No Guns Life Episode 1: Recap & Review

Juzo Inui

Season 1, Episode 1: Renegade Extended

Based on the manga series from Tasuku Karasuma, No Guns Life is set in a near future. In this future, cyborgs called “Extended” who are forced to resort to criminality after the end of a great war. Our main protagonist, Juzo Inui, is a “Resolver,” an Extended that solves problems for other Extended. Basically, he’s detective/private investigator for the Extended community. His duties can range from “babysitting runaways to negotiating peace between rival gangs.” Inui lives in a nameless city that is controlled by a massive corporation called Beruhren. After the war, undergoing “physical function extension,” became common. These extensions are developed and provided by the Beruhren Corp. Juzo makes it clear that he doesn’t trust anyone. While walking home he notices a nun at a crime scene.

When he gets there his landlady tells she heard a “racket” in his office. Juzo finds a renegade Extended is hiding there. The Extended has been running from the Security Bureau, accused of kidnapping a boy named Tetsuro Arahabaki. The Bureau’s agents arrive and kick the office door open. Juzo tells them he hasn’t seen the culprit. They threaten Juzo with the removal of his “license.” Juzo takes the job to protect Tetsuro. While taking the boy to Mary, but encounters the “nun” again. She turns out to be from the orphanage that Tetsuro is from. Juzo isn’t fooled by her act. If the Extended that “kidnapped” Tetsuro is so dangerous why would they send a nun?


Furthermore, Tetsuro has been severely abused. His tendons had been cut multiple times, preventing him from running away. She attacks Juzo, nothing that she on really needs Tetsuro’s head so it doesn’t matter if she accidentally hits him. Having extended her eyesight, Karen is a sharpshooter. She notes that “she’s heard” of Jizo the “Over-Extended that served in the Guns Slave Unit,” during the war. Ironically, Juzo is “triggered” when Karen calls him an “old relic.” The renegade Extended from earlier interferes, but is shot in the head by Karen. As Juzo tries to prevent the fall of the renegade, Karen takes advantage a aims her gun at Juzo head. Seeing that he’s at a serious disadvantage he puts Tetsuro down, leaving Karen to take him.

The renegade Extended reveals that the Beruhren Corp uses the orphans as guinea pigs for experiments. He had a “remote-control device” called Harmony installed. He can control Extended. The renegade Extended is actually Tetsuro. He’s considered to be a threat to the existence of the Beruhren Corporation. In order to control him they removed his vocal cords and cut the tendons of his hands and feet. Tetsuro returns to his body. Juzo finds the train he’s being transported on, knocking it of the rails with his Funke Faust attack. Juzo Inui is clearly a anti-hero with a heart of gold. Hardened by war, the chain smoking hero seems humorless. I predict that this won’t remain so. The plight of Tetsuro is definitely likely to be the catalyst for change in Juzo.

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