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100 Day Anime Challenge–Day 17

Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character (Alphonse Elric)

Alphonse is one protagonist from “Full Metal Alchemist”. He takes a back seat to his older brother, Edward. Alphonse (or Al for short) lost his entire body while attempting to bring his mother back from the dead using alchemy. His brother loses his right arm so he could seal Al into a suit of armor. Edward and Al travel in search of a way to restore Al’s body. They search for the Philosopher’s Stone, “which would allow them to restore their physical forms”.

Alphonse is a powerful alchemist in his own right and is good at hand to hand combat. He cannot feel due to have no body, he is almost invincible. Alphonse sacrifices himself (his soul) in order to restore Edward’s arm, aiding him in defeating father. Edward sacrifices his ability to use alchemy for bringing Alphonse back with him in his original body. Al is a kind, fearless little boy. Despite his loss he never let it make him into a bitter person.