My Hero Academia Chapter 330: Tomura Shigaraki is no more

I’m struggling to understand the purpose of introducing Star and Stripe. She’s not a replacement for One For All, Deku is. She won’t defeat All For One, Deku will. So why is she here? I’ve developed a fear that All For One will steal the Quirks of some of the characters. I don’t know why, I’m certain Deku will win at the end regardless. However, it feel unfair All For One is able to rob others of their Quirks. All For One feels like a cheater. Sure he needs to learn how to use these Quirks but he gaining power that’s not his. With the use of science he alter his Quirks, duplicated them, and artificially strengthen his body to withstand them. If you compare him to Mirio, who’s Quirk could kill him, All For One only seeks power not skill.

I said all that to say this, I think Star and Stripe will lose her Quirk. New Order is a Quirk that allows her to “set a rule onto their surroundings, allowing them to manipulate and bestow new properties onto themselves and the world around them.” She needs to “touch” her target and “say its name,” to activate her Quirk. Furthermore, she can only use this ability on two different targets. My Hero Academia Chapter 330, “Me and Myself,” is a short chapter. Star and Stipe prepares to “smash” Tomura Shigaraki. The villain prepares to attack with Radio Waves, Air Cannon, and Heavy Payload, producing a massive air blast. For their part, Star and Stripe and her comrades seem to evade without damage.

He’s called the symbol of peace, after all

Star and Stripe uses her New Order ability on the air. She sets the rule that “the air does not exist 100 meters ahead of her,” causing Tomura to begin to suffocate. He’s impressed and now desires her Quirk. The jet fire laser canons at Tomura. Using Reflect and Scatter, Tomura sends the lasers back. He almost hits Star and Stripe directly, however, she adds a rule to the laser making it “holdable”. With the Quirks limit in effect, the vacuum surrounding Tomura disappears. Seeing an opportunity, Tomura hurls himself towards her using monstrous strength. This gives her an opportunity to touch Tomura and apply a rule.

Star and Stripe uses one of her rules on herself. She grants herself superstrength like her idol All Might. Speaking of All Might, like most heroes in Japan, he’s a huge influence on Star and Stripe. She recalls when he rescued her and her family during his visit to America. She even fashions her hair after him, going with eight tufts instead of All Might’s two. Tomura is understandably irritated at yet another story of All Might’s heroism. Star and Stripe rule against Tomura is: “if Tomura Shigaraki moves at all his heart will stop.” It’s a devastating rule if it worked, however, Tomura’s identity crisis with One For All appears to undermine her rule. In my last review, I was surprised One For All returned Tomura’s body to him. I was wrong.

Who can stop One For All

One For All always intended overtake Tomura’s younger fitter body. He and Dr. Garaki have plan on using Tomura’s “rage” to “deliver them to a glorious future.” It’s unclear to me if Tomura’s mind is trapped in the old One For All. If this is true then One For All may have created another enemy. I think Tomura and his friends will turn on One For All eventually, but it won’t happen soon. If Star and Stripe’s Quirk is stolen then it’s difficult to imagine how he loses without a surprise betrayal by Tomura. Speaking of her Quirk. Is it broken? I though it did at first. However, the limitations place on her ability keeps it from becoming broken.

I’ve already created a Top Ten list of My Hero Academia Quirks, I would place New Order in the top 5 at least, but probably number 3. This is why I’m concerned with One For All getting her power. Can a character with 2 of the top three Quirks really lose ? Most of us can predicted that the heroes will win, but would Kohei Horikoshi need an ass pull to make it happen? It’s important to establish some stakes to make a series interesting. It would still be possible to increase the stakes if One For All gets New Order, but it might create an issue convincing the audience that Deku is capable of winning.

9 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Chapter 330: Tomura Shigaraki is no more

  1. I noticed at some point you called “All For One” “One For All.” Was that intentional? Or is it an accident you didn’t notice?
    And yeah- Stars is pretty darn powerful. It WILL be tough to think of a way for the heroes to win- but they WILL. I just hope it has more to do with Tomura’s individuality coming through and he betrays All For One, rather than them overcoming it “with the power of love” or whatever.
    I said it in my review that Stars is more or less here to act as a “power benchmark” for Tomura- a way for us to see how strong he is now. And yes- to also get his hands on this quirk. I wonder what EXACTLY he will do with it……?

    1. Accident. LOL. My eyes cross having to write All For One and One For All all the time. I hope she keep her ability. It seems like a waste to introduce her just to make Tomura stronger.

  2. I’m liking Star, but it does seem like she only exists to get her quirk stolen. A shame she wasn’t introduced eariler in the series and given more screen time.

    1. I fear that’s her entire purpose. Part of me wants a My Hero Academia series from America. I’m hoping we get to see some more heroes from outside Japan.

      1. A My Hero U.S. spinoff would be fun. This world is so interesting. It’s a shame Horikoshi doesn’t want to explore it in depth in the main series.

  3. I just think Star pretty much shouldn’t exist because her character came out of nowhere. Additionally, her quirk is too strong. I have a hard time believing Shigaraki could possibly ever beat her. She’s had this quirk for a while presumably so if we the readers can think of a few phrases to have finished off Shigaraki by now, she should have too.

    It was still a hype chapter but I find myself being super skeptical here. I agree with you that there just doesn’t seem to be much of a point because we know she can’t beat All for One and end the arc. Also, for being such an amazing global hero she should have been mentioned previously. At least we get the good fight scenes though

    1. The introduction of the rest of the world seem shortsighted. Even if Star is the only foreign hero introduced she can’t make much of a difference. Furthermore, if there’s a number hero in America, then there must be a number two right. Not to mention other countries. Now I wonder why they don’t show up either. As for her Quirk I think it’s worthy of a number one hero and has enought limits.

      1. I hope there are more limits going forward though. Right now there are just too many ways she should have already been able to beat Shigaraki so while we know out of universe that she can’t win, I don’t see any plausible reason she can lose. Just say “The gravity in front of me doesn’t exist” like she did with the air and Shigaraki would die instantly as he shoots off into space or something like that. She’s been a pro hero for so long that if we can think of a lot of options from our end, she must know all of them from hers.

        Will be good to see how the next chapter plays out though, nearly here at least

      2. I don’t expect any more limits. The question is what is her purpose. If she’s there to add another power to All For One then she’ll likely lose her power and/or die. If she’s there to boast the heroes side then Endeavor will rescue her or she’ll escape herself. To your point, I hope she saves herself considering her assumed skills.

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