Samurai 8’s failure, Burn the Witch, and an argument for a Bleach sequel

Emperor Carnage discusses why he thinks Samurai 8 failed. Personally, I liked what I saw from the series. However, I must admit that I hadn’t read a chapter since I reviewed the Volume One last year. I guess with “fans” like me the series was doomed. I have every intention of completing and reviewing the series. I just have to decide if I will review each remaining volume or the entire series.

the main selling point of the series was “A new series from the creator of Naruto!” Naruto was a MASSIVE series for Shonen Jump; they were probably expected a similar reception. Especially sense their biggest series, One Piece, is setting up its endgame. For all the joke, I think the flashback is enough proof: One Piece only has a few more years left in it. Shonen Jump needs something to be just as popular to fill the void. “Samurai 8” just couldn’t do it.

Emperor Carnage
A Battle scene from Samurai 8
A Battle scene from Samurai 8

Dreager1 finally gets around to reviewing Burn the Witch. Tite Kubo’s One-Shot has gotten a manga series and anime. Dreager1 doesn’t respond well to one of the characters, Balgo. Who I agree is really annoying.

Balgo is really my main problem with the series. Every scene with him is pretty brutal. He’s only got Noel on his mind and only in a very superficial way. While this is supposed to be comedic it definitely falls short of that and becomes irritating almost instantly. There is just no way you can root for the guy or even feel bad for him. The dynamic that the series is going for completely falls flat and it will heavily limit Burn The Witch’s potential. I’m hoping that he will ultimately get written out and was just made up for the opening pilot. They’ve gotta get rid of him.


Finally, JCR Comics Art discusses whether Bleach should get a direct sequel on top of a spin-off (Burn the Witch) and the anime of the final arc. While it seems that Boruto is doing well, I’m personally don’t think sequels (especially future generations) work well. I have my problems with the way Bleach ended, so I agree that the characters didn’t get satisfying endings.

One of the biggest complaints for the finale of Bleach was that a lot of characters not only didn’t get a proper ending, and there were QUITE A FEW characters in the roster of Soul Society, but also, several characters weren’t revealed to have lived or died in the final battle! While the sequel doesn’t necessarily need to be a full blown series, perhaps it could be an installment that simply ties a bow on the characters that we all grew to know during Beach’s time as one of the most popular Shonen series around!


5 responses to “Samurai 8’s failure, Burn the Witch, and an argument for a Bleach sequel”

  1. Technically, isn’t burn the witch a sequel which is better than younger generation sequels

    1. I would consider it a sequel, but I think many feel that it’s a spin off. Some fans seem to want to know what happens to Ichigo and the rest. I think there is a possibility that they appear in Burn the Witch because the worlds are connected.

      1. Christopher Williamson Avatar
        Christopher Williamson

        They novels revelead the fates of rhose indjviduals.

  2. Yeah Balgo really ticked me off! One of my least favorite leads in a while for sure. I do think Burn the Witch has potential though and I’m up for more Bleach in any form. I would much prefer a direct sequel with the characters though. I’m definitely hyped to see the new show when it airs. Finally I can see the Squad 0 fights in motion! Pretty cool anime/manga news roundup. I’m surprised to hear about Samurai 8, I thought it would have lasted longer

    1. Samurai 8 being cancelled was surprising. I thought it would have lasted longer. I hope the animation level in the Bleach anime is high.

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