Weekly Shonen (12/25/13)

Bleach Chapter 563


Death and Strawberry

I don’t know what to feel about Mask anymore. He and James just keep coming back and stronger than they were previously. I find this character to be completely annoying but you have to respect his endurance. His barrage of “star” attacks to be ridiculously. But, it seems that these attacks were useless anyway. I wonder how cool Renji’s new sword is, a least we’ll get to find out.


One Piece Chapter 733


What Mr. Solider Wants

We start with Rebecca in the Colosseum, she battles “The Hero of the Diaz Naval Battle” Slayman Decapitate. He laments to Rebecca how hard it must be to be hate by her own country. Rebecca, responds that she doesn’t care if everyone hates her, she just wants to “live with Mr. Solider”. At the toy factory Usopp is put in charge as Mr. Solider plans on heading to the palace to “shoot Doflamingo”. Usopp, and the others are caught but the dwarves spring into action and quickly strip their enemies.


They prove to be very strong, and use “Tontatta Combat: Tail Hammer” to buried their opponents. Usopp asked if all dwarves were this strong and was told yes. Elsewhere, Mr. Solider fears being trapped in between the toy House and basement so he attacks. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Solider is a capable fighter even with the limitation of being a toy. We end in the Colosseum, all the combatants are render unconscious it’s unclear who is responsible. Maybe it’s Sabo?

Naruto Chapter 660


The Hidden Heart

This chapter focused on the relationship between Shukaku and Gaara. The insight into Shukaku’s relationship to humans was interesting. As Madara attempts to absorb all the Bijuu at once, he realizes that he must absorb the “Ichibi” first. Starting with Shukaku, Gaara steps up to protect his former Bijuu. Shukaku, has a flashback of conversations with Gaara and a unnamed priest. He shows his bigotry toward humanity, and in a conversation with the priest he’s reminded of “the Old Hermit of the Six paths”.


The priest tells Shukaku that when he accepts a person’s “Hidden Heart”, he will understand the words carved into his hands. These are the same words carved onto Gaara’s forehead. Madara, manages to side step Gaara’s attempt to save Shukaku. Madara also manages to remove Kurama from Naruto, but not before Kurama tells Gaara something. I know Naruto isn’t going to died, so I’m not worried about it. However, I’m curious how he will be saved, and what Gaara was told? Although, it should be noted that Naruto’s mother survived the Bijuu being extracted from her. So a precedent has been set for Naruto to survive, and what about BEE?


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