Space Dandy Episode 05

A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby

Dandy is on the hunt for an alien when he discovers a “kid”. This child is a “Gentooan”, who posses the ability to “transfer others’ minds into puppets”. Dandy is quickly attacked and transferred into a space penguin. He manages to “defeat” and capture the Gentooan while in this state.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 1

The Gentooan’s powers only last for a short time. When Dandy returns he finds his space ship impounded, and has to public transportation. Dandy and the Gentooan (Adelie)strike a deal, if he takes her to a specific location she will willingly go to the registration center.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 2

When they get to the location Adelie finds out that her grandfather has moved. Dandy searches all night a finds her grandfather, she mistakenly assumes he lied to her and uses her powers on him. She begins to cry and is attacked and captured by hunters. Dandy in the penguin puppet rescues Adelie, her grandfather then arrives.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 3

This episode didn’t feature a lot of action, exploration or humor ( Dandy fighting as a penguin was funny though). I did like the change of pace and the softer, less selfish side of Dandy.

SPD Ep 5 IMG 4

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  1. He’s Dandy not Selfish he loves wemon loves action and loves kids thats what makes him dandy hes not afraid to rush into action get the girl or save the kid.

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