My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles ( 79 – 71 )

My Top 100 Favorite anime and manga battles ( 79 – 71 )

79 – 3rd Hokage vs Orochimaru


The Combatants:

  1. 3rd Hokage – the third Hokage of Konoha
  2. Orochimaru – is one of the main antagonist in the Naruto series, and a member of the legendary Sannin.

Location: Naruto Chapter (118 – 124)


The Battle:

Orochimaru and the Third Hokage begin their battle. Orochimaru revealed he has created a ninjutsu that makes him immortal. He has also mastered the jutsu “Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation”. He uses this technique to summon the first to Hokage’s. The Third manages to stop the third coffin containing the Fourth Hokage. The previous Hokage show off their jutsu’s, the second Hokage uses massive water techniques showing tremendous water creating ability.

The first Hokage uses his “wood jutsu”, he also traps Sarutobi who then summons “Monkey King: Enma”. The Hokages can’t be “killed”, since their bodies simply regenerated. The Third decided to used the “Dead Demon Consuming Seal”, he sacrifice two Shadow Clones to seal the first Hokage’s. He fails to do so in regards to Orochimaru. However, he decided to seal Orochimaru’s arms. Preventing him from using jutsu’s. He succeeds in doing this and died’s smiling.


78 – Spike vs Pierrot Le Fou


The Combatants:

  1. Spike – is the main protagonist of Cowboy Bebop
  2. Pierrot Le Fou – aka Mad Pierrot, is  an mentally disturbed man, he attempts to kill Spike.

Location: Cowboy Bebop Episode 20


The Battle:

Spike accidentally comes upon a massacre of several men. Mad Pierrot notices him an begins to fire several shots at Spike, with his cane gun. However,  his bullets don’t have an effect on Pierrot as he seems to have a shield of some sort. Mad best Spike in hand to hand combat. Staring down the barrel of a gun, Spike is given a reprieve in the form of a stray cat. While distracted, Spike takes this opportunity to blow up a propane tank and flee. However, Mad is untouched and wound’s Spike with a throwing knife. Spike flee’s from him and manages to get away.Spike and Mad do battle at an amusement park. Spike steps on a mine field an is propelled on a roller coaster then he falls into a river.

Having successfully swam to the shore, Mad shows up a  tells him “its Showtime”. He fires a series of rockets at Spike who manages to evaded them. Mad appears to finally gain and insurmountable advantage, then a toy cat falls to the grown and starts meowing. He loses his mind like before in the alley allowing Spike to have another advantage, and he flees. Mad catches up to him and shoots him in the shoulder. Spike throws a dagger a him, resulting in Mad falling to the ground and cry’s like a child. As he cry’s on the floor in a tantrum he’s stepped on by a giant robot mascot and dies.


77 – Luffy vs Caesar Clown


The Combatants:

  1. Monkey D. Luffy – that the main protagonist of the One Piece series.
  2. Caesar Clown – is an evil scientist and user of the Gasu Gasu no Mi” devil fruit.

Location: One Piece Chapter (689 – 691)

one-piece-3711105 (1)

The Battle:

This was a short battle, although it was the third in a series of encounters between Caesar and Luffy.  Luffy is in a rage as Caesar mistreats his subordinates, he devastates Caesar with his fists. Caesar uses his “Gastille”, which Luffy dodges. When the gas floods into the room, Caesar absorbs it and increases in size. He betray’s his own men, pissing off Luffy. Luffy prepares to use his “Gear Third” attack. The attack sends Caesar flying through a gate , knocking him out. 


76 – Kimimaro vs Rock Lee


The Combatants:

  1. Kimimaro – was a member of the Kaguya clan the Sound Five.
  2. Rock Lee –  He is a shinobi of Konoha and a member of Team Guy.

Location: Naruto Chapter (210 – 211)


The Battle:

While trying to retrieve Sasuke, Naruto encounters Kimimaro. Naruto fails to make a head way with Kimimaro, however Rock Lee intervienes. Initally Kimimaro has the natural advantage as Rock Lee’s fighting style is too “linear”. However, Lee drinks some “medicine” that was actually sake. He appears drunk and starts using a “drunken style” technique, he began’s to beat Kimimaro. Lee starts to sober up losing his edge and Kimimaro attempt to kill him. Gaara arrives just in time to save him.


75 – Asuma and team 10 vs Hidan and Kakuza


The Combatants:

  1. Asuma – was a jonin of Konoha, a Sarutobi clan member,  and a former member of the “Twelve Guardian Ninja”.
  2. Kakuza – he was a S-rank missing-nin from Takigakure and a member of Akatsuki.
  3. Hidan – he was Kakuza’s partner, also a S-rank missing-nin  from Yugakure and a member of Akatsuki.

