My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Will Deku finally accept the hand of his classmates?

In My Hero Academia Chapter 321, Deku continues to struggle against his classmates as they desperately try to convince him to accept their support. Captured by Bakugo, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu’s combo attack, Deku is incased in ice. Shoto argues that the “current state of the U.A. students,” could be part of All For One’s plan. He begs Deku to “Let them fight with him.” Deku refuses, claiming the fight is between One For All and All For One, and they “can’t keep up.” If this was true, Deku would have a point. However, All For One isn’t working alone. He has followers who are working on his behalf and the rest of U.A. would at least be helpful against them.

Mineta uses Mineta Grape Chain to stick to Deku. He says he “never thought Deku’s power was all that unique,” it was his Deku’s ability to lead despite his fear that impressed him. Deku prepares to use a combination of Black Whip, One For All at 45%, and Fa Jin, but Ochaco, Shoto, Bakugo, and the rest of Class 1-A combine their quirks to create a ramp. Shoto challenges the idea that they will be a hindrance. Their not asking “to be protected,” but just “want to be by his side.” What is interesting here is it’s Tenya Ida not Bakugo who is left to convince Deku he’s wrong.

Ida has always made it clear how much he admires Deku. While accepting that he’s always behind Deku, Ida sees living up to Deku’s standard to be a challenge. Deku suffers from a common hero complex. He mush do it alone. As I mentioned previously, All For One has an army at his disposal. Deku is running on fumes just searching for All For One. Imagine how he will fare when he encounters All For One and his followers. Like it not, Deku needs help. Will he be brave enough to ask for it?

3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Will Deku finally accept the hand of his classmates?

  1. It honestly surprises me that Ilda is the one who “puts the nail in the coffin;” I thought it’d be Bakugo or Uraraka. But I guess Horikoshi wanted to subvert our expectations.
    I don’t know how next chapter is going to go; there’s no telling if Izuku is going to accept the help here or if he’s going to continue to fight and escape. Though given his tears in the end- I guess he’ll be going back to UA soon.
    I wonder what All Might is doing right now….? And what about Stain?

    1. Deku can’t go through it alone. He’s not strong enough. Also, Horikoshi has presented Deku as a different kind of hero. He’s more analytical. Becoming a powerhouse that overpowers All For One undermines that. He needs to be clever and plan. That’s how Deku wins.

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