Space Dandy – Episode 09

Plants Are Living Things, Too, Baby

Space Dandy EP 9.0Our lovable crew (Dandy, Meow and QT) continue on their quest to find rare, unidentified aliens. The head to a planet called “Planta”, home of sentient Plants and allegedly the unidentified alien “Code D”. QT beams Meow and Dandy to the surface of Planta, although not without problems. Dandy is quickly “eaten” by a plant like creature.

Space Dandy EP 9.1

A large plant like creature that resembles a science in a lab coat attempts to try an experiment on Dandy. Using his convenient translator he converses with the plant and learns that his name is Dr. H and his daughter 033H. ¬†The world of Planta has been separated into 18 different states of a republic. In the northern hemisphere live the “Vegims”, they’re intelligent and use tiny microbes for small tasks.

Space Dandy EP 9.2

At the south hemisphere (where Meow landed), are the “Movies (pronounced¬†Moe – Vees)” are simpler. Dandy along with 033H travel around the planet and are chased by “Federal Microbes”. Dr. H tells about Code D and how it effects the plants, he tells Dandy that a Human might be unaffected by it. He travels across the planet where he and Dr. H are stopped by a larger plant claiming that it’s against the law.

Space Dandy EP 9.3

Meow who has been fattened up by the Movies, assuming they are great host. Dandy and Dr.H are arrested then freed by a plant named Nene, the entire plant appear to be singing, as Meow is about to be eaten. 033H begins to grow in size after being exposed to “Code D”. Dandy attempts to remove “Code D” resulting in a chain reaction, devolving all the plants back to their original forms.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It lacked its usually humor and sexiness but that’s not a bad thing. I found the colorful visual of this episode to be very appealing, and the designs of the plants to be well done. Space Dandy as a series is starting to show the “heart” of a series that was seemingly shallow. The last few episodes have shown a more in depth view into Dandy as a character and the overall show, I hope this continues.

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