Space Dandy – Episode 2

(The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby)

Dandy 10

This episode begins with Dandy, Meow and QT at the ” Alien Registration Center”. Dandy fails to confirm a new species. He complains about the difficulty in locating a new species. When he searches for a snack he finds his stash has been raided by Meow. Dandy decries how much of a moocher Meow is, Meow offers information on “phantom ramen”. They head to a another “Boobies” where Dandy abandons his previous theory about butts in favor of boobs. 


The crew head to the ” Noodle Galaxy”. I think the subtle use of social media and cell phones in Space Dandy is perfect. The mindless posting of Meow gives Dr. Gel the exact location of Dandy. He also seems to be using a universal version of Google earth to help him find Dandy. Meow continues to “check-in” when they head to a restaurant. Dandy comically attempts to hit on Scarlet while using Micheal Jackson dance moves. He fails, but Dr. Gel’s men arrive and begin shooting at him. 

Dandy 7

Scarlet jumps into action a uses hand to hand combat to defeat the battle squad. Dandy is completely ignorant as to whom is following them, how they find out their location. Dr. Gel sends his entire fleet to find Dandy. It’s discovered how they are being followed and Dandy tosses Meow’s phone into space.

Dandy 5

Meow and Dandy discover the Phantom Ramen, and are sucked into a worm hole. They arrive in another dimension where the phantom ramen is made. The meet the chef responsible and he tells them his life story. Dandy offers to let “Pops” join his crew, but he declines.

Dandy 9

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