Sailor Moon Crystal

sa2Episode 2

Ami – Sailor Mercury

At the beginning of this episode we are introduced to Ami Mizuno, a highly intelligent student at “Juban Middle School” Usagi’s (Sailor Moons) school. She begins to admire Usagi’s ability to make friends. Queen Beryl orders Jadeite to get more energy for her, her quickly creates a new monster.

Luna warns Usagi that more evil will come. She tells her that allies must be found so they can save the princess. It is revealed the next day at school that Ami got perfect scores on all her exams. Unsurprising, Usagi’s grades are horrible. While walking home she see’s Luna with Ami and introduces herself.

mer3She invites Ami to the arcade where she excels at the arcade game drawing attention and beating the highest score. They both “win” pens and Ami tells Usagi that she wants to be a doctor like her mother. While studying at the “Crystal Center” she is given a disk to study from.

At school all the students that study using the PC program begin acting strangely. At home Usagi and Luna investigate the disk and realize that its being use to hypnotize student so they can find information on the “Silver Crystal”. Usagi uses her pen to transform her clothing into a doctor. The monster plans on using Ami’s intelligence to conquer Japan.

mer5Usagi exposes the monsters (Garoben) plan and it transforms, so does Usagi in response. Usagi is quickly overwhelmed and begins to cry like before. However, her ultra sonic waves are ineffective. As the monster aim to destroy her Ami activates her powers using the phrase “Mercury Power Makeup”. She uses her “Mercury Aqua Mist” technique blinding Garoben, Usagi is saved by Tuxedo Mask and Usagi defeats Garoben.

This episode was pretty much what you expect from a sailor moon episode. I enjoyed it and expect it to follow the same formula of finding the other three Sailor scouts in the next episodes. I appears to be that sailor Mars is next and she was the most competent and fearless of all the sailor scouts if they haven’t change anything. She also had the most conflict with Usagi as well.



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