One Piece: Big Mom goes on the rampage

The citizens of Sweet City recover from the damage caused by the explosion of the Tamatebako, with the Whole Cake Chateau in ruins, along with the wedding, wedding cake and Vinsmoke assassination plan. They are all uncertain what the cause of the explosion, meanwhile, Katakuri has sent squads to hunt after the Straw Hats, Fire Tank Pirates and the Germa. He asks Brulee to accompany him, as he plans to kill Luffy.

Smoothie interrupts them to announce that they need to flee, Big Mom is behind her, as her eating disorder caused her to begin a rampage. Big Mom has a dead Opera in her hand, shocking the Big Mom pirates. All of their lives are now in danger, as Big Mom attacks indiscriminately. Perospero foolishly lies to her telling her that there’s a second cake and the Strawhat’s stole it. Big Mom warns him that if he’s lying she will kill him. She summons Zeus and rides it towards the Strawhat’s.

Katakuri and the others are relieved but know that Perospero only bought the some time. Pudding arrives and reveals a plan to make a chocolate chiffon cake, she seems to back to her evil ways and hopes that Big Mom kills Sanji. The Strawhat’s are rushing to escape and ride a newly sewn together King Baum, they cut through the Seducing Woods. Big Mom quickly catches up to them and she demands the cake back, wielding Napoleon in sword form.

Opera’s death isn’t very important nor was it surprising he was already proven to be a traitor. However, the danger Big Mom represents to her own family seems to create a rather tense environment. Normally she’s irrational and selfish, in her current mentality she’s even worst. Perospero basically commits suicide by lying to Big Mom, but manages to save the Big Mom pirates at the expense of the Strawhat’s. I feel that one of the Strawhat’s will sacrifice themselves to buy them time, the best bet will be that it’s Pedro.


One Piece: The Tamatebako saves the day

Whole Cake Chateau is saved

The Whole Cake Chateau begins to fall after the Tamatebako explodes, the citizens begin to panic as does. In the commotion the Strawhat pirates, Fire Tank pirates and the Vinsmoke family all flee. Big Mom also falls and Bege rejoices as he believes that the Big Mom pirates are finished. However, Streusen uses his ability to cut the top of the Chateau off, saving the citizens and Big Mom pirates.

Going their separate ways

Bege ejects the Strawhat’s from his body and tells them it’s time to prepare to go “their separate ways,” he returns the heart to Caesar. The strawhat’s prepare to escape and Bege warns them that it will take a “day’s journey to escape.” The strawhat’s prepare to take the Shark Submerge 3 back to the Thousand Sunny. The Big Mom pirates split into two groups, one to follow the Strawhat’s and the other to follow the Fire Tank pirates. However, Big Mom’s “eating disorder” kicks in, spelling doom for those nearby.

As I predicted the Tamatebako explosion was going to save the Strawhat’s and their allies, whether they escape still remains to be seen. However, Big Mom is about to go on a food rage which will surely make it easier. The real question is what happens when she does. When we were shown Big Mom as a child and she went into a food rage she appeared to eat all her friends. If this indeed did happen it is likely that she will attempt to eat her family. I wonder if she will or will her family be able to stop her? Maybe the end of Big Mom or the Big Mom pirates will be her doing?



One Piece Chapter 871: the tamatebako explodes

The Germa Kingdom steps up

The Strawhat’s and the others would be dead without the Vinsmoke family stepping up and defending them. Judge attacks Big Mom directly with his spear, she simply breaks the spear with her teeth. She counters with Zeus, while promising to use his scientific powers for her benefit. One strange response to his defeat at the hands of Big Mom was his children, Niji and Yonji. The Vinsmokes are suppose to be emotionless, but they seemed to be willing to sacrifice themselves for their father.

Luffy versus Big Mom

One of the appealing aspects of the One Piece series is that there are numerous characters that are incredibly strong. Big Mom being a Yonko puts her on another level compared to everyone else. However, newer pirates like Luffy are rising up in the ranks, so it’s interesting to see how he stacks up. The answer apparently is not well. Luffy decides that he wants to punch her “just once,” he activates “Gear Fourth,” but it’s easily block by Big Mom.

Tamatebako is a deus ex machina

This may be a premature claim, as we haven’t seen the results of the explosion, but how else will everyone escape from this dire situation. I think its a good thing that Luffy and the strawhat’s aren’t strong enough to defeat Big Mom yet. However, I think it’s telling that Luffy stated that he will defeat Big Mom AFTER he beats Kaido. Considering that even Big Mom believes that he’s unbeatable, I think Oda is suggesting that within the story will see Luffy defeat him before doing the same to Big Mom. Whether, this occurs or not remains to be seen of course.

One Piece: Did Big Mom eat everyone?

Carmel’s uses Soru Soru no Mi

During Linlin’s rampage she manages to severely injures Jorl, Carmel then uses her soul to give the flames caused by Linlin human characteristics. She names the newly anthropomorphize fire, Pandora. Carmel claims that Pandora is a sun god and has made everything right. Jarl is unsatisfied and attempts to kill Linlin in her sleep. Carmel begs him to let her leave with Linlin and he tearfully (due to his brothers likely death), and let’s them go. Linlin becomes hated in the giant race around the world. It turns out that Carmel originally had the Soru Soru no Mi and used it to suggest that the Gods have influence in the real world. She seems to have succeed in convincing the masses of the fact.

