Space Dandy – Episode 10

There’s Always Tomorrow, Baby

Dandy and his crew are being lazy as usual, when their ship Aloha Oe becomes damaged. They decided to head for Meow home planet, much to his dismay. Meow finds his home planet to be rather ordinary, he has siblings, a mother and father. He finds his home planet to be boring.

Space Dandy EP 10.0

At night the “Pyonium energy” that resulted from the battle between the Gogol and Jaicro Empires strikes Meow family home’s calendar.The next day they find out the part that’s need to repair the ship will take a day to arrive, leaving Dandy and his crew stranded. Meow gets drunk at a bar and learns his father boast about his space exploration.

Space Dandy EP 10.1

The next morning it becomes clear that the “Pyonium energy” had a time loop effect. The narrator explains that it took 88 loops for QT to notice that the days seem to be repeating. However, they fail to understand the time loop until the 108th day. They conclude that they must now “have superpowers”, the narrator breaks the four wall to inform them of the truth.

Space Dandy EP 10.2

Dandy steals the space car of Meow friends, but it blows up (presumably killing them). Meow remembers that he though his father was cool, reliving the same day over and over make him appreciate his home planet more. The try and fail to remove the date off the calendar.

Space Dandy EP 10.4

They try everything to destroy the calendar, using a chiseler, several guns and chainsaw. Meow’s father finally figures out a way to remove the page using his machine. Afterward, Meow feels apprehension about leaving but his father encourages him to leave.


I really like this episode, even thought the “time loop” has been used over and over it never seems to get old. The time loop made the episode feel a little short, but that seems to be an appropriate result. I thought the relationship between Meow and his family was relate-able, though not really original. Hopefully, Dandy, QT will get some back story and we’ll meet their families.

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