Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode 3

Rei – Sailor Mars

Sailor MarsQueen Beryl chastises Jadeite for his failures. Two “Kings of the Dark Kingdom” arrive, Nephrite and Zoisite. Queen Beryl orders them to get rid of their enemies, the Sailor scouts. Ami and Usagi are hanging out at the arcade, they take a bus to cram school. While on the bus they see the beautiful, Rei. Usagi gets of the bus to follow her, Rei mistakes her for beginning a demon and attacks her with a paper charm.

One of Rei’s friends has gone missing, she believes that the “demon bus” is responsible. The next day Usagi returns to see Rei, while on the bus she meets Tuxedo Mask. He reveals that his name is Mamoru Chiba and he’s a second year high school student at Moto-Azabu Private High School. Rei is being accused of making Mii disappear.

Sailor Mars 2Usagi offers to help Rei locate Mii, as she leaves Rei has a vision of Usagi being captured. However, shes the one that is captured and Usagi and Luna see her trapped on the demon bus. Usagi quickly transforms into a flight attendant, and jumps onto the back of the bus as it travels through a portal. Usagi wanders through the dimension and beings to cry for help.

Ami and Luna contact her and tell her to transform, Ami does as well. They battle Jadeite who attacks them with his ice abilities. Rei uses her powers to stop Jadeite and activates her Mars powers. Jadeite’s ice powers are no match for Rei fire powers and he flees. The children are returned home and a mysterious chest arrives by plane.

I enjoyed this episode but I miss the comic conflict that existed between Rei and Usagi. I don’t know if they will establish that kind of relationship in the future, because it was part of what made the series so funny. As a kid I was always confused about whether Rei had actual powers without transforming, it seems like she does.





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