Mother Carmel is a fraud

Carmel begins a new sheep house, she goes to the World Government, telling CP-0 agents that she was willing to sell Linlin for a high price. Carmel reveals that she has sold several high quality orphans as spies. Carmel is called the “Mountain Witch,” and has been a trafficker of orphans. She lies to the children, raising them to be sold later to the Government. It’s somewhat shocking that Mother Carmel turned out to be a fraud. I wonder what happened to the orphan sold to the government. Are they resentful? It’s possible that they had a much better life with the government?

Linlin eats her friends and Mother Carmel?

The most confusing and potentially troubling is what happens during Linlin’s sixth birthday or more accurately what appears to happen. Linlin is given a large amount of Selma called “croquembouche.” She gorges herself on the selma and she claims to have had the “greatest birthday of her life.” When she opens her eyes to thank them, she realizes that they all have “disappeared.” The clear assumption is that Linlin ate all of her friends. The best evidence for this is the fact that Mother Carmel disappears along with the others and we know that Linlin has her Soru Soru no Mi devil fruit ability. It seems logical that in consuming Carmel she could have consumed he abilities as a consequence.

The plan stutters in One Piece

The Vinsmoke Family Massacre Plan

Chapter 864

Big Mom fails to land a hit on Jinbe and Luffy, meanwhile, Brook destroys the picture of Mother Carmel. He reveals himself to everyone much to the surprise of the Big Mom pirates. Many of the wedding guests think that he actually pulled his own skin off resulting a lot of comedic moments. Big Mom’s reaction is more muted than previously expected.

Pudding meanwhile attempts to shoot Sanji, but he effortlessly manages to dodge her shots. She is attacked by her older brother, Charlotte Daifuku. He ate the Hoya Hoya no Mi, that gave him the ability to summon a genie from his body. Diafuku’s genie attacks Sanji, meanwhile, Caesar begins his part in the plan. Bege attacks Luffy to keep his cover, Jinbe is concerned that Big Mom hasn’t reacted yet.

Pedro faces off against Charlotte Oven, who ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi. Oven remembers Pedro from the first invasion and promises that he will not show him any mercy. Nami, Chopper and Carrot remain in the cake waiting for their moment to strike. Brook is decapitated and his head rolls towards Luffy, Judge cries out for help as he and his family is held at gunpoint.

Judge says that “there should be honor among thieves,” his sons are critical of his behavior, due to the fact that his children are sociopaths. Meanwhile, Brook tells Luffy that they need to show Big Mom the broken picture. Bege notices that Katakuri has completely “turned white,” meaning that he’s seen a “horrible future.” Bege tells everyone to get ready for Big Mom’s scream, while he tells Katakuri that “Katakuri can see a bit into the future, anyone has the power to change it.”

Another great chapter. The plan isn’t going as planned considering Big Mom doesn’t instantly begin screaming. Brook is of course the comic relief of this chapter. The abilities of Charlotte’s Daifuku and Oven are interesting. Daifuku genie is the most interesting power of the two, not much is know about the genies abilities but it’s strong enough to combat Sanji. Judge being a coward wasn’t really surprising nor was the consequences of how he raised his sons. I think it’s unlikely that they are killed without a fight. I feel they will be rescued by the Strawhat’s but be ungrateful, and probably won’t help the Strawhat’s fight Big Mom. Finally, I’m hoping to see a full fight between Bege and Katakuri could be awesome.

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How to assassinate a Youkou in 5 seconds

The Plan

The Strawhat’s and the Fire Tank Pirates meet to discuss the plan to assassinate Big Mom. While, Sanji doesn’t seem particularly interested in the assassination of Big Mom, however, he finds the idea difficult to image. The Strawhat’s wonder how can they accomplish this with Big Mom being surrounded by her ministers. Bege tells them “under certain conditions, they will have five seconds to take Big Mom’s head.” Failure will probably result in death.

Caesar poison

The plan begins with Caesar Clown using his KX Launcher, which will kill any one that is hit by the phosphorous poison. However, the poison can’t pierce the skin of Big Mom. In order to weaken her two conditions must be met, first, there must be no interference in the five seconds and Big Mom’s body must be weaken. Bege explains that Big Mom was once injured at a previous tea party, when the photo of her Mother Carmel is damaged.

Big Mom’s weakness

Big Mom responded by emitting an Haoshoku Haki infused shriek, when she kneeled down she started to bleed. Bege plans to use this trigger to weaken Big Mom, the Strawhat’s will be given special earplugs to save themselves from being effected. Bege also reveals that Luffy will be the bait to distract Big Mom’s forces. Luffy agrees without much convincing, Luffy says that Sanji and Pudding kiss will be the signal. However, Sanji reminds him that “Pudding will shoot him before that, so he will dodge.” 

