One Piece Chapter 939 – An Old Leopard Knows The Way

Zoro meets Hiyori, Momonosuke’s sister

Hiyori reveals that she’s the sister of Momonosuke, understandably shocking Zoro. She says that she “remembers the death of her parents and disappearance of her brother 20 years ago.” However, she didn’t didn’t believe her brother when he promised that he would return. When Zoro asks her why she didn’t come to the future as well, she tells him that “it was to ensure the Kozuki Family’s bloodline would survive if the plan did not go right.” Zoro mentions to her that so far they have meet six of the nine “Red Scabbards.” She tells him that the other 3 are, Kawamatsu, Denjiro, and Ashura Doji.

Kozuki allies imprisoned

Orochi’s forces have manage to capture many of the allies of the Kozuki family. They are mocked by Fukurokuju for their stupidity for tattooing the crescent moon on their bodies. I have too agree that the tattoos are incredibly dumb thing to do. However, by putting all of them in a single prison and broadcasting it to the town they actually make it easier for the rest of the Strawhat’s and Heart pirates find and rescue them.

Luffy tries to learn a new form of Haki

At the Udon prisoner’s mine, Luffy and Hyo face off against gifters Madilloman and Alpacaman. Luffy tells Hyo how to move and Hyo is able to avoid the attacks from Alpacaman. Luffy easily dodges attacks from Madilloman, while trying to use the form of Haki that allows the user to emit haki like a force of air. Hyo identifies the technique as “Goken.” He then uses it on Alpacaman, knocking him out. He offers to teach Luffy, who’s eager to learn. I still believe that Big Mom will fight Queen, but if Luffy keeps getting stronger she may not need to. While, Luffy can be an airhead, he’s an expert at battle. Like most shonen anime he will quickly learn what Hyo teaches him.

5 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 939 – An Old Leopard Knows The Way

  1. Luffy is getting stronger with each chapter. Hopefully he will be able to reach Yonko level by the time he fights Kaido.

    Luffy will defeat Kaido, of that I have no doubt. What concerns me is a bigger threat: Blackbeard. That man is going to be the last obstacle between him and his dream.

    1. Blackbeard is going to be trouble. A for that matter his the Blackbeard crew. I wonder if learning the new haki technique is enough to beat Kiado. Luffy may need something else as well.

  2. Luffy perfecting his haki could be how he takes down Blackbeard. Blackbeard will be the ultimate devil fruit user (owning 3 if he gets a zoan), so Luffy will have to become the ultimate haki user to stand a chance.

    1. It never occurred to me that Blackbeard might get a third devil fruit. But if he does Luffy will need ever advantage he could get.

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