One Piece Chapter 1015: Luffy survives and Yamato seeks freedom

The Alliance stops giving up, as Kaido corners Momonosuke in One Piece Chapter 1015.
The Alliance stops giving up, as Kaido corners Momonosuke.

It turns out the voice Momonosuke heard was from Luffy. In One Piece Chapter 1015, “Chains,” the alliance starts to lose hope until Sanji and Momonosuke reignite them. Queen and Perospero are about to defeat Chopper and the alliance fighter on the Live Floor. Suddenly, Sanji appears and attacks Queen. Perospero fires off more arrows into the air, but the long neck of a transformed Queen spins after Sanji’s. This results in Queen inadvertently blocking the arrows and then striking Perospero. While I’m excited to Sanji step up, I was disappointed that Chopper was so ineffective (at least in battle.) Anyway, Zoro is in Choppers care now and Sanji is ready to fight.

I was wrong in my last review, Kin’emon didn’t use his Devil Fruit ability to save himself. He does buy time for Momonosuke, he’s ultimately stabbed in the back by Kaido. He remembers how difficult it was for him to pretend to be Momonosuke’s father. I had completely forgotten they presented themselves as father and son. It’s a bittersweet moment when you realize what was sacrificed. Momonosuke recognizes Luffy’s voice and delivers Luffy’s message. Luffy is “still alive and that he would make it back, so no matter how to hurt everyone is or if they have nothing left, they have to keep fighting.” The message has its intended impact, reinvigorating the alliance. However, Kaido finally corners Momonosuke and Shinobu. The shinobi uses her Ripe Ripe Jutsu to decay a piece of rock they were standing on.

Yamato prepares to cut the chains that bind them

The Heart Pirates find Luffy and Nami’s Clima-Tact has been transformed into a homie like Zeus. Finally, Yamato prepares to “cut the chains” binding them to Kaido. The Heart Pirates have saved Luffy before, but I’m not sure what they can do without Law. The fight between Yamato and Kaido has to last for long enough to grant Luffy time to recover. Sanji verses Queen could be interesting if the arc allows for a proper fight. So far everyone keeps getting interrupted. I wouldn’t trust that Clima-tact if I were Nami, Big Mom could have planted it. However, if it’s Zeus then this would be his moment to redeem himself. Speaking of Big Mom, Kid is going to need Law to help him, if they’re going to have a chance. Finally, what is Luffy’s new power and can he control it?

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  1. If the soul in the Clima-tact IS Zeus, then 1)How did he get in there and 2)Can she make a cloud that she can ride on now? Just to complete the reference.
    But on to the other thing; I think that the Heart Pirates will be able to do something. Think about it like this: They- with Law’s help- were able to save Luffy from Akainu’s magma burn, Ivankov’s healing hormones, and just the damage he accumulated between Impel Down and Marineford itself- they still managed to save his life. This is a considerably less damaged Luffy and they’re more or less a crew of Doctors. Luffy will be fine.
    Yamato vs Kaido is going to be curious to see. Especially finally learning what Yamato’s Devil fruit is and what his potential bounty is in comparison to Papa Kaido.
    At long last- Sanji vs Queen!! Now all we need is Zoro vs King and the trinity will be COMPLETE.

    1. I don’t think Yamato would have a bounty because they’ve been hidden from public knowledge. I’m hoping that we finally get some parings that lead to a conclusion. I think Nami’s Zeus Clima-tact would be more powerful but I don’t think she would be able to create a cloud to ride on.

  2. That was definitely a pretty hype cliffhanger. While I don’t think Kaido is in any danger since Zoro or Luffy should be the one to beat him, I am hoping that Yamato puts up a good fight. It’s a battle that has really been hyped up since the start of Wano after all.

    As for Luffy, I’m hoping this is the trigger for him to finally learn/use Gear 5

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