crew, wife and son. Normally, it shouldn’t be surprising but Bege’s persona suggested that he would care. He comes up with a plan where he will return to his normal size and with Caesar reluctant help escape. Germa explains that they will help the alliance escape. Caesar, the Vinsmokes, and Bege begin the plan. The Big Mom pirates open fire and are deflected by the Vinsmokes. Big Mom attacks with Prometheus causing Reiju to be damaged, she then uses her fist and surprisingly both Luffy and Sanji counter her attack.



I can’t shake the feeling that someone in the Strawhat crew is going to die. My most reasonable guess is that it will be Sanji. However, I hope I’m wrong. It seems that it’s more likely that the Germa 66 will fight to the death against the odds and ultimately be killed. While this won’t redeem them, it will help save the Strawhat’s and the Fire Tank Pirates. It is also possible that some third party, like the Sun Pirates or the army from the Germa Kingdom. Regardless, the stakes are increasing and this arc is reaching it’s climax.

The plan stutters in One Piece

The Vinsmoke Family Massacre Plan

Chapter 864

Big Mom fails to land a hit on Jinbe and Luffy, meanwhile, Brook destroys the picture of Mother Carmel. He reveals himself to everyone much to the surprise of the Big Mom pirates. Many of the wedding guests think that he actually pulled his own skin off resulting a lot of comedic moments. Big Mom’s reaction is more muted than previously expected.

Pudding meanwhile attempts to shoot Sanji, but he effortlessly manages to dodge her shots. She is attacked by her older brother, Charlotte Daifuku. He ate the Hoya Hoya no Mi, that gave him the ability to summon a genie from his body. Diafuku’s genie attacks Sanji, meanwhile, Caesar begins his part in the plan. Bege attacks Luffy to keep his cover, Jinbe is concerned that Big Mom hasn’t reacted yet.

Pedro faces off against Charlotte Oven, who ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi. Oven remembers Pedro from the first invasion and promises that he will not show him any mercy. Nami, Chopper and Carrot remain in the cake waiting for their moment to strike. Brook is decapitated and his head rolls towards Luffy, Judge cries out for help as he and his family is held at gunpoint.

Judge says that “there should be honor among thieves,” his sons are critical of his behavior, due to the fact that his children are sociopaths. Meanwhile, Brook tells Luffy that they need to show Big Mom the broken picture. Bege notices that Katakuri has completely “turned white,” meaning that he’s seen a “horrible future.” Bege tells everyone to get ready for Big Mom’s scream, while he tells Katakuri that “Katakuri can see a bit into the future, anyone has the power to change it.”

Another great chapter. The plan isn’t going as planned considering Big Mom doesn’t instantly begin screaming. Brook is of course the comic relief of this chapter. The abilities of Charlotte’s Daifuku and Oven are interesting. Daifuku genie is the most interesting power of the two, not much is know about the genies abilities but it’s strong enough to combat Sanji. Judge being a coward wasn’t really surprising nor was the consequences of how he raised his sons. I think it’s unlikely that they are killed without a fight. I feel they will be rescued by the Strawhat’s but be ungrateful, and probably won’t help the Strawhat’s fight Big Mom. Finally, I’m hoping to see a full fight between Bege and Katakuri could be awesome.

Ghost in the Shell Bilingual manga – NEW TRANSLATION

Jinbei is boss, plans to join the Strawhat’s

Luffy’s plan revealed

Luffy uses a mirror inside the wedding cake and using the abilities of Brulee to reflect an image of someone onto another person. Luffy captures several animals and Luffy uses the copies as the distraction as they jump out of the giant cake. The cake topples over and Big Mom is outraged at the sight of the cake falling. She demands that a new cake be made and she threatens to kill the cooks. She uses her “Soul Pocus” abilities on them an kills them.

Luffy vs Big Mom

Big Mom wonders which of the Luffy clone’s are real. Bege is impressed with Luffy’s plan at first, but is shocked when Luffy reveals his real self. Luffy targets the photo of Mother Carmel, Big Mom uses Zeus and Prometheus and prepares to attack him. Katakuri attacks Luffy with a sticky substance trapping his arms and legs. It is revealed that Katakuri consumed the Mochi Mochi no Mi a logia-type devil fruit.

Jinbe is boss

Jinbe rescues Luffy from Katakuri’s attack. He admits to Big Mom that he was the one that told Luffy about Mother Carmel’s photo. Big Mom accuses him of trying to start a mutiny, he tells her that he’s merely quitting her crew and joining the Strawhat’s. Luffy is excited to hear this news and Big Mom claims that she is fine with this. However, she demands that Jinbe offer up his lifespan. Jinbe consents to his lifespan being taken, but Big Mom fails to take his life.

Jinbe explains that “he will not cower at a mere yonko,” especially if he plans on joining the crew of the “future pirate king.” Big Mom announces that they are now officially enemies, meanwhile, Brook appearing as a Luffy clone breaks the picture of Mother Carmel. This chapter was amazing. I knew the plan wasn’t going to go off perfectly, but the chaos that occur was fun to watch.

