Space Dandy – Episode 3

Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby


Dandy continues to fail in his quest for new alien discoveries. Dandy and his crew are low on money and food. Dandy decides to cash in points on his Boobies point card. However, the points card is about to expire and Dandy rushes to the nearest Boobies. In his haste he presses the warp speed button too many times and ends up on an unknown planet.


While there they meet a beautiful woman named, Mamitas. She being chased by some vicious aliens. Dandy attempts but fails to shoot a single one of these creatures, instead opting to flee. Mamitas explains her situation and how she came to be stranded on the planet. Together the decided that they will use parts of her ship to repair theirs.


It is revealed by the previously mentioned aliens that Mamitas is in fact a Deathgerian. Mamitas transforms and “eats” Meow, Dandy and QT abandon Meow until Dandy realizes that he still has the Boobies point card. Dandy uses his secret weapon a robot named Hawaii Yankee. During the battle Dandy accidentally cracks open his ship and the Deathgerian consumes the expired food from earlier. Dandy captures the Deathgerian and finally get approved though he’s seems to have forgotten all about Meow.


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