Location: Naruto Chapter (322 – 328)


The Battle:

Asuma along with Shikamaru, Kotetsu Hagane, and Izumo Kamizuki, battle against  Hidan and Kakuzu. They are shocked to learn that Hidan is immortal. Hidan’s uses a ritual to link himself with Asuma such that any damage he sub-stain any damage so would Asuma. Shikamaru in his brilliance managed to break figure out how to counter Hidan’s ritual. Asuma decapitates him , but Hidan survives. Kakuzu enters the fray and sews Hidan’s head back on. Hidan continues his ritual reconnects with Asuma, and impaled himself in the heart. This doesn’t instantly kill Asuma, but it does prove life ending. Before his death Asuma say’s his final words to his students, and smokes his final cigarette.

naruto-1568729 (1)

74 – Goku vs Burter and Jeice


The Combatants:

  1. Goku – the main protagonist of the DBZ series.
  2. Burter –  is the fastest member of the Ginyu Force.
  3. Jeice –  member of the mercenary Ginyu Force squadron.
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Location: Manga chapter (279 – 282), Anime episodes (65 -66)


The Battle:

After Recoome’s quick defeat, Burter and Jeice attempt to defeat  Goku. After dodging effortlessly dodging their attacks , he appears behind Burter. Burter, considers himself to be “fastest being in the universe” is pissed. Burter charges directly at Goku, with Jeice following him. Goku continues to evade their attacks, he switches gears and knocks Burter out. Goku decides to give Jeice two choices, leave the planet or stay and fight. Jeice takes the first offer and “leaves”. Vegeta takes advantage and kill both Burter and Recoome, Vegeta tells Goku ” he is too soft to actually be a Super Saiyan”.


73 – Umbreon vs Alakazam


The Combatants:

  1. Umbreon – a evolution of eevee.
  2. Alakazam – a psychic Pokemon evolved from Abra.
  3. Gary Oak – one of the main antagonist of Ash Ketchum.

Location: Episode “Power Play”


The Battle:

In a battle between a trainer and Gary, we get a rare glimpse at Gary’s battle prowess. He pits his Umbreon against his opponents Alakazam. Gary is cocky, precise, and calm in his intrusion as he thoroughly dominates this battle. His opponent is brash. Gary’s  Umbreon has the type advantage making this battle even more one sided.  Alakazam uses “Zap cannon”, which Umbreon dodges. Alakazam then uses “psychic”, which has no effect due to typing.

Frustrated, Alakazam’s trainer switches to physical attacks trying headbutt. Umbreon dodges this then uses tackle, this hit lands. Alakazam uses “dynamic punch” and Umbreon counters with agility. Alakzam then uses double team, though this manages to fail as well. Umbreon uses “quick attack”, which Alakazam counters with “teleport”. Alakazam attempts to end the battle with “hyper beam”, but fails and Umbreon uses hidden power. Umbreon and Gary manage to win without getting hit.


72 – Naruto, Kakashi, Guy vs  Obito

naruto-3492895 (1)

The Combatants:

  1. Naruto – is the title character of the of the Naruto series, and the bijuu with the Nine tails fox.
  2. Kakashi – he is one of the main characters of Naruto, sensei and leader of team 7.
  3. Guy – is a konoha ninja,  he is also the leader of Team Guy.
  4. Obito – was a shinobi of Konoha, and one of the main antagonist of the series.

Location: Naruto Chapters (322 – 328)

naruto-3518947 (1)

The Battle:

Obito  protects the demonic statue from Naruto, B, Guy, and Kakashi. Obito remain’s elusive, using his “time – space” technique to evade their attacks. However, “lightning-infused kunai” that Kakashi uses his Kamui on seems to scratch Obito masks. Kakashi notices this and decides to test a theory as to why.  When Naruto hits Obito with his Rasengan, it passing through Obito. Kakashi uses his Kamui on it causing damage to Obito. Kakashi realizes how Obito’s “Space–Time Ninjutsu” works.

With Kakashi’s new knowledge he and Naruto, B, and Guy coordinate their attacks.  Naruto’s shadow clone attacks Obito, but his clone disappears in Obito’s “space – time” jutsu. Naruto then uses his” Tailed Beast Ball”, forcing Obito to uses his jutsu. While in the other dimension, Obito is attacked by Naruto’s “shadow clone” . He is quickly hit in the face with a Rasengan, shattering his mask revealing his identity.

naruto-3540653 (1)

71 – Straw Hat Pirates vs Moria and Ora


The Combatants:

  1. Straw Hat Pirates – Monkey D. Luffy’s pirate crew
  2. Moria –  was a member of the Shichibukai, and user of the ” Kage Kage no mi” devil fruit.
  3. Ora – the “900th Zombie of Gekko Moriah’s Zombie Army”.

Location: One Piece Chapter (470 -480)


The Battle:

Moria uses Luffy’s shadow to power the corpse of Ora, a died Giant. Ora comically uses Luffy’s “Gomu Gomu no” technique’s even though he can’t stretch, his incredible height however makes the difference. This is one of the few times in the series that the entire Straw hat crew is needed to defeat an enemy. Ora has a lot of strength, endurance and agility making it difficult to even land hits. The straw hat pirates use a series of improvised combinations and strategies to attack, the succeed in doing some damage. They also use the builds, rocks and other rubble as weapons.

However, when Moria enters Ora’s body he makes the battle more difficult for the straw hats. Ora’s is displeased by his masters control, and asked him to “stop controlling him and allow himself to fight”. The battle shifts in Ora’s and Moria’s favor and just as their about to crush Nami and  Usopp, “Nightmare Luffy” appears. Luffy is now capable of landing the effective hits on Ora. Luffy appears to win the battle by using “Gomu Gomu no Storm”. However, Ora’s recovers forcing the entire Straw Hat crew into one final group attack, finally defeating Ora.


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