Little Witch Academia: Ursula Callistis is Shiny Chariot

Conflict between nations

Little Witch Academia is heading towards it season finally, in episode 22, titled Chariot and Croix, sees Akko come face to face with Croix. Two nations are on the brink of war for the fourth time over a soccer dispute. The nations have been at war since the middle ages. Andrew’s father berates his son for sticking his nose into business where he has no place. He reminds him of his responsibility as his heir.

The seventh word

Ursula tells Akko the seventh word, Phasansheer Shearylla. Ursula says that she doesn’t know what the word means, but that final word “lies within your heart.” Apparently, the seventh star will shine in response to the feelings in one’s heart. Once the seventh star shines, Akko needs to say the final word. Ursula attempts to tell her something else but is interrupted.


Andrew and Akko

Diana receives a message from Andrew for Akko to meet him at High Street. She quickly rushes to meet him and he explains the situation between the protesters. Akko and Andrew agree that the conflict is troublesome, Akko claims that if the protesters can witness Shiny Chariot they wouldn’t be so angry. Andrew shares in her hope but doubts it’s realistic. He asks her why she relies only Chariot so much, instead of just doing it herself? Akko decides that she will do it herself, nut becomes distracted by a floating cube.

Croix’s plan

While investigating the cubes, Akko runs into Professor Croix. She explains that she uses the cubes to absorb the energy from the human emotions. The aims to convert human emotions into magic energy, she calls it, Noir Fuel Spirit. While she doesn’t create the emotions, she does manipulate them, increasing the animosity between the nations. It is telling that she only seems to absorb negative human emotions like, anger, hatred, sadness, jealousy, fear and anxiety. Akko becomes disillusioned and thinks that magic should make people happy.

Ursula is Shiny Chariot

Croix attacks Akko with monster made from the previously mentioned cubes, Akko ends up captured. However, Ursula saves her, revealing herself to be Shiny Chariot. Croix reveals Chariot used, Dream Fuel Spiritwhich converts dreaming power to magical power. The consequence of using this power is that those who have their dreams converted to magic lose their magic. Basically, the reason Akko can’t fly is because she absorbed her magic. Akko is devastated and feels betrayed by Chariot and runs off.



The terror’s in the mind of Sucy


Sucy goes full mad scientists

Little Witch Academia continues to be fun and thoroughly entertaining anime, this episode is certainly that. Sucy, the emo and somewhat unethical witch, was the central character of this episode. Sucy completes a concoction, “created from the extract of a super rare magic mushroom and just a hair below being a lethal dose the ultra super energy drink.” She suggest that drink the potion will take her powers to the next level. She begins drinking the potion, aware of the potential dangers. She considers testing it on Akko first, but decides to try it herself.


Sucy goes into a deep sleep

Sucy enters a deep sleep, Akko and Lotte fail to wake her. They head to class, only to return with Sucy surrounded by mushrooms. Lotte finds a spell that could help, the spell would send a “sacrifice” into the sleeping witch. Akko volunteers herself to be that sacrifice.

In Sucy’s mind

She enters Sucy successfully, she quickly runs into one half of Sucy’s conscience, who wants to kill her. She then runs into the other half of her conscience, who also wants to kill her, but humanely. They offer to help Akko find the “original” Sucy, but they need her to promise to “clean our room, do their laundry, buy snacks, and carry their books for the next month.” Akko runs into several different Sucy personality traits, there’s “slothful Sucy,” “impatient as hell Sucy,” “wrathful Sucy,” “greedy Sucy,” and “Sucy who wants to spit on everything in the world.


The Sucy court by the Sucy

Akko runs into another Sucy that gives her flowers, and is quickly arrested. While in session the Sucy are judged, to death. The Sucy “who’s interested in reading Lotte’s night fall series,” the Sucy that thinks that “animal babies are cute,” the Sucy that “admire the lifestyle of West Coast celebs,” the one that wants “eyelash extensions,” wants to “get a boy,” are all sentenced to death. Akko is informed that the emotional sprouts are to be judge. Akko opens her big mouth and gets herself sentenced to death as well.


Sucy’s favorite memories

The most interesting part of this episode for me was watching Sucy’s memories. In the movie the characters in the series are depicted as Sucy views them. What is so revealing is that despite how goofy Akko appears and how mean she’s treated she is featured disproportionately in the movie.

