Space Dandy – Episode 11

I’m Never Remembering You, Baby

Dr. Gel is deep with thought as he contemplates “Pyonium”. Admiral Perry calls only to find that Dr. Gel is distracted. He decides that Bea will be responsible for his assault on planet Lagado. He reason for attack planet Lagado is simple, according to Admiral Perry they keep ” persistently pressuring” him to return a overdue library book.

Space Dandy EP 11

At the “alien registration center”, Dandy and his crew arrive with a red box. They believe it contains a rare alien, but claim that if it’s open you would forget its content. Scarlet question how Dandy manage to capture it if everyone who open the box forgets. He comically responds “Obviously, I’ve forgotten how”.

Space Dandy 11.1

Scarlet attempts to open the box and when Dandy tries to stop her she drops it. When the box opens the alarms go off, then the entire environment turns yellow. Within the box is the library book that Admiral Perry check out “Secrets of the Cosmos for Dummies.”, it is revealed that Dandy and his crew stole it.

Space Dandy 11.2

Within the book Dandy finds a complimentary ticket to Lagado. Dr. Gel’s flee under the command of Bea attack the Aloha Oe, Dandy responds by attacking in return. However, before the Flee can return fire the Aloha Oe is transported to the planets surface. QT explains that planet Lagado is also know as the “Great Library Planet”.


Dandy and his crew are told that they book and ticket are named the “Great Librarian Alethia”, and ” Deputy Librarian Idea”. They are book type aliens, the use the brains of other to think. The can erase and rewrite memories, the book (who is female) wanted to see the ¬†world outside. The book used Dr. Gel to figure out the secrets of the cosmos, then stole the knowledge and erased everyone’s memory.


I find Admiral Perry over the top abuse of power, in response to a overdue library book was hilarious. The visual style of this episode was also very pleasing, it almost felt like a soft black charcoal was used.¬†I found the style to be the antithesis to whats common for Space Dandy, due to the fact that very little color was displayed.I think the “book type” alien was a very creative species, but their design was a little too literal.

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