My Hero Academia Chapter 329: The arrival of Star and Stripe

The world in My Hero Academia expanded in the last chapter. In My Hero Academia Chapter 329, ” All For One explains to Spinner his desire to take American Hero, Star and Stripe’s Quirk. Know as the “worlds strongest woman,” All For One admits she can be a problem if she’s allowed to interfere. Spinner has been guarding All For One, although I can’t imagine why the latter needs guards. Regardless, All For One explains his goals. First, avoid the Heroes and Police, then steal Star and Stripe’s Quirk, and One For All. The final goal includes the organized criminal organization from around the world.

He tells Spinner that he must support Tomura Shigaraki. Spinner is a “heteromorph,” or a user of a “mutant-type” Quirk. These abilities grant the user “more complex abilities that Emitter and Transformation Quirks cannot safely provide.” Mutant type Quirks can even have similar effects to Emitter-types Quirks. They can be passed down to other generations with granting the “corresponding ability.” For example, Fumikage’s “bird-like head,” has nothing to do with his Dark Shadow Quirk. These Quirks cannot be turned off. This results in limitations that can cause the users problems, like Mashirao Ojiro’s tail that prevents him from sitting properly.

Star and Stripe verses Tomura

At this point in the series, My Hero Academia primarily focuses on the more powerful Quirk types like Emitter. It seems like this arc will focus more on the Mutant Quirks. The Paranormal Liberation Front continues to seek liberation, lead by the heteromorph’s Spinner use to head. Hawks, Best Jeanist, and Endeavor travel to meet Star and Stripe. So does Tomura. Riding on the back of a flying Nomu, he aims to fight Star and Stripe. I’m eager to see what the strongest woman in the world is capable of. I would imagine she similar to wonder woman and Captain America in some way. We’ll see.

I’m surprise All For One returned Tomura’s body, I thought he was going to take over permanently. The build up of Star and Stripe is too great to imagine she losses or Tomura steals her Quirk. The heroes are going to need some power, especially with One For All out of commission. I predict she will fight Tomura just enough for us to see her abilities, then Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks arrive. Regardless, it’s going to be epic.

4 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Chapter 329: The arrival of Star and Stripe

  1. I think the build up in this chapter is about to be undercut somewhat. If she were introduced or foreshadowed DOZENS of chapters in advance, then I don’t know how All For Tomura would win.
    But being introduced 2 chapters ago and she ALREADY has to fight the Apex Villain? I feel like that’s a “wash” right there. Or at the very least; she’ll lose and deal a critical hit on All For Tomura that’ll play into the Finale Battle.
    I think the story is setting up Spinner to lead a revolution against All For One. Like; he’s starting to see through the bull, and see that what All For One is doing isn’t in line with Stain’s ideology- or really sitting well with him.
    I wonder who’s going to intervene in the battle here? Endeavor and Hawks? Or will a few more join the frey? I can’t wait to see this one play out!!

    1. I don’t think Hawks has recovered yet. Probably Endeavor will intervene. I think you might be right about Spinner. He was inspired by Stain who despite not being a hero, sides with them.

      I can’t imagine Star and Strip get defeated by Tomura. This is a chance for her to show off. I don’t see her willing either. I think Endeavor will stop the fight before it goes to ofar.

  2. Adding in Star and Stripes is super risky to me. If she wins then people will call her a deus ex machina and if she loses then what was the point of even adding her? Still, I think the character has a lot of potential so I look forward to seeing how the fight goes. Time for America to get a good win!

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