My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles (70 – 61)

My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga

Battles (70 – 61)

70 – Choji vs Jirobo


The Combatants:

  1. Jirobo – a member of the Sound Four.
  2. Choji – member of the Akimichi clan.


Naruto: Chapter (188 – 190)


The Battle:

In order to save time and prevent Sasuke from getting away, Choji takes on Jirobo. Jirobo started out  too strong for Choji, but Choji uses “Three Colored Pills”. The pills have a tremendous effect both in increasing his chakra and power. The pills also have a negative effect on the users body. Jirobo’s constantly insult’s Shikamaru, and Choji responds with rage. Jirobo uses his curse seal and increases his strength ” 10 times”. Choji usses his final pill resulting in his body losing all of his fat. He kill’s  Jirobo with a fist  into his stomach.

69 – Guame vs Simon


The Combatants:

  1. Simon –  is the main protagonist of the series, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.
  2. Guame –  is one of the Four Supreme Generals.


Gurren Lagann Episode 11


The Battle:

The battle between Simon and Guame  is projected around the world. Simon states that even though his brother (Kamina) is dead he lives on in his heart and on his back.  He proclaims that he can “dig a hole to pierce the heavens, even if that hole is his grave-if he pierces through, it will be his victory”. Everyone is amazed by him, as he states that he’s himself. His true self is revealed. Gurren Lagann frees itself by drilling into Gember. Guame uses his “Gember Press technique”. Simon recalls Kamina and use “Giga Drill Break”, destroying the Gember.

68 – Ringo vs Ikki


The combatants:

  1. Ringo – Ikki’s childhood friend, and a member of “Sleeping Forest”.
  2. Ikki – main protagonist of the manga and anime “Air Gear”.


Air Gear Manga chapter ( 133 – 140)


The Battle:

Ringo challenges Ikki to a “one-on-one Dash-Type Battle”. The goal is simply to reach the end before the other. She has an advantage due to her experience. However, Kururu Sumeragi aides him giving him a fake “Bagram prototype cores”. Ikki is able to match Ringo, even with the fake prototype. He finally uses “Wind Regalia’s Infinity Atmosphere”, Ringo counters with her “Infinity Atmosphere” preventing him from taken over. The battle ends when Ringo collapses before the finish line.

67 – Cytomander vs Simon


The Combatants:

  1. Simon – is the main protagonist of the, Teppa Tengen Gurren Langann .
  2. Cytomander –   is one of the Spiral King’s “Four Supreme Generals”.

The Location:

Gurren Lagann Episode 13


The Battle:

Cytomander the swift, arrives with an air flee and begins his assalt on Team Dai -Gurren. Being bombarded with bombs, Team Dai-Gurren returns fire. Gurren Lagann gains the ability to fly and heads toward Dai-Gunten. However, Viral in Enkidu interferes preventing Simon from progressing. Viral and Simon crash into the Dai-Gunten. The battle between Simon and Viral badly damages the Dai-Gunten’s insides. Simon and Gurren Lagann, best Viral but Cytomander intervenes putting Yoko in danger. Simon is helpless in this moment, but before Viral can capitalize his sense of honor kicks in ending the combat.

66 – Shikamaru vs Tayuya


The Combatants:

  1. Tayuya –  only female member of the Sound Four.
  2. Shikamaru – He is a chunin-level shinobi of Konohagakure’s, and a member of the Nara clan.

The Location:

Naruto Chapter (206 – 209)


The Battle:

Tayuya activates her curse seal and summons “three demons”, she controls them with her flute. Shikamaru uses his intellect to outwit Tayuya, and devises a strategy “in nine moves”. Through pure observation Shikamaru  figures out her summons movement based on her finger movements.  He manages to take control of her summons, though Tayuya cancels the summons in response. Surprised by Shikamaru’s intelligence Tayuya uses her second level of the curse seal. Shikamaru uses his “Shadow–Neck Binding Technique” attempting to choke her.

Tayuya traps Shikamaru in a genjutsu, that hinders his movement. Tayuya picks up a kunai that “missed” her when Shikamaru threw it at her earlier. She attempts to stab Shikamaru and he punches her in the stomach. Surprised again, Shikamaru uses his shadow bind technique to break his own finger breaking the genjutsu. Shikamaru explains “his plans and how he missed with that kunai on purpose to get her to come closer while he then prepared his Shadow–Neck Binding Technique”. However, the level 2 curse allows Tayuya to suppress the shadow bind and she almost able to kill Shikamaru.

