One Piece Chapter 1014: The Alliance begins to fall

I won’t even waste time contemplating whether Luffy is alive or dead. He’s alive. Or he’ll survive. What I wonder is how? In One Piece chapter 1014, “The Ham,” the alliance begins to unravel as Kiado and his Beast Pirates get the upper hand. As Luffy falls of Onigashima and into the sea, Kaido declares his victory. Before he does, Kiado notes that Luffy’s use of Haoshoku Haki was “crude and clumsy.” I was pleasantly surprised by this outcome. Let me explain. I fully expected that Luffy would win this fight, even if it was going to be a difficult one.

Oda has done this in the past, but I’m surprised that Luffy failed. Don’t get me wrong, Luffy will defeat Kaido at some point, but it may not be this arc. When Luffy “fought” Big Mom he actually stood no chance. The Strawhat’s had to flee. Luffy becoming the “fifth Emperor” was premature and largely media propaganda. Luffy learned the difficult and rare ability, Haoshoku Haki, very quickly. It was an extraordinary accomplishment. However, Luffy failed to master it. Kaido and Big Mom aren’t going to lose so easily. Kiado then makes a reference to “Joy Boy.”

Who is Joy Boy?

In One Piece, Joy Boy was a historic figure from the Void Century. He was first mentioned on the Ryugu Poneglyph Nico Robin read. He’s important to the residents of Fish-Man Island. Joy Boy attempted to raise Noah and broke his promise to the Island’s citizens. He left a letter (in the form of a poneglyph) apologizing for his failure. Joy Boy left behind the treasure that will become known as One Piece. It is expected that Joy Boy will return. Oda occasionally reminds us what’s at stake and aspects of the series that may have been forgotten.

Regardless, Bao Huang informs Kaido that Momonosuke has been located. He tells her he’ll find him and that she should announce Luffy’s defeat. Oda continues his callbacks when Momonosuke hears the “Voice of All Things.” The users of the “voice” are able to understand “the words conveyed by inanimate objects and animals that do not speak the human language.” So far the users of this ability have been, Gol D. Roger, Oden, Luffy, the Three-Eyed Tribe, and Momonosuke. On the Live Floor, Chopper fails to make much of a dent in Queen. In another callback, we see Caesar Clown mocking Chopper’s Rumble Balls for being too weak. He gives Chopper a list of chemicals that increase his Monster Point time from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. Suddenly, Bao announces the defeat of the Scabbards and Luffy.

Kiado strikes down Kin’emon

Kanjuro locates Momonosuke, Shinobu, Kikunojo, and Kin’emon before Kiado does. He disguises himself as Oden once more and is able to fatally wound Kikunojo. Kin’emon enraged cuts Kanjuro down. As he collapses, Kiado bursts through the wall and prepares to kill Momonosuke with his kanabo. Kin’emon prepares to defend Shinobu as she takes Momonosuke and runs. Kiado’s kanabo comes crashing down on Kin’emon’s head. Is he dead? Maybe. Kin’emon’s devil fruit ability, Fuku Fuku no Mi, allows him to change various articles of clothing. Specifically, he can create armor. Furthermore, he’s able to Busoshoku Haki. If he can combine these two thing he might survive long enough to stall Kiado.

So far the fights in this arc have been underwhelming. Most of the battles have been too short. It feels rushed. Maybe, Oda doesn’t want every fight to be 40 chapters long. That makes since considering how many characters are in this arc. Overall, the alliance needs someone to save them. Maybe the marines will interfere not to help the alliance directly but to stop Kiado. Anyway, Luffy needs someone to save him. I’m guessing Jinbe who we haven’t seen in a while would do it.

3 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 1014: The Alliance begins to fall

  1. We saw Jinbe this chapter; he’s still fighting Who’s Who. I feel redundant saying that I think the Heart Pirates will save him, but I feel like that’s the easiest option for Oda to go with right here.
    I feel like Kin’emon’s not dead……..YET. And considering what you’ve said here; I feel like he could do that to Kaido’s kanabo. The condition for his Devil fruit is placing an object on his head and turning it into an article of clothing. Maybe with Kaido’s weapon on his head; Kin can turn it into a coat or something- disarming the King of Beasts.
    What do you think the attack Kaido alluded to was. “Gum Gum……What Was It?” I feel like he’s going to use that very same attack for the final clash.

    1. I missed Jinbe. LOL. There’s so much going on in these chapters. He said something about “Gum-Gum Woro Ro Ro Ro.” Whatever it was Luffy hasn’t completed it yet. I think it probably will be his last move against Kaido.

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