My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles (100 – 91)

My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga

Battles (100 – 91)

100 – Hidan, Kakuza vs Yugito (2 tails)


The Combatants:

  1. Kakuza – he was a S-rank missing-nin from Takigakure and a member of Akatsuki.
  2. Hidan – he was Kakuza’s partner, also a S-rank missing-nin  from Yugakure and a member of Akatsuki.


Naruto: Chapter (313)


The Battle:

There wasn’t much to this battle but I still enjoyed it for the simple fact that it introduced two new Akatsuki, and created intrigue into what their abilities were. How did they defeat the two tails? What’s was Hidan doing in that strange symbol?  Yugito’s transformation into the two tails was probably the best part of this chapter. I was always left wanting more from this battle, but did get some enjoyment from the little that was there.


99 – Omnimon vs Diaboromon


The Combatants:

  1. WarGreymon – is a “Dragon Man Digimon” and the mega level evolution of Agumon.
  2. MetalGarurumonis Gabumon’s Mega form, and a “Cyborg Digimon”.
  3. Diaboromon – mega level of Keramon.


Digimon Movie 2 (Our War Games)


The Battle:

When Agumon and Gabumon warp digivolve into their respective mega forms, Infermon does the same and becomes Diaboromon. During the course of battle they’re slowed down due to the amount e-mails Tai and Izzy received. The computer freezes leaving helpless and he is defeated. Diaboromon hacks the Pentagon force a nuclear missile to launch towards Tai’s neighborhood.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon attempt to defeat Diaboromon, but it has duplicated itself over a million times. Each one fires at them quickly defeats them. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon “DNA digivolve” to Omnimon who manages to defeat all but a single Diaboromon. Diaboromon is too fast for them to hit, but then Izzy devises a plan sending the emails to Diaboromon slowing it down enough to allow it to be destroyed.

98 – (Air Gear) Yasuyoshi Sano, Nue vs Gabishi


The combatants:

  1. Yasuyoshi Sano – he’s known as “Aeon Clock”, and was once a member of Behemoth. He later joins Genesis and becomes allied to Kogarasumaru.
  2. Nue – is the current Thunder King, He’s the leader of “Black Crow”.
  3. Gabishi – nicknamed “Skin Faced Gabishi”, he’s the current “Horn King”.


Air Gear Manga chapter ( 112 – 117)


The Battle:

Kazu and Emily are in over their heads against Gabishi. Sano uses his “time” trick to freeze Gabishi in place. The two battle at high speeds, through the city. Sano analyses Gabishi’s Regalia, and gains advantage by doing so. However, Gabishi is pretending to be overwhelmed by Sano. He reveals that he “can now start fighting properly”, as he isn’t a “speed-type” rider. Gabishi turns the tables on Sano, he’s about to use his Regalia.

Gabishi decides to use his “hatch – venom” technique “remove the skin” from Sano’s face. Emily saves Sano and holds Gabishi still, he uses this opportunity to hit Gabishi with a motorbike. He then uses his strongest trick “Reincarnation“. Gabishi isn’t defeated, but Nue arrives and defeats Gabishi using his “Atmosphere Max” trick.


97 – (Spriggan: The Movie) Yu vs Fatman


The Combatants:

  1. Yu – is the main protagonist, he’s a high school student that’s secretly a special Spriggan agent for the ” international conglomerate ARCAM Corporation”.
  2. Fatman –  is a Machiner’s Platoon operative wearing an Omihalcon suit, he carries a M61 Vulcan.

The Location:

Spriggan: The movie


The Battle:

The battle between Yu and Fatman was very fast paced. Fatman has a great deal of strength and knock Yu into a military truck then shooting with his M61 Vulcan. Yu becomes enraged when Fatman taunts him, he begins using his speed. Off screen Fatman gains advantage a chokes Yu against a trunk. After further taunting about the death of Yu’s friend, Yu uses a knife to cut off Fatman’s hand and slices Fatman vertically up the abdomen. Jean kills him by firing a military machine gun.


96 – (One Piece) Kid, Law, Luffy vs Marines


The Combatants:

  1. Traflaw Law – called the “surgeon of death” he is the medic and Captain of the Heart pirates.
  2. Eustass Kid – is the Captain of the Kid pirates.
  3. Monkey D. Luffy – The main protagonist and Captain of the Strawhat pirates.
  4. The Marines – soldier’s who uphold the laws of the land.


The Location:

One Piece Chapter (504 – 505)

The Battle:

This battle was very quick and the marines we basically cannon fodder for Kid, Law and Luffy. While we are familiar with Luffy’s abilities Kid and Law were a mystery. This was an opportunity to showcase their abilities and Luffy’s comparison to them. Law “room” ability still confuses me, but it seems to grant him the ability to control what happens within the room. Kid’s ability is clear more transparent, it magnetic based. The three captains use their abilities to dominate the marines.


95 – (DBZ ) Android 17 vs Piccolo


The Combatants:

  1. Android 17 – he is a character in the DBZ series, he’s the 17th android created by Dr. Gero.
  2. Piccolo – is a Namekian, and member of the Z squad


The Location:

DBZ Episode 148 & Manga Chapter 367

The Battle:

Piccolo is one of the few characters in the Dragon Ball Series that get to shine, other than saiyan’s. During the Cell saga he fuses with Kami, becoming a complete and more powerful fighter. In an effort to stop Cell from becoming perfect Piccolo decides to destroy the androids. Piccolo and Android #17 are of equal strength.  He’s at a disadvantage, unlike the android’s he doesn’t have unlimited energy.  He uses his “regeneration abilities” and his several energy attacks, like his “Hellzone Grenade”. This battle is cut short by the arrival of Cell, but was entertaining while it lasted.