Once Big Mom starts shrieking, Luffy can save the Vinsmokes. They can escape from the room through on of Brulee’s mirrors and get back to their ships. There’s no way this plan is going to work. The margins are too narrow and neither Bege, Caesar or Brulee are trust worthy enough. In order for this plan to work far too many moving parts will have too work seamlessly. I’m also surprise that Luffy is so willing to join in on assassination, he doesn’t often condone killing anyone. I also unfortunately believe that one of the Strawhat’s may be killed, or maybe Jinbe. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

The Strawhat’s save Brooke, Sanji finds Luffy

011-10The Strawhat’s come to Brooke’s rescue

In the Mirror-world, Chopper, Nami, Carrot, Pedro, and Jinbei finally find Brooke. Big Mom, Zeus, Prometheus, Napoleon and Brooke are all asleep. The fact that Brooke is comfortable that he could sleep in the arms of Big Mom was funny. Brulee attempts and fails to get Big Mom’s attention, but Big Mom does notice a fly. She displays her massive strength when she tries to kill it. Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon wake, attacking the point they believe the danger is coming from.



Brooke get’s the Poneglyph

The Strawhat’s devise a plan to trick Big Mom, by creating a fake Brooke, with a skeleton and seaweed. Chopper attempts to save Brooke, but sneezes, causing Big Mom to attack again. Carrot tries, but also fails. Big Mom finally lets go of Brooke, and Nami tries to get him. Brooke almost get’s them caught, but Jinbei comes to their rescue. Brooke is surprised that he was saved, he does reveal that however, that he did manage to copy the Poneglyph.


The most interesting part of this chapter is the successful rescue of Brooke. It combined the best elements of the One Piece series, humor and dangerous tension. I wasn’t surprised with the outcome, but wasn’t certain that it was going to happen. Big Mom is going to be PISSED, and we’ll see how quickly she releases that Brooke is gone. Furthermore the fact that Brooke got the Poneglyph, is a great achievement. It appears that the Strawhat’s have been largely successful in this arc, but the fact that Brulee and Diesel are aware that they have the Poneglyph is going to be a long term problem.

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Luffy and Nami are dominated by the Army of Rage


One Piece – Chapter 846

Tamago’s Security

In the outskirts of Sweet City, Nami and Luffy are being defeated by the “Army of Rage.” Galette is surprised by the ability of Nami to use a giant lightning bolt. Nami informs her that she could only do this because of Big Mom’s creation of a thundercloud. Amande uses her Meito: Shirauo on King Baum. The homie begs for mercy, as Amande dissects it vertically. Baum tells her that they aided the Strawhat’s against their will. Amande is unmoved and aims to make Baum’s death a slow painful one.


Luffy at his limit

Charlotte Mont-d’Or stands on two books levitating, he praises Luffy for his ability to face of against Cracker and manage to handle the “Barbarian Army” as well. Opera attacks Luffy with Cream Monster, he increases his “sweetness” which causes Luffy’s arm to burn. He activates his Gear Third and is moved to a new location. Confused, Luffy is told that his is in the “World of Books” by Mont-d’Or. Luffy becomes distracted by seeing Amande approaching Nami, she warns Luffy, telling him to dodge.


Start reading, One Piece, Vol. 80

The books close above Luffy’s head, he is punched simultaneously by with Haki by two large members of the Big Mom pirates. As Luffy collapses on the ground, so does a crying King Baum (both halves). Amande removes Lola’s Vivre card from Nami’s dress. Galette concludes that the vivre card was the reason the Strawhat’s were able to escape the Seducing Woods and overcome the Chess Soldiers. Seeing the word “Lola” on the card, Amande assumes that the Strawhat’s harmed Lola. Nami attempts to explain, but the Big Mom pirates take Luffy captive.


Big Mom’s compromise

Elsewhere, at Whole Cake Chateau, Sanji and Big Mom have a conversation regarding, letting the Strawhat Pirates leave alive. Sanji is pleasantly surprised when she says yes. Of course Sanji must continue his pending marriage, he seems happy to do so. In the Room of Treasure, Tamago is watching over the three poneglyphs. He recounts that 30 exists, but only 9 are required to reach Raftel. Meanwhile, Charlotte Smoothie squeezes the “juice” out of a person and drinks it. She asks why more protection is necessary, Tamago reveals that Pedro is back on the island. Brook’s detached soul eavesdrops on their conversation.


Brook informs Pedro of the security changes, causing Pedro to grow concerned. However, Brook replies that “there is no way to leave and come back later with the entire crew, as they would most certainly be fought upon their return.” Brook asks Pedro “who Tamago’s target was,” and Pedro confirms that it’s him. Brook asks Pedro “to be the bait in their operation,” which is what Pedro was thinking. The Strawhat’s appear to both be in danger and saved. It’s hard to trust Big Mom, however, and I predict that she will go back on her word. It was unrealistic to believe that Luffy could single handily defeat the “Army of Rage.” However, he manage to do better than even the Big Mom Pirates could have expected. We got more information on the poneglyphs, but I don’t think the Strawhat’s can get out of this situation by themselves.


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