Jinbe as always is the standout of this chapter, having no fear of Big Mom is impressive considering her power. I couldn’t be more excited for Jinbe to join the Strawhat’s. Caesar is a red flag for me, I think he will betray them at some point. Sanji seems to have fallen in love with Pudding, but despite the fact she was abused, her bad choices may be too much to forgive. Is it possible that Sanji leaves as Jinbe joins the crew? Anyway another good chapter.

Capone Bege, looks to start a red wedding


Chopper and Luffy finally make contact

Chopper and the others finally locate Sanji and Luffy through a mirror shard that Nami left nearby. Luffy hears Chopper voice and is told that all the members of the Strawhat crew have been found. Luffy informs them that “they are going to crash the wedding and save Sanji’s family, after which Sanji will come back to the crew.” Sanji is apprehensive about involving the Strawhat’s in a fight against a Yonko. However, the Strawhat’s confirm that they are will to make any sacrifice necessary to get Sanji back.



Jinbei explains the underworld

Jinbei informs Luffy that the rulers of the Underworld will be attending the Tea party. He reveals that Bege is one of the bosses of the five most powerful mafias in the West Blue. Bege enjoys chaos and often goes after the heads of organizations defeating them and revealing in the aftermath. Bege didn’t care to gain power, but the result was Bege created many enemies. He has managed to gain the title “Rook” in Big Mom’s crew. Now he’s in charge of security, as a result no one could get in his way, when he comes for Big Mom.



Bege plots to kill Big Mom

Bege plans to kill Big Mom during the wedding. Unsurprisingly, the Strawhat crew is shocked by this revelation. Jinbe then reveals the Pekoms was offered and opportunity to joined forces with him to kill Big Mom. Bege shot him to keep him from telling on him, but Pekoms was rescued by Jinbei’s crew. Luffy becomes angered by this, but Jinbei challenges Luffy to reconsider making Bege an enemy. Since the Strawhat’s are currently only eight people and have five hours to come up with a plan, Jinbei suggests that they join forces with Bege to defeat Big Mom.


The 857th chapter of One Piece, Rook, is a incredible change of events for this arc. It always seemed improbably that the small Strawhat crew would be able to defeat Big Mom, so the Bege twist is both surprising and solves the problem. I’m not sure why Luffy would so quickly agree to join up with Bege, considering his brutality. Regardless, Luffy and the Strawhat’s have no choice but to join forces, this arc keeps getting better.



Weekly Shonen (01/15/16)


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One Piece

Chapter 812

Capone Gang Bege

Pekoms and Capone Bege arrive on Zou. Pekoms is outraged at the destruction of the city, Karau. He assumes that the “Straw Hats” are responsible. Meanwhile, Wanda and Nami are trying on clothing as Sanji make a fool of himself ogling them. Pekoms arrives and is relieved to find him fellow minks are still alive. He was told that the “Straw Hats” saved them. After seeing the Big Mom Pirates, Caesar panics. He pleads with Sanji to “save” him, but Sanji responds that now that Doflamingo has been defeated Caesar is now “useless.”


Sanji confronts Bege and Pekoms, along with Brooke. He asks “what business the Big Mom Pirates.” have on Zou. Pekoms thanks Sanji for saving his home. He reveals that “they had two missions: to capture Caesar and do something that would tear apart the Straw Hats.” He was willing to overlook the last part of the mission. However, Bege doesn’t find his decision acceptable. Pekoms says that he “will take any punishment handed to him”. Bege shots him in the back, shocking everyone.


He orders his “men out”, several small soldiers jump of openings in his bodies. The Firetank Pirates return to full size, they surround Brooke and Sanji at gun point. Bege reveals that he ate the Shiro Shiro no Mi, becoming the “Castle Man.” Bege said that “he would have liked to annihilate Pekoms with a cannon, but it would have drawn the minks’ attention and he did not want to deal with their strength.” Bege orders Vito to bring Nami and Chopper. He captures everyone and brings them to his castle. Bege reveals “an invitation for a tea party” sent by Big Mom. The event will be a wedding ceremony, where “Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, would be wed to Purin, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family.


This chapter continues to add to the intrigue of the Zou arc. Pekoms reaction to the “Straws Hats”, saving his tribe wasn’t that surprising. However, Bege betrayal was. The Shiro Shiro devil fruit ability is interesting. However, the most shocking revelation is the fact that Sanji is being forced to marry. I think he may do it if it could save his friends and if she attractive. We’ll see. 






Chapter 658

Fatal Matters are Cold

The title of this chapter told us who was returning in this chapter. Hitsugaya’s return wasn’t surprising but I’m happy to see him return. Other characters also make a return to the series. The Visored, Hiyori, Lisa, Love, and Ushoda return. For the most part they prove to be useless. At this point Gerard isn’t really that impressive. He’s rather boring and I’m not at all interested in him. However, I would imagine he becomes more interesting when give a challenge. 


The first question to ask is “can Hitsugaya defeat him.” I think he can if Gerard’s power is based on “pure power” conversion. If Hitsugaya can circumvent this ability with his ice based attacks, he maybe the only one who can. Anyway, Askin explains his power AGAIN. This time he manages to shoot Yushiro with three arrows through the chest. I don’t know what Yoruichi will come up with to defeat him, but I hope she does. Overall, mostly a set up chapter. I hope Hitsugaya has some new techniques. 

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