One Piece Chapter 1024: Yamato the Oni Princess

One Piece Chapter 1024 opens with Usopp trying to distract the Beast Pirates as Nami talks to Franky and Tama’s group hides. Usopp claims that he defeated the two of the Tobiroppo dubbing himself “Usohachi the Sibling Hunter.” The pirates are falling unconscious due to Haki, Usopp claims is from him. However, Speed tells Tama that it’s actually the Haki from Big Mom. Franky is with the Heart Pirates, but he doesn’t know anything about Luffy’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile Brook flees with Robin from the burning castle he contacts Jinbe whos with the Kid Pirates. Jinbe updates Brook while wondering who’s “holding Kaido up.” Elsewhere, Kawamatsu, Cho, and Yatappe prevent the rest of the Beast Pirates from interfering with Zoro and Sanji’s battle with the All-Stars, King and Queen.

Kiado steals the freedom from Yamato

The main event in this chapter is the flashback from Yamato. As she battles against Kaido she remembers being chained to inside a cave. As a little girl she showed the ability to use Haoshoku Haki. Yamato begs for food and Kaido imprisons her in a cave with 3 samurai. Kaido tells them if they join his army he’ll let them go. He leaves them with five samurai swords and one tray of food. To Yamato’s surprise the samurai don’t try to kill her they give her the tray, claiming a “samurai don’t feel hunger.” One of the samurai that resembles Shimotsuki Ushimaru, cuts Yamato’s chains. The samurai doesn’t reveal his actual name.

They bond over reading a book from Oden’s voyage log. Accepting that they won’t live long enough to see the battle in 20 years, they free Yamato from the cave. It’s implied that Kaido kills them for doing so. Kiado’s cruelty has been established long ago but there’s something about his treatment of Yamato that feels worse. I didn’t expect Kaido to really take care of her but torture was surprising. Yamato barely can speak or even read. Kaido only knows power and he needs to be defeated by someone more powerful.

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  1. That was definitely a hype chapter. Yamato’s been growing on me a lot and with that origin story I’m totally on board with her becoming one of the Strawhats. Her power would also be a great addition to their ranks

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