65 – Kurama vs Shigure



The Combatants:

  1. Kurama – a low level S class demon, from the Yu Yu Hakusho series
  2. Shigure – a “doctor” in the demon world.

The Location:

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 108 (Farewell, Kurama)


The Battle:

Kurama fights against Shigure, also known as “The Demon Surgeon.” Shigure is a better fighter from the beginning. Kurama is at a disadvantage at his original level, but  he transforms into Yoko. Once he does this he becomes a superior fighter managing to compete much better.  His speed increases and he’s able to dodge Shigure’s attacks effortlessly. However, Kurama forces himself back to his original form. He didn’t want to “resort to using Yoko”. Despite being weaker, he uses a “large dormant tree” that he previously planted. After a brief exchange, Shigure realizes he’s been defeated a forfeits handing Kurama the win.

64 – Kenpachi vs Nnotria


The Combatants:

  1. Kenpachi – the current captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13.
  2. Nnotria – the fifth espada in Aizen’s army. 

The Location:

Bleach Chapter (307 – 313)


The Battle:

This was a battle of brute force, with both Kenpachi and Nnotria showing the strength. Anyone that’s a fan of Kenpachi knows that this type of fight is his favorite. Nnotria takes pride in his Hierro, claiming “his Hierro is unsurpassed by any former or current Espada and states Kenpachi’s blade will never cut him”. The combatants go back and forth, increasing their strength and challenging the other to surpass the previous increase. Kenpachi is generally gleefully throughout the fight. Kenpachi’s lack of defense prove to put him in danger a least for a while. Kenpachi finally uses his “Kendo”, he states that “Yamamoto made him learn it”. He explains that ” states a sword is stronger if its wielder holds with two hands instead of one”. Kenpachi finally strikes Nnotria with his sword, and is surprised that he’s still alive. He concludes that Nnotria as being done and proceeds to leave. Nnotria disagrees that this fight is over, but Kenpachi end it with one slash.


63 – Gaara vs Diedara


The Combatants:

  1. Gaara – Kazekage of the Sand Village.
  2. Diedara – former member of the Akatsuki. 

The Location:

Naruto  Chapters (248 – 249)


The Battle:

The Akatsuki hawks their next victim, the new Kazekage Gaara. The Akatsuki member Deidara is charge with capturing Gaara. He aim’s to be “stealth”, an appears to succeed in by killing three sand-nin with clay spiders. However, Gaara is not fool by the bird Deidara showed up on. They proceed to have a intense air battle. Gaara has a “geographical advantage”, and is able to muster a tremendous amount of sand. Gaara uses his trademark sand techniques, crushing Deidara hand in the process. Deidara, cleverly takes advantage of  Gaara’s ” Ultimate Defense ” defeating him.

62 – Guy vs Kisame

naruto-1470943 (1)

The Combatants:

  1. Guy – jonin from Konoha and taijutsu master.
  2. Kisame – member of the Akatsuki. 

The Location:

Naruto Chapters (506 – 508)

naruto-1475547 (1)

The Battle:

The third battle between Guy and Kisame. Guy and Aoba battle Kisame, to prevent him from fleeing with their location. Guy uses “the Eight Gates”, opening the Sixth Gate to pursue Kisame. Kisame summons one of his sharks and conceals a scroll with the information. Guy chases after the shark to stop it, but Kisame uses a thousand shark jutsu to hide the shark.  Guy uses his “Morning Peacock”, but it fails to destroy all the sharks. Guy, out of desperation opens the “Seventh Gate” and uses “Daytime Tiger” countering Kisame’s “Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique”.

61 – Charmander vs Squirtle


The Combatants:

  1. Charmander – the first evolution of Charizard, a fire type.
  2. Squirtle – The first evolution of Blastoise, and water.

The Location:

Pokemon Origins Episode 1


The Battle:

Red and Green square of for the first time, pitting Charmander and Squirtle. Charmander use “growl” and Squirtle counters with “tackle”. Charmander uses “ember” which Squirtle quickly evades the attack. Squirtle tackle lands, knocking Charmander to the floor. Charmander responds with “scratch”, but its blunted by Squirtle’s hard shell. Charmander does “ember” again and is countered by “bubble”. Squirtle has the type advantage which makes ember pointless. Bubble is uses a second time, but Charmander swiftly dodges it. He is caught with “bubble”, and is bitten in the face by Squirtle. Charmander, screams in agony and is recalled by Red ending the battle.

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