My Hero Academia Chapter 315: Deku inspires Lady Nagant

Deku destroys Lady Nagant's sniper arm with his new Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash attack in My Hero Academia Chapter 315.
Deku destroys Lady Nagant’s sniper arm with his new Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash attack

In the last chapter, Lady Nagant recalls the cost she endured for the greater good of superhero society. In Chapter 315, “Platitudes,” My Hero Academia challenges Deku’s dream of “reaching out” to villains. The cynical Nagant uses the instincts of a hero against Deku. She targets Chisaki with her sniper rifle. Deku activates the Quirk, Fa Jin. He combines the Quirks energy storage ability, with One For One at 45 %, and “centrifugal force.” This specific kind of force results in something fleeing from the center. What results in the move, Faux 100 Percent. Basically, Deku moves faster “than a speeding bullet.” It’s remarkable how much Deku has to keep in mind to effectively use multiple Quirks.

All For One’s failure clause

I would imagine that over time he will find it easier but it’s still impressive. I’ve commented in the past how Deku is a different kind of Shonen hero. He’s more intellectual, but it’s clear his power is going to come from difficult training and not the typical fighting genius we’re used to. Still having energy stored in his other leg, Deku hit Lady Nagant’s sniper arm with Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash. Nagant is amazed that not only did Deku save Chisaki, but he also didn’t hesitate despite Chisaki being an enemy. Deku catches Lady Nagant before she falls. He notes that if she was “really allied with All For One’s brand of evil . . . she would have shot at his lower body and stopped him cold.”

He asks her to fight on the side of the heroes. Before she can agree, she starts to glow. Suddenly, she explodes. All For One had added a “failure clause” to their contract. I question whether Deku would be able to talk his way into Tomura’s heart but My Hero Academia Chapter 315 may have complicated the issue. Deku was successful in convincing Lady Nagant to join him but All For One is never going to allow it. We could probably assume he has a similar clause with Tomura. Hawks arrives to catch his former master, it remains to be seen if Lady Nagant can be saved.

3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Chapter 315: Deku inspires Lady Nagant

  1. I’m curious how he was able to set up that “failure clause.” Does he have a quirk that allows him to make contracts with people like this? If so, then he REALLY IS “The Devil.” Or maybe he did something to the quirk factor. Who knows.
    I wonder if Nagant is gonna live after this one. I don’t think she’s DEAD dead right now, but she might die in the hospital. Or, at the very least; won’t be able to participate in the rest of the series- between this and Izuku busting up her arm like that.
    Having a similar “contract” with Tomura? Actually; that’s entirely possible. Though considering he plans to use Tomura as his new body; I don’t think it’s the same- the conditions might be different for him. And that could be how he takes FULL control of his body.
    Looking back on it; I guess that would explain why she didn’t snipe him in the beginning.

    1. I thinking it’s a Quirk that allows him to make those contracts. I can see her surviving long enough to tell them something useful about All For One then dying. Or she survives and returns later in the series to save Deku at an important moment.

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