The Salty Anime Challenge Day 21: An anime that you thought you’d hate (due to genre/tropes), but actually love.

The anime/manga genre that appeals to me the most is Shonen. So I was surprised that I loved Made in Abyss. On the surface Abyss looks like it’s going to be for kids, with it’s chibi like characters and bright color pallets. Abyss, a Seinen series is for my age group mind you but I generally don’t like the genre. What initial drew me to the series was what always draws me to a series is the high quality animation.

Made in Abyss is an impressive series that subvert the expectations of the viewer. The adults take a backseat to the children and cute bunny like characters. The background environment are often colorful, with bright sunlight even as they travel deeper in the abyss. This anime is a full on display of body horror. The effects of abyss on the human body and mind are brutal, “evisceration, hemorrhaging, swelling, parasitism.” Not to mention the abuse that adults inflicts on these children.

It also tugs at the heartstrings. I haven’t seen many anime that is as balanced as this one, while fighting isn’t it primary purpose, it has good action. The story is incredibly intriguing, the feeling you get from the characters is enthralling. It might be too dark for some, but I find that to be the reason I enjoy it.


The Salty Anime Challenge Day 19: Least favorite -dere character


Their are many different dere types in anime but my least favorite has to be Kamidere. It’s an anime archetype for characters with god complexes. The word is derived from the combination of Kami (which means god) and dere(which means loving or sweet). The dere isn’t limited to just love of a particular person but also love of something. In this case they love “power.” Their believe they’re destined for greatness, the world is their’s it’s just a matter of time.

Kamidere types also have a superior complex, basically they are better than everyone. They are often unbearable and can become cruel. For this reason I often root against them to be defeated. Kamidere’s are usually tremendously talented so their self confidence isn’t without merit, however, they take it to an extreme. All Kamidere characters are evil, Black Star from Soul Eater is one of the main good protagonists in the series.

“My name is Black☆Star. I’ll surpass the power of the gods.”

Some of the most known Kamidere characters:

  • Light Yagami (Death Note)
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)
  • Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
  • Enel (One Piece)
  • Satsuki Kiryuuin (Kill La Kill)

“As long as there is breath left in me, Satsuki Kiryuin has a chance at victory!.” – Satsuki Kiryuin

The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 4: The first anime that you hated and/or dropped

Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Muyo was one of the first anime that I was exposed to as a child. I loved it at the beginning, but mostly because of the action. The series was Tenchi Universe, a 26 episode that aired in 1995. The series follows Tenchi at teenager as intergalactic girls enter into his life. One such girl is Space Pirate Ryoko and her spaceship Ryo-Ohki. Galaxy Police (GXP) officer Mihoshi crashes near Tenchi’s home. Without her ship Mihoshi decides not to arrest Ryoko and both decide to stay with Tenchi.

The final woman arrives after receiving a distress signal from Mihoshi, Ayeka. She and Ryoko are arc enemies and begin to fight. They battle in their spaceship’s ending up losing damaging those ships. Now nobody has a ship. Ayeka’s little sister Princess Sasami arrives to save her sister and mad scientists Washu and Mihoshi’s partner Kiyone show up. The Juraian military begins to pursue the two princesses as the Juraian royal family is usurped by Yosho. Tenchi and his harem become fugitives of the Juraian empire.

The series started out well and I even liked the constant bickering between the ladies of the Tenchi Muyo series. However, the story started to lag. I found some of the fan service to be ridiculous. Most notably Tenchi Muyo succumbs to what is called “Flanderization.”

According to, flanderization is “The act of taking a single (often minor) action or trait of a character within a work and exaggerating it more and more over time until it completely consumes the character. Most always, the trait/action becomes completely outlandish and it becomes their defining characteristic.” Many of the characters become insufferable and I ended up dropping the series after it basically abandoned the main story.


The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 3: Anime with an over ‘8’ rating on MAL that you disliked

Gintama (9.15)

Gintama is a anime adapted from a manga of the same name. As of May 2016 the manga has sold over 50 million units. The anime adaptation by Sunrise debuted in April, 2006 and ended in 2010 with over 200 episodes.

The story is set in a late Edo period where “humanity is attacked by aliens called and the samurai of Japan join the battle against the aliens, but when the shogun realizes the power of aliens, he betrays the samurai and surrenders to the aliens called the Amanto. The shogun writes an unequal contract with aliens which allows the aliens to enter the country and places a ban on carrying swords in public. The swords of samurai are taken away so they can no longer resist the aliens. After that, the shogunate becomes a puppet government.” – Wikipedia

I found the story of Gintama to be far too inconsistent. The arcs are barely connected. The main protagonists Gintoki is a samurai that works doing “odd jobs.” His crew features, Shinpachi and a Amanto girl named Kagura. Some people find the writing to be the highlight of the series. Gintama switches from humor to drama, I find that shift in tone to be difficult to square. It’s difficult to go from joking about testicles to stories about child sex slaves.

