Sailor Moon Crystal


Episode 1

Usagi – Sailor Moon

This series reboot start much the way the previous one did, with Usagi (Serena in the English) waking up late for school. She is 14 years old and clumsy as she falls down the stairs rushing to school. On her way she steps on and trips on a cat, she removes it bandage revealing a crescent moon.

Naru Osaka her best friend takes her to her mother jewelry store, were a sale is occurring. Usagi having just received a 30 on her test knows her mother won’t be buying her anything. On her way home she runs into a guy in a tuxedo, who picks on her for her poor grades.

While laying down in her bed dreaming she’s scratched by a talking cat named Luna. Luna give Usagi the broad that transforms her into Sailor Moon. While transformed Usagi hears her friend Naru’s in danger. She arrives to save her friend, defeating Morga with ” Moon Tiara Boomerang”.



It’s been a number of years since I last watched sailor moon, so I don’t remember much of the detail of each episode. This turns out to have been a good thing. While many aspects of this episode felt familiar, I don’t recall much and this series so far feels new. Of course I’m sure that much is different in this series reboot.

I originally thought that I wouldn’t appreciate the artistic style but looking at it in motion I changed my mind. The art style is reminiscent of the manga, and it’s basically the live version of the manga series. The colors are a bit muted but it feels appropriate in order to create a specific mood of this series. The elongated style of the limbs add a distinct look to the series.


I’m not sure but the series seems to use 3D or at least heavy shadow. It’s is clearly on display during Usagi’s transformation into Sailor Moon. The series maintains the humor I remember, as well as the clumsy nature of Usagi. It also has the romance part is also still in this series (which too be honest as a little boy I didn’t really care about). I still don’t, but I don’t mind that its still there.

What is different about the series seems to be some of Sailor Moon’s abilities. I don’t recall her having a “Ultrasonic Scream”, that can knock people unconscious. Her classic ability “Moon Tiara Boomerang” looks more epic than I remember. If I had one problem with this series as a kid it was that the Sailor Scouts had very few attacks at their disposal. I’m hoping they add some more depth to their fighting ability this time around. Oh, I miss the origin American intro to the series.

SM2For anyone new to the Sailor Moon series “” has a wonderful FAQ.


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    1. I was a little concerned about the art style but didn’t considered how motion would change it. I liked it, though not everyone would.

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