Part of Sucy’s mind transforms into a grotesque monster, if it manages to consume the original it will become the true Sucy. Akko finally finds the real Sucy in room “666,” she finds Sucy in a bed of thorns. Akko also fights a dragon off, while trying to wake her. She hesitant while she begins trying to kiss Sucy like most fairy tails. Sucy slams Akko’s head into the stone bed and they wake up. This episode was really enjoyable and the animation was spectacular. Sucy is becoming the best character in the series and her personality standout. It will be interesting to see if Lotte will get more characterization later in this series. I hope so.

Akko shows us the beauty of the Pappiliodya

Akko and the Shiny Rod

The second episode of the Little Witch Academia, begins with Akko dreaming herself using the The Shiny Rod. She awakes, exited to the fact that she has the Shiny Rod and is attending the Luna Nova, witch academy. She still doesn’t have any knowledge of how to utilizes the Shiny Rod.


Akko is bored at Luna Nova

Unsurprisingly, Akko and Sucy find the lessons at Luna Nova to be boring. The first class studies the “luna alphabet,” “a traditional writing system that was used by ancient witches.” It’s considered a form of “phonemic orthography.” When the Professor if “anybody can read what’s written on the board,” Diana Cavendish raises her hand. She impresses the Professor who states that, “for as long as I have been a teacher, you are the first person able to read this.”


The next class is the potion class, which Sucy seems to enjoy. The following class explains the some have a theory that the, Pythagoras “laid the foundations of sorcery and divination.” Akko and Sucy are also bored in this class, Diana once again shows that she is smarter than everyone, when she corrects the Professor. At lunch Akko complains that school isn’t how she though it was. Diana and Akko clash over their opinions of Chariot. Of course Akko fails to make the statue move with the Shiny Rod, but Diana manages to do it herself.


The Jennifer Memorial Tree

The professors gather around the Jennifer Memorial tree, they are concerned with it’s seeming weakened state. They assume that it’s dying due to old age, Diana arrives and explains that the tree of life was left behind by the great witch Jennifer. Diana attempts to revitalize the tree with magic. She aims to provide the tree with nourishment using the spell, Louperial Ral. However, the spell causes the eggs of the Pappiliodya to begin hatching.


Diana, Akko and the others assume that they are pest and Diana begins killing them. Akko releases that they aren’t pests and step in to save them. She releases that they are “papilliodya chrysalises,” the Papilliodya “only emerge once every hundred-twenty years,” according to Akko. The Shiny Rod begins to glow and Akko uses the Papilliodya spell, Diana helps her with the pronunciation. The Papilliodya are released and they fly through the air.


This episode was interesting mostly for how the characters were presented. The typical templates were established, Diana the pretty, know it all mean girl. Lotte the good, nerdy friend, Sucy is sarcastic, talented but ultimately dismissive. Finally, there’s Akko, starry eyed and inspired, she doesn’t pay attention to anything in class but does have some magic knowledge. However, Diana was more surprising, as she wasn’t really as mean of a character. She’s not too full of her self, but is more capable than the others.



Little Witch Academia returns

Little Witch Academia was announced as a television series for Netflix a few months ago. The series began running on January 8, 2017 in Japan and will be streaming on Netflix. Little Witch Academia will feature 25 episodes, will be directed by Yoh Yoshinari, and animated by Studio Trigger. LWA the series is based on the two short films that were previously released, Little Witch Academia (2013) and Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (2015).


The first episode of the series, A New Beginning, retells the beginning of the original movie. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, is a non-magical girl, she is inspired by Shiny Chariot’s performance to become a witch. She decides to enroll at Luna Nova Magical Academy, where Shiny Chariot went to study. She is mocked by other students due to her lack of magical abilities. Atsuko gets a magical broom ride to the school from new student Lotte Yanson.


However, after falling off the broom and colliding with Sucy Manbavaran, Atsuko and Lotte land into the forbidden Arcturus Forest. While in the forest, Sucy, decides to take advantage and lure a cockatrice for it’s poisonous feathers. She uses Lotte and Atsuko as bait, once she pucks the feather from the cockatrice, it turns it attention towards her. Atsuko locates the shiny Chariot’s wand, the Shiny Rod, as the cockatrice continues to pursue them, one of the teachers from Luna Nova, Ursula arrive.


She tells Atsuko the magic words necessary to use the Shiny Rod and they teleport to Luna Nova. Atsuko, Lotte and Sucy learn that they will be roommates for the next three years. LWA continues to be a very enjoyable series, balancing the magical action with humor. While the animation isn’t as great as the movies, the decline in quality is minor. I’m excited for this series.