One Piece Chapter 931 Review – O-Soba Mask, Big Mom gets amnesia

Sanji, Stealth Black

Sanji puts on the raid suit. He doesn’t believe that wearing the suit makes him apart of the Germa. In the suit he wears a black outfit with a mask concealing his face. Law recognizes the suit as a character known as Stealth Black. The character is from the comic strip, Sora, Warrior of the Sea. The suit allows Sanji to turn invisible, though he hopes Franky and Usopp will redesign it later. Anyway, Sanji attacks Page One while cloaked. Page One gets up and transforms into his hybrid form. He attacks and Sanji is knocked through several buildings, however, he has received little damage due to the Germa suit. Page One think Sanji is dead, but, Sanji floats above him hitting him with a surprise attack. Law, Usopp and Franky flee, per Sanji’s orders.

Robin and the Orochi Oniwabanshu

In the Orochi Castle, Orochi continues to party while Robin sneaks around. She finds a room and searches through the old file cabinets. Robin thinks that she could find the location of the Poneglyph. She searches for a secret entrance but is interrupted by a group of ninja’s called the Orochi Oniwabanshu. The leader of the group, Fukurokuju enters and tell her that she has “one chance” to explain herself. I’m not concern that Robin is in any real danger here. She is smart and I trust that she will come up with a convincing lie.

Big Mom forgets who she is

On Kuri, Kuri beach, Tama, Chopper, Momonosuke, and Kiku stumble upon an unconscious Big Mom. Chopper realizing who she is tries to get the group to flee. He figures that she can to get the Straw Hat pirates, he decides that he will kill her. Big Mom awakens to Choppers horror. Chopper is stunned when Big Mom asks “who am I?” It goes without saying that this is a massive chance for Chopper to get a Yonko on the Strawhat’s side. How he does it is important. Chopper being a Doctor will likely treat her amnesia, resulting in her gratitude. Despite her hatred of Luffy, she has a fondness for Brook, Sanji’s cooking and thinks Chopper is cute. If Chopper decides to manipulate her it will likely backfire on him.

14 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 931 Review – O-Soba Mask, Big Mom gets amnesia

  1. Gotta admit that I’m not a fan of the amnesia thing at the end, but having two Yonkou after the strawhats in one arc would have probably been too much so I can see why they did it.

    I do like Sanji’s tech form though. He really didn’t want to use it so this was a good way to show how much he cared for the civilians here. It’s why I’m so glad we finally have Sanji back with the cast. Unlike the others (Although I believe Zoro and Luffy would have made the same call, not so sure about the others) he definitely won’t just turn his back on the people here to save himself. I also think this is a good way to close the power gap between him and Zoro who I feel had started to climb way ahead of him.

    1. The amnesia does feel like a gimmick, but I’m interested in how it plays out. Zoro has surpassed Sanji in power, I wonder how much the suit bridges that gap.

      1. I say this in my own review. But if Kaido and Big Mom clash, two outcomes are possible: they will destroy Wano, or weaken themselves enough for the Alliance to sweep in and take them out.

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