My Hero Academia Chapter 322: Will Deku accept the aid of his friends?

In my review of the last chapter of My Hero Academia Chapter 321 , I noted that I was surprised that Bakugo wasn’t the “final” character to talk to Deku. In My Hero Academia Chapter 322, “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight,” Bakugo does something I never thought her would. He apologizes. Bakugo has always envied Deku. Despite being gifted with a powerful Quirk from birth, Bakugo admits to always being jealous of Deku. He says to Deku, “you were always far away behind me, yet I felt that you were somehow miles ahead of me.” Deku has changed but Bakugo appears to have been altered the most. During his fight against Shigaraki, Bakugo warned Deku not to think of “winning this alone.” Deku’s desire to save everyone leads him to devalue his classmates.

He doesn’t think they’re worthless, but incapable of meeting the challenge to defeat One For All. In the last few chapters he has repeated the phrase, “you guy’s can’t keep up.” As I mentioned in my last review, Deku’s hero complex prevents him from considering his friends feelings, as well as their abilities. Deku collapses in Bakugo’s arms. He awakens to witness the outside of U.A. which has been surrounded by massive barrier and made into a evacuation center. According to Thirteen, most civilians are heading towards these centers. Anti-hero vigilantes and violent prison escapees populate the outside. The barrier itself is daunting. U.A. has been transformed into a sort of prison. It purpose is to keep the unwanted out, but many of the civilians inside aren’t there because they want to be.

They’re under threat of the villains and have been convinced by the Principal that their “safety was guaranteed.” Deku specifically is considered a threat. If Shigaraki wants him, then he going to go where he’s located, one civilians notes. With all the anti-hero sentiment growing in society, the heroes are fighting on many fronts. Deku needs to understand this if he’s truly wants to be successful against One For All.

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  1. I was on Deku’s side throughout these last few chapters but now that they’re all back together hopefully he can make the most of it. The first step is they need some kind of plan for dealing with AFO and fast because I doubt he’s going to give them a lot of time to regroup here

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