Space Dandy – Episode 1

Space DandyEpisode 1 (Live With the Flow, Baby)

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The first episode of the new anime series, ” Space Dandy” premiered on January 4th. The first thing you’ll notice about this series is the visuals. The anime features a massive pallet of of vivid colors. The episode starts off with Dandy’s monologue about ┬áhis “deep” theories about the values in valuing a woman’s breast over her ass. Dandy’s stupidity ( in a good way ) is clearly going to be a hallmark of the series. The manner in which he appears to take his silly theories seriously in it self is comical. He claims that ” nothing trumps the rump” and “it’s time to give the ass the respect it deserves”. He decries that it’s a shame that some women are “objectified ONLY for their boobs”.


Space Dandy routinely breaks the “forth wall“, even the breaking of the forth wall is acknowledged by QT. Dandy heads to a intergalactic food chain of brestaurants ( I don’t think I that’s the correct spelling), called Boobies. Boobies restaurants are where “Zero – G meets Double D”, featuring a different set of “girls” at each location and Dandy aims to eat at them all. Dandy attempts to spite game on the generically dumb blonde, he fails. QT reveals that he is a bit out dated, but “determines” that cat like looking species is undiscovered due to strange “markings”.

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The cat like creature is a peeping tom, taking discreetly taking pictures of the waitresses at Boobies. I guessing perversion is going to be inter species in this series. The cat like creature makes a run for it when Dandy questions him. Dandy uses a fishing line type weapon to try and capture it. Its unclear whether Dandy is bad at capturing aliens or if he purposely miss his target, and happens to still get them. It’s quickly revealed that the strange markings are in fact a sticker.

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As the narrator notes he neglected to mention that there’s and galactic war going on between, the Gogol and Jaicro empires. Dandy and Qt hunt for new species of alien and are paid for new discoveries. When the Cat like creature is asked his name he mumbles something unclear and is dubbed Meow. Apparently, Dandy has pursuers who believe that he is the “key” to the Gogol Empire. While going to sleep Dandy goes into another “stupid rant” about his philosophy on life. While on the new planet Dandy and Meow are attacked by a series of alien creatures. Dandy again “misses” his target’s while claim it was intentional, I’m assuming this with be a part of the series.


Dandy orders QT to use his secret weapon that goes super nova and neglects to figure out how to escape the blast. Dandy seems calm stating that at least ” he dies with a head full of hair”, as the planet blows up. Overall, I enjoyed this series it early but I usually gravitate toward more battle oriented series. The animation of this series is spectacular, I like the visuals, humor and the aliens are creative.


  • The Humor
  • The Aliens
  • The Animation

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