No Guns Life Episode 4: Recap & Review

In Season 1, Episode 4 of No Guns Life, Cunningham being rude to Anne and Ende, meanwhile, Tetsuro remains in the body of Juzo.
Cunningham being rude to Anne and Ende

Season 1, Episode 4: Trigger

Tetsuro learns a lesson

Tetsuro in the poisoned body of Juzo isn’t much of a challenge for Cunningham’s bodyguards. When his face is exposed he becomes excited at the prospect of harming Juzo. He orders Anne and Ende to “prove their worth.” Cunningham believes that “value is everything for a gear.” Ende transforms into her spider form. During the conflict, Cunningham realizes that it’s Tetsuro inside the body of Juzo. He’s overjoyed as Tetsuro isn’t able to fully use the body of Juzo. He orders Anne to capture Tetsuro. Anne struggles with what she feels she has to do. Frustrated with Anne’s hesitation, Cunningham shoots Ende with drugged bullets.

I just don’t want to be a tool

The drugs cause Ende to go berserk. She seriously wounds Anne and forces Tetsuro from Juzo’s body. Dying, Anne pleads with Tetsuro to “save” Ende. He tries to use Harmony on her, but it fails due to overuse. Juzo regains control of his body, he explains that he was conscience the entire time Tetsuro was in control. Juzo orders Tetsuro to use his “gun” head to stop Ende. He shoots, destroying Ende’s extensions in a beam of light. After, this confrontation, Juzo and Tetsuro must leave the Kyusei Pit as their no longer safe. Meanwhile, Mary Repairs Ende’s extensions. She’s also aims to find a remedy to the comatose children.

Like I predicted, Juzo wasn’t pleased with Tetsuro’s little stunt. He tells him that he’s forbidden from ever using Harmony on him again. By robbing Juzo of his free will he is no different from Beruhren Corp. Forcing others into becoming a tools. However, not only does Juzo acknowledge the difference in degree, between what Beruhren does and what Tetsuro did, he understands that it was also unintentional. It’s a subtle, but meaningful distinction he makes. I think it’s the only reason that he didn’t abandon Tetsuro completely. However, the trust between them is not good.

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