My Hero Academia Chapter 327: Deku returns to U.A and gets much deserved rest

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, Stain returned to ignite a fire in All Might. Feeling useless after losing his power, All Might felt he couldn’t do anything for his disciple. Hero Killer Stain challenges him to “maintain that grin and devote every fiber of his being to the people.” My Hero Academia Chapter 327, “Rest” opens with Deku and the rest of Class 1-A taking a much need bath. It’s a much need rest. Everyone’s exhausted especially Uraraka. Finally able to sit down with Deku, the class asks about One For All. Suddenly, All Might bursts in. He apologizes for failing to help Deku. He’s not an active hero anymore but he’ll fight.

Jirou plans another performance like the one they did during the Culture Festival. She hopes to life the spirits of the people that have evacuated. Elsewhere, Hawks, Endeavor, and Best Jeanist continue to patrol. Hawks mentions they have managed to gain new info from Dr. Garaki. Specifically Shigaraki’s growth and the Nomu. It will take two month’s for Tomura’s body to stabilize. They hope to make the “first move,” in a month. However, with Stain giving All Might the records from Tartarus things have changed.

Hero Killer Stain has always been a wildcard in this series. He’s a mass murder. However, he doesn’t like killing without reason. Killing Pro heroes he’s deems “unworthy.” He’s no hero, but he wants “real” heroes to prosper. Stain believes All Might and Deku are among the “true” heroes. To him any hero that “wielded power without conviction,” were sinners. His world view inspired villains like Dabi, Toga, and Spinner. With his return he could undermine All For One’s plans.

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