My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Review

Dynamight’s Cluster blast fails to harm Tomura. Despite it’s impact, Dynamight is able to successfully avoid damaging the fortress. Tomura is OP. Without any of his Quirks, he’s still able to overcome Dynamight’s attack and hold off 3 of the top 5 heroes, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Mirko. Tomura may have more sheer power than those three but I’m not buying he’s a better fighter than all three together. Obviously, Tomura would need some kind of defense otherwise he get defeated by anyone but Kohei Horikoshi should have come up with something else. A endless tsunami of fingers seems silly.

I got to admit I’m not really invested in this final arc like I should be. The stakes seem inconsistent, there are too many characters to follow, and everyone’s just waiting for Deku to save them. I get that he’s the main character and must defeat Tomura but it feels like My Hero Academia won’t allow Tomura to even get hurt. It’s bad enough he has so many stolen Quirks and a scientifically enhanced body, but Tomura has managed to keep his super strength apparently at “All-Might levels.”

The U.A’s “Flying Fortress,” was a perfect and sophisticated plan that’s been rendered useless. The Big 3, Lemillion, Suneater, and Nejire are preparing to face Tomura together. I hope they can at least challenge him and make this arc interesting. They’ve never fought collectively. It won’t be enough to stop Tomura, but anything must be better than what the heroes are currently doing. I would be surprise if there’s not a major death on the horizon. Tomura’s going to have to stop Phantom Thief and Eraser Head at some point. Will Deku get there in time?

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