94 – (Naruto) Konan vs Tobi


The Combatants:

  1. Konan – a former member of the Akatsuki, and a Kunoichi from Amegakure.
  2. Tobi – also know as Obito, and former shinobi from Konohagakure.


The Location:

Naruto Chapter (509 – 510)

The Battle:

This was another short encounter, but I loved it. I was always curious how far the origami ability could go in battle. Konan seems to have a plan to defeat Obito from the beginning, and it helped that she was familiar with Obito’s ability. She decided to fuse her paper with explosives, preventing Obito from using his absorption technique.

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Konan’s final attack was a sea of explosion, due to the fact that Obito can “only remain intangible for five minutes”. Her explosion featured “six hundred billion explosive tags“, enough for ten minutes. Obito was forced to use “Izanagi” to survive, stabbing her through the stomach surprising. Even though she lost the battle, she never gave up hope in Nagato’s dream.


93 – (Bleach) Mayuri vs Szayel


The Combatants:

  1. Mayuri Kurotsuchi – is the Captain of the 12 division of the Gotei 13.
  2. Szayelaporro Granz – is an Arrancar in Aizen’s army and the eighth espada.


The Location:

Bleach Chapters (303 – 306)

The Battle:

This was the type of battle that’s fought and won mentally. Mayuri is a odd character, he fits the “Mad scientist” archetype. He’s arrogant , rude and condescending. Granz is similar to Mayuri in that regard. The back and forth of these to combatants is what’s most enjoyable. They keep trying to one up one another with their techniques. Although, this results in some grotesque techniques (Mayuri’s Bankai eating Granz, Granz being rebirth from Nemi’s mouth). Granz attempts to turn Mayuri’s Bankai against him, but he self destructs it. Granz claims he cannot be killed, that he continues to be reborn indefinitely.

Mayuri is disappointed because Granz “lack of any further abilities”. He explains that by recreating himself inside Nemu, Granz is now “dosed with a sense-enhancing chemical”. This drug increases Granz senses, paralyzing him as seconds become centuries. Mayuri proceeds to breaking off his blade in Granz hand torturing him for eternity.


92 – (Naruto) Kakashi vs Pain


The Combatants:

  1. Kakashi – he is one of the main characters of Naruto, sensei and leader of team 7.
  2. Pain – also known as Nagato, he’s the leader Amegakure.


The Location:

Naruto Chapters (422 – 425)

The Battle:

This battle exemplified all of Kakashi’s abilities. He think’s steps ahead, he develops a strategy, and can execute. He’s able to deduce Pain’s Deva Path abilities in a short time, and devises a plan to stop him. With the help of Chōji and Chōza Akimichi they nearly defeat him. The Asura Path arrives to aid the Deva Path, and further complicates things. They were close to becoming successful in defeating the Deva Path, but the Asura Path sacrifices itself. Giving the Deva Path an opportunity to defeat them. Realizing that Kakashi is a major threat, the Deva Path decides to kill him. Pain hurls a nail at Kakashi’s head, appearing to have killed him.


91 – (Bleach) Harribel vs Hitsugaya


The Combatants:

  1. Harribel – is an Arrancar and the former (No. 3) Espada of Aizen’s army, until he betrayed her. At some point she becomes ruler of “Hueco Mundo”.
  2. Hitsugaya – is Captain of the 10th Division


The Location:

Bleach Chapter (355 – 359)

The Battle:

Hitsugaya’s fight with Harribel then changes when she senses that her “Fraccións” were defeat by Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Harribel reveals that she is ranked 3rd Espada. Hitsugaya is surprised by her “low” rank due to Harribel’s tremendous power. Hitsugaya uses his Bankai as Harribel rushes at him and they cross blades.


As their battle continues, Hitsugaya is finding himself being dominated by Harribel. He prepares to counter, but Harribel gives him no chance due to using her “Ola Azul” technique. Harribel questions “whether this is the full strength of a captain”. She finally releases her Zanpakuto, Tiburón. Harribel slices through Hitsugaya’s body without him realizes it.

She wrongly assumes that Hitsugaya is dead and sets her sights on Captain Commander. However, before she can attack Hitsugaya does. She manages to dodge the attack but is confuse as to how he survived.  An ice clone is seen falling to the ground, Hitsugaya states that “he didn’t want to use that technique so early as it was a one time move that he was waiting to use for later in the battle”.


Hitsugaya and Harribel continue to trade attacks, but neither seems to gain the advantage. This is due to the fact that their Zanpakuto’s are opposite elements, ice and water. They continue with a back and forth of changing water to ice and vice versa. Hitsugaya realizes that they are both are waiting for condensation to accumulate. Harribel asks what he is talking about and Hitsugaya explains that “he actually doesn’t have to wait for water, as Hyōrinmaru is the most powerful ice-element Zanpakuto, and so all water is his weapon, which means that all the heavens are under his command”.


He uses his “Hyoten Hyakkaso” when it begins, a huge hole appears in the clouds. She learns that “Hyoten Hyakkaso” is an extension of Tenso Jurin”. Hitsugaya explains that ” Tenso Jurin” is one of Hyōrinmaru’s basic powers, but also its strongest”. The sky begins to darken, and snow begins to fall. Ice flowers bloom as her her sword touches the snow. Hitsugaya tells her that “Hyoten Hyakkaso” causes anything that touches the snow to freeze into the shape of a flower”. He say’s that “once one hundred flowers have bloomed, she will die”.


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