The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby

Dr. Gel locates Dandy, he warps to the location after having a comical exchange with Admiral Perry but is fired. Meanwhile, Dandy and his crew are on a deserted planet filled with trash. Dandy finds a dog, he instantly identify’s as a female claiming to have the ability to “always spot a bitch”.

Space Dandy EP 8.1

The dog seems afraid of Dandy, and he attempts to help by emulating animals. He begins to “cry” which manages to work. Dandy picks up the dog think it must be an alien. At this point we are introduced to twin brothers laying in the dogs fur. Dandy plays fetch with the dog, both Meow and QT think its an alien. Meow is able to speak with the dog.

Space Dandy EP 8.2

With the help of his communicator Dandy speaks to the dog, he names her PUP. Pup claims to be hated by most humans, but she’s happy to have met Dandy she promptly dies. While Meow is crying the twins leap from Pup on to him. Dandy builds a rocket coffin for Pup and sends her body off to space.

Space Dandy EP 8.3

The microscopic twins leap off Meow, who along with QT give chance. The twins manage to get to Dandy, one of them reaches his hair only to be killed by a combination of gel and a comb. The remaining twin takes over QT and aims to get revenge. Meow accidentally steps on him, dooming the planet to “collapse on itself and form a black hole”. Dandy and his crew manage to escape but Dr.Gel and his crew are not so lucky.

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Space Dandy EP 8.5


This episode featured a clear contrast in tone. Starting off with the humorous exchange between Dr.Gel and Bea, we pivot to the rather somber experience with the sad death of the Pup. Then we deal with the comical situation between the twins and Dandy’s crew.

Of course this results in the accidental killing of the twins then we end with more comedy between Dandy, QT and Meow at the end. Overall, I like this episode although it was a little dark. However, a more in depth look at the twins might have made their death more depressing. Then again the death of the Pup might have overshadowed their death.

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