My Hero Academia Chapter 269: Did Present Mic Kill Tomura?

My Hero Academia Chapter 269, The Three of Us, begins with confirmation that Mirko will likely survive. Endeavor “sears” he wounds shut. He begs her not to die, since he owe’s her for Kyushu. Suddenly, a High End Nomu arrives, attacking the No. 1 Hero. It hopes that fighting Endeavor would be “more fun.” Elsewhere, Crust, Shota, and Present Mic are overwhelmed by the Nomu’s. Mirko tells them via earpieces that Shigaraki is inside a capsule. She deduces that the Nomu were triggered by some remote device. She warns them that Shigaraki is no longer an “average villain,” and must not be allowed to awaken.

Meanwhile, Shota continues to use his Quirk to erase the Nomu’s powers. Reinforcements will arrive in seconds. Shota is unable to chase the Nomu fighting Endeavor. He tells Vision Hero: Exress and Voice Hero: Present Mic to “go ahead.” Dr. Kyudai tries to salvage his experiment on Tomura. With the damage done to the equipment, Kyudai decides to wake Tomura in his “half-formed state.” However, before Dr. Kyudai can wake him, Present Mic uses his Loud Voice ability. It destroys what’s left of the capsule, sending Tomura flying to the ground.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 269, Present Mic destroys Tomura Shigaraki's capsule with his Loud Voice attack.
Present Mic destroys Tomura Shigaraki’s capsule with his Loud Voice attack

Present Mic strikes a devastating blow

Mic remembers his childhood with Shota and Oboro Shirakumo. He delivers a devastating punch to Dr. Kyudai’s face, telling him “that’s for making my friends cry.” Exress checks Tomura’s pulse. his heart stopped. Soon the reinforcements appear, overwhelming the Nomu’s. Does My Hero Academia Chapter 269 mark the end of Tomura? Obviously not. With the various Quirks Tomura surely has, he probably will be resurrected. Or he heart stopped working for some Quirk related reason. That said, I think he will be “incomplete.” I expect that will mean he doesn’t have all the Quirks Dr. Kyudai wanted him to possess. Present Mic becoming the one to stop Tomura was surprising.

Of all the heroes of this series, he’s mostly been used for humor or supervising non violent activity. However, considering the fact that Dr. Kyudai used his childhood friend’s corpse to create the Kurogiri Nomu, it’s fitting. It think Tomura Shigaraki will awaken and devastate the hero ranks.

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5 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Chapter 269: Did Present Mic Kill Tomura?

  1. Present Mic definitely seems like he’s the most at risk of dying here if Tomura ends up getting any big opponents down for the count. I do think the way Tomura is still unconscious here does help the theory that Kaminari is the traitor and would then revive him with electricity later on. Say, the heroes all head on home and Tomura is taken to jail even though he is comatose. Kaminari would then be able to get over there and revive him. I’m hoping this is the arc where we find out who the traitor is so that’d be awesome

    1. I never heard the theory of Kaminari being a traitor. I would be shocked if it were true. I agree that Present Mic might be killed. However, so many heroes are in danger it might be more than one.

      1. Yeah that one was getting a lot of momentum lately although the main one I usually hear about is the invisible girl being the one. Assuming that the traitor has to be one of the students she is the one I’m hoping for. I also think it would be pretty dramatic if it was Froppy.

        Mainly I just doubt it would be Ida, Bakugo, Uravity, or Tokoyami. It’s really hard to picture any of those being the one and I dare say if that twist were to happen I’d be pretty disappointed. Anyone else though would be pretty interesting

      2. I still remember back when MHA first came out (or around season 2) people tried to say it looked like invisigirl was about to choke Deku in one of the openings which is where the theory first started. Assuming the traitor isn’t a student, who would you like to see as the traitor from UA? Would you want it to be a character we’ve seen a lot or more of a supporting character who we’ve mainly just seen in the background?

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