My Hero Academia Vol. 26 Recap & Review

Cover of volume 26 of My Hero Academia

The 26th volume of My Hero Academia begins with chapter 247. It marks the beginning of the “Endeavor Agency Arc.” Endeavor is a reluctant tutor. However, after witnessing the potential of his son, Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya, and Katsuki Bakugo, he decides to personally train them. First, he wants Izuku and Katsuki to ” talk about themselves” so he can get to know them better. The relationship between Shoto and his father is still fraught with Shoto having resentment. However, Shoto wishes to learn from his father and become the number 1 hero. Endeavor begins training the three. He tells them that “heroes are governed by three fundamentals: Rescue, Evacuation, and Battle.” The goal for the internship is to defeat a villain “faster than Endeavor does,” even if “it happens once.” 

“A true hero must be someone who can handle every role on their own”


The difficult dynamics of the Todoroki family

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Endeavor and Shoto have a “fraught” relationship. We get a greater look at their relationship and the familial dynamic overall. It was established early in the series that Endeavor was an abusive husband and father. He has been trying to redeem himself and restore his family. Todoroki’s sister, Fuyumi, invites him, Bakugo, and Deku to dinner. The dinner begins pleasantly enough, however, Todoroki’s older brother Natsu is bitter. He leaves abruptly. Fuyumi is hoping that they can repair their relationship with Endeavor. Shoto is unsure what he wants. Deku and Bakugo overhear the conversation. While Bakugo is his typical rude self, telling them to “keep that shit to themselves,” Izuku is kinder. He tells Shoto that he’s “too kind” to never forgive his father. Regardless, Endeavor is at a loss for what he can do, as he recalls his son, Toya. 

In chapter 250, one of Endeavor’s old enemies arrives at his house. As he lurks outside, Fuyumi tells Izuku why Natsu hates their father. According to her, he believes that their father “killed him.” On their way back, the villain, Ending, has Natsu wrapped in his “white lines’ Quirk. This ability allows him to “control any lane lines painted on the road. He can use them as tentacles to bind his target.” He threatens to kill Natsu while inviting Endeavor to “kill him.” Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo spring into action. Ending flings cars at them. Using the techniques he learned from Endeavor, Deku uses his new Quirk, Blackwhip, to save all the cars. Ending is defeated by a fiery punch from Shoto. 

Endeavor is grateful to Shoto, Deku, and Bakugo for saving the civilians. Natsu tells his father to “getaway.” Endeavor is apologetic. He admits that not only did he abandon his family, but he did also “killed” his son Toya. Natsu, teary-eyed, claims that he will never forgive his father. Endeavor says that he doesn’t have to because all he wants to do is “atone.” 

Paranormal Liberation War Arc begins

School begins as winter ends. Shota and Hizashi head to “Tartarus.” Joined by Naomasa and Gran Torino, they are asked to interrogate Kurogiri. Torino reveals that Kurogiri’s Quirk is artificial. The number of Quirk’s used is unknown, however, they do know that the base Quirk is Cloud, which belonged to Shirakumo Oboro. A former friend of Shota and Hizashi, Oboro died while they were interning. The police suspect that Kurogiri is a nomu with Shirakumo’s body as it’s base. We get some new information regarding the nomu. The personality of the corpse used as the base can remain after transformation. They hope that Kurogiri has the personality of Oboro. Allowing Shota and Hizashi to potentially get information out of him. 

After the first interrogation, they confirm that it’s Oboro. He manages to say “hospital” before passing out. At the base of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks is told that “aid is needed at Wakagumo Hospital.” The call was used to communicate the word “hospital.” Back at U.A., Class 1-A shows off the fruits of their internships. All Might, Deku, and Bakugo discuss One For All. All Might didn’t find information on the second and third users. He notes that the users of One For All weren’t “chosen ones.” He also notes that his master’s Quirk was “Float.” Bakugo is unimpressed with that Quirk. The volume closes at the end of March, the day that “heroes vanished from the city.” 

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  1. The Shirakumo revelation alone makes this volume worth buying.

    1. That revelation gave us some insight into Shota’s personality. Shirakumo’s death had a profound impact on him.

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