I found the humor to be terrible. I personally hate bathroom humor, Gintama has plenty of that. Someone defecates in their pants, bloody anuses, or jokes about testicles. A lot of the humor is so juvenile that I couldn’t find it funny. Sometime this humor can work but I found it largely lacking. Finally, the animation was average at best. Gintama could of have been better, I found the idea of a samurai sci-fi anime to be interesting in theory, Gintama just did executed it well.

The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 2: A popular and/or hyped anime that you didn’t care for

A popular anime franchise that I often hear about is the Fate series. The Fate/Stay series is based on a Japanese visual novel from Type-Moon. The Fate series has a number of different installments, the first anime was released in 2006. I heard good things about this series but could never get into it.

First it’s not well animated in my opinion, the characters are stiff. The show is largely dull. While I have seen some of the fighting scene and enjoyed them, I can’t bare to watch the series and have to wait for someone to edit the scenes on YouTube. I just find the story to be soulless and therefore pointless. I won’t say it’s terrible but I certainly didn’t care for it.


The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 1: Least Favorite Anime

Duel Masters

The anime designed to sell merchandise is common, and most children fell for because . . . well we didn’t know any better. Still some offerings were superior than others. The most prominent of these series is of course the Yugioh series. Like this series, Duel Masters has several different spin-offs, given titles with letters like “XD” or numbers like “Zero.” Duel Masters has several series called Duel Masters: Revolution, Duel Masters Versus, Duel Masters Versus Revolution, and Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final. 

I point this out only to illustrate the issue I had with this series, it’s so clearly created for commerce that it’s painfully generic. Now to be fair most if not all anime is filled with troupes of some sort, but Duel Masters takes the cake. Furthermore, the animation is terrible, the character designs are uninspired and they use CG monsters, that’s if they bother to animate the monsters at all. This is understandable on one hand, if your goal is not to entertain but to get children to beg their parents for the latest card game it works.

I’ll admit that I also played Duel Masters, but it never quite caught on the way Magic or Yugioh did. If I can compare this series to the Yugioh series that preceded it, I will say that while they both served the same purpose, Yugioh was a by far more complete series that at least made you feel that they cared that you enjoyed it AND then wanted to buy the cards. With a proven template Duel Masters should have done better, and comparing the two series only made me dislike Duel Masters even more.

The Salty Anime Challenge

It’s been two weeks since my last post, largely due to studying and finals. However, that’s all over (for this semester) now I’m able to focus back on blogging. Anyway, looking around the anime blogger sphere for some ideas to better my blog I stumbled onto Fueled by Smiling. After exploring the site I’ve decided to do more anime challenges and create some lists. So I going to try the Salty Anime Challenge. A couple of years ago I completed the 30 Day anime challenge. Unlike the 30 day anime challenge, the “salty” challenge focuses what you don’t like about anime. I think this challenge maybe be difficult for me, but we’ll see. I’ll start tomorrow.

Day 1: Least favorite anime
Day 2: A popular and/or hyped anime that you didn’t care for
Day 3: Anime with an over ‘8’ rating on MAL that you disliked
Day 4: The first anime that you hated and/or dropped
Day 5: What is something that you would change in your least favorite anime that would make you like it?

Day 6: A show that you wanted to like (due to the synopsis) but couldn’t
Day 7: A character that ruined (or almost ruined) a show for you
Day 8: Least favorite genre(s)
Day 9: Least favorite anime trope(s)
Day 10: What is something that you dislike about a show you love?

Day 11: Least favorite art style or art technique
Day 12: Least favorite male/female/sidekick character
Day 13: A sad anime that made you feel nothing
Day 14: An anime that shouldn’t have been as long as it was
Day 15: In terms of story, characters, animation, voice acting, etc… what is something that you find yourself always avoiding. (Example, an anime with bad animation will make you turn away even if it may have rave reviews. Or you’ll stay away from short animes, because 2-7mins isn’t enough time to develop anything)

Day 16: Least favorite OP or ED
Day 17: An anime that you have no desire to watch, even though it’s popular
Day 18: An unpopular anime that deserves being unpopular
Day 19: Least favorite -dere character
Day 20: What is an anime argument that you absolutely hate hearing?

Day 21: An anime that you thought you’d hate (due to genre/tropes), but actually love
Day 22: An anime that everyone hates and/or has a low score, but you love
Day 23: What a weird day to end this on, but that’s what salty challenges do. They end on a weird number. So, how did you find this challenge and what is one last thing that you’d like to be salty about?

Will you give it a try? Meanwhile, check out, Fueled by Smiling and Anime Madhouse’s challenges.